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🏆Planning and focus on family🏆 One of my FAVORITE😍 parts of my morning routine is planning my day. . . Opening my 📖planner to a fresh page, deciding my top 3 biz moving and shaking tasks, then filling in and scheduling out the routines that make Bold Brilliance what it is.... . . Is it weird that this process eases my stress and gives me a sense of calm??😊 I just LOVE seeing that everything is getting done and how I will achieve it. Most importantly I love knowing nothing is being missed!❤ . . After everything is set for my day it is time to sit down, appreciate who I build this around and why I have built this like I have.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I focus on spending time with my daughter before school and some quality time with my son before the day ramps up again. . . It reminds me how blessed👐 I am to have this business and makes every bit of the work or grind WORTH IT! . . Morning routines🌅 keep me successful, truly they do. It also helps that I love what I do, who I work with, and have a why so big sometimes it's a little scary but, I won't quit until I have achieved every goal that I set out to achieve.🌍

Who doesn’t love a Back To The Future reference? And when it’s about the rise of women it gets 👍🏻👍🏻 from me! Repost from @britandco: “The time-traveling is just too dangerous. Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: women!” - Doctor Emmett Brown What’s the mystery, Doc? We want equal rights, equal opportunity, equal power. ✊🏼✊🏾✊🏿 📷 @merylrowin@ #womensmarch #womensmarch2018

We are POWERFUL 👱🏻‍♀️👧🏽🧒🏻👩🏾👵🏻🧕🏾🧑🏼👩‍🎤 #womensmarch2018 #femaleleaders #womensclub #camaraderie #womentogether

An incredible experience 🙌🏽 So proud of my fellow marchers. Your dedication is applauded 👏🏽 #womensmarch2018 #womensmarch #feminist #femaleleaders #nyc

Another year, another march. Let’s do this in the name of #peaceloveandequality ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿#womensmarch #femaleleadership #resist 📷via @garmentory Poster collab @garmentory + @all_womankind . . . . #womeninbiz #unity #lovetrumpshate #humanrights #equality #learntolove #equalrightsforall #womensupportingwomen #femaleentrepreneur #fempreneur #femaleleaders #unitewithloveresistwithlove #whyimarch #imarchfor

As many of you know, we recently launched @TheLoveGroupOrg, a unique, non-profit speaking agency whose goal is to inspire and educate the next generation of female leaders. We have been so proud to watch it grow as we continue to add the most incredible women to our roster. We have hit the ground running at a pace even we couldn't have imagined and there are BIG things to come! . Check out the latest content on our official website (link in bio), where you can learn more about our amazing speakers, book an event for your community, as well as inquire about sponsorship opportunities and donate to our cause. Also, be sure to follow us across all of our social media platforms. You can find us on facebook, instagram and twitter: . www.facebook.com/TheLoveGroupOrg . www.instagram.com/thelovegrouporg . twitter.com/TheLoveGroupOrg . xo ❤️ . The Love Group . . #thelovegrouporg #websitelaunch #health #wellness #selflove #gratitude #nolimits #dreams #yesyoucan #healthyliving #financialindependence #goalsetting #nutrition #confidence #motivation #inspiration #goddess #goddesses #goddessarmy #powerfulwomen #metoo #timesup #femaleleaders #girlpower #thefutureisfemale #womensmarch #saturday

We are not alone as #strongwomen have lead the way. repost from @women_ofhistory Soong Mei-Ling (1898-2003) helped shape modern China through her role in national and international politics, but one of my favorite tasks of hers is her devotion to "warphans," the orphaned children of Chinese soldiers. Her passion for social welfare was more than casually donating money. She ensured the orphanages included playgrounds, swimming pools, a gymnasium, classrooms, and dormitories. She involved herself so deeply she even selected the teachers herself and the children called her Mama. To continue improving their lives she established the Chinese Women's National War Relief Society. Here she is in 1943 with Eleanor Roosevelt, both women radiating grace and authority. Thank you to @history_in_five for sending me a fascinating biography on her! #womenofhistory #femaleleaders #strongwomen #eleanorroosevelt #meiling #chinesewomen #flotus

#wellchild conference #wcconference2018 was off the hook. Sorry about the Video once again 🙈🙈🙈 I cannot begin to write what I learnt today and the panel session on #gender equality was aaaaahhhhmazing. . And I met a real life hear @agathamata1 I look forward to speaking with you again ma. #experience counts @agathamata1 Truly, how can we expect people who do not understand the problem to solve it? . Let us focus on the major and not the minor - @carisma4u I learnt a lot and met some new friends. @mercyiaspire - I am working it out and yes, you will get your Exclusive Digital ID Card. #yousafe @globalchildhealth Charles and team, may God Himself give wins to your Sales and wings to your dreams. 💖💖 #childadvocacy #childadvocate #education #eduationadvocate .

