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1 Day 5 Hours Ago

Thanks @maxadventuresny for showing my niece a good time and letting me share the room I painted a few months back. #glowkids #glow #kidsroom #room #kids #airbrush #blacklight #blacklightparty #edmlifestyle #edmgirls #edmlifestyle #glowinthedark #nyc #nyckids #partyplanner #eventplanner #event #bright #light #partyroom

We are continuing on with “The Point of Breakthrough” this Sunday!! Ps Mel is excited to be bringing the message! We’ve got our kids church (Ages 1 -12) running throughout the service, with supervised play until 12 noon (Awesome!) Who can you invite to come along? 🌟❤️#ourhomeisyourhome

Grace Church

2 Days 17 Hours Ago

Hi Church! Just a reminder that we are collecting Christmas gifts for “The Smith Family” this Sunday (26th Nov) ONLY. If you need details on donation recommendations or items not accepted please message or email info@gracechurch.com.au. Thank you! 📚🎁🎄 #toyandbookappeal


5 Days 8 Hours Ago

bent u nog op zoek naar mooie cadeaus? Of een mooie feestoutfit? Kijk gerust even op onze site! #rok #meisjeskleding #outfit #sinttip #cadeaus #girl #glowkids #tule #blackgold www.glowkids.nl 🛍€24,50

Grace Church

5 Days 15 Hours Ago

Way Maker

Grace Church

5 Days 17 Hours Ago

Amazing service today!! Great to see you all! Next weekend this is happening!! We hope you can join us!! Have a great week! ☀️🎉 #ourhomeisyourhome

angela bae

21 Days 22 Hours Ago

@glowboston Halloween party pics are up on Facebook 👻👻👻 Photos by @grxcemadeline

angela bae

8 Days 20 Hours Ago

FYI THROWING A HUGE NYE PARTY AT @brighton_music AND IT'S GONNA BE 🔥🔥🔥! Info at glowbos.com // VIP + GA tickets on sale this Friday at noon! 🎉

Church, we can’t wait to see you this morning! The service starts at 10:00am, get there early (or on time) ready to worship our KING together!! Ps Jacob is ready to preach a powerful message. Don’t miss it 🙌🙌

¿Estás cansado de la típica celebración de cumpleaños de niños? En #glowclubpuertobanús te ofrecemos alternativas originales que seguro que sorprenden a tu pequeño y a todos sus amigos. Podemos personalizar una celebración a su medida, en función de sus gustos y preferencias. Deporte, piscina, maquillaje, disfraces.... No lo dudes y apuesta por #glowclub para la celebración del cumple de tu pequeño, no te arrepentirás. #cumpleglow #glowkids #glowmarbella #glowgym #celebracumplemarbella #cumpleañosmarbella #cumpleañosoriginales #puertobanús #marbella

Grace Church

7 Days 19 Hours Ago

It’s Friday!

Grace Church

7 Days 20 Hours Ago

Hi Church! We are partnering with “The Smith Family” this Christmas! The organisation was founded in 1922 when five business men decided to deliver toys to orphans on Christmas Eve. It’s grown and developed since then to meet the ever-changing needs of society but they still deliver toys and books to disadvantaged children at Christmas and we want to help reach their goal of delivering 60,000 toys and 40,000 books to those in need around Australia. If you would like to join us simply purchase a brand NEW toy/s or brand NEW book/s and bring it UNWRAPPED to church this Sunday (19th) or the following Sunday (26th). (They currently have a significant shortage of gifts for 9 - 12 years of age) If you are interested please message or email info@gracechurch.com.au to receive donation recommendations and also items they do not accept. Thank you in advance!! 🎁🎄📚#toyandbookappeal

