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ALBUM REVIEW - Kanye West // ye Like the album itself, we want to keep this one short.

Kanye West's latest release is an outstanding, disjointed masterpiece.

It may be short, but as the saying goes, 'quality, not quantity.' Each song included resonates more with every listen. We've listened to it 5 times through now and upon every play though, it just seems to keep getting better and better.

The album seems to have been penned as an autobiography to West's troubles. He doesn’t gloss over any of the details about the obstacles he faces; instead he challenges them head on. He openly discusses his mental health struggles, poor decision making and even suicide, never becoming fazed by the content he is rapping/singing about.

The album is a complete mess, that’s undeniable. But its messiness is what makes it such a stunning project, he somehow makes its dysfunctionality seem intentional. Is Kanye attempting to explain his mental health issues, or is he trying to make excuses to justify his actions? The album raises more questions than it answers. No matter how many times we listen to the album, we keep circling back to the same question - did Kanye intentionally make his album disjointed so we could see into his mind?

Kanye may not answer his critics with this album like we thought he may, but regardless, he's produced a beautiful insight to his life and mind.


2018-03-01 12:08:46

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I woke up like this 🙈 @yasminechanel


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When @lissyroddyy gives you alllll the mustard goals ✨


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