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1️⃣7️⃣ - Jorah Mormont - PART 3 Jorah returns to Daenerys’s service as she forms an alliance with The King In The North: Sam’s best friend and fellow Night’s Watch brother, Jon Snow. Jon tells Jorah how his father Jeor was like a father to him and Jorah tells Jon he earned a place in his father’s heart because he was the son, he could be proud of. Thus, Jorah agrees that Jon should keep Longclaw. Jorah also accompanies Jon, Tormund, Davos, Beric, Thoros, The Hound, and Gendry Beyond the Wall to capture a wight for proof to show Cersei. However, they are all ambushed by the Army of the Dead as Thoros is killed in the attack. Daenerys comes to rescue them. However, Viserion the dragon is killed during the fight. After meeting with Cersei and showing her proof, Jorah follows Snow and The Khaleesi to Winterfell. At Winterfell, Jorah reunites with Sam and Tyrion. He also meets his cousin, Lyanna Mormont, the Lady of Bear Island. Unfortunately, Jorah’s life comes to an end after he is stabbed repetitively by wights during the Battle at Winterfell. Thus, he fulfills his duty and protects his queen, and dies in her arms after the army of the dead is defeated. Jorah’s cousin Lyanna also dies during the battle of the dead as well. Jorah’s death was integral, as one can argue that he and the late Missandei were the voices of reason for the Khaleesi in the most trying of times. Without them by her side, a huge void was left in the Khaleesi’s heart.

1️⃣7️⃣ - Jorah Mormont - PART 2 While traveling back to Pentos, Jorah captures Tyrion Lannister and plans to present him as a gift to get back in the good graces of his queen. Along their journey, Tyrion and Jorah encounter Stonemen and are sold as slaves to the Meereenese fighting pits. During a tournament at the fighting pits, as Queen Daenerys’s sits in attendance, Jorah fights and emerges as the victor over all challengers. After she is safe, Tyrion is presented as her gift, offering his mind and counsel to her. The first advice Tyrion offers Daenerys is to send Jorah away once more. Jorah later returns to fight for her after the Sons of the Harpy fail in their attempt to assassinate her. Once Daenerys is rescued by her dragon Drogon and goes missing, Jorah and Daenerys’s champion (and lover) Daario go on a mission to find her safely. Jorah is jealous of Daario’s relationship with the Khaleesi because he believes himself to be the better suitor for her. Their journey leads them back to Vaes Dothrak where Daenerys was captured by rival Khals. Once they find Daenerys, they assist her in her plan to burn the rival Khals and reclaim the khalessar as her own. Jorah regained Queen Daenerys’s trust and earns a place back into her counsel. However, Jorah tells her he must leave her because he was infected with greyscale by the Stonemen. Jorah professes his love for her before leaving for Oldstown to find a cure on the orders of his Queen. She also tells him to return to her once he finds the cure. In Oldstown, Jorah meets Samwell Tarly, a brother of the Night’s Watch and student studying to become a maester. Jorah asks Sam to help him him cure his greyscale so he can go back to his Queen. Once he tells Sam who he is, Sam informs him that his father passed away during a mutiny Beyond the Wall. This breaks Jorah’s heart. Sam performs a procedure never done by any maester to successfully cure Jorah.

1️⃣7️⃣ - Jorah Mormont - PART 1 Ser Jorah Mormont was the former Lord of Bear Island and the son of the late 997th Night’s Watch Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. He is also the nephew of his successor, Maege Mormont, and the first cousin to her daughter, Lyanna Mormont. Jorah the Andal is introduced in the pilot as he offers his services to Khal Drogo’s new bride, Daenerys Targaryen. He is actually sent by King Robert Baratheon to Pentos as a spy to kill Daenerys and her brother, Viserys. As Jorah spends time with Daenerys and sees how vicious her brother his towards her, he becomes protective of her and develops feelings for her. He does not act on these feelings due to her marriage to Khal Drogo and his duty. Jorah befriends Rakaro, a member of Drogo’s Khalessar. He tells him about how his involvement in slavery tarnished His family’s name. This also forced Jorah to step down as the Lord of Bear Island. His father Jeor was so ashamed, he took the black and went to the Night’s Watch. He tells Rakaro that his desire to buy his ex-wife expensive things led to him throwing away his morals. Jorah later stands up against Viserys after he sees him threaten Daenerys. After Drogo executes Viserys for his mistreatment of Daenerys, The Khal gifts Jorah with a horse of his choosing for his bravery in defending his Khaleesi. Jorah also kills a rogue member of the Khalessar after he challenges Daenerys when Drogo falls ill. Jorah is excused by the posthumous King Robert from his duties. However, he continues to follow the Khalessi after Khal Drogo’s death by poisonous flesh wound by a rogue member of the Khalessar and a hex by the witch, Mirri Maz Duur. Jorah witnesses an extraordinary feat by Daenerys after she and her hatched baby dragons emerge alive from the fire after she burns the witch alive. Jorah follows Daenerys as she successfully conquers and liberates Qarth, Yunkai, and Meereen. Unfortunately, Jorah’s former allegiance to the late King Robert is discovered after Ser Barristan Selmy intercepts a letter from a messenger detailing the relationship. This causes Daenerys to exile Jorah from her army.