He’s got everything you need! 🙏🙏#askhim


9 Days 22 Hours Ago

Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids-and How to Break the Trance by Nicholas Kardaras - Glow Kids is a book about the effects of technology on young brains. The book covers all types of technology topics: television, computer games, ipads, smart phones, texting, social media, e-readers, internet, video games, and the use of technology in schools. The author is an addiction specialist who empathizes with the adult experience of technology as a useful tool, and recognizes the marketing trap that many parents fall into, believing that the games and apps purchased are "educational," when there is little to no evidence backing up those claims. This book does a good job of explaining the effects technology has on the brain, the addictive qualities of technology, and the correlation between screen use and the presentation of depression, anxiety, ADHD, aggression, and psychosis in children. - I grew up in probably the last group of kids without access to much screen time. To put it in perspective: we had TV but my childhood was mostly spent playing outdoors, and smartphones were first released when I was in college. That goes to show that this boom of technology is still a new phenomenon that the general public doesn't know much about. Glow Kids is an important read for any parent or professional working with children, to really understand the impact of screen use on developing brains and how we can model appropriate boundaries around technology use. . . . #screentime #glowkids #screens #mentahealth #childtherapy #childtherapist #childdevelopment #childhoodunplugged #childhoodplugged #childhoodpluggedin #parentingbooks #booksforparents #playtherapy #playtherapist #play #unplugged #unplug #unplugthem

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10 Days 4 Hours Ago

W O R D S are powerful!! What comes out of your mouth has the power to create your world. Are you speaking death or life? Pay close attention to what you are saying, and make a diligent effort to only speak words of LIFE. God has given you the power. Use it wisely! @melissahillc

Grace Church

10 Days 14 Hours Ago

Ps @jacobhillr has a great message prepared for this Sunday!! Who can you bring? We have a kids program running (Ages 1 -12) throughout the service. It’s going to a powerful morning! Please join us @ 10am (2 Caley Rd Padbury) or online. We can’t wait to see YOU! 😘❤️ #ourhomeisyourhome


10 Days 24 Hours Ago

Whew. That exam may or may not have kicked my ass. 😩👊🏻 thats ok though. I had a feeling it would be the hardest one of the semester and I was right, so I prepped as best as I could. ☹️ on to the next with high spirits and (much to my surprise) eagerness and enthrallment! We have just completed respiratory and are now moving onto ➡️ digestive! In the midst of this final unit (!!!😭) we are also working on our Grand Rounds final project. I met with my group today and proposed some ideas to research. I choose for my input: “glow kids”. Basically, I wanted to talk and teach about the harms of technology to developing brains, and how it can cause serious development issues. When we presented my concept against the other 2, our Professor was amazed with mine and asked us to run with it! Stating it to be “unique and really interesting” 😍 the best feeling in the world is when you share equal excitement with your peers AND your professors! This tech world and the way it influences younger generations has fascinated me for quite sometime now. I’ve been doing personal “research” (not in any formal shape, just to feed my own curiously) into it for a few months, so this project is seriously feeling like my “baby” lol. we all have that one group project that is literally everything you could dream of and this is it for me 😭❤️📚 I can’t wait to share this super interesting and frightening topic with my peers. .. and YOU! . . . . . . #respiratory #digestive #physiology #nursing #nursingstudent #nursingschool #prenursing #volunteer #studentvolunteer #ed #emergencydepartment #hospitallife #medicaltalk #medicalstuff #medtalks #healthcare #nursinglife #caregiver #studygrind #studysesh #studysession #review #alwaysstudying #exam #screentime #techlife #technology #glowkids

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11 Days 22 Hours Ago

Lifegroups are a place to grow in God, build friendships, and pray with each other! We have a variety of groups in different locations that meet weekly. You are more than welcome to join us! 😘🌟


12 Days 19 Hours Ago

Just laid down some beats at @frostburgstateuniversity! Now back to Boston. (📷 @grxcemadeline) #glowkids #dj #performer #producer #edm #glow #housemusic #tourlife #djlife #instagood #love #picoftheday #happy #fun #party #danceparty @lateatlane #music #dancemusic #nightlife #bass #beats #dance #lights

Live Inside

13 Days 21 Hours Ago

After a small break, we're BACK in full swing tonight with @dannic at @thegrandboston! Interview will be posted at live-inside.com! #liveinside #glowkids #live #music #edm #musicindustry #entertainment #entertainmentindustry #dj #producer #concert #festival #show #interview #behindthescenes #igdaily #instagood #exclusive

