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HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY🍦 Fun fact about me: I 👏🏻 LOVE 👏🏻 ICE CREAM. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It is my favorite dessert and I have a never ending list of spots I want to try nationally, ney, GLOBALLY and I am shameless (to put it lightly)!! SO here’s your reminder to go out there and grab a cone! Dm me if you need local ideas, cause you know I’ve got ‘em 😉 - xo

The simple things. Summer colors in California make me happy. It might not be green and lush, but it has its unique charm! . . . . . #californiasummer #sandiegosummer #lifestyle #cestchic #thehappynow #chasingdreams #dreamingoutloud #seekthesimplicity #feelfreefeed #thatauthenticfeeling #theartofslowliving #lovecalifornia

Monday, Monday, Monochrome Monday 🖤 . Channeling those monochrome Melbourne vibes as we pack up and get ready to check out from Anglesea. . What a gorgeous weekend we have had... time away just me and my tribe, so grateful for this precious time together, in this oh so purrrdy part of the world. . So grateful for the coffee machine at this caravan park’s swish reception area too, I don’t know about you road travellers but I’ve never seen one before - don’t think I’ll ever pull up to a caravan park without one again! 🙈 . Wishing everyone a fabulous new week ahead! But first, ☕️. . Lainey xo . . . #butfirstcoffee #big4anglesea #anglesea #explorebig4 #greatoceanroad #adventurefamily #littlestoriesofmylife #darlingweekend . . .

TODAY I LEARNED ➡️ . 🍫 Nestlé is trialling recyclable paper wrapping that can biodegrade in six months AND haven't patented their technology in an effort to encourage other companies to switch packaging as well. . ⛴ The world's largest shipping company have invested $1billion over the next four years into ditching fossel fuels and becoming carbon neutral by 2050. They have already reduced their carbon emissions by over 40%! . 🌱 The European Parliament voted 571 VOTES TO 53 (!!!) to prohibit the most commonly found forms of plastic pollution that have easily available sustainable alternatives, including cotton swabs, plastic cutlery, and drink stirrers. . ♻️ Coles & Woolworths have saved over 1.5 billion single use plastic bags from landfill since removing them from their stores. . 👟 Reebok have released a new line of sustainable sneakers with soles made from corn! . 🌟 I (re)learned that I love acting with every little scrap of me and that I am surrounded by the most supportive friends and family that a gal could hope to find. Thank you to everyone who dragged themselves out of home to watch Constellations, who messaged me, or who joined us in being moved by this incredible piece of writing. There aren't words for how much I love and appreciate you all 😍 . 🌏 Today I learned that there is some good in the world today if you take the time to look for it 🔎 Have a favourite fact that makes you smile? Pass it on! 👇

I’ve found that on the occasion that you are too tired to do work, yet too anxious “relax”, its a decent slice of time to comb through old ikea receipts, rake crumbs off your jute rug (avoid vacuuming at all costs) and donate that sweater that snuck itself into the dryer and shrunk into a size small. #mariekondomylife #home

so overjoyed with the amount of sweetness in this guy! he surprise booked an airsteam for a getaway to joshua tree ❤️🌵

Stay cool, folks. This rosé of pinot noir from Sonoma goes with everything, especially a dip in the ocean and these salads. 💥

Oooooh ooooooh sometimes... I get a good feeling yeahhhhh 🌵 🌾 #humansofjoy #motherhoodthroughinstagram #adventuresofchildren

dog: woof me: i would die for you

Did someone say camping?? 🏕

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but I try to enjoy this life as much as I can. I’ve learned to not get caught up on things I can’t control, and instead focus on the things I can.🌻 You don’t have to be the happiest person in the room, but there’s more than one way to handle a bad start to the day, or hair that won’t cooperate 😂. Choose how you want to handle things, and be the person others look up to for your attitude and resilience.