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Daddy stayed out last night, so just mum & I hung out. She’s very proud that we survived the night with no murders. Not sure why she’s proud, she’s a coward, I’m the one that would’ve saved us! She’s going to work, so I’m looking forward to seeing daddy again! #cat #cats #catstagram #catsofinstagram #instacat #kitten #kittens #britishshorthair #bsh #sansa #gameofthrones #got #sansapittevans #baby #babygirl #love #family #likeforlike #l4l #adulting #biggirl

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Let me just keep this here! It's my favorite scene from game of thrones! It's probably the only lesson I learned from watching that show! .. . But is it the lesson one should live by? Don't you think over thinking might drive people nuts? .. . Asking for a …… #sansastark #littlefinger #got #gameofthrones


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1️⃣7️⃣ - Khal Drogo Khal Drogo was the leader of the Dothraki herd called the Khalessar. He was a savage fighter who killed many and conquered various lands. He was said to be one of the best warriors in the history of the Dothraki army. He was also known as “The Great Stallion”. In order to make a legitimate claim towards the throne, Viserys sells Daenerys to Khal Drogo as he makes her his wife. Their union starts of in the most difficult manner, as he repetitively brutalizes her in their early days of marriage. However, when she decides to take control over their sex life, he becomes more submissive and stops brutalizing her. Thus, he also shows Daenerys that he can be less savage after she firmly lets him know that he will look at her during intimacy. Although Daenerys’s and Drogo’s marriage was arranged for a political purpose, the two actually fall in love as she rises as his Khaleesi. He also murders Viserys in front of everyone after Viserys threatens Daenerys and her and Drogo’s unborn child. He pours hot lava over Viserys’s head, ending his reign of terror over Daenerys. The Khal lovingly refers to Daenerys as “moon of my life”; while she refers to him as “my sun and stars”. After one of his rogue blood riders decides to turn on him and threatens to kill him and Daenerys, Drogo beats and kills him effortlessly. However, the rogue cut Drogo near his chest with a blade that had poison on it. The poison later spread towards the rest of Drogo’s body, causing his system to shut down. During a raid near another Dothraki village, Daenerys finds the witch Mirri Maz Duur after she has been brutalized by some of the khalessar. Daenerys orders the khalessar to stop abusing her as she puts her under her protection. As Dany later goes into labor, she begs the witch to use blood magic to save Drogo and help her give birth to her son. Unfortunately, the Great Stallion and his son with the Khaleesi die after Mirri Maz Duur places a hex on them. Daenerys later burns the dead and Mirri Maz Duur alive. Afterwards, the Khaleesi walks out of the fire unburnt with her baby dragons.

Как долго я хотела сесть основательно и досмотреть последний сезон сериала "Игра Престолов". То ли на счастье, то ли на "беду" мои планы резко изменились на сегодня, закуплюсь вкусняшками и досмотрю по @rentvchannel свой любимый сериал, просьба никому меня сегодня не беспокоить!)))) #got #играпрестолов #искусстводекора #капелькуменя #трон #просмотрсериала #кайф #всёнепочём #фотосессиястроном #тронназаказ #смоленск Фото от @gavri.lov_story

B A L L I N T O Y • County Antrim • Northern Ireland 🇬🇧 ~ this Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge on Northern Ireland's north coast. It's a hairy little walk especially if you're not a fan of heights but if you're a fan of Game of Thrones then it's one to tick off the Location List as it features in the TV epic. • [📸 By @paige_kwalters ]

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"My dreams become true" -deanerys targareyan _______________________ My first video edit .show some love ❤❤❤❤ _______________________ @daenerystargaryen_queen @daenerys_thebest @daenerysashes @queen._.daenerys._.targaryen @red_targaryen_queen_ @ragga_farm @daenerysun @rhaena_targaryen @danysthrones @dailywesteros @daenerys.crown @daenerysdragonsss @___daenerys____ @targrnxdrgn @_rastafarian_targaryan_ @dany_daenerys_ @emilia.c.fc @emilia_clarke_star @emiliaclarkereal @siresh_sane @starkiswinter @sansa_joe @_got.fp @_._drogon_._ #gameofthrones #got #jonsnow #daenerystargaryen #aryastark #sansastark #emiliaclarke #hbo #stark #gotseason #tyrionlannister #targaryen #art #khaleesi #cerseilannister #gameofthronesmemes #gameofthronesseason #kitharington #forthethrone #winteriscoming #maisiewilliams #jaimelannister #motherofdragons #lannister #winterfell #sophieturner #daenerys #asongoficeandfire #ironthrone #bhfyp

