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DELICIOUS DOLMADES ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Come in and enjoy our favourite Dolmades starter - Vine leaves filled with beef mince, vegetables & herbs! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Open from 5:30pm for all you traditional Greek cuisine needs 🇬🇷 #mavsrestaurant

nuttida w.

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Lovely breakfast 🍞🍳🍅☕️

The cold weather inspired me to turn a cold green bean salad into a flavorful hot casserole. It’s make ahead and goes together easily.

This pizza from @ranceschicagopizza looks like the perfect late night snack to stuff myself with while binge watching @gameofthrones #planinmotion 📸 @daily_good_eats

These sun-less weeks of snow and cold have really been feeding my lethargy and seasonal depression. I haven’t cooked for myself in what feels like too long, so I’m happy I cancelled my evening plans to stay in and take care of myself. Skhug, or zhug, is my favorite recipe I learned about last year. It’s a Yemeni hot sauce made with peppers and coriander. The sauce I made also incorporates cilantro, parsley, and lemon juice; its zing is slowly coaxing me out of a SAD slump. January is almost over, and we’re getting that much closer to longer, warmer, and sunnier days.

Egg Yolk with smoked brassicas, garlic chives, and roasted chicken skin sauce #elaiastl @martinezaaronm

Late Night is for the bar. #thebenevolentking #thekingstl 📸 @patrickdevine

Guuuuuuyyyyyyssssss sometimes you just need to indulge. This Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta is the best way to do it. . . . . #firstweeat #feastgram #mycommontable #homemadefood #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #yummyyummy #simplerecipe #cookingfun #todayfood #seattlefoodie #heresmyfood #imsomartha #foodblogeats #carbsarelife #carbs #pasta #shrimp #cajunfood #cajun #seafood

Life is too short to pass on dessert.

If we aren't meant to have midnight treats, why is there a light in the fridge?🤔🍪🍻 #foodforthought

Restaurant Week did me dirty... Last week was a week of firsts, including the first time I had chicken and waffles (crazy right!?) I’m used to eating all my foods separately, so this was quite the adventure for me. Anyways, here’s a photo of my first chicken and waffles and my last meal for Restaurant Week (I ended up pouring the gravy and syrup on, don’t worry). It was absolutely delicious and I have no regrets after eating out 8 times during Restaurant Week because it was all for a good cause!!

A margarita for every occasion... #nixtastl 📸 @patrickdevine

📷: @soyywhat - Soup for the Soul

It’s #nationalpieday (apparently?), so here’s an apple pie cutie I made last year for the Fourth of July. 🍎🥧🍎🥧

Oh my GAWD! I love shrimp, crab legs, with the egg and potatoes and corn, and what’s in that sauce?!?😍😍😍But you guys remember that seen from Hitch when @willsmith face swelled up and he had to sip #benadryl like wine?....yea....that would def be me🤦🏾‍♀️. 👨🏾‍🍳 @grandeurcuisine 🎶 7 rings by @arianagrande

If you read these captions instead of looking at photos like our locals do, you will Be please to know that we take our espresso very seriously. So much so we are hosting one of our best yet from Inza Cauca Columbia. This is a game changer and we are pumped about it!

🍕🧀😎 MY PUNS MAY BE CHEESY BUT THIS MAC AND CHEESE SLICE IS CHEESIER 😎🧀🍕 Listen, Internet, you know you love my puns and I know you love cheesy carb filled goodness so let's not pretend we're not on the same team here. Look at that rigatoni mac. Look at that cheese pull. I do this for you because I love you. @philspizza1 makes it because they love us! It's all love, Internet. It's all love. . . . Phil's Pizzeria 820 Hicksville Rd, Massapequa, NY


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Our private dining room is the perfect spot for any event. Wedding receptions, birthday parties, baby showers, conferences... Get in touch now for more information

Bacon N’ Eggs! Sunny side up eggs, pancetta, fresh mozzarella and fontina finished with truffle oil. 🥓 🥚 🧀

Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️ if you’re happy we brought back Earl Grey with Milk Chocolate Chips? To create this fan favorite and crave-worthy flavor, we infuse Mountanos Family Coffee & Tea Co. organic earl grey tea leaves into fresh milk, cream and sugar. The full-bodied black tea blends with the bergamot orange to add a hint of citrus to the rich and aromatic tea flavor. And our house-made @guittardchocolate milk chocolate chips add a touch of sweetness and crunch to the custard-like creamy texture of this Smitten classic flavor. Available at all our scoop shops!

