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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. - Maya Angelou

We often struggle to find our purpose in life - stop looking outwards! It's been inside of you all along🕊 Peace, happiness and fulfillment lies within - and It's too valuable to give up🌸 #businessfromtheheart • • • I use #spiritual tools and mindfulness to help you discover your true potential - in life and in business. Contact me by email if you would like to know more ➡️ hello@regitsececillie.com. • • • • • 🔸️www.regitsececillie.com🔸️

I'm proud to be on this inspiring journey with my fellow #femaleentrepreneurs 💪🌸 In 2018, I'll officially launch my coaching business for women who wish to do business from the heart♡ Check out the website www.regitsececillie.com for more info on what to come✨ #businessfromtheheart


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Together we rise 🌏👭☀️ . . Totally stoked (+ not surprised) that Junie crawled for the 1st time during the Women’s March today. I could feel her joy + power in my belly, this little one. 👶🏻 A gentle hero + future leader of the movement. What a privilege to be a women during this time. What an honor to be her mama 💕 I dream of the work we will do together in her lifetime. Strong women = strong world. . . If you have big dreams + want to grow them in the most real + graceful way, the True To YOU Mastermind is open for enrollment. DM me for details.

➡️GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE⬅️ . 🤔 I'm sure everyone knows this deep down but they're still afraid to take action. . ✔️ Try something new, make that change in your life, do what scares you and you will feel better for it afterwards! . 👉 Quote from Linchpin by Seth Godin

➡️Some people restrict themselves just for the numbers on the scale . ✔️ To make long term progress with lasting results you need to change that mindset . ⬇️ Check out this post from #hooperfit and read the caption . @hooper.fit via @GPRepostApp for Android ------------------ 💥WEIGHT LOSS vs FAT LOSS💥 . 👩🏼 Every day I get a ton of DM’s from concerned individuals who are worried about the scale not moving, despite lifting weights and eating a healthy diet consistently. . 🏋🏼 Here’s the thing: when changing your body composition, the scale isn’t a very good marker for progress. All it does is tell you what you weigh in that moment on that particular day and time. That’s it. Nothing about how your body composition is changing. And aren’t you training for a look, not a number? . 🤔 What most don’t understand is that they should be more concerned with FAT LOSS, not WEIGHT LOSS. Weight loss comes from a combination of muscle, fat, water, human waste, etc. At the end of the day, aren’t you more concerned with changing your overall appearance? . 🍎 The scale doesn’t tell you anything about how your body composition may be changing. If you lost 5 pounds of fat, but gained 5 pounds of muscle, the scale wouldn’t change, would it? So does that make you a failure? Of course not! Your routine is working! . 👗If people were commenting on your fat loss and you were losing inches and your clothes were fitting better, would you still be concerned with the fact that your weight hadn’t changed much on the scale? . 🙌🏼 You’re obviously making progress and in the SWEET SPOT of a body transformation. That’s awesome! Adding muscle and losing weight is EXACTLY where you want to be. . 💁🏼The best thing you can do for your own transformation is stop obsessing over the scale and start focusing on the daily process. If you want to become the kind of person who has a lean physique, then you’re going to have to start acting like one by mirroring their daily behavior. And that usually starts with throwing the scale away. ♥️

Coach Sly Yeates on her fave sessions at @unitedsoccercoaches convention! #utahsurfsoccer #womenscoach #soccercoach #theslylife #soccergirl #soccer #girlswhocoach #womenssoccer #womeninsoccer #girlssoccer #femalecoach @lh1505 @emmahayes1 @femalecoachingnetwork

No matter how good you think you are or how solid your business plan is the first few years of being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like this and even look like this! Our advice is to attach yourself to a great mentor, somebody who’s made all the mistakes already then find your tribe a select group of women who can cheer you on and you will soon get it right!

Trying my best to stay cozy on this chilly January day! What are some ways you keep yourself happy and healthy through the winter? ☕️❄️

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“La fuerza no proviene de la capacidad física, sino de la voluntad indomable” Gandhi. #strong #body #soul #mind #funcionaltrainer #coach #coaching #smart #femalecoach #smartclass #smartbox #trainer #trainhard #nostop #nevergiveup #team

This woman is an inspiration! "On August 5, 2014, Hammon was hired as an assistant coach for the Spurs, becoming the first full-time, salaried female coach in NBA history. Hammon's contribution to the staff made an impression on head coach Gregg Popovic" How awesome is that?! Who do you aspire to be like?

