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you had her with your words and lost her with your actions


Vous voyez peu d’architecture sur mon feed et pourtant le design, les couleurs, les matières me passionnent. Vous saviez que j’ai une formation artistique et des diplômes d’Art et que j’ai même enseigné les Arts Plastiques en collège ? Alors imaginez ce que j’ai ressenti au milieu de tous ces bâtiments immenses et scintillants de Reno dans le Nevada !! Je dirais que je suis quelqu’un de contradictoire mais aujourd’hui @langouste2 m’a dit que c’était plutôt de l’ouverture d’esprit et je trouve ça tellement plus flatteur 😁 Merci à toi. _____________________ w/ @travelnevada _____________________ #somewheremagazine #hippomag #rentalmag #minimablu #oftheafternoon #archivecollectivemag #onbooooooom #ourmomentum #paperjournalmag #palepalmcollection #la_minimal #taintedmag #myfeatureshoot #ectzine #lucecurated #indiependentmag #ifyouleave #broadmag #solarcollective #dreamermagazine #gominimalmag #ignant #bigcatsdontcry

a cute sleeve / a dirty mirror (& other objects)


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so when he fell down the rabbit hole  And he faced the monster he pursued  His mind refused to be his parachute  Perception of truth snapped  It sounded like his legs. #observationmag

hung out with @moontalkr a couple weeks ago and captured some moods. he’s an amazingly hard working musician and creative , his drive is inspiring. He recently hurt his hands and is limited to what instruments he can play and what tools he can use but it doesn’t stop him from creating. sometimes life delivers difficult circumstances and we have to rise above and face the challenges head on. to everyone who is addicted to creating , keep going , never stop. . . . . . . . #agfafilm #canonf1

Where no one lives!


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a rare sunny day. . #taipei


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Favourite place

Hien Nguyen

1969-12-31 16:00:00


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The last three years it was raining on my birthday and now it is 35 degrees, we are still inside

. Oké of those days when you realise you are surounded by beauty #selflove

Allmend Frauenfeld


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from a dog’s perspective 👀


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Desempolvado viejos sueños


1969-12-31 16:00:00

Cold and misty morning from the mountain.

Misty sunrise from a fire tower

Hidden Harmony III #ontheway to #paris🗼

All Dogs Die has started principal photography #35mm

Alex Gaffney

1969-12-31 16:00:00

#184 What is going on?

Dead wood - or is it?

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Cooked it whippet out faster diamonds 💎 cold 🥶 man that sh*t came from Alaska 😂

I tried to get closer to get a better shot, but was swiftly reminded that the reason the beach was clear was because they were setting up for fireworks. If I went further I would have been escorted off the beach by the police in that little buggy 🤷‍♂️


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Sister 04/2019 On a stroll with sis #fuji #home #aš

Here’s a image from my series Searching. Come see the prints this Friday, June 28 at @mulegallery in San Francisco. Link in bio for details. I took this on a lovely family trip to Gualala, CA. The way the light bounces around the room is pure joy. But unlike every other image from the day, this one captures something ambiguous. #leica #leicam10 #leicacamera #hahnemühle #fineartprinting #fineartphotography #fineart #gominimalmag

A couple of shots that i've made back in summer 2018 Thinking dropping this little video here as well. Had some good time editing it, and probably should do more vids. I had no story for this when i take out my camera, it’s just a moments that i had an opportunity to capture all combined. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to swipe. Music "Small Memory" by Jon Hopkins



나이에 따라 행복의 기준이 확실히 달라진다


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cooling down a lil bit