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#germantownnashville today. #driveby.


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As I’m packing for this trip—I’m REFLECTING + I was thinking about how many places coaching has taken me. 🤸🏾‍♀️ in my last post I shared how 2015 was my first coach summit—at that time I had just quit my waitressing job since I replaced my full time income with my side hustle 🤗 let me preface this by saying before coaching I was just a normal chick 🐣 full time waitress and full time college student having never left the country or traveled outside a couple weekend trips in all of my 26 years of life (at the time)💁🏽‍♀️ as bad as I wanted to—it was just not MY story. . . Since becoming a coach not only have I worked on all my insides—health—mental and physical, through hard work, sacrifice, and vision I’ve been able to create the freedom I’ve always wanted & honestly didn’t know was possible for ME, mainly because of my past of growing up in the system. 🖖🏽 but some places coaching has taken me to: Mexico (2x) Puerto Rico (2x) Dominican Republic Bahamas Jamaica The keys LA Nashville (2x before I moved here) New Orleans . . And because of the freedom I have to work from my iPhone 📲 and laptop I’ve been able to move from FL to NC, across the country to Oregon, back across the country to Nash & have had countless trips in between. I share this only to PAINT THE PICTURE that your past doesn’t equal your future and the YOU CAN create the life you want!! 🤗


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Chair massages don't only include neck and shoulder massage, but hands, arms, leg, and feet too! We'll be offering 30, and 50-minute options for this service! . . 📷 @blusanders


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I honest to god just ate the best lemon cupcake of my life, all upon the suggestion from the dude who just sold me my first car. Allen you were right all along, your cupcake choice was spot on and I look forward to trying your other recs! This cupcake is from @thecupcakecollection in Germantown of Nashville, and it was moist (sorry if you don’t like that word but it’s perfect for cakes) with the lemon flavour being intense but not artificial in both the frosting and the actual cake itself. It was a blissful balance of sour and sweet and I need five more! So much for being one of my least favourite cake flavours. Nashville is doing cupcakes right I swear! Side note: i finally get furniture tomorrow!!! No more air mattress for me:) although I still have to wait two more days for the cable guy to show up since they screwed up my order on Saturday. Oh well, these cupcakes will keep me happy in the mean time. #cupcake #lemoncake #lemon #lemoncupcakes #lemonfrosting #nashvilleeats #nashvillefood #nashvillefoodie #nashvillefoodfan #cityfoodie #cityeats #germantownnashville #tennesseefood #germantownfood #sugarplumfoodie #summersweets #summereats #cupcakelovers #cupcakes #buttercreamflowers


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It’s a Twofer Tongue Out Tuesday - Photobomb Edition! Rebecca rescued five year old Murphy in NOLA and tiny two and a half year old Olive through Agape. Olive likes to hide her treats from Murphy who is too lazy to look for them! Swipe left for more photos of these adorable dogs and their equally adorable mother.

Our patio will be shady and lovely tonight so walk on over! Ps - even bring your #pup to come hang out with you... • • #kuchniaandkeller #patio #patiotime #summernights #nashvillefood #germantownnashville #happyhour #nashvillepatios #dogfriendly


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Busy day of errands + packing! 🖖🏽Can’t believe this will already be my 4th summit (which is our annual coach convention) 🤸🏾‍♀️ This year there’s so much to celebrate with my team, tons of recognition, AND I’ll be speaking on stage on a panel for the top 2 team in the network 😻🙊🤢💕which is exciting and way outside my comfort zone! I was thinking back to my very first summit in 2015—it was actually my second year as a coach, I fired my boss that April and was already a full time coach! . . What’s funny is that I didn’t go to my first summit back in 2014 🤷🏽‍♀️ I made excuses as to why it wasn’t a priority for me at the time (big mistake!) I was so strapped for cash 💰 and was kind of a “hobby coach” it actually was missing that event that made me step it up! I saw all these normal people having so much success + creating freedom for their families and i saw the big picture for the first time 😻 so I made a declaration that, that was the last time I had a “money excuse” and within 9 MONTHS I was firing my boss! Because i said why not me, I too created freedom for myself and not only that had a team of coaches that I inspired along the way following in my footsteps! 😭💕 it’s amazing what can happen when you DECIDE to go for it & COMMIT to the life you really want! Be prepared for all the team spam and ah-ha moments from this week! 👽🤜🏽🤛🏽 as you watch this week please know that YOU TOO can do life with us 🙏🏽 and I’m always a message away! #tiyp


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Still miss this big boy even if I pretended he was an evil interloper!


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Roxy!!!!!! Paige adopted this sweetie-pie from Metro Animal Care & Control when she was two. She’s nine now and Paige is the love of her life!


