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Great 5 mile #liss today 💪🏻still went and got it done even with the threat of rain ☔️ feeling so good about myself this week #bbgweek15 💝 #bbg #bbgbabes #bbggirls #bbgsisters #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitfam #healthylifestyle #fit #deathbykayla #fitgirl #fitnessgirl #girlswhosweat

With all of these dad hats on sale who cares about hat hair? Grab your favorite hat for up to 30% off while in stock. 🙌👀🤳 #linkinbio


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Managed a chest and triceps 🏋️💪 day along with an ab circuit before a 5K in the pouring rain ☔! I filmed some bits and all of the ab circuit which I'll post tomorrow. Until then, I'll be desperately checking for even a hint of a baby tricep peeking 👀 out! #girlswholift #girlswhosweat #gymselfie #fitnessmotivation #fitness #gettingstronger #chestday #tricepsworkout #whydontihavetricepsyet #abscircuit #abs

❤❤❤ get ya workout on this tuesday❤❤❤ lets keep pushing I know it's hard at times but the reward is worth it 😊😊

post run brunch with @melissachunsaker was 10/10 delicious 👌🏼


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Results from my first EVER 21 day online healthy living accountability group. 💓 Which was pretty much exactly a year ago. 😲 Excited because I'm starting my 385758th group today! 😜 And the results have absolutely NOT been all physical. It's all about: 🎀 having more running stamina 🎀 finding the joy in life again 🎀 making new friends 🎀 enjoying making healthy recipes 🎀 liking the way I look in my clothes If you wanna join in May's group, comment below and I'll send you the deets! Sooo much fun I swear! 💕


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HIIT ME UP 🏃🏼‍♀️ - Officially living my best life being the sweatiest person @thirdspacelondon this week after my second consecutive day bossing the treads 💦 Tonight’s red face was induced by my first ever Speed Fiends sesh and after giving it ALL the sweat and ALL the speed I think this could quite possibly now be my favourite way to spend a Tuesday... 🤔

I don’t think bad runs exist in this Secret Garden alternate reality park. I mean, look at it. 🌿 . And thank you @melissachunsaker for dealing my extra-ness & snapping this pic for me after our run. This is how I know you love me.


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You want a chance to experience a LAB workout . Well here is your chance for a FREE workout . . . Here is how to get it . . Choose your FAVORITE WORKOUT video of LAB and repost and Tag @lyaia and 3 friends and #lab & #legsabsbody. . You can post as many times as you would like . . . At the end of the week I will choose 3 people to do a session with FREE OF CHARGE ! . . #lab #legsabsbody #fitnessjourney #fitnessmodel #workout #puttinginwork #workoutmotivation #giveaway #letsputinwork #nike #4k #girlswhoworkout #girlswhoarefit #girlswhosweat


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Happy #tacotuesday babes! •• 🌮🌮 •• And for those of you wondering...that is the way to my 🧡...tacos, always T A C O S 🌮🤤 ••


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Thought I would show y’all what creates for a successful day when working loads in my nursing career and trying to fit in exercise in my day. Here is a list of the essentials, 1. Scrubs (I wear “OR Greens” well actually blues now, which I get a fresh pair at work) 2. Light Sweater or Long Sleeve Shirt (I always get cold and I love 💕 that our department had special sweaters made for us all) 3. Compression socks 4. Stethoscope + ID Badge + Pens (all of the essentials for working in a recovery room) 5. Dansko or a Good Running Shoe! 6. Chapstick or a gloss I make sure I all of this is ready WELL before I need to race out the door. When I say preparation is key… I am seriously not kidding. I typically leave a separate bag with most of my essentials sitting by the door ready to go. Reason why I do this.. well I also do a lot of call shifts which means when I am on call, I have to be ready to leave the door and be at work within 20 minutes. But… the more prepared you are the better the outcome will be. The more likely you are to reach your goals and in turn your fulfill your potential.


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80:20 Rule 80% • Eating Clean + Feeling Great • Working out like a boss • Staying focused and passionate about life. 20% • Eating that delectable amazing juicy burger with all the fixings (those “slips” in our nutrition) • Doing things I choose not to do the other 80% of life Yes, I hear yah that it can be a challenge to focus on health and wellness for 80% of your life but guess what it makes the other 20% that much more amazing! It’s important that I don’t hide what I do from y’all that follow me even if that involves the other 20% like enjoying some drinks with others. Listen, LIVE IT UP! Be who you want to be and how you want to be that person. Be good to your mind, spirit and body and love those around you with all that you can.


