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7 Minutes Ago

See you after this weekend my furry kids ❤️❤️❤️


22 Minutes Ago

Quando alle 5 am fai incontri del terzo tipo ma la tua gatta è una guerriera e ti difende tempestivamente. ❤ Boo 1 - Tipula 0 #cat #neko #gatti #contro #insetti #cacciafelina #preda #squadra #attack #win


2015-11-03 13:16:08



27 Minutes Ago

Super Meowdel - 3 years old, yeah!


2016-01-27 03:13:30

Riposare ..... #gatto


30 Minutes Ago

May I kiss your paw paw Birthday girl 😸


33 Minutes Ago

Happy Birthday Paruko 😽😽😽 My little girl is 3 years old today! Meowmy feels so guilty to be on trip and can't feed you 罐罐today (going straight to airport after work 😣 will see if I can squeeze sometime to head home first) Looooove you ❤️


2 Hours Ago

Sitting on Mommy’s lap, making her late for work, and purring the whole time. Bliss, Wesley style. ❤️


2 Hours Ago

William. ❤️


2 Hours Ago

ん?だれ? #野良猫 #かつらねこ #gatti #cat

Haz you ever escaped your enclosure? Well az we mentioned a while ago, our Uncle Pauly AKA @fatherdankband haz been painting our house. At first we thought he was shady AF🕵, so we kept a close eye on his erry move 👀 But then something PAWSOME happened. He left when the hoomans were out, and he put his ladder in a place so we could easily climb out of our prison enclosure!!! (Doh!!!😣) Yas that's right errypawdy! We made a 🎤🎶🎶🎶Jaiiiil break!! When hoomum got home, I was at the front door- positively starving after my big adventure in the great outdoors, and stoopid Luckyboy was still on the roof!! The poor dufus iz NOT street smart like me and couldn't find his way down 😹😹😹 Needless to say hoomum was less than impressed, but now Uncle Pauly iz our FAVE!! We might even rub up against him when he comes over to see us today! The hoomans can't resist that! 😸 PS Mr Dank- we're keepin the ladder!! 😹😹😽😽💙💖 Happy #friyay errypawdy! Lovez Dusty the Houdini Strikes Again 💪 #luckyboy_dustybuster


3 Hours Ago

Abrazos Gatunos. 🐱🐈🐱🐈 #cat #cats #gato #gatos #gatto #gatti #katze #kot #mishi #invierno #hugs #felinos #felino #toga 😊😎