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Know and grow.


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“Human first, Therapist second.” I say this all the time and think about it often: what does it actually mean, and why is it important to me? • I always told myself I didn’t want to be a blank slate therapist. I value humanness and realness and vulnerability. I didn’t want to be unapproachable or holier-than-thou, or appear as though I have all the answers. While it works for some, the blank-slate route just isn’t me – and showing up authentically in both my personal and professional life is a value I hold dear. • The reason I do this work comes from my own experiences, life story, and history. It comes from my own relationships, lessons, and journey. I fully believe that sitting human to human is where healing happens – not sitting expert to human, or authority to human, but human to human. There’s a special kind of magic that occurs within the safety and trust of a therapeutic relationship, and I wouldn’t be able to achieve that if I tried to be anyone other than my genuine self - if I didn't bring all of myself to this path. • There’s a huge difference between showing up *as* myself and making it *about* myself, which us therapists work hard to avoid. With that in mind, bringing my genuine self into therapy is what makes it come alive. It’s how connection happens.The relationship is the single biggest factor in positive outcomes of therapy, and it is something I deeply value and strive to create with my clients. • I tend to be someone who shares more of myself on this platform – who speaks a little more openly and authentically here. I occasionally wonder if it’s "too much", but then, I lean back into my values and ask myself, “what's the 'why' in sharing this?” The answer is always this: to increase connection. To remind others they aren’t alone. To break down the barriers of power in therapy and to assure others that therapists are humans, too. To practice what I preach. Sharing bits of who I am feels right for me, and has created some really sweet and meaningful connections. Thank you for following along, sharing your hearts here, and for continuing to grapple with this whole Being Human thing. It’s such an honor to share space with you all. ❤️


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If you have a dog, you might have noticed that dogs are a lot like young children. Research shows that the mind of a dog is roughly equivalent to that of a human who is two to three years old. This includes emotional intelligence. #veteranowned #wanderpups #dogsofinstagram #dogfacts #dogsaresmart #dogsarepeopletoo #welovedogs #emotionalintelligence #dogsofdc #dogwalkingcompany #dcdogmoms #dcdogwalker #dogsofdc


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Having an open heart is another important heart leadership characteristic. How do you see being open hearted? What keeps you from having an open heart? #coach #mompreneur #womenempowerment #loveyourself #beyourself #freedom #quickening #development #emotionalintelligence #coachinglife


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We found this neat little bus that was set up like a shop today in Fernie. We wandered onto @acefergusonstudio and met a woman who was selling her own unique jewelry, as well as her friends pottery. Seriously, check out some of her necklaces! I picked out this bracelet. Free spirit reminds me to drop the identities and check in with my soul in each moment. To feel into how I desire to show up and not let my minds fears and stories dictate. To step outside the box, structure and rigidity, so that I can embrace fluidity in my being. This is freedom and ease to me. Being me in the moment. The real me under the fear, stories and beliefs. My true essence under the masks and behind the protectors. This feels expansive, warm and light in my body. Do you ever get curious about how you're showing up in any given moment? Embracing curiosity gives us so much space between what's going on in our minds and what our truth actually is. Free Spirit reminds me to get curious. 🙏💙 #freespirit

It was a total revelation to discover the power that came from within by increasing my self-awareness and accountability. I would declare that my partner just didn't get it, he didn't get me. Truthfully though, I didn't get me and the lack of clarity I had ended up projected onto him. With clarity came confidence. Confidence fed my assertiveness. Being more assertive removed assumptions and resentment from my relationship for the most part. Every couple entering parenthood NEEDS to know this. It is a game changer for how your family will grow together. Head to the link in my bio for more info on how to do this. 📸 @laceybarrattphotography


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Science y'all Regrann from @circle.closed - A mind ill with negative attitudes is more dangerous than a sick body, for its sickness is always contagious. Experts in human behavior have discovered that it is virtually impossible for an individual member of a group not to be affected by other members. Likewise, the group itself is only as strong as its weakest link. It is rarely possible for the entire group to raise itself to higher levels of achievement than that of which the weakest member is capable. It is only possible for individuals who break out of the group to exceed the potential of the group as a whole. Don’t associate with those who are afflicted with the mental sickness of constant negative thinking. Associate with happy, positive, productive people. Your time is an asset to be managed more carefully than your money; spend it with people who share your desire to succeed and your commitment to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude. #emotionalintelligence #positivethoughts #workonyourself #mindsetiskey #gratitude #mindsetshift #affirmations #positivethinking #napoleonhill #goodvibesonly #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #paradigmshift #mindset101 #mindset #mindsetmatters #innerwisdom #mindsetiseverything #mindsetmakeover #napoleonhill #abundance #positivementalattitude #powerofthemind #powerofpositivity #intentions #growthmindset #changeyourthoughts #positivechange #igers