I‘m posting this little throwback because it fits perfectly to my current mood... right now I couldn‘t be happier... somehow everything is falling into place!!! This video was made by my incredible friends Conny & Dado and their danceschool, in 2014... I had so much fun filming this in our beautiful hometown... Enjoy 💕

How often do you find yourself celebrating food holidays? For me, it’s nearly an everyday thing—seriously, I have a calendar FILLED with every food-related holiday in a given year. 😅 Today, I got to celebrate #nationalicecreamday with some foodie friends at @SweetCharliesIceCream in St. Pete! We donned ice cream headbands, learned how to roll our own ice cream, then devoured the deliciousness—it was the PERFECT way to do a hot, Sunday funday! 🥰 Thank you so much to #sweetcharliesstpete for hosting us for the holiday—it was a seriously sweet time! 😋 📷: @palmerholmes • • • • • #thisjenngirl #tampablogger #floridablogger #flblogger #southernblogger #theeverydaygirl #petiteblogger #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #feelfreefeed #inspiremyinstagram #unlocktampabay #ilovetheburg #igersstpete #stpeteblogger #iheartstpete #tampafood #tampafoodie #floridafoodie #tampaeats #tampabayeats #tbeatsout #stpeteeats #stpetefood #stpetefoodie #tampabae

Matte black chain necklace with black pavè clasp and heart pendant on acrylic disc 🖤🔗🖤

thank you @christina_onthedaily for the perfect sleep over activity idea- Brynn is helping me decorate her baby cousins room that will have her framed artwork in it! Giving me alllll the feels.

You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want; 🤟🏻

swipe right to see all the deets!!! haven’t quite figured out the best way to post these landscape relationship maps (as you can tell by the iffy cropping on the top and bottom), but this map was so special to make!!! . . . first, it was commissioned by one of the best high school guidance counselors in the whole wide world. and second, it was for her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary!!! like how special is that!? . . . there are so many memories and old family snapshots woven in this piece— it was truly an honor to create!!!

We are putting flooring in the kitchen and living room today and I can already tell it is going to make a WORLD of difference in how “done” this house feels. Plus it means I can really install my wine fridge, so it’s a really good day...

Early summer morning.

Just a couple more weeks until I’ll stop being ill and start getting a tan

i want to change my mind 'cause this just don't feel right to me. i wanna raise your spirits. i want to see you smile but know that means i'll have to leave. lately- i've been thinking i want you to be happier.

I'm going to be sharing what simplicity means to me later this week, but for now here's a little quote for you; "Bringing simplicity into our lives requires that we discover the ways in which our consumption either supports our entangles our existence. Balance occurs when there is sufficiency - when there is neither material excess or deficit. To find this balance in our everyday lives requires that we understand the difference between our personal "needs" and our "wants". Needs are those things that are essential to our survival and growth. Wants are those things that are extra - that gratify our psychological desires. For example, we need shelter in order to survive. We may want a huge house with many extra rooms that are seldom used. We need basic medical care. We may want cosmetic surgery to disguise the fact we are getting older. We need functioning clothing. We may want frequent changes in clothing style to reflect the latest fashion. We need a nutritious and well-balanced diet. We may want to eat at expensive restaurants. We need transportation. We may want a new Mercedes. Only when we are clear about what we need and what we want can we begin to pare away the excess and find a middle path between extremes. No one else can find this balance for us. This is a task that we each must do for ourselves." Duane Elgin

Hi this is Elżbieta highlighting for @jjcommunity forums hosted by @kevinkuster Theme: WEEK’S BEST Tag # jj_forum_2678 Photographer: @instafraner #jj_editor_elkunia#jjcommunity#jj_editors#myjjfeature#jj_forum#jj_anarchy#communityfirst#jj_featured_2678

