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China top actress 2018 Dilraba #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Chinese Dragon Soup #chineseculture #Dragonsoup #chinese food

Chinese style photograph16 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

(There was) Wine and Party in the paddock🥂 #tasmania #pitp

Yangleduo is so tasty, can’t help drinking all 6 bottles one-time…#drinking #chineseonlinetrend #meme #amusingpicturesinchina #funnypictures

blue blood at the end of the twilight. fight with red marks there.

Branden Dale

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"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." - Jim Rohnďťż #livealittle

Spring mood! ✨ image via @jess.wandering

Sebuah tujuan itu bukan tentang tempat, tapi bagaimana cara kita melihat hal baru – Henry Miller- • • • /// @delindanita #pursuitofportraits #earth_portraits #makeportraits

#395 highway is one of many of my favorite highways that I have ever been on, in this county. The valley is growing on me so much.

// a vast radiant sky and endless warm jeweled clouds //

Like why you wanna mess up my mooood!

📸@framesbysuhas Buddhism is a peace of life Like a shade in bright sunlight.


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Cant wait for more summer adventures ⛰

🏄‍♂️⛵️ Perfect day for it. Rangitoto in the background

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer. - George Patton

📸 Photo by @sophiapope 🌏 Location: Coron, Palawan ❤️ Use #goprojectph for a chance to get featured! . 😍👉 Follow @GoProjectPH 😍👉 Tag @GoProjectPH 😍👉 Like @GoProjectPH

The cutest girl I’ve ever met. And soon she will be my wife.

When you get that late night text that the British are coming

Selalu senang dengan Yogyakarta yang memberikan sejuta cerita dan kenyamanan. Yogyakarta jadi salah satu kota yang ngga ngebosenin sama sekali walau berkali-kali datang kesana, sama seperti kota Parijs Van Java. Ya saking nyamannya kota ini, volume pertumbuhan kendaraan pribadi meningkat ketika musim liburan. Dan kata warga lokal ketika musim liburan datang mereka mending di rumah karena kemana-mana pasti macet, toh mereka bisa pergi kapanpun 😂. Jadi jangan heran kalo ada beberapa warga lokal yang ngga tahu destinasi lengkap di kota nya bahkan belum pernah mengunjungi, karena katanya bisa kapan-kapan kok kesananya 😂👌 . . Kotagede menjadi destinasi terakhir ketika berkunjung di Yogyakarta dalam satu siang, bukan satu hari 😁#explorejogja

Media sosial itu emang ladangnya pamer, pamer karya, pamer gaya hidup, pamer lingkungan pertemanan, pamer kerjaan, pamer kepunyaan, pamer talenta, pamer jalan-jalan, cuma setiap orang punya porsi yang berbeda aja, dan kita harus pinter-pinter nanggepinnya, kalo gasuka ya bisa langsung di skip atau gausah diliat, media sosial itu gak toxic kok, yang membuat toxic ya kalian sendiri kalo nanggepinnya dengan cara yang negatif dan konten apa yang kalian liat, balik lagi ke diri sendiri, kalian bisa memilah konten apa aja yang mau di konsumsi sama diri kalian, belajar ngontrol diri sendiri :) . . Happy sunday

Happy Michael Jordan Year @errj_mira!!! 🎁🎂⛳️ ____ #topgolf #23 #thatlacommunity #whpplayful

Show me love or show me nothing.

ᴜɴғᴏʀᴇsᴇᴇɴ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ... —————————— Model in frame | @ohmxria


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Who would you stay here with? 🤯 📍Singapore cc: @parkroyalpickering x @bennytgh


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Took me a bit to figure this one out. 📍Madeira, Portugal. cc: @jacobnordin


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Evil does not sleep.

Got the TV set up for my gaming room #sonybravia #sonybravia4k #spiderman


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Play with my little brother in The Mosque after Prayer Time. #herperspective #whpplayful

blue ridge (white) mountains

Once a pup always a pup 🐶 Happy #nationalpuppyday !

The High Line ✨ All of a sudden I decided to take a look back at my New York trip photos and I realized I still have a handful of photos to share. I can’t wait to be back so hopefully I get the chance this Spring or Summer. 🌻 #prettycitynewyork #newyork #thebigapple #explorenyc #walkwithlocals #pathport #womanwhotravel

In you Are poems That aren't meant To be read by everyone -r.h.sin In frame: @br0wnthunder


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Happy 4th, Harpie! You’re so loved and so special. 😍 #harperwryn #auntsohard


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selamat pagi indonesia selamat pagi kamu yakin kamu gak mau ikut abang ? 😊😂

Welcoming spring with a little snow adventure in Breck 🤘🏼❄️

a photo I took the other day what’s new! •• I don’t have any fun mental health stuff for u today :,,,) •• my brain and body have felt clouded which is usual and fine, but I don’t have the energy right now to put it into words. •• especially since I can’t, I encourage you to just take a second wherever you are, and listen to your body and mind to see how you’re feeling. it takes 2 minutes. •• •• •• •• #illgrammer #agameoftones #thevisualcollective #feedbacknation #fatalframes #artofvisuals #createxplore #createcommune #moodygram #visualambassadors #theimaged #acreativevisual #visualmobs #explore #canon #lightroom #photoshop #portrait #model #artist #street #urban #fashion #mentalhealth #health #music #dj #edm #pop #rap

This little face...I am wrecked. And will continue to be. Scrappy appreciates her too, with lots of puppy kisses 😂 🐶 #lifeiswonderful #chillbaby #swaddle #doggiekisses

Hey there 👋🏼

Man in the mirror feat @tanneryeagerphoto for @sonoransociety shot by @miss_moulin


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hi I lost my glasses issa fuckin party

They say: Do what you love and the money will come to you. So I just ordered food, and now I'm waiting 👀

Cue Stranger Things theme. I got hyped with that S3 trailer.