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Charles Bouschor II

2018-06-16 07:13:04

Angelina finished Gary Bjorklund Half marathon in under 2:00 hours! Last miles were 7:58 miles! Congrats! Oh it was her first half marathon. #garybjorklundhalfmarathon #grandmamarathon #halfmarathon

Cocoa Elite

2018-06-15 06:08:09

Good Luck Brett 🏃 or link in profile


2018-05-24 20:03:57

No better way to explain my run today those were the most difficult 20 miles, thanks to my wonderful husband and Joe that came to save the day #godisgood #20miles #grandmamarathon #liebres #maybemyironislow

Linda Moore

2018-04-20 14:24:22

When mom & dad are away kids will play! #cousinbonding #messyhouse #grandmamarathon

Ralph Peterson

2018-03-25 11:31:26

I did it - I ran back to back marathons! A lot of work but it was worth it - I’m pooped. #tworiversmarathon #adventuresindietland #marathonmaniacs

Angela ❤️

2018-01-14 10:01:44

Only 152 days until I’m baaaack. #grandmamarathon I’m coming for you! 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃🏼‍♀️ #favoritecity #duluth #cantwait

#fbf with one of my fav pictures from #grandmamarathon last Saturday! ♥ My sweet aunt took this picture of me at mile 24. I was HURTING badly and mentally, I was spinning a little bit. I had just seen my aunt at mile 19 and I didn't think I would see her, or the rest of my family, until the finish. I looked up and there she was! I was so happily surprised to see her that I gave her a weak thumbs up. It was just what I needed to get my head right. 😍♥🙌 . . . #gmas17 #grandmasmarathon2017 #happyrunner #instarun #runnersofinstagram #motherrunner #runnercommunity #marathon #marathonrunner #mnrunner #run #training #runnergirl #mnrun #instarunners #strongnotskinny #fitmom #runner #raceday #racing

This caption could have many names: Pain, sacrifice, support, appreciation, dedication, but the one I love the most is: Marathoner! Thanks to @paulkwi for getting me thru today and everyone that helped me get here today #grandmamarathon #oneanddone #crossfittersdoingmarathon #ilookgoodwithmedals #thankful


2017-06-17 08:43:42

In Duluth MN to watch my wonderful wife complete her 1st marathon. The course has limited viewing points in the first 18 miles so I went to the local YMCA and had a 2 hr leg workout and lunges. Now time to relax and cheer #marathon #grandmamarathon #duluth #legday


2017-06-17 08:40:45

Watching a Marathon is difficult. You have to find the perfect watching spot to cheer. Mile 24 might be where I'll hang out for the next few hours... #grandmamarathon #marathon #duluth #spectator #idontrun

Lori Kenison

2017-06-17 07:56:15

A dream come true... A beautiful morning run!! Don't know actual time yet as it took forever getting out of the starting line... But the views and crowds were awesome!! #grandmamarathon #didit

This is going to be interesting! #grandmamarathon #crossfittersdoingmarathon #prayforme


2017-06-16 21:55:10

Downtown #grandmamarathon

Lori Kenison

2017-06-16 16:06:05

My bestie cheering buddy!!! #grandmamarathon #raceday

Lori Kenison

2017-06-16 12:09:54

Every one is heading to Duluth...#grandmamarathon

Pretty Soelaiman

2017-06-16 09:04:35

Two #lululemon stores visit since I arrived in MN state 18 hours ago ✅ Mall of America and Edina 🤣💁🏻 #tourdalulu and pre #grandmamarathon shake out walk !!

20 miles in the books in 3:40. I felt great today (my legs didn't) but thanks to Brian for a great pace and coach. Thanks to my awesome boss (Dawn Allcroft) for sending me this shirt (65 is the amount of weight that I have lost). Truly helped me thru today #grandmamarathon #coachhill #ilovemyteam #dontletthepainstopyou #bebettereveryday

Day 2 complete and was not easy. My legs ached the whole run. Thank you to coach for pacing and motivating. Where I want to go will require pain, sacrifice and determination ( which I have a ton of right now). Bring on the big run tomorrow. #grandmamarathon #coachhill #texasheatcantkeepmedown

Day 1 of Marathon Training is complete in Texas. It was hot, but got thru it and didn't stop. 10 miler tomorrow and the big 20 on Saturday. Thanks to my ultra marathon coach and our trustee canine parter, Callie #grandmamarathon #texasheatisnojoke #ideservesugar #hotmaninhotweather

Lucus Beery

2017-04-04 13:33:49

8 mile run and lift day 😅 thank you all for your support. Beginning of my season starts with Grandma's Marathon in 73 days. 8 hours getting so pumped. #marathonrunning #marathontraining #olympichopeful #usatf #grandmamarathon #teamusa

