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. ‏@ihairarabia . منقوله من سنابي . Snap:hairbeautiful_1 . . من طبقت التونك . . مكان حفظ التونك :الثلاجه وقبل الاستخدام خرجيه وخليه يصير دافي وبخي الفروه ورجعي الباقي في الثلاجه . . ومن كسلانه للان . . . الحساب برعاية 🔻 . . . . . . ‏@ihairarabia كبسولات i Hair الآمريكيـة 🇺🇸لتساقط ومعالجـة الشعر التالف والمتقصف جروبها وادعولي😍👇
‏@ihairarabia . منو جربت كبسولات التنحيف بديل التكميم والبالون اللي تغلف المعدة وتحسس بالشبع😍اخسري 10 كيلو😍 بسررعة عندهم ‏@carenmore ‏@carenmore

Mal wieder geile Clips im Kasten😉 Lustig war es 😁 seid gespannt. #instagirl #instagood #booty🍑 #friends #ilovemyjob #summer #weekend #boobs #tattoo #tattoogirl #production #funny #sexy #kiss #kissmyfriend

Girls bite back 🦈 @babimineo3 #Florence

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Hey there. My name is Brittany and I’m really grateful that you are reading my words. I am a 9th grade English teacher and I absolutely love what I do. I wake up every single morning beyond excited to get to school and see my students, who by the way, are changing the world. I’m a survivor, an activist, and I fight for what our children deserve. I believe in standing up and speaking out and using our words to make a difference—that’s why I love Language Arts so much. I am an advisor to both the class of 2021 and Dance Marathon—where we stand for those who can’t and raise funds for those fighting pediatric illnesses. Yellow is my favorite color. I will eat Mexican food any day of the week. I will hug you, even if I don’t know your name. I wear a kids size in shoes. I took up knitting for two weeks and made half of a scarf. I randomly break out in dance moves. I have an excessively large earring collection. I consider Target an amusement park. I laugh at everything. I cry when I see a baby duck cross the street. I sing on tables in the classroom and I wear dramatic costumes to engage my students. I have a tattoo that says unbreakable. I believe it is possible to find light after the darkest moment of your life. And I believe in you. And I’m rooting for you. And I’m here for you. Thank you for being here and for being part of this wild ride. Also, @kathleenmotoa took this photograph—she brings out the best in everyone.