Ready to explore. #monpetitremi

Following his wee fishing lesson this chick was deposited home. Then he had to scale the nest walls (Everest!) to reach mum! Eventually he reaches out and grabs her beak with his wing, stretches out his foot and clabbers to safety. Ruthless nature building resilient creatures. ///shot on @sonyalpha A7Riii 70-200 + @mygobe filter ———————————————————————— #adventurethatislife #wildlondon #thewildnesstonic #chooseyourownadventure #ofquietmoments #momentsofmine #ichoosetowander #collectivelycreative #toeachtheirpath #verilymoments #timeoutsociety #londonwildlife #wanderxwonder #myquietbeauty #feelfreefeed #summerdaze #mybeautifullifestories ———————————————————————— #forprettyssake #forprettysake #mystoryoflight #aov #chasinglight #savourtheseasonalshift #agameoftones #stillswithstories #bealpha #creativetones ———————————————————————— #talissamakdessi #fikatography #chiswickhouse

Wherever this huge, busy world takes you, know that this beautiful little town will always be your home

Neprocjenjivo je imati uz sebe osobu s kojom možeš razgovarati o apsolutno svemu, od ozbiljnih stvari do najglupljih šala, koja ti je odjednom i dečko i najbolji prijatelj, osobu koja te uspije nasmijati bez ijedne riječi i s kojom možeš sve iskomunicirati pogledom. Više od 6 godina imam uz sebe takvu osobu i mislim da mi više od toga ne treba. ❤ Hvala @marisha_studio na zabiljezenim sretnim trenucima, onakvi nas opisuju inace ❤ . . . . #flatlay #momentslikethese #thehappynow #thatsdarling #livethelittlethings #flashofdelight #feelfreefeed #seekthesimplicity #instadaily #livelittlethings #lifestyleblogger #instablogger #homeofveronika #flowers #prettythings #blogger #bloggerlife #darlingweekend #petitejoys #livecolorfully #couple #couplegoals #happycouple #couplephoto #couplephotography #photoshoot #nature #naturephotography #lavender #lavenderfield

#farmersmarket . One of my favorite things to do is cooking and trying new recipes. When I plan a dinner party weeks in advance the cook books and magazines pile up sky high next to me bed. Usually, I try to pick a theme inspired by one dish and then I plan the other courses around that. The produce at this stand looked so inviting, and particularly the chili was speaking to me. I do like my food quite spicy, but of course I do tune it down when I know my guests can’t take it... . 📍Toucy, France ————————————— Einer meiner liebsten Zeitvertreibe ist das kochen und experimentieren mit neuen Rezepten. Wenn ich eine Abendessen mit Freunden plane, dann starken sich bereits einige Wochen zuvor die Kochbücher und Magazine haushoch neben meinem Bett. Meist wähle ich ein Rezept aus dass dann eine Art Motto für das Menü bildet, die restlichen Gänge wähle ich dann passend dazu aus. Die Auswahl an diesem Stand war besonders einladend, insbesondere die Chillischoten sahen sehr vielversprechend aus. Generell koche ich gern scharf, aber ich nehme natürlich Rücksicht auf meine Gäste, die es nicht so gut vertragen.. . . #francewiththefloshow

Lol. No.

Perfecte zondag; goed weer, goede vrienden, goede spot, goed eten! ❤️ weltrusten!

⠀ Michael and I are currently heading back to Ohio and SUPER grateful we missed that insane heat wave... it was still warmer than usual in Wisconsin, but at least it didn’t get AS hot as Columbus 😱 We just slipped on out right as it was coming in!⠀ ⠀ What did you do this weekend in the insane heat? Shout out to all the amazing vendors who served their butts off, even in the heat. I know it’s not easy, I’ve done it before! 👏🏻 Brides, that’s why you hire a DREAM team of vendors... so even when crazy circumstances happen, they’re still giving their all to make your wedding day a dream!! #heatwave2019

Sometimes I feel like my life can be atoned for if I go outside, seek beauty, and feel it. I watch a sunset over a field, and I forget for a few seconds what I am, what I want, what was and what can be. But then the sunset is over, or the moment crashes, the colors lose their appeal because I am ready for the next thing, the new, the other, and all comes rushing back. . . . . . . #lifeunscripted #livethelittlethings #sunsetlover #happygardeninglife #ha #stillpoetry #seekmoments #slowliving #pursuepretty #capturingcolor #theauthenticfeeling #thegardenlife #naturephotographer #beautifulmatters #seekthesimplicity #feelfreefeed #lightmyfire #thatsdarlingmovement #creativityfound #littlestoriesofmylife #momentsofmine #myeverydaymagic #writinginspiration

Off with their heads! 👸🏰

How was your day?