Throwback to a couple of weeks ago when I was in #belfast for the #got exhibition. It was absolutely incredible to see the props and costumes and the photo ops were fab. If you have chance to get there, I'd definitely recommend it. Maybe one day, my books will be turned in to a TV show, or a movie and I'll be standing on the red carpet of my own exhibition...I know that's a crazy dream, but so was getting published. If you can dream it, you can do it I say!! What's your craziest dream?

1️⃣8️⃣ - Loras Tyrell/Night of Flowers - PART 3 Olyvar’s confession leads to Margaery’s arrest as well. The Tyrell siblings spend time in prison after the Sparrows are given autonomy of the laws of the land. Karma strikes Cersei as her former lover and cousin Lancel confesses their adulterous and incestuous affair to the Sparrows. This leads to Cersei’s arrest and Walk of Attonment. She and Loras await a trial for their ‘sins’. However, Margaery is pardoned after Tommen joins the Faith and the Crown. During the day of Ser Loras’s trial, he confesses his sexuality and encounters to the Sparrows and the people, while also denying his love for Renly. He also relinquishes his titles and becomes a sparrow himself. Loras, Margaery, and their father Mace (along with hundreds of others) are murdered unexpectedly by Cersei Lannister as she orchestrated a wildfire attack at the Sept of Baelor. This effectively eliminated House Tyrell and all of Cersei’s enemies at King’s Landing. Although Olyvar and Oberyn Martell once had a brief encounter, and Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand shared a kiss, Loras and Renly’s relationship was the only long-term and exclusive same-sex relationship on Game of Thrones. These characters were very similar and quite different in many ways. The contributions of these characters also played essential roles in the important story developments for main characters Cersei, Sansa and Tyrion through their direct and indirect involvement.

1️⃣8️⃣ - Loras Tyrell/Night of Flowers - PART 2 As expected by Littlefinger and Tywin, Joffrey breaks his betrothment to Sansa and proclaims Margaery as his future queen. Margaery then urges her brother to take Sansa as his wife, due to her newfound friendship with the Little Dove. Littlefinger (who secretly desires Sansa) gets wind of this and sends Olyvar (a male prostitute that works at his brothel) in Loras’s direction as a squire to seduce him and get dirt on the heir to Highgarden. It does not take long for Olyvar to get Ser Loras into bed. However, Littlefinger’s plans are thwarted after Tywin betroths two political marriages that would give House Lannister absolute power over Highgarden and Winterfell. Thus, Tywin wedded Sansa to his son Tyrion, while betrothing his daughter Cersei to Ser Loras. House Lannister and the political relationships begin to fall apart after King Joffrey is poisoned to death on his and Margaery’s wedding day by Lady Olenna, and Tyrion later murders Tywin for framing him for Joffrey’s murder. However, Olenna keeps the Lannister ties by encouraging Margaery to marry Joffrey’s younger brother and successor, King Tommen. After Cersei loses power and is no longer queen, she enlists the help of the Sparrows (an extremist religious group). She encourages Tommen to give them power after she sells information about Ser Loras’s escapades with Olyvar to the sparrows. The Sparrows later detain him and questions him and his sister about his sexuality. Although they denied all charges, Olyvar is brought in as a surprise witness and confirms he and Loras’s sexual relationship.

