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✨after hours✨ 😻...My team at work showered me with so much love 💕 last night ... I’m feeling so happy & blessed!! #libraseason♎️ #libragang 10/20


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It’s A Lifestyle ‼️ . Long Post Well Semi : . I am determined , I’m motivated , nobody said it was going to be easy and I knew it wasn’t . It’s been days where I have cried , it’s been days where I thought I couldn’t and wouldn’t make it . But I have A Father , A King , that keeps whispering in my ear to keep going , keep pushing , I just need to see how dedicated you are not to this world but to me . And I promise you everything you ever wanted . Anything my father tells me or shows me, I know it’s going to happen . So I work on not worrying or stressing but prayer for the strength to keep going . . I am here to tell you to be real with you , it’s a process to EVERYTHING , and I am here to tell you if something doesn’t work don’t give up change and adjust and keep pushing . . If you ever need motivation , if you ever need a friend a shoulder to lean on DM me , I am not untouchable , I’m here for everyone , I want y’all to ride this wave to success with me . . . Laughs . Abs . Beauty @laughsabsbeauty . . #fitness #laughsabsbeauty #fitnessmotivation #love #workout #workoutmotivation #help #imdetermined #imobessed #workoutroutine #gumfreak #gymhead #girlsrock #girlswhosweat #girlswholift #laughs #abs #comedy #lyaiafit #lyaiatakeover


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Who’s looking after themselves today? It has been one hell of a shitty week and I’ve decided to start on a high and give myself some much needed loving. In our household this week we’ve had a $800 car service, being told I need at least two new tyres 💸, food poisoning, that time of the month, our fridge dying and finished up last night with a rolled ankle. Every now and then we have challenging times that tests many aspects of our life. It puts strains on our mental health, finances and relationship but we just have to keep pushing forward, knowing it will get better. I was at the point of breaking down this week (literally just after figuring out our fridge had broken down #irony) and I was reminded to be grateful. The message I got was “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and show some gratitude for what you have.” Yes, it may have been a shitty week but I have a roof over my head, the bills are paid, I have a job, we’re fed and I have a family who loves me. Be grateful for what you have and you’ll see the beautiful world around you rather than the negative tunnel vision! ☀️

Black on black on black: me 95% of the time. . Guys, I literally only shop at @gap and @oldnavy. Not gonna lie. I'm that girl. Mostly because their sales are crazy awesome and I can afford to switch up my wardrobe more often (who am I kidding though, all my clothes are still black...) . Cardi and tee are both @oldnavy, raw hem jeans are @gapfactory and booties are @carlos_shoes. . I used my beloved @monatofficial purple shampoo and my bright blonde is thanking me today! ❤️ It's sooo good, doesn't smell like old lady, doesn't make my hair feel like straw, doesn't take 10 pumps to wash my hair. Smells like heaven, leaves my hair soft and silky, and only takes a nickel-size amount! 🤯 . Check out my LIVE for a product demo! . . . . . #momiform #momootd #lookoftheday #monat #monathair #momswholift #girlswholift #momswhosweat #girlswhosweat #comfyclothes #balayage #momboss #bossbabe #workfromhomemom #purpleshampoo #fitmom #oldnavystyle #cleanhaircare #cleanshampoo #naturalhaircare #naturalshampoo #glutenfreehaircare #veganhaircare #veganbeauty #glutenfreebeauty #sulfatefreebeauty #sulfatefreeshampoo #fixyourhair


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Obsessed with my @bookabirdie braids. Don’t mind me while I wear these braids for the next month 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀ #bookabirdie #braid #braidhair #longhair #frenchbraid #lynccycling #lync30 #dfwfitness #fitnessevents #dallasfitness #planotx #girlswhosweat #braidbar

