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A perfect 4/20 hanging out with so many great peeps at #sccbig brunch! They nailed the formula today of good vibes, positive energy, and fantastic food. We need more events like this - when’s the next one @sccbig??? 👀 Super special shout out to the dj’s and the dessert chef! On point. #cannabisnetworking #daytimeparty #goodvibes #perfectrecipe #infusedeats #cannabisprofessionals #marketingprofessionals #eventplanning #publicrelationspros #cultivationprofessionals #networkinginla #dtla #melody #cannabis #collaborating #teamwork #flourishla #wethesdvisory

Restocked with new color . Bloody Red Rose . Red + Blue= Flourish-L.A. ❤️💙. Tap in to place a order . Come drip in this sauce 💦 #flourish #losangeles #driptoohard #fashionkilla #streetstyle #urbanfashion #toliveanddieinla #cripgang #bloodgang #flourishla

Just restocked with a new color 🌹 . #flourish #losangeles #driptoohard #losangelesfashiondistrict #fashionkilla #cametoslay #flourishla Tap in to place a order . Come drip in this sauce 💦

FLOURISH™ Announces Retention Bonus & January’s “Golden Jay Award” Winner Genevieve Garcia. Check out full coverage at #flourishla #cannabisindustry #lacannabisnews #jobs #bonus #female #goldenjayaward #cannabis #retentionbonus #womenofweed #women #cannabisjob

FLOURISH would be happy to speak with displaced candidates that have recently been laid off in LA. #tesla #laidoff #layoffs #flourishla #flourishthepeople #thecannabisrecruiter #cannabisjobs #cannabiscommunity #cannabisindustry #cannabisculture #cannabiz #cannabis #cbd #hemp

Excitement was in the air this week when the FLOURISH team got to meet up with @muncheezapp at their new Playa Vista office. Muncheez is the premiere Cannabis B2B/B2C platform. If you work in the industry or are interested in learning more about cannabis, downloading their app is an absolute must! #flourishthepeople #thecannabisrecruiter #muncheez #cannabistech #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #cannabisindustry #cannabiz #cannabis #hemp #cbd #revenue #recruiting #retention #flourish #flourishing #flourishla

Flourishing the cannabis industry with the people you want to grow with 🌱 Reach out to gain access to our premiere network, whether you’re looking to hire or looking for work. #thecannabisrecruiter #flourishthepeople #hiring #newhire #cannabisjobs #cannabistech #losangeles #executive #cannabiz #flourishla #revenue #recruiting #retention #hemp #cbd #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture


2018-07-24 08:24:01

July 24: Self Care Day 🙌🏽 • • • Why is it that this is something that always seems to come in last place? Sometimes we get so busy taking care of our kid’s needs, our job’s demands or family situations that we tend to overlook the most important part of the game - taking care of YOU first. Putting aside time to evaluate your needs without the influence of others. I (Steph) know I am very guilty of ignoring what I need and trying to fulfill someone’s else’s expectations. So backwards. Everyday, I’m learning to do something - ANYTHING - that is solely for me. • • • We’d love for you to share what you plan to do today to take care of yourself, no matter how small! We’ll share ours too 🤗💕


2018-07-18 09:49:53

i can’t find this jacket. 😔 • • • 📷 : @luck_norris • • #wcw #wednesdayvibes #photooftheday #photography #denim #la #redefinedla #flourishla #lostclothes #throwback


2018-04-03 13:36:00

It’s not always about you. ••• Of course we believe self love to be hella importante. But don’t forget, sometimes you standing up for what’s right, what’s fair, not just going with the ineffective flow of things- you encourage someone that may not have found their own voice yet. Don’t be afraid to speak up, don’t be afraid to use your God-given intensity to drive you forward and motivate others. & we vow to do the same. Stand up for yourself today. 🌼 #flourish


2018-01-12 09:45:00

Today, let’s attempt to go beyond the limitations of our fears. 💫 Juuuust to see what happens. Sometimes our egos can take over, paralyzing us and making it difficult for us to do the things that scare us most. So often we let “what will they think?” or “I can’t because I’m afraid _____ will happen”, and the infamous “Me?! I want to, but I could never do that/pull that off” stop us from accomplishing the things highest on our to-do list. There has to be at least 1,343,322 quotes regarding fear, all of which have the same premise- JUST DO IT! There is nothing like the satisfaction of getting over your fears to get sh*t done. It’s worth it, and #fearlessfriday is a great day to start. Finish that Biology paper, break up with that boy, put that vacation request in, get that haircut and dye it dirty blonde. Live your life fearlessly, accept yourself fully and rock the hell out of being you. 😉


2018-01-11 17:04:55

What’s something you’ve lost along the way that you’re working to gain back? 👇🏽 @hi5forsteph : my passion for creativity ! Oh, how I miss the days when I wasn’t so concerned with what everyone thought; that’s when I was my most creative. I recall being in 9th grade & painting on a pair of jeans I had. Nothing insane, but a Jackson Pollack-inspired number. Everyone ripped me a new one, clowned me for what felt like a good 3 months (probably about 22 minutes in real time but you know, high school.) Either way, I remember it so vividly and I continued to let it happen over and over until I totally suppressed my creativity - anytime I stepped outside of the box, it felt like someone tried to put me back in it. Now I feel free of the opinions of others, and feel like I got the juice again. Self love fuels every possibility. 🌺 @loveporter : self confidence/assurance thats not based on comparing myself to others. When I was in elementary school, it didn't even cross my mind that I had to be like someone else to be pretty or cool. As I got older there was a shift. I was surrounded by images of what other people said looked good and didn't feel I measured up. I lost the ability to look in the mirror at myself and be totally content. It started to get worse as I got older and more involved in social media (Shout out to MySpace). I looked at all of these people living what I thought was a perfect life, with perfect bodies and significant others and wanted to look like that too. I wasn't good enough without those things. I got older and realized that was stupid. Then I started to believe in myself and love myself again. I liked the way I looked, I was proud of my accomplishments and wasn't going to hide it. THEN I let people shut that down, too! I let people tell me I was full of myself ( too many selfies ect.) or bragging. So, I shut that part of myself off again, not realizing that was a reaction of how I made them feel about themselves rather than a reflection of me (😒you live, you learn.) Bump that! I'm bringing an unshakable self assurance with me into the new year. I'm a phenomenal woman in every sense of the word. I will not be sorry for loving myself.

Casey Kendall

2017-02-21 17:36:17

This Dinner Party tonight. Over 30 ladies coming tonight to celebrate, eat, listen, learn, share. #shareameal #sharelife #sharejesus #dinnerparties #eatups are greater than #meetups @bridgetownchurch @lll_vll_mmvlll #flourishla those aren't plants those are cupcakes