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Love my Bella Necklace with diamonds @ginaraphaela #jewelry #commercialaudition #print #goodmorninggirls @susanbatsonstudio #hollywooddreams #gratitudeattitude #printwork #daybydaylifestyles #faithfirst


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All are available through a private Facebook group so you can watch video, LIVE or recorded, on your OWN time. No need to be there in person. Pre-registration required for workshops only. . Click link in bio. Then Go to Book online. . Manifestation Workshop - $30 Want more prosperity, joy, abundance, peace, love? Come and manifest your future with this full moon workshop! The universe loves to hear what we want so it can help conspire for us to achieve it. This workshop includes a manifestation exercise and a guided meditation. Duration: 45 min . Live Your Healthiest Life! - $50 This is more than just losing weight; this is for anyone who wants to FEEL better both physically and emotionally. This informative workshop is about learning how to have a healthy life through a healthy gut. Learn tips on how to have a new mindset so that you can honor and nourish your body. Special guest: Sue Bradley for DoTerra Essential Oils. Duration: 1 hour . Learn to Speak Teenager - $40 Do you feel distant from your teenager and it doesn’t matter what you try? Are you worried about what is going on with them and, yet, can’t seem to get them to open up to you? Come learn some tips on how to connect so that they start talking with you. Duration: 1 hour


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🌸Do you rub on strangers with oils? No?? Okay, well do you share your oils with your family? Did someone say, back pain? While frantically searching for your deep blue rub? 🌸Have essential oils truly changed your life? 🌸Have you noticed how you pay attention to your body more and the triggers of emotions and discomfort? 🌸Do you know friends and family who are looking for a more natural approach to support their health, their family’s health, clean toxic free, use skin care that won’t build up toxins? 🌸Don’t give a hoot about natural wellness but know someone that does? 🌸If any or all of this pertains to you...keep reading. I love my job. I believe in my job. I’m passionate and create passion in my job. (hello? It’s called living your best life). It would mean the world to me to have your support and referrals. 🌸 Today until the end of November if you refer someone that begins their wellness journey with me, I will gift you a Target gift card.


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@positivelypresent is doing a gratitude photo challenge for November and I’m planning on doing it! Who wants to join in? Go check out her original post for more details! #monthofgratitude #november #gratitudechallenge #worldinphotos #imin


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November is creeping closer! 🍂 Get this fun, large print Thankful Tree download for your family to fill up throughout the month! It’s on a steal of a deal right now! I love spending the month focusing on the many blessings we have! Fill your tree up during the month and read them on thanksgiving day! A fun new tradition! 🦃🍁 Check it out at the link in our bio! . . . . . . #teachgratitude #gratitudeattitude #gratitudeisthebestattitude #gratefullness #thankfull #thankfulandblessed #thankfuleveryday #thankfulness #teachyourkids #thankfultree #thanksgivingdecor #thanksgiving2018 #thanksgivingcrafts #kidsactivities #kidactivities #kidscrafts #craftykids #momhacks #momlife❤️ #gratefulkids #familyactivities #novemberiscoming #novemberproject #november


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Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. | Ralph Waldo Emerson — Today my spirit is in pastel shades, and I‘m feeling grateful to be around such wonderful people to strengthen and grow with. Life is pretty amazing and feeling grateful for it is surely going to determine how we’re going to live our lives. Keep perpetuating light ✨🏔 — #sunsetview #sunsetlovers #naturelovers #lakefront #splendid_earth #pastelshades #finnishnature #autumnnature #gratitudeattitude #dailyaffirmation #livethelittlethings #petitejoys #thatauthenticfeeling #liveauthentic #livefullyalive #bedeeplyrooted #alittlebeautyeveryday #smallsolace #asecondofwhimsey #dailymantra #growthmindset #appreciationpost #tampere #finland #thisisfinland #embracingtheseasons #littlestoriesofmylife


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Lots to pop in my #gratitudelog for the 1st day of #octoberhalfterm 🧡 #chartwell was glorious in the #autumn sunshine ☀️ ————————————— What 3 or more positive things would you take a moment to write down about your day? 👏 ————————————— #gratitudejournal #gratitude #gratitudeattitude #appreciationpost #mindfulness #missionmindfulness #mindfulnessmonday


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Feeling grounded from the earth to the stars🌍🌟 #gratitudeattitude for lovely @pilatesbynatasha💜 Today I 'm #grateful for being grounded that means you're present in your body and connected with the earth , allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what's going on around you. When you are well grounded like a big , strong tree, you are able to feel more peaceful and balanced in your daily life.🙏💚 . . . #centeredmonday #begrateful #bepresent #mindbodybalance #findyourstrength #mindfulmovement #stretch #nature #autumn #movement #pilates #pilatesstrong #healthyliving #fitness #moveyourbody #wellness #lovelife #spreadlove


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fall is for sure the best season to me, even if we don’t get much of one in Southern California. ