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Full set of gorgeous hybrid lashes done by Tay!! ❤️

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Some gorgeous volume action done by @sierra.blushedbeautybar ♥️

Lovely natural lashes 💞 lift and tint done by @bailey.blushedbeautybar

The fuller the better 💗 volumes by @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Hybrid lashes blend volume fans and classic extensions to create a full and natural look 👁👏🖤 lash artist: @taylor.blushedbeautybar

⭐️ before and after full set of volume lashes ⭐️ lash artist: @bailey.blushedbeautybar

Two different views of hybrid lashes done but @sierra.blushedbeautybar !! Obsessed with how beautiful ❄️😍

Happy lash Friday Blushed babes 🦋💕 lash artist: Trista

Full set of amazing hybrid lashes done by Tay 💖

Come get your lashes done before the holidays!! We’re filling up fast as we get closer to Christmas time ❤️💚 Lash artist: @sierra.blushedbeautybar

Volume fill for this babe! 🖤 lash artist: @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Volumes for these icy blue eyes 😍❄️ lash artist: Trista

Volumes 💫✨⭐️ lash artist: @bailey.blushedbeautybar

Beautiful volumes for these beautiful eyes 💕 lash artist: @dani.blushedbeautybar

Volume action by Mel on this fine Monday 🤗

Sweet hybrids done by Mel 🖤

Up close still shot of the same volumes in the video by Courtney! So beautiful!!

Flawless volumes ✨ lash artist: @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Hybrid beauty by @bailey.blushedbeautybar 💓

Obsessed 💕💯 lash artist: @sierra.blushedbeautybar

Our beautiful Dani on vacay with some fabulous volume lashes 💁‍♀️🤩 done by Trista!

Loving this set of full volume lashes done by Tay ♥️

Gorgeous hybrids on this Saturday!! Lash artist: @bailey.blushedbeautybar

Before / after results of classic lashes by Mel❣️Swipe for a photo of before !!

4 week retention after a lash fill by @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar 🙌🏻

Having lash extensions for holidays is just one of the many perks 👻👏🏻 lash artist: Tay

Lashes by Trista on this beautiful new momma 💕💕💕

2 different volume lash looks done by Sierra 😍

Volumes for a fuller bolder look 💥 Lash artist: @dani.blushedbeautybar

Natural classics 🌱 simply beautiful! Lash artist: @sierra.blushedbeautybar

Glamorous volume lashes 🌟 lash artist: @bailey.blushedbeautybar

Volume lashes on our Courtney done by @sierra.blushedbeautybar !! So pretty!

Classics + volumes 💜 lash artist: @bailey.blushedbeautybar

Beautiful volumes 🖤 done by Melanie!

Lash fill by @sierra.blushedbeautybar! Swipe to see her 2 week retention 💁🏻‍♀️

🌟Hybrid beauty by Courtney🌟

Closeup view of a very familiar eye 😍😏 volume lashes by @dani.blushedbeautybar!

A few amazing volumes done by @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar!!

Volume lashes by Tay making this snowy October day a little brighter 😨❄️✨❤️

Hybrids on point 👏🏻 lashes done by Melanie!

Adding more beauty to these eyes with volume lashes !! Lash artist: @bailey.blushedbeautybar

Hybrid fluff 💓 lash artist: @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Another fab day of doing lashes at Blushed Beauty Bar 💁🏼‍♀️ volumes by @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Lovely lash work by @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar!

Before and after full set of volumes by @sierra.blushedbeautybar 🖤

Loving this shot of hybrids done by Melanie !!

Video of the amazing volume set posted previously by @dani.blushedbeautybar !!

♥️ Sweet volumes ♥️ lash artist: @dani.blushedbeautybar

Photo by: lindsay kaye photography @lindsaykaye Lashes done by @taylor.blushedbeautybar making sure Trista’s volumes were nice and full before going to the hospital to deliver sweet Berkley 💕👏🏻⭐️

In love with these beautiful lashes! Volumes done by @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Full volume fill done by Sierra, just the way we like them 😍

Hybrid full set on these pretty greens by Bailey 💟 swipe for a before photo !!

Isolation and amazing retention with borboleta lashes !! 👏🏻

Volume lashes for these gorgeous eyes 🍃💕 Lash artist: @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Up close view of the volumes posted in the previous video !! Lash artist: @sierra.blushedbeautybar

Gorgeous volumes on our Bailey done by @sierra.blushedbeautybar 💁🏻‍♀️ brows shaped by @molly.blushedbeautybar 👏🏻

Amazing lash beauty 👑✨💕 Lash artist: @dani.blushedbeautybar

After and ➡️ before volume lashes by Bailey! 💞

Another view of the volume set by Taylor !! We love to train with Borboleta each year for the girls to brush up on skills and learn the best new techniques for our Blushed babe lash clients 💕

More amazing work from our lash training!! 🔥Volume lashes by @taylor.blushedbeautybar

Can you say gorgeous?!!! The same lovely eyes from the previous post with @sierra.blushedbeautybar

A full volume set done by @sierra.blushedbeautybar during our @borboletabeauty lash training!! 🖤

Volume love 💕👑 Lash artist: @courtneyw.blushedbeautybar

Close up volumes 👀💯 lash artist: @bailey.blushedbeautybar

Clean and natural hybrids with Bailey! After and before 📸

Pretty sure this fluff is what dreams are made of ☁️

Perfect lashes = easy mornings .. what could be better !! Enjoy the beautiful weekend Blushed babes 🌞

Black and white of volumes 🖤 Lash artist: @taylor.blushedbeautybar