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Can you aspara"guess" what day it is? It's #freshfoodfriday! Asparagus is a low sodium vegetable that's a good source of vitamins B, C, E, K, calcium and more! Thanks to our local agriculture partners who support our mission of providing immediate access to nutritious food. #eatyourfruitsandveggies #fsfendshunger

Sarah Brown

12 Days 22 Hours Ago

Yesterday was the "Happy Harvest" breakfast at Signature Grand to honor the donors who help make Feeding South Florida the excellent organization that it is. #feedingsouthflorida. #fsfendshunger

Ely Gutierrez

13 Days 18 Hours Ago

Representing @mrgreensflorida at the Happy Harvest Donor Recognition Breakfast @feedingsouthflorida #feedingthehomeless #feedingsouthflorida #mrgreens #mrgreensproduce #fsfendshunger

Thanks to @wellsfargo for supporting a mobile pantry distribution in West Palm Beach at our partner agency, Restoration Bridge. This program brings fresh and perishable items to food deserts, where families otherwise wouldn't access these high-cost items. Feeding South Florida is one of 200 food banks receiving food donations collected in Wells Fargo branches across the country. Learn more about #givewhatyoucan at Together, we're #feedingpalmbeachcounty! #fsfendshunger

When u have a #great place to soothe ur mind wid #superb & #delicious foods after a long #hectic schedule of #practical writings, you'd be saturated perfectly 😍😍❤️❤️.. Especially, when this place is close to our nose.. ❤️..missin' ya #manisha_dey . . . . #happiness #coffeedays #enjoyment #wow #workschedule #northkolkata #calcuttavibes #kolkatadiaries #indiancoffehouse #foodiegram #bliss #fsfendshunger

Our Choice Pantries are stocked with all the Thanksgiving fixin's for families this holiday season. DYK that we serve individuals directly? We not only provide SNAP and Medicaid application assistance, we also provide a private shopping environment for families who have applied for benefits. By appointment only. Contact or call 954.518.1857 in Broward/Miami or 561.659.5070 in Palm Beach.

Fantasies n’ Pumps giving love for thanksgiving, help donate canned or box foods for domestic hunger in need. With @feedingSFL November 24, 2018 7:30pm - 9:00pm calling all dancers💃🏽 Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced. We rocking out in our heels and giving back to the ones in need. Join the movement, bring a friend, donate goods, and don’t forget your pumps‼️ Items you can bring •peanut butter •canned vegetables •cereal (hot or cold) •canned meals •pasta •canned soups •rice. •canned tuna & meat •beans •canned fruit #fantasiesnpumps #dance #heels #pumps #daretobesexy #explore #choreography #dancelife #fun #workout #workshop #heelsclass #dancers #love #help #feed #the #need #thanksgiving #fooddrive #miami #broward #coralsprings #music #girlsnightout #fsfendshunger

Noah, age 6, helps distribute #pineapples🍍 at our new school pantry location, and first middle school in the program, William Dandy in #browardcounty. Noah is the Assistant Principal's son and was happy to help provide fresh produce for students and their families. Together, we're #feedingfutures. #fsfendshunger #freshfoodfriday

We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with Feeding South Florida this holiday season to help end hunger in our community. For every $10 donated, Feeding South Florida can give 62 meals to people in need! #fsfendshunger . . . #miamirealestate #hollywoodrealestate #floridarealtors #floridarealestate #floridarealestateagents #southfloridahomes #luxurylisting #findyourdreamhome #floridalifestyle #beachlife #boutiquebrokerage #pembrokepines #pembrokepinesrealtor #newhome #dreamhome #staging #inhousemortgagebroker


2018-11-05 19:02:03

Fantasies n’ Pumps giving love for thanksgiving, help donate canned or box foods for domestic hunger in need. With @feedingSFL November 24, 2018 7:30pm - 9:00pm calling all dancers💃🏽 Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced. We rocking out in our heels and giving back to the ones in need. Join the movement, bring a friend, donate goods, and don’t forget your pumps‼️ Items you can bring •peanut butter •canned vegetables •cereal (hot or cold) •canned meals •pasta •canned soups •rice. •canned tuna & meat •beans •canned fruit #fantasiesnpumps #dance #heels #pumps #daretobesexy #explore #choreography #dancelife #fun #workout #workshop #heelsclass #dancers #love #help #feed #the #need #thanksgiving #fooddrive #miami #broward #coralsprings #music #girlsnightout #fsfendshunger