Mood: feeling' cozy. ˙ #tillmansbishoparts ˙ 📸 by @merlxn_vitx

Getting ready to STIRR things up in Addison #comingsoon

Perfect day for dumplings and an icey cold cocktail 🍸 . 📸 @melbmumfoodie

With Melbourne's scorcher weather this week calls for our icey cold cocktails and beverages! Tag your mate and join us. We'll cool you down 😎

Check out who is coming to dinner... #houseguest #seasonalmenu #eatunleavened 1.luau 2.curriedcauliflower 3.roastedbeethummus 4.lonestar

We’re extending our $33 dinner for two menu until Sunday, Jan. 27. If you missed #kcrw2019, now’s your chance to come give us a try 🍻👌🏼

Those #pokpoknw specials tho. Puu Phat Phong Karii - Whole fresh Dungeness crab stir fried with curry powder, eggs, scallions, Chinese celery, Thai chilies, and oyster sauce & Tam Khanun - Northern Thai smashed salad of young jackfruit, pounded in the mortar and fried in pork fat with ground pork, tomatoes, herbs and pork cracklings. // photo by @william_m_parks


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S L A B of Ribs. To share or not to share?! Mac&Cheese on the weekends. We will have it everyday soon! DROP a COMMENT with OTHER SIDES YOU WOULD LIKE to SEE on our MENU ☺️☺️☺️ #kcsbbq #kcsbbqcatering #bayareabbq #gilmandistrict #berkeley

It’s insane to us that every UES dog loves getting their pic taken. We decided to not let these furry bundles of love not go home empty handed. Organic Home Made Sweet Potato Dog Treats are coming soon to @hutchandwaldo The catch is - Humans can share in this snack too. 🤯

This delicious looking fried chicken and bacon wrap takes me back to college when me and my friends used to get drunk on our lunch break and eat burritos off a food truck called Toasty Buns🤫🤫🤫 This will be our little secret 😏 Thanks for bringing up old memories!📸 @alexobed 📍 @wolfnightswrapsusa


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Sum of this Sum of that : 3way Combo! Pork Ribs, hand crafted beef&pork KC’s Links & slow smoked Beef Brisket! 🔥🔥🔥 #kcsbbq #gilmandistrict #bayareabbq #bbqcatering #berkeley #bbq


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It's the first #whyonebarwednesday ! You have a lot of choices to make for your children - we want to make food an easy one. OneBar is a pure serving of fruit that your kids will enjoy eating. No more worrying if they are getting enough plant-based foods in their diets. Why do you choose OneBar? c/o @lifewithboysandbeagles for this sweet photo. #theonebar

How to enjoy Moo Yang! // #stickyrice #eatwithyourhands // Charcoal Grilled marinated, sliced pork with a beautiful glaze! Comes with a side of spicy lime-citrus herb dipping sauce.

Brined & Smoked Brick Chicken #Grape&GrainDinner

We have this rule at work, if you come in mid-shift you better come with treats of some kind. I of course made this rule and am the only one that follows it 😂 #kclocaleats #nurselife

The joy on his face 😎 . 📸#repost @welshi_87

Enjoy your vegetables

Lunch is on. And so is weekday brunch. Come 'n get it! Reposted from @dionne.f.stephanie - Did someone say mimosas?! My girls took me out for brunch. Tag us for a feature! 😀 . . . . #eeeeeats #foodgawker #feastgram #shareyourtable #comfortfood #feedfeed #mealporn #foodcoma #comfortfoods #foodporn #eastvaneats #yvreats #vancityeats #roundelcafe #instafood #hastingssunrise #yvrdiner #diners #irresistible #eats #yvrfoodie #yvrfoodies #vancityfoodie #foodgawkers #vanfoodie #vaneats #foodstagram #brunchstagram

Smoked Beef Pierrogi #Grape&GrainDinner

Had so much fun at @dyafaoakland eating MEZZE + SUMAC SPICED CHICKEN CONFIT as well as chatting IDENTITY, CULTURE + LEVANT (learned a new word 🙌🏾) CUISINE with @reem.assil. The IDE is looking forward to 👩🏽‍🍳 REEM serving up small bites and helping us explore the 2019 @icondinner IMPOLITE CONVERSATION 🔥 topic of “To Whom Much Is Given Controls The Narrative: The Intersection of Access to Capital + Cultural Appropriation ” as a panelist on June 6th. ✌️🏾#foodgeeknotesdrlez #bayareaeats

