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Why so serious? ...it was gym time, duh! #fitgirls #fitgirlsinspire #begreat #itsthursday #ithink

¤ Had a decent workout last night, feeling it already this morning. So happy to be back at the gym getting my sweat on and pushing myself. Never realized how much I would miss it and how it's so important for my mental health and overall wellbeing. Feeling all sorts of positive 🤘💕 . . ¤ A big thanks to all the beautiful people that support me on the daily and cheer me up when I'm down. You all inspire and motivate me to keep doing what I'm doing and be confident in doing so! You guys are so amazing and I couldn't ask for a better group of people 🙌💖 . . ¤ Funny how your quality of life improves dramatically when you surround yourself with good, intelligent kind-hearted positive loving people. So grateful and blissful! 😇💙 . . ¤ Hope everyone has a wonderful day ✌ . P.S. these pants and sports bra is the bomb diggity, low cost but super high quality ! The color and size stays the same for years 😍 my favorite! @90degreebyreflex . . #trainhardfeelgood #healthishappiness #healthisimportant #healthybodyhealthymind #bodyposi #bodylove #selflovejourney #girlsthatlift #flatstomach #bootypump #cleaneatingdiet #fitgirlsinspire #womenthatlift #selfmotivation #motivateyourself #fitgirls_inspire #happybody #workout24 #leangains #stronggirl #fitaddict #gymisbae #buildyourbody #highwaisted #happygirlsaretheprettiest #smilebecauseyoucan

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Velvet kini = happy eli 🌹 @hoaka_swimwear ✨ Follow (me) 😍 @temptation


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Self-worth is so vital to your happiness. If you don't feel good about YOU, it's hard to feel good about anything else. 🔹😉❤️ #selfworth #loveyourselffirst #learntoloveyourself #betruetoyourself Stima de sine este foarte importanta pentru fericirea ta. Daca nu te simti bine in pielea ta si nu ai o parere buna despre tine, e greu sa te simti bine cand vine vorba despre orice altceva. Credit @zuzkalight

Smile and Workout!! ❤️ 🔥 Will try it out and You?! 🤔 Follow: @Fitness.geeker 👈👈 Daily Workout Guides for Your Fitness!🔥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🎈Like 10 Posts & Follow 🎈Doubletap if you like This 🎈Turn On Post Notification To See New Content ASAP ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📸 All rights and Credits reserved to the respective owner(s) Follow (me) 😍 @fitness.weights

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BRAND NEW Coach Training!!😍😍 I am SO EXCITED to be rolling out a BRAND NEW training system for the coaches on my team that includes daily, weekly, monthly tasks of EXACTLY what to do for SUCCESS in this biz!🎉 Many women I talk to are SCARED to start! I know how you feel, I was scared too! I didn't know how it worked, what to do or if I would be successful. But I had the BURNING DESIRE and a VISION of what I KNEW would happen if I gave it everything I had! I secretly FB stalked multiple Beachbody coaches for years before I started. I wanted to be doing what they were doing.....help others with their health and fitness, be part of an amazing community, and go to fun events and vacations all while building a biz from home. Its been TWO and a half YEARS and my desire to connect with other women through fitness and help them find confidence in their journey is stronger than ever. This business has brought the most amazing people into my life. I will always lead with fitness first......my tribe of women is really the GIFT. We all have different backgrounds, some of us are moms, some work full-time, some of us focus on building the business while others just love having a support system for their fitness goals..... I want to invite you to come check out what coaching is all about. I have 5 spots open for you go-getters who have been watching from the background and asking the same question I was asking.....WHY NOT ME???? Your journey will begin by focusing on your fitness goals.....then you will start sharing with your friends on social media.....and if you decide this is where your passion lies.....we will work together and I will mentor you on how to build your own fitness coaching biz. All I can say is I am so glad I finally got out of my own way and let myself GO FOR IT......because today I have the freedom to work from anywhere, be home with my kids and help other women work on their fitness..... So......WHY NOT YOU???? New coach training starts March 5th and I would love to help you begin your journey. 💗

A lot of people ask us how to use Collagen For Her and one of our favorite (and easiest) ways is to throw a scoop into our morning smoothies! Smoothies are so easy to take on the go and the possibilities are endless! We aim to try one new smoothie recipe a week just to keep things interesting 😋 Today’s #smoothiegoals brought to you by @toneituptink 💕

I'm not your typical instructor !!! Looking for a fun and exciting class join my team you won't regret it !!! 💃💯🔥💪 #zumbaclass #rebelde zumba.com #fit #fitgirl #fitness #fitgirlsinspire #dance #instructorlife #instructor

Balanced nutrition is having a cupcake in each hand... Or on my plan....3 on your plate. 😍 #cupcakesandcoffee