Meet Felipe, a member of Youth Ambassador Program. This American Heritage student collected more than 400 lbs of food (361 meals) for South Florida families. When asked about his experience, he said, "Watching everyone at American Heritage come together and donate was really special. I love being an ambasssdor for a cause I really care about." Thanks for being a food drive rock star and #hungerhero, Felipe! #fsfyouthambassador #fsfendshunger

Thanks to our friends at @toojaysdeli we hosted a Mobile Pantry distribution at United Haitian in West Palm Beach, providing healthy fruits and vegetables on #freshfoodfriday. For Feeding South Florida, it's not just about providing food, it's about providing nutritious food so families can thrive. #fsfendshunger #feedingpalmbeachcounty #eatyourfruitsandveggies

Johnny L. Medina

2018-10-25 04:39:31

#repost @feedingsouthflorida (@get_repost) ・・・ Drop off #hurricanemichael supplies at the @hardrockstadium this Friday! We're looking for pop-top canned meals, cereal, granola bars, and peanut butter. We cannot accept opened, used, and homemade items, or items without a nutrition label. Thanks to the @miamidolphins for organizing! #fsfendshunger #finsup 🐬

Drop off #hurricanemichael supplies at the @hardrockstadium this Friday! We're looking for pop-top canned meals, cereal, granola bars, and peanut butter. We cannot accept opened, used, and homemade items, or items without a nutrition label. Thanks to the @miamidolphins for organizing! #fsfendshunger #finsup 🐬

Sarah Brown

2018-10-24 02:46:02

Love how whenever my Uncle (Martin Marks) comes for a visit from NY, he always makes the time to join me at the Feeding South Florida warehouse in Hallandale. #fsfendshunger. #feedingsouthflorida #ilovefamily

Our Thanksgiving Food Frenzy is underway and it looks like @fbladistrictxx is off to a killer start! Register your Thanksgiving food + fund drive now to help families this holiday season. Visit our website for more info. #fsffoodfrenzy #fsfendshunger #thanksgiving

Last year after #hurricaneirma, the @flapanthers donated $250,000 for disaster relief and replacement of a damaged truck. A year later, it's the gift that keeps on giving, helping victims of #hurricanemichael in the #panhandle. Join the Panthers in support of North Florida families at tomorrow night's game (10/20 at 7 p.m.) by bringing canned meals, cereal, granola bars, and peanut butter to the @thebbtcenter. We'll be on the @jetblue tarmac so come visit us! #fsfendshunger

This #freshfoodfriday features #peppers, #strawberries and more, delivered fresh to our School Pantries. The School Pantry program provides access to food for students and families, and also provides benefits assistance and recipes using the food provided. With more than 240,000 children who go to bed hungry throughout South Florida, this program is a great way to serve kids and families in a safe and familiar environment. #fsfendshunger 🍓

Meet Delilah. This three year old cutie's parents volunteer at their church, Kingdom Living, who thankfully partners with us as a mobile pantry site. Our mobile pantry program brings fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income communities known as food deserts - areas that don't have access to affordable and healthy food. Thanks to partners like @humana, we provide more than 20 mobile pantries per week! #fsfendshunger #eatyourfruitsandveggies 🍎

Sarah Brown

2018-10-18 14:34:55

What a surprise it was to see some of my old co-workers from Farmers at the Feeding South Florida warehouse this morning. ☺❤ #feedingsouthflorida. #fsfendshunger #floridastrong

What better way to celebrate #worldfoodday than by hosting a Hurricane Help-A-Thon for families recovering from #hurricanemichael? More than 100 volunteers packed almost 15,000 meals for @feedingthegulfcoast and @secondharvestbb. Thank you to the community for your generosity and please keep it coming. We're helping families in the #panhandle while still also serving more than 706,000 South Floridians. We need you! #fsfendshunger #floridastrong

Feeding South Florida drivers are in #panamacity and ready to support our sister food bank, @feedingthegulfcoast. They're bringing food, water and supplies from #milton to Panama City where they're distributed to impacted communities. Please join us in giving a huge shout out to Charles, Cliff, and Jorge, who at a moment's notice, accepted the call to serve. Their selflessness is the epitome of why we say food bankers have superpowers. Godspeed. #fsfendshunger #hurricanemichael