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Maintain this mindset. All day, every day. 😎🤙🏽💯


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Experience the very best of The School of Life condensed into one single, unforgettable week at its Melbourne Winter Intensive from 1-5 August. . Step outside the day-to-day and think productively about your strengths and weaknesses, values and priorities, goals and dreams and spend time with other curious and open-minded people. . Hit up @tsolaus for more at theschooloflife.com/melbourne #theschooloflife #tsolaus

HUMILITY to respect another’s point of view... COURAGE to feel the emotions necessary to generate one’s own perspective... STRENGTH to express one’s school of thought in a civilized way... Coming Fall 2018... The Emotional Advantage (First Edition) Volume One (Adult Version) Artwork Title: Courage to Feel Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 11in x 14in Price: Not for Sale (Book Cover Illustration) Copyright © 2018 The Emotional Advantage by Cynthia Tosh. All rights reserved. #humility #courage #strength #heart #lion #beast #artist #studio #theemotionaladvantage #emotionalintelligence #curriculum #feel #kansasartist #unitedstatesofamerica #illustration #bookcover #comingsoon #artdirection #painting #acrylic #colors #artistsuniversity #art_daillydose #artistsofinstagram #instaart #artoftheday #illustrator #writersofinstagram #artwork #worldwide


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In next Friday’s newsletter, we talk about human behavior and emotional intelligence. This is so important that I had to share this part! We define behavior as a response to a stimulus that enters the brain. If you can learn how to control your own behaviors with emotional intelligence, you can determine your own response to any stimulus and further control what stimulus you give off for others to react to. If you don’t learn how to control your own behavior, you will continue to live in a vicious cycle of bad reactions going back and forth in a heated conversation. When you learn how to control your brain’s responses and behavior, you also learn the power to change how other people respond and behave back to you. #emotionalintelligence #emotions #behavior #behave #response #parenting #communication #health #mind #relationships #business


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Excited to literally be back on my feet and speaking again! After some broken pinky toe recovery time I'm back on the speaking circuit. Cant wait to present EQ1 and EQ 2 at the ASHA - American Speech Language and Hearing Association National Conference! #asha #eq #emotionalintelligence #pinkytoesituation #iamback #baltimore #innerharborbaltimore

⁉️I had to forgive someone who wasn’t even sorry!⁉️😳 “What Tha”....The lead up was tough! The outcome was feeling like I had control back.💯

I had to share this video with you about emotions! Food for thought... . . . #foodforthought #emotionalintelligence #educhat #teachersofinstagram #emotions #toddlers #uesparents #uwsparents #coachforkids


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Looking inward and overcoming your flaws and weaknesses is difficult and an ongoing process; but, it’s essential for learning empathy, sympathy, emotional intelligence and intellectual growth. . . . #innerstrength #listenfirst #introspection #knowledge #knowyourself #growth #buddhism #mindfulness #meditation #strength #bekind #peace #peaceofmind #emotionalintelligence #empathy #sympathy #thursdaythoughts #thursday #thursdaymood


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ПРИЗНАКИ ВЫСОКОГО ЭМОЦИОНАЛЬНОГО ИНТЕЛЛЕКТА В прошлом посте мы обсудили, что такое эмоциональный интеллект. Но как же понять, обладаете ли вы им в полной мере и куда еще можно расти? ⠀ Для этого посмотрим на основные признаки эмоционального интеллекта, по которым его обычно определяют👇 ⠀ 🔶Интерес к окружающим. Этот интерес позволяет ставить себя на место другого человека, за счет чего искренне сопереживать и любопытствовать о жизни других. 🔶Способность брать на себя ответственность за собственные ошибки. Обычно люди «застревают» в негативных эмоциях от неудачи, но правильнее было бы принять и простить себе ошибку, а внимание сфокусировать на дальнейших действиях. 🔶Быстрая адаптация к изменениям. Люди с высоким эмоциональным интеллектом не боятся изменений, а продумывают варианты и план действий наперед. 🔶Независимость от мнения других. Эмоционально развитый человек радуется, не оглядываясь на других, даже если все считают, что радоваться нечему. А еще он не поддается на провокации и агрессию, потому что умеет контролировать свои эмоции. 🔶Отсутствие перфекционизма. Постоянное стремление к совершенству, которого добиться практически невозможно, заставляет всегда чувствовать себя неудачником. Поэтому лучше радоваться небольшим успехам и поэтапно добиваться большой цели. ⠀ Есть еще множество признаков эмоционального интеллекта и тестов на его определение, поэтому если интересно, всегда сможете углубиться в материал. Действительно интересная тема. Ведь EI может помочь продвинуться как по карьерной лестнице, так и создать более устойчивые межличностные связи в обществе🙌