1️⃣8️⃣ - Loras Tyrell/Night of Flowers - PART 1 Ser Loras Tyrell was the grandson of Olenna Tyrell (Queen of Thorns), son of Mace Tyrell (Master of Coin), and the Brother of Queen Margaery Tyrell. He is also known as the Knight of Flowers and is the heir to Highgarden, the Castle of House Tyrell. He is a talented jouster and warrior on the battlefield. He is also known for his devilishly good looks and is highly sought after by many ladies in Westeros. During the jousting match where he defeated The Mountain, Ser Loras catches the eye of Sansa Stark after he hands her a flower. She is quite smitten with him throughout her teenage years and hopes to marry him one day. Although The Knight Of Flowers garnered immense female attention, he was actually in a not-so-secret long-term relationship with Renly Baratheon, the brother of King Robert. It was Loras who convinced Renly to proclaim himself king because of his love for the people and his natural charm. Ironically, Renly later became Loras’s brother-in-law after the newly-minted King Renly enters into a political marriage with Margaery. Loras and Margaery were as close as any siblings could be (without being incestuous like Cersei and Jaime). The three had an understanding about the marriage as Renly and Margaery never consummated their marriage, while he and Loras continued to be intimate with each other. Loras experiences unimaginable heartbreak after Renly is unexpectedly murdered by Stannis with black magic. Margaery is there for her brother in his time of need. During their time of grief, Littlefinger comes in (on behalf of Tywin Lannister) to make a deal with them. Littlefinger wanted the Tyrells to join forces with the Lannister’s against Kings Robb and Balon. In exchange, Mace would be placing his money and armies behind the winning and rightful king. Loras would also avenge Renly’s death at the hands of Stannis, and Margaery would become the rightful Queen by marrying Joffrey. This proposal came to fruition as Loras and the Tyrell soldiers fought alongside Tywin Lannister and his men during the successful defeat of Stannis in the Battle at Blackwater.

1️⃣8️⃣ - Renly Baratheon - PART 2 In order to solidify his claim further, Renly marries Loras’s sister, Margaery, for political purposes. Renly and Margaery never consummated their marriage, due to his love for her brother, and her love for the crown. The three had a mutual understanding. As Margaery feared danger for her king and desired to further her claim, she attempted to seduce Renly in order to produce an heir. However, Renly rejects her advances because he truly loved her brother. Renly also realigned himself with House Stark through Lady Catelyn and her son Robb (The King in the North). After his childhood friend, Brienne of Tarth, bests Loras in a jousting match, Renly names her to his kingsguard. As Renly built a strong claim as king and won the support of the people, Stannis and The Red Woman use black magic to conceive a Shadow Assassin through a sexual encounter. After the Shadow Assassin is conceived, Stannis has his faithful servant, Davos Seaworth to take the Red Woman into a dark cave. Once they arrive at the cave, The Red Woman gives birth hours after conception. The Shadow Assassin arrives in the world filled with darkness with the face of Stannis. He then flies out of the cave shortly after the Red Woman gives birth to him. Tragically, Renly’s life comes to a shocking end after The Shadow Assassin fatally stabs him through the heart in his tent as, Brienne and Catelyn watch in horror.

1️⃣8️⃣ - Renly Baratheon - PART 1 Renly Baratheon was the youngest brother of Robert and Stannis Baratheon. He and his brothers never saw eye-to-eye on any issue. He also despised how his eldest brother Robert raved about his escapades with various women. Renly was viewed as a friend to the people. However, he was very pompous as well (a trait found in each Baratheon brother). Renly believed that he would make a better king than either of his brothers. His not-so-secret longtime lover, Ser Loras Tyrell, also convinced him of this fact as well. This came into fruition after the death of Robert and the information that Lord Eddard Stark dispelled to him and Stannis of Robert’s children’s paternity (the children were actually fathered by his wife Cersei’s brother, Jaime). Although Renly was friends with Lord Stark, Stark actually supported Stannis’s claim as king. However, a war involving Renly and Stannis ensued after Joffrey beheaded Lord Stark for treason. Renly’s claim is further supported after he gains the support of Loras’s family, House Tyrell. He also name’s Ser Loras to his Kingsguard. House Tyrell is the second richest family in Westeros behind House Lannister. Stannis was infuriated by Renly’s claim as the People’s King. Thus, he dubbed him a usurper of the crown. His hatred for Renly grew to the point where he was willing to take drastic measures to eliminate the threat of his baby brother. Thus, he called in the Red Priestess Melisandre from Asshai (The Red Woman).

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My new necklace I got from the festival Roy got one too his is a stone with swirls in it its pretty cool love them 😊😍😊😍#my #new #necklace #i #got #from #the #festival #roy #got #one #too #his #is #a #stone #with #swirls #in #it #its #pretty #cool #love #them

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L’Alcázar de Séville 😍 vous saviez que c’est dans cet endroit que des scènes de game of thrones ont été tourné ...c’est là où la cité de Dorne a pris place avec la famille Martell ...mmmhh j’aurai bien voulu voir le prince Oberyn 😜... - - - - - - - - - -

Dragonfly series [2/3] . . 🐉dragon + fly = dragonfly! . . ___________________________________ #dragonfly #insect #jj #natgeo #fly #dragon #photo #photographer #photography #insta #focus #camera #nature #life #wings #free #glass #bug #poet #poetry #writer #wattpad #macro #got #jj_forum_2704 ___________________________________ photo by me

"She is the ocean struck by lightning in a world where shallow drams of love are routine." - Chrystia Aureli . . . 📸 @jamestrezzaphotography

A classic from early years, but worth a share.