Grateful for our incredible partnership with @wawa who so generously included us in the groundbreaking of their three #miami stores. Thanks to #wawa executives and local team members for touring #feedingsouthflorida and learning about our impact on the community. #fsfendshunger

Sarah Brown

2018-10-09 12:05:03

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at tge Feeding South Florida warehouse in Hallandale we packed new non-perishables fir seniors. #fsfendshunger. #feedingsouthflorida ☺❤

Looking for #fooddrive inspiration? Swipe 👈🏼 to check out the adorable and creative ways Cross Country Home Services conducted their Food + Fund Drive. The "food truck" was the winning piece, with so much attention to detail! Visit to start your Food + Fund Drive now! #fsfendshunger

It's #freshfoodfriday and we've got #apples 🍎, #pineapples🍍, #tomatoes 🍅 and more! Healthy and nutritious food for families is critical. Did you know that almost half of the 50M lbs we distribute each year are perishable items? #fsfendshunger #eatyourfruitsandveggies

Sarah Brown

2018-09-28 02:18:54

Love volunteering at Feeding South Florida in Hallandale. Love my Miami Marlins. 😊❤❤⚾❤❤ #fsfendshunger. #feedingsouthflorida. #miamimarlins

We 🧡 our #feedingpalmbeachcounty volunteers! Thanks to @insidefpl and SBA Communications for helping sort food for the 189,940 food insecure individuals in Palm Beach County - more than 53,000 of whom are children. Book your volunteer experience now! Visit #fsfendshunger

The Cupboard

2018-09-27 16:05:51

Thank you Paco for visiting us, and for all you & your amazing team at @feedingsouthflorida do- 50.5 million pounds of food annually for the South Florida community. #hungeractionmonth #endhungernow #fsfendshunger

Joe Washko ⚓️

2018-09-23 10:31:53

By running we provided 720 meals to those in need...also I came first in Age group and fifth overall #sigrho #sigmabetarho #fsfendshunger

FAU Sigma Beta Rho

2018-09-22 13:54:05

Today the brothers at the Associate Chapter of Sigma Beta Rho here at FAU participated in the Outrun Hunger 5k. Which the brothers helped raise enough money to provide 720 meals to feed South Florida! - - Also our very own Brother Interrogate(Joe Washko) reached 5th place overall but also first place in his age group. Well done! - - The brothers here at FAU will continue to be invovled their community! @feedingsouthflorida SOCIETY BROTHERHOOD REMEMBERANCE #fsfendshunger #society #brotherhood #remembrance #5k #sigmabetarho

We left hunger in the dust! 🏃 Just finished the @feedingsouthflorida Outrun Hunger 5k in 3rd place for my age group. We are going to outrun hunger any way we can, on the race track and in the garden! We will win this race. Many of you may not know, I went through a period in my life where I experienced a lack of abundance. Many days I did not have money to eat. The struggle was very real, it's hard to admit what I had to resort to, eating only one McDouble on the dollar menu a day, if I was lucky. I see why so many Americans eat fast food when a 600 calorie cheese burger is $1 and an organic apple is $1.50. There is something wrong with that 🤔. And unfortunately, it keeps the poorest among us down. We are working relentlessly to change that. Patiently and persistently, we will make a difference. So, needless to say, this is a cause very near and dear to my heart 💓. Now I am blessed enough to eat fresh, organic food from my own gardens, way more nutrient dense than a McDouble, I can tell you that. I pass no judgement on those eating fast food, because I was there. Fast food may taste good to you, but I promise, it is making you sick. In case you are unaware, there is a health crises in this country because of these issues. It is possible to break this cycle, and we are going to do it. I want to share the fresh organic goodness I have found with you all! So thank you @feedingsouthflorida, @feedingamerica and @tonyrobbins for your wonderful mission. Thank you to all the volunteers that make it possible. Thank you to all the supporters of this cause. Thank you to all the farmers all over the world 🌎, the truck drivers, the people at the grocery stores and restaurants. Thank you to all the chefs, amateur and professional that feed us every day. I don't take it for granted. Much gratitude to you all 🙏 If you're eager to get your own garden started, now is the time. Come out to our super special edible plant sale today in West Palm Beach, and we will hook you up! DM for directions. 🖖✌