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"Everytime I lower my frequency to meet someone on their level I end up paying for it. That's a lesson I really don't need to learn anymore. Rise up to meet me." - @EboneeDavis #riskhappy


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Coaching is a conversation with an exceptional listener. If you want to make choices, live better or reframe experiences diminishing unhealthy thinking, coaching will support you to do this and much more. Here at XTend Life and Behavioural Coaching I use a number of techniques that are derived from the practices of coaching, psychology and counselling. So get started today and change your tomorrow. Online and in-person coaching available. Personal and professional coaching programs. #coaching #counselling #psychology #change #positivethinking #emotionalintelligence #emotion #feelinggood #feelings #belief #behavioural #behaviour #takeaction #action #technique #practicemakesprogress #talking #difficultconversations #talktherapy #progress #progressive #change #explorer #inspiration #positivequotes #service


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Howw true is this? Wanna create magic? 💕 Get aligned 💕 Find your purpose 💕 CREATE, and then (the scariest part), 💕 Put your "art" out into the world. I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing magic-makers living their purpose and creating magic everywhere they go. To all of you doing your thing, thankyou 🙏💖. And if you feel you're not sure of where your magic lies, how to find your purpose or you just feel stagnant.. Please reach out for support. Knowing WHAT to do that lights you up is one of the most wonderful parts of life. And no, you definitely don't need to know HOW to make it happen. Know your WHY, decide on the WHAT, and like magic, the HOW gets worked out by itself. 💖💖💖


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In just one month, join us in The Teen Samurai Game, an intense experience of learning the power of clear intention and how you can RISE to the challenge in your leadership game in sports, school accomplishments, family, friendships, every game you play in YOUR LIFE...


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Connectability has become one of my strongest attributes. - I had the opportunity to bring a few of my business partners to the podcast grand opening/Release party for the Bulletproof Mindset with Rob and Dale @acnwolf on tuesday evening. - These gentlemen have been great to work with and in coaching and mentoring them I have had the opportunity to teach them skillsets, then utilize them in a real world setting. Understanding how to connect with people is a vital skill in building any type of business. - Many things can be taught in a classroom or office setting but until you apply that skill you will never get better at it. We had trained enough and now was the time to put that skill to the test. - This release party was great because it was filled with entrepreneurs and business owners that genuinely wanted to get to know one another and learn what each other does. If you've ever been to a networking event a lot of them are people exchanging business cards in a speed dating style atmosphere...this was not that. - These 2 gentlemen (the 2 on the end) have been so coachable and willing to get outside of their own comfort zone their growth has been amazing. This evening was no different, they were extremely natural and connected with a multitude of people. - Sometimes you can wonder if what you're teaching is being soaked up, it can really get in your head, but when you see it all come together it's an unbelievable moment. - With all the massive changes about to come I'm glad to have these 2 along for the ride (also Noki not pictured). - On to the next challenge and level of growth, I look forward to any test because without being tested you dont know if you've grown. - - - - #sdflreloaded #caerusventures #beastawakens #momd #masterofmydomain #mentor #mentorship #growth #grind #leader #success #entrepreneur #entrepeneurlife #boutthatactionboss #subscribe #champion #boss #squad #personaldevelopment #powermoves #caerus #beardgang #dadlife #gloriouslybearded #givebacksquad #freebyassociation #connectionspecialist #emotionalintelligence #broadshouldersquad #noquitinme


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⠀ Stop focusing on everyone else all the time and RELAX. Relaxation is essential for good health and research backs this up.⠀ -⠀ Read Latest Article: ⠀ ‘4 Tips to Improve Performance in Your Personal & Professional Life’⠀ -⠀ Find it here:⠀ blog.aboutmybrain.com⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #wellbeing #body #mind #spirit #relax #sleep #leadership #neuroleadership #neuroscience #corporatewellness #emotionalintelligence #humanresources #leadershipcoach #leadershipcoaching #brainscience #wellnesscoaching #leadershipskills #leadershipdevelopment #personaldevelopment #executivecoaching #leadershiptraining #aleaderslifestyle #i4neuroleader #i4model #aboutmybrain