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T r a n s i t i o n | It's been on my mind a lot recently. The old ways seem to slip away effortlessly, and newness is being unearthed. Slowly, gently, subtly, yet truly.

Take emotional control in 2018! Turn "fragile feminine" into Fabulous Freedom! #emotionalvictory #womeninbusiness #emotionalintelligence #knockoutempowerment

Last week I was on a plane to New Mexico with these babes as we had the amazing opportunity to share the CEP method with teachers and directors across the nation. Double tap if you’re over there wondering what CEP means?! 🤔 • We know that the most important area of development, the biggest factor in both academic and relational success is emotional intelligence. Knowing it’s important and knowing how to build it are two very different things. There isn’t a “how to” guide for building emotional intelligence from infancy... until now. My colleague and I co-created the Collaborative Emotion Processing method so you can have a step by step for responding for your tiny humans’ big emotions. ☹️😳😡😢 • Comment 🙋‍♀️ below if you want more info. Well, you’re in luck. We are working on getting the method in your hands, but in the meantime you can get all of your big questions about your little ones’ emotions answered by me in real life. Click the link in my bio to learn about the next Tiny Humans, Big Emotions groups launching soon! Get on the waitlist today so you can join us 👏🏿

A good #friend of mine brought me #natural lamb meat from #ethiopia 🇪🇹 a few days ago. I was looking at the heart and I was immediately reminded of Prophet Mohammed's (ﷺ) saying in which he symbolized the heart for the intellect/emotional intelligence. He is quoted as saying, . "There lies within the body a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the whole body is sound; and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Verily this piece is the #heart." . Reported by #bukhari & #muslim . ከቀናት በፊት ጓደኛዬ ከአገር ቤት ፋብሪካ ያልነካው የበግ ሥጋ 😂 ይዞልኝ መጣ። የዳያስፖራ ነገር ሆነና ሥጋውን ለዓመት ፍጆታ ወደፍሪጅ ስጎሰጉስ የበጉ ልብ ብታፈጥብኝ ግዜና ነቢዩ ሙሐመድ (ﷺ) ልብን የልቦና ተምሣሌት አድርገው ያወሩባት ባለጥልቅ ትርጉም ሐዲስ ትዝ አለችኝ። . «በሰውነት ውስጥ አንዲት ቁራጭ ሥጋ አለች። እሷ ከተስተካከለች ሰውነት ሁሉ ይስተካከላል። እሷ ከተበላሸች ደግሞ ሰውነት ሁሉ ይበላሻል። አዋጅ! እሷም #ቀልብ (#ልቦና) ናት።» . (በቡኻሪ እና ሙስሊም የሐዲስ መጽሐፍት የተዘገበ) . #heart #hadith #prophetmohammed #naturalmeat #emotionalintelligence #intellect

It’s always easy to focus on where you wanna be and where you going, but it’s also important to remember where you’ve been. . I often get anxiety from feeling like I’m reverting back to the kind of person I’ve worked so hard to move forward from. . Sometimes the fear is not that I’m going backwards, but that I haven’t moved forward at all. . In these moments I try to remind myself that there even though there are situations that makes us have familiar feelings, we will surely have better tools than the last time we felt this way. . It may be the same game, but now you have better equipment. . You are not the same person you were then. You process things better now. If not better, then at least you know more of what doesn’t work. . Think about the person you were then. There is no way you are EXACTLY the same. . It’s most likely that you’ve become more the person you need. . Celebrate your timeline. You’ve come a long way. . . 📸: @kaye.yoga

Be an #overcomer The most #successful people have overcome the harshest circumstances!! If success was easy, everybody would have it. #wisdomwednesday #youcandothis #dontgiveupnow

Share stories with your kids about other children dealing with hard emotions. They are little, but they feel just like we do. Super Star Me: Adanna and the Dog Star is a book that talks about self esteem, bullying, loss of a father and other hard emotions that are happening to many kids. It's a beautiful and very real story! Do we give children the gift of feeling without judgement? Do we tell them what i's ok and not ok to feel? Or do we allow and direct their energies to self awareness and positive thinking "I can get through this." ? I invite you to share the story with your little one today. Let me know what their feedback is! 😍 Download on Kindle from Amazon today. #kidsfeeltoo #consciousmom #consciousmotherhood #connsciousparenting #littleemotions #weneeddiversebooks #emotionwithoutjudgement #justbreathe #1000blackgirlbooks #youarestarstuff #emotionalintelligence


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Happiness. Sadness. Joy. Frustration. Hope. Despair. There are many emotions we experience each day and that is okay. What isn’t, is when we get stuck in our emotions and become hostage or unable to live our true lives because our emotions control us. But if we let our emotions flow, to come and go, to rise and fall freely, then we will be okay. So be like water, and let things flow! Let your emotions flow and your life will be lighten! #day3 #21daymeditationchallenge #21daymeditationexperience #oprahanddeepak #mindfulness #radiatepeace #flow #emotions #emotionalintelligence #belikewater #positivevibes #wednesdaywisdom