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The look: BUM 🖖🏽 I’m riding shotgun on the struggle bus 🚌 ova here 🙈at a time when I really need to release some energy + refill on endorphins while I’m single dog momming it with 2 beasts while the hubby is on tour for a month—I’m living the gimp life & calling around for crutches so I can move around better while at summit this week 😹🙊 pretty much sums up the vibe of my last month or so. #myluck I’m hoping this is the peak before it all turns around! Looking for the good moments + gratitude 🙏🏽 and living through those of you joining us in my VIP Summer Solstice test group. It’s bringing me all the joy right now! 🤜🏽🤛🏽


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Me rn: “Can we go get some coffee, I’m feeling so basic” (Actually at sbux, this is just more instagrammable) || 4.18.18 PS. Crazy how 2 months flies by...good reminder to live this summer in the present • • • • • • #styleblog #style #styleinspo #coffee #coffeeislife #bna #trendy #fashionblog #mondaymood #nashville #summer #summer2018 #baristaparlour #germantownnashville


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Just got word that I’ll be recognized on stage again this year at our annual Coach Summit for my achievements & i can’t wait to represent TEAM IGNITE YOUR PASSION in Lucas Oil Stadium this Thursday 😻 I don’t know how graceful I’ll be rocking crutches tho! 🤣🖖🏽 but I’m so appreciative to be a part of a company that cares so much and recognizes our hard work! 🤜🏽🤛🏽 they know how to make a girl feel special! 💕 can’t wait to see my team in 2 days for some much needed girl time + celebration!


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@wisecracks_comedy ✖️ @everythingisforsalepromotions ✖️ @thelabnashville ▪️This Sunday June 24th . . . #wisecracks #wisecrackscomedy #comedy #comedyshow #standupcomedy #livecomedy #funny #lol #hilarious #laugh #tripout #crazy #nashville #jeffersonstreet #germantownnashville #historic #culture #diversity #livelaughlove


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This sweet little coffee shop @taylorstreetcoffee just opened inside of 100 Taylor Arts Collective in Germantown!☕️ Brewing all the goodness of @cremacrema. Come check out the shared creative space!🖤 • • • #nashville #visitnashville #nashvilleeats #nashvillelove #nashvillemade #nashvillelife #musiccity #ilovenashville #ibelieveinnashville #nashvillefoodie #nashvillefoodfan #nashvilletn #nashvillebound #germantownnashville #nashvillecoffee #taylorstreetcoffee #taylorartscreative


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It was an awesome open house yesterday! Nice and sunny! Well.. until it poured down rain lol It was still a productive day. #openhouse #realestateagent #realestateinvestor #realestateexperts #realtor #realestatenashville #greenhillsnashville #37215 #37205 #nashvillegulch #westendnashville #germantownnashville


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The stars are aligned...our dads have led the way. Happy Fathers Day❤️


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@vuiskitchen really hit the spot for #internationalsunday after a long drive back from Columbus! What’s your favorite Pho spot in Nashville? . . . . . . #chowdownnashville #nashvillefood #nashville #nashvilleeats #thenashvilleguide #pho #vuis #vuiskitchen #germantownnashville #germantown #vietnamesefood #eeeeeats


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It is extremely hot outside. That’s exactly what your skin is saying. Are you drinking plenty of water, using your SPF and moisturizer, but your skin is still dry? Summer and winter are the two months our skin experiences the most dryness. If your skin is suffering from dryness and you’d tried everything but me. I need you to click the link in the bio and book your appointment today so we can customize your facial today to help you with this problem!👌🏽👍🏾 • • • #nashvillemusic#tnwedding#tnweddings#spaparty#spapartyforgirls#spaparties#germantownnashville#nashvillefashion#nashvillemodel#cmaawards#fisk#vanderbilt#vanderbiltuniversity#tsu#meharry#meharrymedicalcollege#nashvilleskincare#nashvillelashextensions#nashvillelashtraining#nashvillelashartist#nashvillelashes#nashvillebrideguide#nashvillebride#nashvillebrides#nashvillebachelorette#nashvillewedding#nashvilleweddings#nashvilleweddingplanner#nashvilleweddingplanners#nashvilleweddingphotographer#


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@henrietta_red happy hour is the bees knees! Such a cute little dining space and the sweetest staff. #germantownnashville #nashvilletn #nashvillefoodscene #freshoysters #rawbar #nashvillerawbar


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Sunday feels ✨


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Happy Father’s Day to the best dog dad I know! 🐾💕 “You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.” – W. Bruce Cameron🙃


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Simka means blessing in Hebrew and that’s what this wonderful dog has been to her family. When Ashlyn was four and Simka was three they adopted this pawsome Australian Shepard. Ten years later, Ashlyn’s smile says it all!


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Congrats to two of our Pro Vita Ladies for taking 5th and 6th place @rampagescaledcomp yesterday!! They survived the scorching heat to crush 4 workouts and repped the gym very well! #provita4life #crossfitprovita #provitaweightlifting #provitapowerlifting


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Stop and notice nature.


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Here I am at the Germantown Art Crawl! 100 Taylor Street, until 9-ish ... #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvilleweekend #thingstodoinnashville #downtownnashville #germantownnashville #germantownartcrawl #taylorartscollective