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Throwback to the most shocking match in the history of football, still can’t believe this happened. I’m still in shock.

by @dave.krugman . Selected by @itchban . Tag #streetclassics & @street.classics for a chance to be featured. . Team: @itchban @borneon.lad @_davidsark

Pull up with my serious face on (Girl interrupted) #mercedesmorr #iwantmorr #whyhaveless

遅くなってしまいましたが 18歳になりました。 たっくさんの温かいお祝いのメッセージ ありがとうございました📝 メッセージを読んでると 誕生日は周りに感謝する日だな〜と 改めて感じました、、 いつもありがとうございます😢 18歳ではたくさんのことに挑戦して 周りの人への感謝を忘れずに 私を支えてくれる人を もっともっと大切にして 自分の視野を広げて もっともっといろんな世界を知りたいです でも、いい意味で今までの私のまま。 がんばります! 18歳のひなこもどうぞよろしくお願いします ラストjkも友達たちと全力で🦖。

Some of my biggest fears are being put on a pedestal above others & being told I am more than I am. Because I know, I am not any better than another, I am just simply different. Another fear is leaving this world without making an impact. I am not here on social media or in life to impress others. I am here to leave an echo, even if it is nameless & faceless, for better tomorrows for my future my daughter. I want to be truth & real... I wish I could claim to be special with all the kindness you all give me here, it is above & beyond beautiful & a huge gift to me. I want to say thank you to you all for your kind words, love, endless support & always appreciating me. But please know, I am just another human doing her best. Fucking up like us all, in a fucked up world. I am trying to make people smile & myself smile as I try to help myself & others create a life worth living. I am trying to be a decent human & wishing & hoping that dreams come true like fairytales, when I work hard & you work hard. Most probably, Im living in la la land as many say to me of my hopes & dreams for all. But know I really am no more special than any beautiful soul here in this universe that walks this earth (you all). I am merely just a number, my name will probably be forgotten when I leave my physical body, but I hope my actions impact the world enough to create better tomorrows. I feel blessed to be a number in this world (it isn't a bad thing like people say it is, to be a number and to have a life). To have a chance to experience this beautiful, messy, human life experience. To create a life, to feel the joys, the sorrows, the awesomeness, the pains & have the breath taking from me, is beautiful because without it there would be nothing.. To have a chance to not impress but impact this world, hopefully before I leave my physical form, for better tomorrows & a better future for my daughter is a life worth living..... As I sit here writing this all I want you to know is In all honesty I am humbled by you all who support my journey & me. Your love fills my heart and returns to you as I’m your reflection & I hope you can see your magnificence & beauty through me.