I’m not sure we could ever leave ❤️ This place has been such a good home to us. Sometimes I think of how many sunsets we will have here but mostly I just close my eyes and breathe it in with a smile. #farmhouse #texas #sunsets #sunday

Veiw from the top of the St Louis Arch

As I am packing for the She Speaks conference, I am gathering the books that speak ever so loudly to my soul. From mental health to divorce to speaking loud about my struggles, I am confident that God has a huge plan and I just can’t wait to see that unfold. Will you join me in prayer as I am preparing mentally and spiritually for this conference? May God give me the words to speak, the ears to hear, the heart to feel, and may I be the hands and feet of God and be a vessel to speak the truth on mental health. To God be the glory!! #mybeautifulmess #howyouglow #petitejoys #gatheredstyle #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty #darlingmovement #doitfortheprocess #chasinglight #thatauthenticfeeling #mymonthofsundays #seekthesimplicity #loveauthentic #momentsofmine #littlestoriesofmylife #shespeaks #mentalhealth #thehappynow #finditliveit #fearnot #makeitblissful #flashesofdelight #liveunscripted #loveintentionally #theeverygirl #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #feelfreefeed #momentslikethese #anxiety

You guys, it’s been months since I’ve posted any content on social media. So much has called for my attention in the way of self-care, healing, family, and the big one—planning our Island move!!!🌴 I have missed connection with both new and old friends, but more valuable and pressing matters at home and within have guided me to push pause on most media involvement to address my family’s and my own soul matters. - Im semi-back now with a firmer #familyfirst mentality to say that after 2+ years of discussion, struggle, fighting, and compromise, my family sold our home and a large majority of our belongings, to move to a little island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Striving for a simpler, slower life lived by the clock of sun, moon, and tide ☀️ 🌙 🌊 I’ll also be taking a yoga teacher training beginning in October and Taking a pt job to boot. So much ahead, so much challenge, yet everlasting gratitude for the family, friends, and Universe who have enabled these blessings. Om shanti ya’ll!!! - #slowlife #slowlived #lifebythesea #saltlife #verilymoment #thehappynow #behomefree #feelfreefeed #omshanti #liveauthentic #behomefree #webythesea #livingsyrristly #raisingsyrrists #holdthemoments #documentyourdays #yogalife #namaste #theoutbound #welivetoexplore #collectivelycreate #visualsoflife #omlife #islandlife #liveandlove #aquietstyle #theartofslowliving #embraceyourself #beyoutiful

Big breakfast with sweetheart- check. New houseplants purchased and repotted- check. Pool time with best friend- check. Face mask- check. Hair mask- check. Self-care Sunday is in full swing for me today. Don’t forget to do something just for yourself today! Even something small can improve your mood and reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing. I’m continuing the theme by moving on to period dramas and laundry. ❤️ P.S. My girl Pomona (the planter) is purifying the air in my bedroom with her brain. 😊

Countdown! One week from today Nelson and I will be flying back from shooting a wedding in PA. And the moment that plane touches down you better believe we will be burning up road headed to join our kiddos and my family at the cabin in Colorado...my favorite place on earth. #platoro

Cheers to #nationalicecreamday !! Feeling all the summer vibes! 🍦

Говорят, что интроверты в больших компаниях часто могут отходить, что бы погладить котика или собачку. Устают они, интроверты эти. ⠀ Вспомнила это, посмотрев на вчерашние фото с этим милашом. Наверное правда😂 ⠀ После общения в большой компании нужен ещё один выходной. Разрядилась. Общение это очень круто и важно, но нужно вовремя подазаряжаться☝🏻 Если тут такие же как я?

