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Samm 🚀

36 Seconds Ago

Enjoy the silence. | #exploretocreate #vsco

These streets aren’t the same without you...

Heavy Metal...or no metal at all! The miles are ground under The Warlords heel The wheel of destiny turns Ever forward Along the highway of life The roar of the Diesel engine and the momentum of 5 tons of power move him forward He hears the Golden Voice Hymns of Glory Faces met and spirits connected He is the travelling musician Gatherer of stories Creator Lover Warrior ⚔️ ⚔️ ⚔️ ⚔️ ⚔️ #wheel #sundayfunday #roadtrip #monster


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Kiddos #stefaniniyearendparty

Einstein said it best... so we think he’s an Art Basel genius. LOVE IS THE ANSWER

You deserve love, and you'll get it.

sunday’s are my favourite. #beachin

Indra Pratama

14 Minutes Ago

We accept the love we think we deserve.

· é mais escura é mais vazia

Maria Larionova

15 Minutes Ago

California girl 💔

Port of Napier. New Zealand 🇳🇿 🚢#alexstenko_ships series🚢

Einstein said it best... so we think he’s an Art Basel genius. LOVE IS THE ANSWER

Spending time with you is my kind of luxury. 💫


23 Minutes Ago

Close your eyes and breath. . . . #explorebogor


24 Minutes Ago

I can do anything

Our propane tanks are unfortunately on the inside of Penelope, so we are building a little shelfy shelf around them to hide the eyesore and give ourselves extra storage. More pictures to come!

11 December 2017 Selagi berjiwa hamba,hidup kekal abadi-Pulisi Usman Awang-

Goddess Pt. 6 “What is my path?” I reach my right hand out Placing my hand on the trunk of the sycamore goddess I feel her skin Soft and smooth with the markings of wisdom; Cool in the afternoon breeze My eyes widen and my heart pounds As I feel the energy and power of this place I revel in the freedom to bare my warrior soul to her She would have it no other way I see a visage of my mane, long and free; my flag of war and defiance All the energy of The Thunderer is upon me and I feel the rhythm of music and aggression in equal harmony This is my strong place Music that shakes the earth and inspires The mind to great deeds Glory Love Tribe Battle Pain Victory The Golden Voice roars within me As I caress her beautiful skin Feeling her fill my soul with thought I turn and walk towards the answer (To be Cont’d) ⚔️ 🍁 ⚔️ 🍂 ⚔️ 🍁 #wisdom #goddess #thunder #music

When was the last time you got in formation? And we mean really reset, refresh and breathe to step into the Succulent Babe you were meant to be. When you’re running around like a mad man it’s so easy to fall out of your flow without even realizing it. So, take this Monday eve to step back and reorganize your thoughts and goals to make sure that everything you’re doing contributes to your greatness. Sounds like a lot of homework?! You owe it to yo succulent self to put YOU first. As mama always says, “if you can’t help yourself, you sure as hell can’t help others.” #mamaknowsbest

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