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.. Can you see him? Nope! Keep looking

I’d love to know what made him pull this face?

Friendly Bush monster innit!!


15 Days 7 Hours Ago

Is the coffee calling me? Or is it my coffee mug? 🤔

“Try the blue glove gas, put it on for 5 minutes and then 😂🥳🤪🤯🔥”

T.U.R.T.L.E ..POW......”Not again, let me retire in peace”, chimed Michelangelo!

I was just as alarmed as he was when we met 🚨

Perry can’t wait for opening time tomorrow, his starving!


23 Days 16 Hours Ago

. A huge THANK YOU to @dona_rara_ who found this little guy, thank you dear friend for sharing🙌🌻🙌 Be curious, take a look at her account! Editing, (Little) rework and the few words by me. . ...Have a great week-end everyone 🖖😃💛🚍 . Here is an unique meeting with CAMILO THE SEDENTARY TRAVELLER.... Yes a Real paradox. Camilo travels hundreds of kilometres a week, never stops travelling but is nevertheless a real sedentary person. How does This ? The explanation is simple: he lives in a bus that travels through Colombia but has never left it and, even worse, has never seen with his own eyes the fabulous landscapes he crosses. From Colombia he only knows what the bus passengers told him. This does not prevent Camilo from imagining himself an intrepid traveller even if, between us, he is mostly a proxy traveller. the best thing in history is that he is able to talk to you for long hours about places he has never seen. these stories are between subjectivity, representation and imagination, yet when we listen to him we believe him. we travel with him, we really share the happiness he has had in exploring landscapes he has never known before. He is so sincere when he describes these (imaginary) excursions that these projections become spaces of shared reverie. And to those who find it dishonest Camilo answers that the imagination, the dream and the journey can sometimes merge and the essential thing is that the people who listened to it were able to escape in their turn and keep memories, this time, very real #rottenfeed #jj_delightfully_deteriorating #patina_perfection #a_2nd_look #rusted #detailsofdecay #highartinlowplaces #lookingdown #randezoom #inspiredart #creativearts #artvisual #thevisualones #cutecharacter #facesinplaces #thefacespotter #ateljeetje #facemadness #facefinder #iseefaces #iseefacesinthestrangestplaces #pareidoliapic #fettfakkel #veocaras #顔に見える #Явижулица #indonesiaku #vscolovers #instapictures #igersgrenoble

Did you clock the nose and the baby crying on its head! Standard!!!