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Ashwin Iyer

2018-01-28 20:12:56

Dope days and chill nights with the squad #mersalswag😎 #gradlifeshenanigans #republicdaycelebrations🇮🇳

Angel Maxwell

2017-05-03 08:03:06

#wcw It's not everyday a side piece gets acknowledged on social media, but for you I had to make an exception. These textbooks have been side bae for quite some time to me now and I am very grateful of them. I often neglected you because I prioritized other things over you such as work, family, fraternity and even other women. But you were always loyal and stayed in the corner unattended where I had last left you. Gotta admit that the time that we did spend together, I took good care of you! Remember those times when I held you from your spine because I knew that was your spot. Or how I used to turn your pages with good intentions. I never written in/on you because I respected your temple, I wouldn't fold your pages because I want you to live a long life with little to no wrinkles, I passed you to the homies because you were so good to me that I had to share what you had to offer with others but even then I NEVER dove into your pool of knowledge without your consent. Remember when we would stay up at all hours of the night when I would try to learn as much from you as possible before exams the day after...(sigh) good times! Overall you have made me a better man throughout our ups and downs but this is the last time you and I can be "you and I". I've gotta cut you loose! 👋🏾 👋🏾 👋🏾 Grad photo cred: @ozzusx #2days #hooddreams #vsu #valdostastateuniversity #mastersdegree #05052017👨🏾‍🎓 #sidepiecewednesday #gradlifeshenanigans #sohardtosaygoodbye #mygirlfrienddoesntliketoshare #andneitherdoi #loyaltyloyaltyloyalty