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Shy Fx 🦋🦒 #shyfx #elrow #london #shakeyourbody #golddust #safari


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🍾💥🔝 #elrow


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What a day! Elrow was just something else #elrow #elrow2018


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@iammarkronson and @diplo perform together as Silk City at @bestival 2018


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Mum loving life @ Elrow 🕺🏻❤️@terihil123 #mumdoesitbest #elrow #london #festival #love


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Great times had at Elrow on the weekend #sundayfunday #elrow


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1 x mature adult/absolute mess at Elrow yesterday 🤡🎉


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ELROW 2K18🦒🐅🐘This year has been crazy so far! Main highlights are bumping into the people you’ve already met at previous festivals this year🤙🏼 • • • #elrow #festival #2018 #shyfx #london #welcometothejungle #keepforgettingtotakepicturesbeforegettingpickled


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We had fun @rhiannonsawyer86 💃🏼💕 #elrow #besties #postmanpatandhisblackandwhiteting


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@eddymofficial playing at @elrowofficial his new track “Get Down Aha” available pre-sale at @beatport


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Free VIP Elrow was the best way to spend a Sunday! I ❤ my housemates P.S shout out to @on_form_pt for making me strong enough to squat my friend! 😉 #elrow #elrowlondon #music #rave #friends #queen #squats #lastminute


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It’s around that time of the year where most people are doing one of these things: Either there about to kick off their Winter Gaining Season, or they’re going for a Late-Summer Cut for a holiday later in the year. If you’re in this position, let me give you some advice..👇 . Take some time BEFORE you start, to get your Habits, Routines and Lifestyle in check ✅📝 . Now.. why is this important? Because most people just rush into their next phase of body composition, without giving too much thought whether they’re actually ready to get to work. Usually, most people are fucked up in some way which down the line, is going to harm them. If things like Nutrition Quality, Poor Sleep, bad Stress Management, bad Lifestyle Choices etc aren’t addressed ASAP, you’re probably going to have a shit and unsuccessful time in your next attempt to lose weight or build muscle🙅🏻‍♂️ . So do me a favour this week, and identify the current issues which you feel like are gonna hold you back in your next Fat Loss / Gaining Phase - and find a way to correct them. I’ll give you some examples⬇️ . 👉🏻 Is your Sleep Quality shit? Take some time this week to improve your Pre-Bed Habits, invest in the necessary accessories (EG - Blue Light Blockers), and Supplements if needed. 👉🏻 Are you recovering pretty badly and struggled to train effectively? Look at your Training Split and see if Rest Days need to be moved, or Volume needs to change 👉🏻 Feeling stressed all the time? Identify what makes you ‘chill out’ - and do more of that in your daily / weekly life 👉🏻 Struggling to stay within your Calories / Macros? Adjust your Weekly Calories to suit your lifestyle, and your Meal Frequency to suit your eating patterns . Trust me, this is the kind of stuff I work on with majority of my clients before they go full steam ahead into Gaining / Cutting. Iron out the issues now, and you’ll have a MUCH greater potential for results👌🏻


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What an awesome day @elrowofficial plenty more like that please. Music on point and people actually liked my shirt 😂 #elrowtown #elrow #lads #sundayfunday #colourful #colours #trip #music #sunday #shirt #citrus #house #bass #goodtimes @messenger89 @yardi44 @sheppey88 @chrisule1


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#elrow loves a Grandad 👴🏻


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#elrow 🕺🏼 🎉🎵🙌