BE PROUD OF YOUR REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR girl! 👏🏼 . Want to know the biggest thing I’ve learned throughout my fitness journey the past 8 years? There is no “one size fits all” perception of beauty. There will always be someone out there that will think you’re too skinny, too fluffy, too muscular, too lean, too big, too small, too short, too tall. No matter what you look like, there will be someone out there that doesn’t feel like you fit the bill to their standards of beautiful. They're "too shallow"🤣✌✌ . So you want me to let you in on a little secret? . STOP 👏🏼 TRYING 👏🏼 TO 👏🏼 PLEASE 👏🏼 THEM! 👏🏼 . ❌Stop trying to chase a number on the scale. ❌Stop trying to fit into a certain size. ❌Stop trying to fit a mold of what you think SHOULD BE beautiful. . ✔Instead... Try this.✔ . Look in the mirror. What do you see? . Are YOU happy with how you look? Do you love the way your booty pops? Do you love the muscle definition in your arms? Do you love that you’ve got some curves in those hips? . If yes, then OWN IT. Don’t try to change it because you think you should look a certain way. Love that body smiling back at you in the mirror. . AND. On the flip. If there is something staring back at you that you just don’t like. That you want to work on FOR YOU. Not because a magazine said so. Or some girl on Pinterest. But because it’s what YOU want & your spouse should support your efforts to be a better you. Then girlfriend, you need to do that, too! . Back on a December day I looked at a pic someone took off me and didn’t like what I saw... (“before” picture in comments). It didn’t matter who said “you look great” and it also didn’t matter who said “yeah you’ve definitely gained weight” it mattered what I THOUGHT. It mattered what I FELT. Right? . So I got to work. . Last thing I cleaned up was my diet. That took for evahh! ...But not totally because I mean, tacos- hello! . I dedicated 30 minutes a day to my fitness. ...I simply can’t do a minute longer- I don't like exercise. Lol . AND I can finally look back at myself in the mirror and I’m like YASSS GIRL. I’m proud of you. . I fully embrace and own the fact that my body won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Strong day followed by my first #cheekynandos in about 8 years! Didn't know what all the fuss was about as when I last went it was bog standard chicken and chips, it's changed so much now, was delicious! Feel like a fatty but I enjoyed it so was worth it. 🐔 🍟 🥂 #nandos #hotsauce #fitgirl #fightingtheflab #jellybelly #thisgirlcan #thisgirldoes #slimmingworld #girlswhorun #girlswholift #girlswhosweat #girlgains #likeaboss #yougotthis #cardio #fitness #training #weights #weightraining #workout #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #fitbit #fitbitionic #walking #parkrun #whitleybay


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I did it!! I did it!!! I finally finished every workout in the 8 week fitness program I have been doing. It may have actually taken me 10ish weeks but who cares!! I set a goal to completely finish it and today I pushed through the last workout without even stopping. How about that for mental toughness?? I think that deserves two high fives 🤚🏾🤚🏾. Trust and Believe the process!! Side note: #insanitymax30 is still the hardest program I have ever done. || #mentaltoughness #goalcrusher #trustandbelieve

This year we decorated our stairs and living room with real pumpkins. And everyday I come home I wonder if today’s the day they’re chewed to pieces by my pups, or peed on. So far, so good. I’m taking it as a cosmic sign of good luck for the fall 🔮


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"she did it AND SHE RAN EVERY DAMN MILE. broken inhaler, pouring rains, upset stomach and all. From the girl who never ran because, asthma to a whole MARATHONER this ecperience reaffirmed that we are truly powerful beyond belief and you can truly accomplish anything." so amazing! ✨✨ words and photo via @evemeetswest


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“Once she realized life was a game and that she was given a winning hand she agreed to play to win ...” ****Making business moves before my birthday 🤸‍♀️***** #libraseason♎️ #libra 10/20

First meal with @hellofresh was BOMB! 😋 Seriously love a meal that is healthy and quick. 30 mins to a delicious meal. Plus- an easy clean up of one pan and one cookie sheet 🙌🏼 • • • • • • #dinner #hellofresh #quickmeals #balance #confidence #lifting #goals #cleaneating #progress #girlswhoworkout #girlswholift #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gym #gymmotivation #goaldigger #healthyrecipes #girlboss #barelybalanced #eathealthy #passion #selflove #fitnessjourney #girlswhosweat #gymlife #loveyourself #workinggirl #dinnertime #october


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Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong — Peter T. Mcintyre✨


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✨Why you aren’t losing weight on super low calories✨ - This is a big one and a problem that pops up a lot. I have so many women say to me, “I’m only eating X amount of calories, and I still can’t lose weight.” I have also been in this situation and it is freaking frustrating like nothing else. You work hard in the gym, watch what you eat and you still don’t see any results. - In my experience there are three big reasons why you aren’t losing weight on your low calorie diet. - 1️⃣You are eating more than you think you are. People often have a poor understanding of how many calories are in certain foods and do not track properly. I have had more than one client tell me they are only eating 1500 cals per day and then once they track properly it turns out they’re eating nearly 3000 cals. Track yo shit. - 2️⃣You are holding water masking some of your fat loss. Things like stress and not sleeping enough can cause you to retain unwanted water. - 3️⃣Your low calorie diet is stopping you from moving around as much. The less we eat, the more our body wants to conserve energy. We stop getting up and down from our desks as much, fidgeting as much. This decreases overall daily energy expenditure. There is also the potential you’ve been in a deficit for too long and negative metabolic adaptation has kicked in but that is a whole other post. - If you think you might not be losing weight for one of the reasons mentioned above try tracking your food, getting more sleep, tracking your steps and see if you can get progress moving again. - Also check out my Facebook community full of incredible babes supporting each other on their own journeys. Link in bio 🖤🖤 - - - - #bodyconfidence #girlswholiftheavy #flexibledieter #healthymindandbody #bodyweightfitness #strengthtraining #strongereveryday #girlswhosweat #loveyoself #strongisthenewsexy #confidentwomen #confidencethroughstrength