I believe nature is beautiful; Snowflakes, Rain, Flowers, Valley. But the most beautiful thing God has created is a Women...I am very fortunate to have many different Women guiding my life, Grandmother, Mother, Wife, Daughter, friends. I respect you, all Women! - - - #seankumar #seankumardiaries #seankumardiaries2018 womensday #womensday2018 #internationalwomensday #iwd #women #iwd2018 #womensday2018 #womansday #lady #ladies #march8 #8march #event #adaywithoutawoman #mother #beingawoman #womensrights #everywoman #inspireothers #femaleleaders #shesays #woman @yashrajfilmstalent, Miss you Mr. Yash Chopra Ji.

Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve‼️ • • Rebuild, Evolve, DESTROY. • • Proud to announce I’m officially a brand ambassador for @red_lifestyle_ 🇺🇸💪🏽 • • Stay tuned for more DOPE gear 👌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 • • 10% Discount code: ssgt_renteria • #redlifestyle #change #rebuild #evolve #destroy #usmc #marines #marinecorps #femalemarines #femaleleaders #girlswholift #fitgirls #gym #selfie #california #westcoast #chillin #saturday

During strategy outing our change agent Nanin @frau_mendling presented female leadership content and discussed diversity and bias. Great to see that we have 50:50 in nearly all areas of employment...thank you Nanin! #waldorfastoriaberlin #waldorfastoria #femaleleaders #greatplacetowork #luxury #teamwork #teamouting #female #leadership #leadershipcoach

Find a place that inspires you to be you to create, imagine and nurture your gifts! @blumeorganics #rechargewln #success #leadership #womenwholead #personalgrowth #femaleleaders #girlboss #women #mothers #friends #sister #entrpreneur #businesswoman

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the largest protest in modern history - The Women's March. I believe it sent a wave that broke the seal of silence that women inherited for centuries. We are now witnessing a new legacy born, and shall be passed down to future females to claim their rightful inheritance to stand-up & speak-up to #hearourvoice as #womenoftheworldunite (and others) again! #womensmarch #womenempowerment #femaleempowerment #feminism #female #womeninhistory #femaleleaders #femaleleadership #hearmeroar #hearusroar #metoo #metoo

OKAY LADIES😍💪🏽I am extending my team of BOSS Babes !!! This business has brought me SO much more than just weight loss and I am ready to invite YOU to join me on this journey❤️ I’m on the search for 10 motivated & passionate ladies who are looking to create a part time or full time income from HOME😍🙌🏼🤸🏻‍♀️ No six pack required🤣 Just the DRIVE to work hard & LEARN!! If you’re looking to get PAID to live a healthy lifestyle & share your journey on social media along the way let me know!! A FULL training program is included 😍 SO— if this sounds like YOU or something you would LOVE to learn more info about let’s chat 👭Drop your favorite emoji below & I will DM you with all the details 💁🏻✨ • • Take a leap of faith, do scary things— listen to the little voice inside of you 😍🤸🏻‍♀️🖖🏽

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[< Season Teaser >] At a time where everyone is accelerating into the new year, I’ve been exploring the opposite. What if you had permission to downshift and slow down? — So, if you’re feeling burnt out, frustrated, irritated, behind, stuck, uninspired, conflicted, bored.. AND you know in your heart you’re meant for big things… To lead. To inspire. To help. To grow. To evolve. Season 2 of The Unbecoming Podcast is dedicated to you. — First episode out on Tuesday! Keep an eye on my IG stories today. I’ll be announcing the name of Season Two. Any guesses?

