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7 Days 12 Hours Ago

@BoyErased, a film inspired by the memoir @GarrardConley of the same name, shines a spotlight on the dangers of conversion therapy, the discredited practice of trying to change a person's sexual orientation. To help bring awareness, @FocusFeatures has produced a series of posters, which shine a light on LGBTQ organizations such as our client @HumanRightsCampaign, in addition to the Trevor Project, GLAAD, PFLAG, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. These groups supported Boy Erased during pre-production and work tirelessly to educate the public about the practice's harm. See Boy Erased in theaters now 💛💙 . . . #boyerased #humanrightscampaign #filmsthatinspire


18 Days 3 Hours Ago

Day 5 of 10 of #filmsthatinspire challenge. Today’s pick is #paristexas by Wim Wenders, a film that is my whole heart. I nominate @emiliefriedlander

@boyerased such a beautiful film and true story about @gayrodcon, a son from a baptist church that is forced to go to conversion therapy. I can’t even fathom that this still happens let alone trying to redefine what transgender rights are. But here we are in 2018. However, glad to be working with @humanrightscampaign who have since combatted legislation in 15 different states against conversion therapy and played an advisory role on the film. Time to fight and use your voice. 8 days away from midterm elections. Don’t forget to vote. #boyerased. Cc: @focusfeatures and @anoncontent #filmsthatinspire


19 Days 3 Hours Ago

Day 4 of 10 of #filmsthatinspire #velvetgoldmine by Todd Haynes. I watched this every day after school in 8th grade. Today I nominate @jeanmcoleman


20 Days 10 Hours Ago

Day 3 of 10 day film challenge. Today’s pick is #daughtersofthedust bu Julie Dash. Today I nominate @carlapshen #filmsthatinspire


21 Days 4 Hours Ago

Day 2 of 10 of the #filmsthatinspire challenge. Today’s pick is #thegreatsilence . I nominate @intrepidfoxfilms


21 Days 19 Hours Ago

7/10 “All I need to find you, Louie, is to follow the corpses of rats.” #filmsthatinspire #interviewwiththevampire #tomcruise #bradpitt


22 Days 11 Hours Ago

It’s like @ladygaga knows everyone of us. ❤️ #selfdestruction #astarisborn #itsoktonotbeok #filmsthatinspire #film #ladygaga #bradleycooper #obsessed #sing #beltitout


27 Days 10 Hours Ago

Films that inspire me. FILTH (2013). Director, Jon S. Baird. Imogen Poots and James McAvoy are so damn good in this one. . . . #filmsthatinspire #filth #jamesmcavoy #imogenpoots #films #frames #filmframes


28 Days 9 Hours Ago

Films that inspire me. TAKE SHELTER (2011), director Jeff Nichols. Thanks for the nomination @enriquepoe! . . . . #takeshelter #jeffnichols #michaelshannon #jessicachastain #filmsthatinspire #framez


29 Days 14 Hours Ago

Incredibly impressed with the documentary “The Limits Of My World” By filmmaker Heather Cassano...just wow! So lucky to have her as part of the @innerufilm team! #ridgefieldindependentfilmfestival #womeninfilm #filmmaker


29 Days 18 Hours Ago

Chosen for Joy - a little preview of our next Fight More film. Stay tuned. Tuesday, October 23, 2pm EST. @chosenforjoy #chosenforjoy #fightmorefilms #fightmoreofficial #chinaadoption #adoption #specialneedsadoption #fighthumantrafficking #inspiration #motivation #filmsthatinspire


2018-10-13 11:23:02

Honorable mention: #10daymoviechallenge aka #filmchallenge aka #filmsthatinspire


2018-10-13 11:21:16

#10daymoviechallenge aka #filmchallenge aka #filmsthatinspire, day 10/10


2018-10-12 03:54:57

Day 7/10 #10daymoviechallenge This one gets me in my feelings #bettemidler @bettemidler one of many iconic films she has made #filmsthatinspire


2018-10-11 04:27:12

Day 6 of 10 #10daymoviechallenge One of my all time faves. Brilliant #goldiehawn #merylstreep #brucewillis @officialgoldiehawn @merylstreep @brucewillisbw #filmsthatinspire


2018-10-05 02:49:49

If you're feeling a bit ungrateful, or like you're in a vicious circle, like you can never get what you want from life, or just trapped by your current circumstance... first of all breath - and then watch the film Breathe 😊 . . If anything can change your life's perspective, and see your current situation in a completely different light, well, this film can. The true story of Robin Cavendish who was diagnosed with polio at the age of 28, and his brave wife Diana is nothing but inspiring and it will make you remember what it is in life that truly matters. It may sound like a cliché but hell, as long as you and your loved ones are healthy, NOTHING really matters. Everything else can be dealt with. . . This remarkable directorial debut of Andy Serkis, told with so much tenderness and supported by excellent performances given by Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield (but all the supporting actors as well), this incredible story of love and courage, should not escape your attention. It will give you goosebumps, but it will inspire you... it will make you take that deep breath and carry on 😉Because your life is not all so bad. And because there can be beauty and happiness no matter the circumstance. All you truly need is love. Let love be your guide. . . Happy Friday, warriors! 😉 . . #breathe #breathemovie #gratitude #appreciatewhatyouhave #loveistheway #fridayinspiration


2018-10-03 13:18:44

06/10 of the film challenge. Pick 10 films that impacted your life with no explanation : Marie Antoinette 2006 * * * * * #filmchallenge #filmchallenge2018 #instagramchallenge #challenge #movie #movielove #film #filmsthatinspire #instachallenge #marieantoinette #kirstendunst #sofiacoppola #jamiedornan #2006 #fashionmovie #teenqueen


2018-10-02 04:42:36

Some films stay with you much longer than you would expect. Long after the end credits roll, days later… sometimes weeks. They’re still at the back of your mind. Those are the stories that touch your heart in some way. Speak to it. Capture it. For whatever reason. • • I’ve seen The Legends of the Fall many, many years ago when I was still just a kid and remember till this day how much it touched my heart – and yet could never make myself to watch it again. To me, at such young age, it was a masterpiece. But too heartbraking of a story. I finally re-watched it couple days ago when I cought it on TV, thinking perhaps I won’t even like it anymore at this time and age… but the opposite was true. I loved it. Possibly even more than the first time. And possibly because I feel like films like these are no longer made. These kind of epic family sagas…. tragic and yet so beautiful. Stories that have true soul and a heart. People in these stories make mistakes, sometimes with fatal consequence.. But they don’t give up.. Not our heroes anyway. They face their demons, they forgive… they go on. • • The Legends of the Fall has an excellent cast (Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Aiden Quinn, Julia Ormond) and bloody marvelous and epic music. You know, that kind of bold and beautiful music theme that carries the story and which will make you love the film even more – and never forget it. In fact, it’s more likely the score that captures your heart. Because it becomes the true narrator. One that will get under your skin. One that will make you feel all the emotions. Film scores like these are not trying to be an invisible background to the story – they become the leading character. They give us all the feels. And that’s what we remember – we remember how they made us feel. We might forget the exact story, but we shall not forget how it made us feel. And that is largely thanks to the music – done right. Can we please go back to these beautiful, bold melodies? I miss them in today's films. • • #thelegendsofthefall #filmmusic #filmscore #musiclover #epic #powerfulstorytelling #theydontmakethemlikethemliketheyusedto