For #hungeractionmonth, we asked #kids how they will help set the table. Here's what some of them said. #fsfendshunger

The Cupboard

2018-09-20 06:42:52

Come by and volunteer during the month and get a special t to help @feedingsouthflorida #hungeractionmonth #fsfendshunger #goodmanjfs

Sarah Brown

2018-09-18 13:24:29

It was a joy to be volunteering with such a pleasant, energized group of people from Pepsico this morning. I got to get a photo with Nate and (everybody loves) Raymond, just a small example from the group. 😊❤#fsfendshunger. #hungeractionmonth. #pepsico

Juliana Isaziga

2018-09-16 18:17:19

Felt extremely rewarded after volunteering yesterday @feedingsouthflorida Cant wait to do it again!!! #saturday #weekendplans #saturdayvibes #coworkers #mycoworkersthebest #wfvolunteers #feedingpalmbeachcounty #september #latepost #fsfendshunger

This Friday, we recognize the critical work our drivers carry out daily. With more than 600 pick-ups per week, and 17 vehicles in our fleet, our drivers play a huge role in executing our mission. For #nationaltruckdriverappreciationweek we thank our drivers for helping ensure 50 million pounds (42 million meals) of food are provided to families in need of assistance. #fsfendshunger

Feeding South Florida Selfie Time with Attorney Jodi Davidson from our Sunrise office @jobocka75 @feedingsouthflorida @feedingsfl.cb 🍊 #colodnyfass #fsf #feedingsouthflorida #stophunger #wearorange #orange

Thanks to @aarpphoto for volunteering to assist with the preparation of our 2,773 senior food boxes. Together, we can #solveseniorhunger! #fsfendshunger

On #grandparents day, we're mindful that many of South Florida's 110,000 food insecure seniors are the main caregiver to their grandchildren. We're proud to provide 2,773 boxes of food each month to seniors struggling to make ends meet, and we're grateful for the opportunity to start delivering directly to homebound seniors. We must take care of our grandparents the way they've cared for us. #solveseniorhunger #grandparentsday #fsfendshunger

Allllll September long, enjoy our oven-baked chocolate-chip cookie with homemade vanilla ice cream 😋 and feel good knowing $1 from each cookie will be donated directly to @feedingsouthflorida in support of #hungeractionmonth. 🍪🍨 #galleywpb #fsfendshunger @feedingamerica

Akea is the star of the show! 🌟 TGIFamily: Food & Fun(d) was a blast! 🌠 We had a great time supporting @feedingsouthflorida for hunger action month! Taking action against hunger is what we do best 😁 Thank you to @cityplace for putting on such an amazing event, thank you to @alliegisme_ for all her lovely help, and thank you to everyone who came out and showed support! It's all about you guys! 🌱💚 #tgifamily #foodandfund #cityplace #aplaceinthecity #community #wpbcityforpeople #summeronthesquare #ilovewpb #madeinpbc #hungeractionmonth #fsfendshunger #feedingpalmbeachcounty #growfoodathome #local #nonprofit #ediblelandscaping #urbanfarming #pbfarmyards #lucky

Our spunky Children's Programs Coordinator, Erika, and husband/wife duo, Leslie and Delmer, proudly show their #hungeractionmonth spirit in our new staff t-shirts. Food bankers are innovative, flexible, resourceful, and committed to service. On National Food Bank Day, we thank our team members for their hard work and dedication to helping families in need of assistance. Food banking is our #superpower - what's yours? #nationalfoodbankday #fsfendshunger #feedingsouthflorida

Sarah Brown

2018-09-07 14:03:34

See you there at 10 PM tonight. #fsfendshunger #hungeractionmonth #volunteersrule

A special thank you to @comohotels Metropolitan Miami for their continued support. They volunteer each year during #hungeractionmonth and this year was no different. We appreciate their annual gift of $5,000 - that's 30,000 meals for families struggling to put food on the table! #fsfendshunger

In recognition of #robertoclemente Day, Feeding South Florida held a distribution with the @marlins. The Marlin's Roberto Clemente award nominee, 3rd Baseman Martin Prado, was on site, helping provide nutritious food for families in need of assistance. Together, we're Feeding South Florida! #marlins #martinprado #fsfendshunger