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14 Days 3 Hours Ago

L O V E A N Y W A Y. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails" (1 Corinthians 13:4-8 NIV) When we place expectations on people, we set ourselves up for disappointment and offence. For years I was trying to get my dad to love me the way I expected and wanted to be loved. I was so disappointed that I got to a place (before coming to know Christ!) that I stopped speaking to him for 3 years. Yet I had a choice to make; do I come to a place of acceptance of who my dad is and stop trying to change him and just enjoy the relationship that I can have with him, or do I continue to demand the relationship to meet my expectations, walking in bitterness and unforgiveness and have a unhealthy, possibly non-existent relationship with my father until he changed. I realised I was expecting from him, what he did not even have himself to give. I chose to accept him the way that he was, trusting God to continue to improve our relationship. As I laid down my offence, God healed and restored our relationship. My father died suddenly and unexpectedly a little over ten years later. Instead of another decade of hurt and rejection, I was blessed to have him in my life for that time. He walked me down the aisle when I married, and we enjoyed the time we did have together as a family. Life is short. Don’t waste another day being offended, learn to accept people for who they are, and enjoy the people that God has placed in your life today! #loveanyway @melissahillc

Ayer fue un día de competiciones en #glowwellnessandfitness Los pequeños dieron lo mejor de ellos y demostraron todo lo que han aprendido en el curso de #glowkids . #glowgym #glowclub #glowswim #glowfitness #glowmarbella #swim #swimingpool #marbella #puertobanús #deporteniños

Grace Church

14 Days 16 Hours Ago

Y O U T H (and young at heart) this is for YOU! #adrenaline @perth4jesus

Grace Church

14 Days 22 Hours Ago

We can't wait to connect with YOU this Sunday!! Let's come together in praise and worship, the Word, and enjoying each other's company! We have a kids program running throughout the service, with supervised play until 12 noon. 10am, 2 Caley Rd, Padbury. 🙌🙌

Jacob Hill

15 Days 2 Hours Ago

The Best Life …I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work, because that is their lot… Ecclesiastics 3:22a NIV If you had the opportunity to ask the wisest and richest man to ever live, anything you like what would you ask? I think one question I would ask is; “What is the very best thing in life - what is worth pursuing more than anything else?” The Bible describes King Solomon as this very man. And in the twilight of his life, with the benefit of that wisdom, as well as the hindsight and retrospect of a long life, while being inspired by the Holy Spirit, declared the what the best thing in life was. He said it was to enjoy your work. Because that is your lot. For many years I understood this to mean, “just get on with your job and deal with the fact that this is just the way it is.” I thought that was either a tremendously misjudged assessment of life, or, if it were accurate, a dreadful and unfair life sentence handed to humanity. What I didn’t see was the heart of the Father. God has given you your “lot”. This is an allotment that the New King James Version translates as your “heritage”. Your inheritance. God has given you specific abilities, desires, gifts and talents to do your work. Your work is your purpose, your tailormade function to be a blessing to planet earth and all of mankind and unlock boundless opportunities and provision in your life. So many people can’t find enjoyment in their work because they are not doing their work. It may be a great job for someone else, but for them it is a prison sentence. Every day they force themselves to get up and go to work, longing for retirement to finally end their pain, so they can really start enjoying their lives. God has given each one of us the gift and inheritance of our own work to do. When we discover it, we step into our purpose and are on the way to fulfilling our destiny, and to living the very best life possible!

Tom Stott

15 Days 13 Hours Ago

The glow kid generation

Grace Church

15 Days 17 Hours Ago

The feedback on this series "Money Matters" has been amazing so far! (and we only just kicked off!). We can't wait until this weekend until we see YOU all! Who can you bring? 🌟🙏#bringsomeone

Getting ready for my favorite day of the week at the library, storytime day. A morning green smoothie in the making and my current read... Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids--And How to Break the Trance by Nicholas Kardaras. >>>>Click the link in my profile to see more posts about my days as a children's librarian and the library life. ______________________________ Want to see my posts about my days as a children's librarian, my journey learning to play the viola again, or my sewing, knitting, and crochet projects? >>>>Click the link in my profile to visit my website, Vernitra.com, and get the links to my other Instagram accounts. ______________________________ #vernitrasbookclub #books #bookstsgram #booklove #booklover #reading #reader | #nonfiction #nicholaskardaras #glowkids