So fun spending time with our new #30seconds featured contributor @techbizgurl and the @womentechfounders #leadership team at this year’s kickoff meeting @evolveher, a brand new co-working space just for women in #chicago. It’s going to be an incredible year of growth for #womenintech! #womeninstem #womeninbusiness #womeninbiz #womenentrepreneurs #femalefounders #womenfounders #womenempowerment #femaleleaders #makelifebetter #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlife #startups #startuplife #techstartup #colleagues #tribe #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #coworkingspace #evolveher #wtf #womentechfounders #mwit #equality #ceolife

Hello and thanks for following me. For a reeeaaaaaallyyyy long time, we are talking years, I had the plan to start sharing some insight about my passion: leadership. I guess I just had to have a kid first in order to get me started😂💕 so, here I am... an expat mum on maternity leave in Rio de Janeiro, where I share my life with my amazing Rodrigo and our beautiful daughter Isabella (4,5months). At the moment I work commercially for a shipping company, and previously I have worked for Nokia and Deloitte mainly with leadership development, change management and coaching. Topics that I looooove and have excessive experience on from studies (BSc Psychology & MSc Internatioanl Leadership), 20 years work experience (yes, I started working at 14), and having lived and worked in several countries (Spain, UK, Finland, Norway & Brasil). My philosophy is that you don’t have to be a leader by title to act like one. And by acting like one I don’t mean using power and fear, but your good, inspiring, ethical self to lead a life that brings joy to you and the ones around you- in your private life and at work !!! And then, living and working abroad just spices the whole thing up... adding flavors like culture to the mix, and you need to sway yourself through it all... 💕💕💕 stay tuned for some leadership hacks and inspiration.... perhaps even some baby and vegan spam 👊🏽 📷@antonsoggiu #expatmums #femaleentrepreneur #femaleleaders #leadershipsway #riodejaneiro #permisjonslivet #coaching #leadership

I’m thrilled to announce that an online program that was months in the making is here! Enter🌹THE MAGDALENE EXPERIENCE🌹 : A Soul immersion, an energy transmission, a lineage activation – delivered to you in a digestible format of 7 online classes (one per each energy portal aka chakra)✨ Starting on February 7 - all details via link in profile✨ : The purpose of this course is simple: ⭐️to prepare you for being a true leader of the New Dawn⭐️ ....while connecting you with the Magdalene Consciousness (also referred to as “Order of Mary Magdalene” or “Order of Magdalena”) – a spiritual lineage rooted in deepest devotion to Love, Truth, and Freedom💫 The Magdalene Consciousness is a powerful presence that merges the mundane and the magical, the human and the divine, through the alchemy of the Heart🖤 The Magdalene Consciousness is courageously stepping forward as a force of Light, working through many stellar Souls currently incarnated on Earth. They are emerging leaders, healers, wisdom keepers, change-makers, sacred agents of transformation. Are you one of them? Then this is your re-initiation! This is about living and leading from your Soul, your essence, your loving Heart❤️ : Are you feeling the vibe? Please read more via the link in my profile @violettapleshakova and message me if you have any questions!🌹

Facts! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 📸credit @motivationmafia

Found this to be an appropriate quote for the weekend. Even if you're not marching today, remember to be the heroine of your own story... 💪♀✨ @neilhimself @womensmarch #bethechange #neilgaiman #quoteoftheweekend

I slept and woke up like this... #americandreams #saturdaysatisfaction #weekinreview ! *** RELEVANCE A Question of SIGNIFICANCE Let me tell you People don’t CARE what YOU DO Unless it IMPACTS their WAY of LIFE Do you ENRICH them or CAUSE STRIFE? Do you like to CREATE CHAOS? Guess what? People WANT MOST Is SOMEONE who DELIVERS Not MANEUVERS INDIVIDUAL JOB Security PROSPERITY enjoyed by MANY IN TOUCH with day-to-day REALITY Not Wall Street STOCKS EXPLODING Where they’re NOT PARTICIPATING No SAVINGS, no MONEY 💰 They LIVE paycheck-to-paycheck, SILLY 😜 Some people like to LIVE in FANTASY ENTERTAINED by “Larger-Than-Life “ Personalities Wedding of some royalties NO THANKS, not I I’ve got my EYES 👀 FOCUSED on my OWN DREAMS TECHNICOLOR, not live streams My OWN DESTINY Is what’s RELEVANT to me in a World 🌍 of PLENTY - Judy Beltran #beltranisms #poeticjustice #rhymeswithreason *** Great Authentic SATISFACTION Saturday morning, January 20, 2018. Don’t get MANIPULATED or DISTRACTED by OTHER People’s AGENDAS. Don’t WASTE your NEW Year LIVING VICARIOUSLY through others. LIVE your OWN American Dreams. *** What about you, what Authentically SATISFIES YOU not just on Saturdays? And when you’re not satisfied, what PURPOSEFUL ACTIONS do you do? *** #riseandshine #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #worldeconomicforum2018 #femaleleaders #youngleaders #womenandgirls #jadoreventures #venturetotransform #michigan #sports #rehabilitation #performingarts #physicaltherapist #educator #sustainabilitydesigner #socialentrepreneur #singing #dreamsaremyreality