@doctorlezli 💫 had so much fun at @dyafaoakland eating MEZZE + SUMAC SPICED CHICKEN CONFIT as well as chatting IDENTITY, CULTURE + LEVANT (learned a new word 🙌🏾) CUISINE with @reem.assil. The IDE is looking forward to 👩🏽‍🍳 REEM serving up small bites and helping us explore the 2019 IDE IMPOLITE CONVERSATION 🔥 topic of “To Whom Much Is Given Controls The Narrative: The Intersection of Access to Capital + Cultural Appropriation ” as a panelist on June 6th. ✌️🏾

This is what dreams are made of ✨ @supermoonbakehouse 🙃 / follow for more @twinseatsnyc 😋

Date night? We got you covered, Check out our special SF Restaurant Week prix-fixe menu go to our website link of bio, Come try our​ 🍝#pastapopupsf #sfrw #edsf #sfrestaurantweek

New drinks on the block. Come check them out! They go great with pizza 😉 #cocktails #drinks #stlfood #eatlocal #midtownalley #feastgram

The midweek #hustle 💪

@nicholeciotti knows the best way to fuel up is with a cup of coffee and a morning grain bowl right here at Rustic 😊 👍 #rusticbakery

Freshest Lobster ever!🦞😍😍 Do you love Lobster?❤️ . Follow us @anytastyfood for more! Follow us @anytastyfood for more! 🎥 @cheatmeats . Tag someone who loves seafood!🔥

How about lunch? ⠀ ⠀ We’re serving the porkberry sandwich for half off this week! ⠀ ⠀ Cured and braised pork belly with savory strawberry compote, local sugar pea shoots, and havarti on grilled naan served with chips for $6!

Black tie weddings + black and white wedding cakes 🥂


To an 8:00AM that feels like 5:00AM🌚 All I need is coffee (obvi🤷‍♀️) and a breakfast that makes me think of spring🍓🌤 Orange Cardamom Yogurt Loaf Cake from the blog archive🍊So glad I made a loaf last weekend to beat winter mornings🤣

#wingwednesday always reminds me of these BBQ boneless wings from @danandjohns. Picked these up at @smorgasburg in Prospect Park over the summer. Could’ve crushed a good 50!

FOR WHOM THE BELLY TOLLS Omelette With Local Eggs, Circle B Ranch Spicy Miso Braised Pork Belly, Terrell Creek Farm Goat Cheese And Green Onions. Topped With Hollandaise. #thebruncheonette #bruncheonette #yum #yumm #yummy #yummyfood #eater #eeeeeats #getinmybelly #feast #feastmode #feastgram #instafood #foodie #foodpornshare #foodporn #feed #egg #eggslut #omlette #porkbelly #jomorestaurantweek #brunchsohard #brunch

It’s getting closer and closer to the opening of @hotboxcookies, our newest business part of the South Grand family! #repost @hotboxcookies with @get_repost ・・・ New year, new location. Stay tuned as we gear up to take over South Grand! . . #hotboxcookies #stl #saintlouis #stl #feastgram #southgrand

This SRIRACHA GOUDA MAC and CHEESE recipe takes your mac and cheese to new levels with creamy smoked gouda and spicy and sweet Sriracha!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ Find the recipe at!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #yummyinmytummy #feedfeed #foodblogfeed #foodanddrink #foodfeed #foodfest #foodblogeats #cheatdayeats #devourpower #forkyeah #eatfamous #hungrygirl #nomnom #eatingfortheinsta #foodiegram #foodcoma #yummie #bestfoods #sodelicious #noleftovers #feastgram #feastagram #foodbeast #spoonfeed #feedyoursoull #eater #eattheworld #cookit #foooodieee #bareaders

Cooking up something fun today! Making an orange ginger syrup for a whiskey punch. It smells so good in the house! #ginstagram #ginspiration #ginfluencer #cocktail #stl #missouri #stlgram #feastgram #southcityginclub #whiskey #punch #orange #ginger

Short on time but need the most important meal of the day? Well, we have a solution! Our LaSalle location downtown is now accepting pre-orders for pick up on Ritual and through our website at!