September Hunger Action Month.We are among the 400 nonprofits partners agencies fighting hunger. 237.340 people in Miami Dade do not know where they will get their next meal. Hunger do nor discriminate race,age,religion,we have a dramatic increase in the cost of living those in need of food assistance include children ,workingpoor,olderadults,veterans,homeless. A lock of proper nutrition leads to health problem. Together we are feeding South Florida we are changing lives one meal at a time. FSF relies on the generous support of the community to host food drives. Iglesia del Evangelio Pleno proud to be working for the last 19 years since Food Bank . Dozens of groups will held different food+fund #givingback drives.#thankyougod #fsf #fsfendshunger #miamidade #children #eathealthy #goorange #toyfamily#toyforeveryoung #evangeliopleno #uaaf #gracias

Thanks to our generous food donors like @delmontefresh, we have nothing but the best for kids in schools! Feeding South Florida has three School Pantry Program distributions tomorrow filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. On the menu? #tomatoes 🍅 #mangoes #avocado🥑 #bananas 🍌, #lettuce and more including shelf-stable food as well. #fsfendshunger

Sarah Brown

2018-09-01 16:45:43

Had another delicious meal at Toojay's tonight. Even treated ourselves to desert (carrot cake and coconut cake) since $1 of each piece goes to Feeding South Florida. #toojaysdeli #fsfendshunger #hungermonth

Feeding South Florida was a proud sponsor of the summer meals program and grateful to @cswgcommunity for their provision of paper goods to summer meal sites. One of our mobile home communities had this to say: "The words 'thank you' seem insufficient for all of the great things that Feeding South Florida and C&S Wholesale Grocers contribute to Boardwalk and many communities in South Florida. Thanks to these great organizations many families had a worry-free summer. We are honored to be a part of this organization and look forward to a continued relationship." Together, we're Feeding South Florida! #fsfendshunger

No filter here on this #freshfoodfriday. We have beautiful #strawberries🍓, green beans, #watermelons 🍉, and lettuce! It's not just about providing food, its about providing healthy and fresh food. #eatyourfruitsandveggies #fsfendshunger

With #school back in session, our School Pantry Program is too! Currently at eight schools (not including pop-ups) and quickly expanding, our program provides farmer's market style distributions of nutrient-rich produce and shelf-stable food for the entire family, benefits assistance, and healthy recipes. The benefits of the pantry are choice, variety, nutrition, family access, and parental engagement. Together, we're feeding futures. Together, we're Feeding South Florida! #fsfendshunger #feedingfutures

It's Friendly Food Banker Friday! Our newest team members learn about food safety to ensure our families receive quality food. The team that learns together stays together! #fsfendshunger #teamwork

Starting the week off with some fresh and nutritious okra, carrots, pineapples, and cabbage. Did you know that approximately 70% of all our food distributed is considered "Foods to Encourage" or "F2E"? That means it's My Plate approved as a healthy item! 🍍🥕 #eatyourfruitsandveggies #fsfendshunger

Today was focused on ensuring children have the proper #nutrition needed to thrive in the classroom. Feeding South Florida was proud to participate in two #backtoschool events today, serving nearly 1,200 children. Together, we're changing lives one meal at a time. #fsfendshunger

Kids and teens interested in joining our Youth Ambassador Program attended an information session this morning, learning about the issue of hunger and how to be part of the solution. We look forward to seeing the incredible things they accomplish! It's not too late to join. E-mail #fsfyouthambassador #fsfendshunger

It's #feelgoodfriday! We're a proud distributor of @usdagov senior food commodities in Miami-Dade County; notes like this one from Ms. Carmen warm our 🧡. We're happy to ensure everyone has the proper nutrition necessary to thrive! #fsfendshunger #solveseniorhunger

School starts next week in parts of South Florida and that means #kids need the proper nutrition to thrive in the classroom - more than 240,000 #children are counting on us! Help families ensure their children are ready for success by hosting a Food + Fund Drive. Visit for more info. #fsfendshunger

This rock star group is helping ensure "Summer Hunger Ends Here" by volunteering in our sort room. Thanks to West Pines Community Church for changing lives one meal at a time. Feeding South Florida can accommodate up to 100 people per shift, Tuesday-Saturday, 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Visit to schedule your experience! #volunteer #fsfendshunger