Lori Kenison

2016-12-31 13:32:56

My year in running.... Well I can say this year has been my most challenging year in running. I got a lot of fun races two with my sister that was a blast! One with my mom as slow as it was it was such an honor to do it with her! My legs gave out most runs, but surprisingly I had done very well at the Mankato marathon. I always second guess myself and doubt if I can keep doing this, but then before I know it I signed up for the Grandma marathon... This coming year I plan on going in hard and strong. Starting boot camp soon and a personal trainer to help me run better! This is a year I plan on going in hard and strong and plan on cruising past the finish line with many PR's!!! Bring on the race's!!! #needmorefinishermedals #grandmamarathon #motherrunner #momlife #momtoboysonly

Yes, I did it! I’m officially a marathoner! The last 48 hours have been so surreal! I’ll sum it up by saying this, my first marathon was the toughest physical challenge of my life! Having done my first half-marathon there last year and knowing the weather there are usually cool. I was hoping for the “usual” 50F/overcast/drizzle but instead we got hellfire! After mile 8 and then on seeing many runners going to the side of the path vomiting, on knees with face down, dealing with cramps, sitting down with hands on face, dropping out of race, seeking help from the red cross military truck, black weather warning high heat risk flag, etc. had me worried! I told myself I ain't quitting until I have to crawl! I drank as much water as I could to keep myself hydrated and thank goodness I did hydrated myself really well beforehand! And I FINISHED! It was still worth doing my first there even though I ended up with being miserable due to the brutal heat/humidity, sunburned, swollen/puffy from heat, a small chaffing, and of course sore legs! I was amazed I did not have any blisters as I sure thought I would!!! Thank goodness for that! A HUGE thanks to the organizers, volunteers, spectators, and other 9,500 runners out there who made this such a great event despite the brutal unexpected heat/humid! They all shouted and cheered with encouraging words and homemade signs, handed out cold sponges, ice, water, Powerade, hoses, homemade sprinklers, and the great medical tents along the way and at the end! They gave my body and spirit the will to finish when I honestly doubted I would at mile 21. Champ!!! Same goes for those of you weren’t there physically supported me throughout the training and the Grandma’s Marathon event via texts, PM, FB messages, Glide, etc. - thank you!! Of course the only thing I refuse to thank is the weather! Ha! After seeing my family and friend cheering me on near the finish line and as soon as I stopped running at the finish line the impact of everything that I had endured emotionally and physically over the past 6 hours of the race and 4 months of training hit me hard. After I received my ran out of space *See the rest of the post on my FB page!*


2016-06-18 12:00:47

I told them I'll see them at the Finishline. Couldn't let them down #finisher #grandmamarathon

🏃🏼🏃🏼From yesterday - Ran 4 miles today! Taper time! 5 days til my first full marathon!!! I'm nervous and excited! However, I'm believing in myself because I have trained hard for this and want this! This goes for you all too! Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!🙌🏃🏼

⭐️Ran 19 miles for the first time today!!! 3 weeks til Grandma's Marathon!⭐️

☆Oh my goodness! We're officially registered for our first full marathon!! Are we nuts?! Lol!☆

☆I proudly added my first half marathon medal along with my running medals collection. I will come back again next year! Maybe for my first marathon!?!?☆

☆We're back home! We had a wonderful time! My kids ran the Whipper Snapper and had a blast! I ran my first half marathon and it was awesome! The fans and volunteers were amazing! A memory we will never forget. Thank you Grandma's Marathon for all this! It was a very organized and fun event! We would love to come back next year!☆

☆Flat Jenene is ready for her first half marathon! 1 hour and 5 mins left!!!☆

☆Totally love this silly picture! I think its totally cool cuz I'm a grandma of my first grandchild with this being my first half marathon at Grandma's Marathon! Ha!☆

☆Another milestone crushed! Ran 9 miles for the first time! AND ran faster than my first 8 miles, ha! The cool weather really helped. 21 days til my first half marathon!☆Im signing number 9☆

@jsw0185 mom u said to share with a lot of people so I'm sharing! I'm running my first half marathon in June! I'm excited & a little scared but I know I can do anything with my mom by my side OR giving me a piggyback ride 😂🙌 #halfmarathon #bestself #sparkle #27feelsgood #goals #run #mn #grandmamarathon


2015-01-03 08:29:53

First long run in 2015, first run with the NSDRC, first CARA Winter Marathon Training run, first icy/snow run in 2015! 120 days until the Wisconsin Marathon...168 days until Grandma's Marathon! #chicagoarearunnersassociation #wintermarathontraining #nsdrc #wisconsinmarathon #grandmamarathon


2013-07-18 07:58:27

Darcie Conran-completed the 26 mile #grandmamarathon. Congratulations! And thank you for hydrating with #coco5


2013-06-22 03:58:28

Getting warmed up for #grandmamarathon