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Enjoyed a delicious, nutritious, and f*cking beautiful plant-based smoothie this morning as I start Day 2, of our #simpleafdetox ! 🙌🏼 •• If you haven’t signed up yet, not to worry, our official start date is May 1, so you still have time! Yay! •• Comment below or send me a DM 💌 ••


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Starting my morning off right with a delicious {and beautiful} plant-based smoothie, and some work. •• Beginning Day 2 of our 28 Day #simpleafdetox... but it’s not too late for YOU to join us! Full round begins May 1 y’all!!! •• Message below if interested, or send us a DM & we can chat more 💌


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After a tip off from @mybuddybronson today I bought myself some organic cider vinegar from @hollandandbarrett. Three teaspoons diluted in a bit of water each morning to help with digestion, weightloss and what not. It's apparently got a million other benefits too, from toning your face to cleaning your kitchen floors 😫. Was worried it'd make me feel ill as everyone has said how harsh it was but I found it delicious! This is coming from the girl who would drink sachets of vinegar and the left over juice in a jar of pickled onions.... #thisgirlcan #girlswhosweat #girlswholift #girlswhorun


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Can you tell I killed my session 💦💦💁🏻‍♀️😉💯#lvft #workhard#girlswhosweat


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Brain benefits of exercise 🤩 # Within the fitness industry, there's a lot of discussion about the physical benefits of exercise relating to the body but much less about the brain benefits. Although there are lots of mental health benefits of exercise, there are also lots of benefits to our brain functioning (cognition) which is what I'm focusing on in this post. Here are 4 key brain benefits of exercise: # 1. Motor system and control (moving around): Motor control includes any movement, either as a result of reflexes or from conscious control. A conscious movement would include an activity such as running. An unconscious movement would be something like blinking. 🧐 # 2. Spatial memory and navigation (finding stuff): Spatial memory refers to the ability to remember spatial information, such as the geographical layout of a certain area. Navigation is the ability to find your way around a certain area. 🤔 # 3. Sensory and attention systems (watching out for stuff): The sensory system consists of sensory neurons, neural pathways and parts of the brain involved in sensory perception. They are responsible for vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell and balance. The attention system is the ability to recognise unexpected but important events (such as a car coming towards you when you're crossing the road). 🤓 # 4. Executive functioning (planning and thinking about stuff): Executive functions are a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for the cognitive control of behaviour. This includes selecting and successfully monitoring behaviours which facilitate the achievement of particular goals. 😎 # Do you think about the brain benefits of exercise?


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#momlife . This is true, we don't clock in and clock out with this Mom Life. It's all day, everyday and for the lifetime of our kiddos. Today was a full day - aren't most days tho? . It started with an early morning workout to kick my Monday off with working on my health so I can be an intentional Mama. Then a day of balancing Mom life with intentional play time with Nehem, housework, bills to pay, errands, meals to cook etc. Then an afternoon of intentional Mompreneur life ❤ As I was replying to messages for ladies signing up to start their health journeys so many were sharing how the Mom life, work life, family life has them so busy they haven't had time to care for themselves. Can you relate Mama? 🙋 . Can we make a deal with each other? Let's make a deal to MAKE the time. Let's be intentional with how we care for ourselves 💕 . . Because this #momlifeisthebestlife and our families deserve to get the BEST of us too 😘 . . #bestlife #selflovejourney #makethetime #lifeintententional #livingintentionally #liveintentionally #mamasofig #instamommy #instamoms #fitmomonamission #faithmoms #faithfullyfit #womenintheword #youareworthit #boymomlife #girlmomlife #girlswhosweat #mindfulmama


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ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! ... I only have 3 spots left in my next fitness challenge. 😲 ... These results are from just a couple months of work. Imagine what a difference taking the leap will make for you!💪💪💪 ... We start next Monday so you only have ☝️week left to snag a spot. Don’t let another story you tell yourself keep you from finally feeling happy, healthy, and confident! ... Leave a comment below or send me a message to claim your spot. #claimyourspot #makeachange #fitnessanddogs #challengeissued #dontwait #fitnessjourney #mondaymotivation #weightlossjourney #transformation #joinme #progressnotperfection #progresspic #sweatyselfie #girlswhosweat #strongerme #healthyhappy #happier #strongwomen


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Day 1 done and the sweat was REAL after 26 minutes. After not working out for four days this workout was HARD (my heat rate was in the 160s and 170s most of the time) but I didn’t give up and I got it done 💪🏻 Now just to get this junk food outta my house and I’ll be golden the next 29 days. (Remember, every day is a fresh start ❤️)