Check out this delicious recipe using #freshfoodfriday ingredients! Tomatoes, asparagus and green beans are fresh and healthy additions to any summer menu! 🍅 #eatyourfruitsandveggies #fsfendshunger

Today's #freshfoodfriday comes to us courtesy of @Protiviti who sponsored a mobile pantry as part of our produce program. Families received 🍅, 🍌, lettuce, green beans, and more! #eatyourfruitsandveggies #fsfendshunger #freshproduce

Thanks to @walmart's generous capacity-building gift, Feeding South Florida increased its food distribution from 41 million pounds last year to 50 million pounds of food this year! With one of the largest retail store donation programs in the country, we rescue food from nearly 500 stores throughout South Florida. #fsfendshunger #feedingsouthflorida

🍌🥑🍏🍇🍅 #asparagus #avocado #grapes #apples #tomatoes and #bananas are ready for tomorrow's Mobile Pantries. Did you know that almost 70% of all food we distribute is known as "F2E" or Foods to Encourage? That means they're MyPlate approved and are part of a healthy diet. Its not just any food we provide, its healthy and perishable food as well. #eatyourfruitsandveggies #fsfendshunger #summerhungerendshere

This #sayingsunday we're reminded how much our families endure and struggle. This message is for them and for anyone feeling a weight on their shoulders. It's a reminder to hang in there because the moment you're usually ready to give up is when breakthroughs happen. #dontevergiveup #believeinthegood #strength #fsfendshunger

Shout to American Heritage middle school students who have volunteered four times this summer at #feedingpalmbeachcounty! It's great to see kids helping other kids during summer break. #summerhungerendshere #fsfendshunger

Sarah Brown

1969-12-31 16:00:00

This morning we hosted our annual "Summer Hunger Ends Here" Community Breakfast, honoring our Partner Agencies and volunteers who are the lifeblood of our mission. Congrats to: Advocate of the Year: State Rep. David Richardson; Palm Beach Agency of the Year: Lighthouse Cafe; Broward Agency of the Year: Pompano Beach Elementary School; Miami-Dade Agency of the Year: Bridge to Hope; Monroe Agency of the Year: KAIR; FPBC Volunteer of the Year: Rick Tabakin; FPBC Volunteer Group of the Year: Gallagher; FSF Volunteer of the Year: Tom Barrett; FSF Volunteer Group of the Year: Ultimate Software. Thank you to our awards sponsor Humana, and table sponsors: Bank of America, Colodny Fass Law, Delta Air Lines, Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center, The Mike Sipe, ScribeAmerica, Ultimate Software, Inc., and WellCare Health Plans. #summerhungerendshere #fsfendshunger

Sarah Brown

2018-07-11 11:29:54

This morning my friend (co-volunteer), Tom Barrett was awarded a plaque for "volunteer of the year" at the Feeding South Florida " Summer Hunger Ends Here" Community breakfast at the Signature Grand in Davie, FL. Congrats! #fsfendshunger #feedingsouthflorida

We love when friends see us on the road! Our fleet, known as "Big Orange" means tons (literally) of hunger-fighting power is making it's way through South Florida. Thanks @deannasusser for sharing your excitement with us! Keep the photos coming...but drive safely! #fsfendshunger #bigorange

This #freshfoodfriday has us partnering with Fresco y Mas, who donated $25,000 worth of perishable and shelf-stable items to Feeding America food banks throughout the Southeast, as well as volunteered their time in our sort room today. You can join SEG Gives Foundation to help eliminate food insecurity and support families in need of assistance by simply donating at your neighborhood Fresco y Más stores through July 10. Thank you to our friends for helping change lives one meal at a time. Together, we're Feeding South Florida! #frescoymas #fsfendshunger

These four sweeties came to our main warehouse with their mom who was seeking food assistance. She was a manager for Toys R' Us and found herself out of a job. Although she recently found a new one and was accepted to graduate school, finding affordable daycare, working, going to school, and taking care of four kids isn't easy. Sometimes people need just a little help to get by. We loaded her car with food, provided diapers for the little one, and gave all the kids toys so their summer was a bit brighter. This family's story motivates us to keep doing more and shows that someone "can do everything right" and still need support; thank you for allowing us to serve! (Pardon the walls, we're undergoing construction). #fsfendshunger