What a beautiful life we live together. ❤️

I’ve seriously gone through like three tubs of @rawsugarliving body butter this summer. Right now at @Walgreens, you can receive $1 off all Raw Sugar Products so it’s the perfect time to stock up 🙌🏼 Their skincare products are the best part of my #selfcare skin routine @rawsugarliving’s and their thirst quenching formulas have kept my skin glowing a soft all summer. #glowing from the inside is what matters most to me, and, with their amazing mission: ‘For every product that you purchase, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need’ it’s beauty you can truly feel good about! So, hurry! Look for the Bamboo Tops and White Bottles at your local @walgreens Offer ends 7/27


1969-12-31 16:00:00

〰️ D u r h a m ♥️ 〰️ . . For my pharma peeps, highly recommend this mid century mod hotel designed by @communedesign. Fresh ground counter culture coffee delivered at 6:30 am def helped when the elevator stopped working 😅 (Note - it’s far from Briar Creek Mall and that might be another positive ☝🏻)

Сколько классных людей родилось в июле! В моем календаре он, пожалуй, самый насыщенный в году... поздравлять можно каждый день! Так что есть ещё больше поводов быть немножко флористом... с мамиными дачными зарослями - это одно удовольствие🌸🌼🌿 Ну а у нас на кухне в дачный сезон цветы не переводятся, для этого и повода не надо.. В последний раз цветы срезала уже ночью - под дождем и с налобником, но без ведра букетов я с дачи никогда не возвращаюсь💛

A q u i c k t r i p to R D U ! F i r s t t i me i n D U R H A M. 🏁 ✔️ And @thedurhamhotel was ♥️ 🎯

Went exploring on the bike today ☀️✌🏻 found the cutest coffee shop that had the yummiest cheddar jalapeño scones 😋

Grazie Mille !

This place easily evoked wonder in my heart. 🥰


1969-12-31 16:00:00

"Dear Jack, only you could know how insignificant I feel as a woman..." . This was the beginning of the first letter I wrote to my grandfather who I never met, he died before my mother met my father, in a journal that I started keeping in my early twenties- back when I was so sure about everything but, still, I felt so unsteady . I lived with a boy who kept me constant, kept me almost by always sitting so close; I was never far from his voice or his hands: his fingers curling the long ends of my hair, and telling me over and over how much he loved me. He slept like second skin draped around me, and in one breath we were two names become one people - never one without the other. We were that fairytale. Renowned. . What I know about Jack is he was huge-handed and heavy-hearted. That he wrote long and beautiful letters, many of which I've read, to his children when he travelled, telling them how much he loved and he missed them. He was engaged before he married my grandmother and received one of those infamous 'Dear John' letters while he was away in the Second World War. Our family still has early photographs of his first fiancé, Zena, who was an especially beautiful girl. When he returned from service my grandfather married my grandmother, who I grew to hate, mostly for how she half-raised my father . My father is so alike his own: also huge-handed and heavy-hearted. He wrote me long and beautiful letters too while he lived abroad. These were the only place he could tell me how much he loved and he missed me . Sometimes I realise how much I need (you) Jack. To make better sense of who I am - this muddling brew of my father's father and my mother's mother . When I started writing these letters to dead men I was so sure about everything but felt so unsteady, long before I lost babies, decisions I couldn't retreat, and that boy that I loved too as a husband . Yesterday my heart began to groan under pressure. I started all the right things to lighten the knot, shuck it of mourning, unravel it loose in this brave new dance and today I feel a bit better. Insignificance, Jack? is something I've learned with or without you that's something I lack

• see good in all things 🌿 •


2 Days 2 Hours Ago

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.


California summer 🌞

last call 🍹

pool service

summer getaway up highway 1

Friday plans 🍕🍷

I like this colour 🧡 My home 🌼 #home #decor

Doubled up