This tshirt tho 🤙🏼

Growing up, I used to be the child that took charge. I set the rules, defined the game, named the dolls. Some considered me to be bossy. Others were inspired. Many stayed away. At school, I used to be the girl who participated in every school project, from theatre to newspaper. The girl who gave a damn about everything, wanted to improve the existence of the collective, and generously let others copy her homework. At the university, I used to be the one who took responsibility, collected the money for the projects, edited articles for the digest, applied for scholarships and won them. In my mom’s words, I used to be “the one who cares more than others” (and that was NOT meant as a compliment). Because that’s the thing: I just CARE about something that’s not me - especially when something greater is at stake and when I can do a great job at getting stuff done. My whole life, I always raised my hand and said: me! I will take it on. I will be in charge, hold me accountable, make me responsible. Why? Because, as said, I care. I give a damn about things. And also because I get a kick out of it. Responsibility thrills me. Leadership positions and roles make my heart beat faster✨ : And now? Now I am feeling more and more called to expand my leadership, to go above and beyond, to contribute to the most pressing issues of our collective awakening. I care about dismantling patriarchy from within. I care about redeeming witches and heretics. I care about giving voice to the ones who feel too scared to talk, and space to the ones who feel too weird to be seen. Every day I am working through layers of my own resistance, habits of playing it safe, keeping it cool - habits I did not have as a child and a young adult. These habits of subtle hiding and tuning myself down kicked in only in my 20ies - especially through living in Germany - after I got “burnt” a couple of times. After I upset others through shining too brightly, after having to adjust to the “rules” of the society I live in. In other words: I started to hide precisely at the moment I INTERNALIZED systems of oppression and went into compliance mode. CONTINUED BELOW⬇️⬇️⬇️

🌸 . Be kind to yourself. . YOU ARE SUPPORTED! . This is SHE.Inspires. A podcast created to inspire community, connection, empowerment, and courage. Designed for women who are committed to standing tall, living bravely, dreaming big and celebrating life fully✨ . #repost @iamthatgirl with @get_repost ・・・ 💓 some simple yet necessary #wednesdaywisdom 💓 • 📷: @alimakesthings

Der erste Tag des Yogaretreats mit @theloverscommunity fängt schonmal richtig gut an: Morgens eine wunderschöne Yogastunde mit der one & only @annettesoehnlein anschließend ein spannender Vortrag zum Thema Schulen im Aufbruch, über Mut & Neuanfang mit der unglaublich inspirierenden Magret Rasfeld & dann ein leckeres, veganes Brunch. So viel guter Input! 💫 . . . #yogaretreat #thelovers #femaleleaders #femalerolemodel #leadingwithlove #yoginiforlife

You know you did a good job when the client insists you take a selfie with them after the session is over, :) . @tricialynn35, a wellness and nutrition coach, and I met through Instagram. . She started to follow and deeply engage my work - so much so that it initially struck up a conversation between us. . This conversation led to her opening up about her reservations about a portrait session. Of course, Im no stranger to meeting resistance from clients who know they need branded lifestyle portraits, but feel weird in front of the camera. . Being authentic and genuine are hallmarks of her personality, so, I assured her that as long as she trusted me with taking care of the photo end, she will create authentic and powerful portraits that will help propel her business and brand out onto social and get her the visibility that she deserves. . Fortunately, she did - and we ended up shooting one of my favorite sessions to date. . She was a rock star throughout - not just because she looked great, or the photos were magazine-quality, but because she felt the fear and did that shit anyway! . If you'd like to check out some of the branded lifestyle portraits that we created together, head over to my website (link in bio), and click on the "Portrait Gallery" tab at the top of the homepage. . What about you? . Have reservations about booking a branded lifestyle portrait session but know that your business and brand are desperate for them? . Visit my website or DM me here and let's set up a time to chat to see if we're a fit!