🦋 CHALLENGE OF THE DAY 🦋 JOURNALING Pick up your journal and pen. Do not think. Begin writing and enter your stream of consciousness. Reflect upon what you have wrote down. Tell us below what you think of our daily challenges!! 🧠👇

“I appreciate people who tell the truth, regardless of what’s at stake”


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#truestory #truthbetold 💯🤨 #time #effort #loyalty 🤔

The thoughts and stories can keep you locked in the pattern, the hurt or the anger. Move to your heart. Feel. Feel your way through and out of the pain . . . #meditation #yoga #energyhealjng #healing #heart #hearthealing #heartchakra #pain #feelings #emotionalintelligence

Stop standing in your now wishing you would’ve done it different or regretting it Just let that go because in your now when you’re regretting about something then. You are not getting yourself in alignment now which is all that matters. You’ve gotta give yourself a break Abraham Hicks

3D is where we get our butts kicked. Our fear and our ability to get overwhelmed in 3D is what jacks our lives up. Not "lacking spirituality". I have plenty of friends who would not consider themselves spiritual living amazing joyous lives because they get it done in 3D. Processing Emotion? That's 3D. Engaging and uncovering the shadow self? Also 3D. Not being a jerk? 3D. Laundry and frustrations? 3D. Parenting our kids when they're fussy? 3D. Putting up with politics and conflict? 3D. Holding Space for others' processing? 3D. Being accountable for and owning our junk? 3D. We get good at managing those without reflexing out of our body from discomfort and we change the world. The reason we get busy integrating higher states of being is so that we can fully get into the human experience. The human heart, yet to be fully realized, and not close to being unleashed, DEMANDS our attention to the chaotic reality that troubles us ... so that we can make Love Conscious Within us and GIVE it to the world. <3 #coffeeforconsciousness #yoga #ptsd #mentalhealth #meditation #spirituality #enlightenment #innerchild #narcissist #narcissism #divinefeminine #twinflames #shadow #divinemasculine #emotionalintelligence

Can we Honor others' journeys? It's gonna matter coming up here in the next few years. We can't stop the world from experiencing the friction and chaos of this ... but we can be healthy examples of integrity during it. What we we get to decide? We get to decide where our "Bottom" is. We are all adult children auditioning for a world that entails evolution. That evolution involves US HOLDING SPACE FOR OTHERS TO GROW. How bad must the battles get before we get perspective and undo our ties to battling ... that's something we can exercise influence over. Just. Step. Back. Be capable of Parenting. This means that during any moment of chaos or conflict, suffering or Anger or fear of frustration, we're going to need to be able to ZOOM OUT to an expanded role as a parent and give love from the divine source we are ALWAYS connected to in order to help others and ourselves through the ROUGH parts of the journey. <3 This is Perspective Shifting for THIS generation. We learn it, we model it for the next, and we can save ourselves much trauma ... as a power dominated society will not honor the Evolving human heart or the planet. <3 Link to the book in the BIO... #coffeeforconsciousness #yoga #ptsd #mentalhealth #meditation #spirituality #enlightenment #innerchild #narcissist #narcissism #divinefeminine #twinflames #shadow #divinemasculine #emotionalintelligence

Güçlü yanların neler? Bugüne kadar senin sen olmanı sağlayan yanların? Bir #plazamolası ver ve not et onları. Sonra da onurlandır..Teşekkür et onlara.. Güçlü yanlarının farkına vardıkça özsaygın, dolayısı ile yaşama sevincin artar. Hayatına onları daha çok dahil etmen için neler mümkün? Sevgiler Plaza Koçu By Canan Yurdakul. #plazakoçu #plazakadını #plazacoach #coactivecoaching #koçluk #plazastresi #kurumsalhayat #plazahayatı #stresyönetimi #stressmanagement #plazastresi #yeninesilstresyönetimi #eft #accessconsciousness #reiki #emotionalintelligence #duygusalzeka #workingwoman #çalışankadın #işyaşamı #beyazyaka #businesslife #bilinçaltı #işyaşamdengesi #enerjibedeni #işkadını #businesswoman #accessbars

I ran my #happy #mooshuns sharing project by these two when I visited the US last year and they were all for it. They loved the idea of sharing #happiness using #moodycushions and couldn’t wait to pass them on. @lkortze your kids are awesome. #internationaldayofhappiness #kids #wellbeing #emotions #emotionalintelligence #happy #orange #yellow #fluffy

How can finding a relationship mentor or coach help you create powerful connections? Find out on the first episode of Heart2Heart with Eram. Subscribe to our channel in profile. #hearttoheartwitheram #eramsaeed #heart2heart #pakistan #dubai #india #healyourheart #healing #speaker #coach #motivational #emotionalintelligence #heal #relationshipadvice #improverelationships #relationshipexpert