Saturday mornings are the best mornings for Entrepreneurs! Undistracted thinking time! 📝

Evelyn Lim

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What you focus on expands. Focus on your problems, you get more problems. Think solution, figuring a way out, how to overcome the challenges....as you focus on solutions, inspired winning ideas come along. #evelynlimcoach

While I’m still 30, here is a flashback to last years’ revelations... ✨🔥😘💋❤️😊 Life Goals at Thirty "As a thirty-year-old woman, you are no longer just the artist, business owner, expert - you are a wife, mother, a head of the household; whether you have children or not - you have evolved to the new stage in your life. You need a large space to fill with your energy and presence. You do not let anyone rule you but you. You are an instant judge of character and you do not take crap from anyone, first of all yourself." 📖@viraburmenko #viraburmenko 📙Read complete article on @LinkedIn📘 ___ #weekendmotivation #personalwellness #womeninmentalhealth #mentalhealth #myimmortality #personalhealth #successfulwomen #womenofpower #lifeatthirty #lifegoals #successfulwomen #lifegoalsatthirty #liveschanges #livingfearlessly #livingtrue #adultgoals #femaleauthor #womanauthors #womenwriters #femalewriters #femalecoach #femaleenterpreneurs #womenlifecoaching #lifecoaching #businesswoman #turningthirty #bodyandmind #bodymindspirit


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Speak your truth, mamas. Speak from your heart. From your soul. From that real + raw place. Speak it gently, from a place of love. Of deep KNOWING (but still scared as shit). Speak it knowing that some may fall away, but believe WHOLE HEARTEDLY that you are both exactly where you are meant to be. Bless their path + yours. . . . Feel the weight lift. Feel the knowing. Bathe in the freedom. The joy. Experience bliss as you have now given permission for other women to speak their truth. . . How have you spoken your truth lately, mamas? How would it feel to share what’s truly in your heart 👄 . If you’re ready to step into your worthiness + identify what you’d love beyond your business (so your biz can be your vehicle + serve a bigger purpose) The True To YOU Mastermind is open for enrollment. DM me for details.

Follow your dreams, follow what lights you up on the inside & the out ❤️

Marissa Lyons

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In the words of Oprah, “I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint- and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others...” . . #femaleentrepreneur #femalecoach #courage #lovewhatyoudo

I have the best job ever coaching this lot on Fridays afternoons. Doesn’t even feel like work when you are having this much fun. #femalecoach #thisgirlcan #tennis #unitennis #cardiotennis #matchplay #improvement #teamljmu

Scary but so much fun! Being interviewed by @lillibadcock about my journey & challenge with OCD. I never enjoy talking about it, I just hope it helps someone else on their journey to understand that it's ok, your not alone ❤️ Thanks @lillibadcock

🤔How to make goblet squats harder when you're already using the heaviest dumbbell in the gym? . ➡️Reduce the weight and introduce this method of torture in the form of terminal knee extension goblet squats. Doing this increases load on the quads! . ❗I used purple bands to make it harder than last week but start off with red ones. My face says it all! . 👉 Thanks to @ar_strengthcoaching for this exercise

First week in the bag for our six week Beginners Group @tpfacademy . . Looking forward to seeing their progress over the coming weeks, getting fitter, healthier and happier. . . . . #tpfa #fitnessforeveryone #smallgrouptraining #beginnersclass #fitter #healthier #happier #progress #consistencyiskey #gymlife #community #morethanjustagym #leadingtheway #irishfitfam #naasfitness #kildarefitness #bootcamp #strengthandconditioning #personaltrainer #kildarept #femalecoach #doitforyou

Yesterday I spent an amazing morning with my friend & colleague Andrea Watts of collage coaching company UnGlueYou. She is a genius & she is a Genderbuzz lister! List with us today to find more exciting female businesses #genderbuzz #natashastromberg #femalebusinessservices #blackwomenbusinessowers #blackwomenbuildwealth #blackwomenbuildingbrands #collage #collagecoach #artislife #collagelife #femalecoach #coachingbusiness #coachingworks #businesscoachforwomen #businessstrategy #femalebusinessowner #femalewealthbuilding

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Kinda wanna sleep...kinda wanna build an empire...the life of a serial entrepreneur

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Tonight @team_staymotivated had that one on one time with Coach Mo.... trust the process!!🥊🥊 #teamstayfit #teamstaymotivated #teampinkpanther #coachmo #fj #fortjackson #wewantcoachmo #nodaysoff #nola #boxing #femalecoach #battlboxinggym

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Day 202 | Things began to feel a little more official today. #femalecoach #throwscoach #coachingwillalwayshaveapieceofmyheart #ycp #spartan #desire #trust #believe