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The problem with cheat days...🤔 . Cheat days, where you eat ‘whatever you want’ with no consideration of macronutrient or micronutrient content of food, seem like an appealing idea on the surface. The concept of cheat days has been around for a while and still seem to be pretty popular within the fitness industry. They do have a dark side though, here’s why: . 1. Promote idea of good and bad foods: Cheat days encourage binary thinking about food. Although certain foods are more nutrient dense than others, no foods should be demonised. All foods that you enjoy can be included in your diet regularly. It’s much easier to eat in moderation when you don’t ban any foods. 🤓 . 2. Encourage binge eating: The mentality of cheat days is typically having a low calorie and restrictive diet all week and then cheating at the weekend. The problem with restrictive dieting is it makes you feel deprived, mentally and physically, making it more likely that a cheat day will turn into a binge. This can easily become a vicious cycle. 😐 . 3. Don’t boost metabolism: The idea of cheat days is typically that they increase metabolism by boosting leptin levels. Research shows that occasional overeating has no significant effect on leptin at all, particularly if foods eaten are high in fat. Changes to leptin levels occur over a much longer period of time and can’t be ‘hacked’ by a cheat day. 😎 . The bottom line is that if you feel you need a cheat day, your diet is too restrictive. You shouldn’t feel the need to eat large amounts of ‘junk foods’ on a regular basis if you are fuelling yourself properly. Of course there are days when you might eat a bit more, have more treats etc but if his feels like a need, not a choice, it’s time to rethink your approach. 🧐 . Do you have cheat days?


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When you are just happy as a motherfucker 😁 Trained quads and calves ealier and then cardio and abs after pt 😁 - - -.- - - #fitfam #flexingforthegram #girlswholiftheavy #abs #gymgirls #motivation #bodybuilding #strongwomen #fitnessgoals2018 #gymlifestyle #fit #legworkout #bodygoals2018 #fitfamuk #pt #essex #instafit #focus #gymmotivation #mylife #lift #bodypositive #gymtime #beastmode #girlswhosweat #ukfitfam #gymwear #fitfamily #sweatysesh @afrogirlfitness @ebonyfitfreaks @girlswholift @girlaesthetics @abs_at_home @abs


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I’m just going on record to say THIS ... you owe nothing to NOBODY... People will talk shit, harass you, try to causes issues and it’s because at the end of the day they’re miserable asf... and if you feel like I’m talking about you, I AM 🤷🏼‍♀️ sorry not fucking sorry that people have nothing better to do than worry about my life or other peoples . It’s actually really fucking sad... But one things for sure, never let the stupid shit dim your smile. Keep watching, baby. ❤️❤️❤️ I’m on to some GREAT things. . . . . . #sweat #goodafternoon #flex #girlswholift #girlswhosweat #girlswithmuscles #girlswithtattoos #girlswholiftheavy #gymflow #gymtime #gymtrappin #gymlife #gymrat #gymaddict #fitnessaddict #fitfreak #fitbody #fitgirl #igfit #fitfam #cardio #weights #weightloss #determination #progress #makeupforever #makeupoftheday #makeupaddict #herbalife #herbalifeathlete


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Dance fitness ; hella good friends ; hella good times! #dancefitness #wls #gastricbypass #workout #girlswhosweat


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These girls just get my giggle box going Challenges are 🎁 gifts that force us to search for a New Center of Gravity. Don’t fight 👊them. Just Find a New Way to Stand. #together #girlgang 😉 It’s OK if it’s uncomfortable! Keep reminding yourself you’re winning by embracing the suck. By continuing to stick it out & never give up🤨🤝 📸: #caseymademedoit #determination #hustle #goals #motivation #thursday STRONG By ZumbaSYNC - STRONG by Zumba Network


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“Someone once told me that our good traits are on our backs, so when we look in a mirror we never see them. But we so often see other’s traits and think we don’t have any.”🖤 —— I say it’s time to acknowledge, love, & embrace 🅰🅻🅻 of our good traits. It’s time to let our light shine, lift each other up, & show the world we 🅰🅻🅻 have good traits. 🙌🏼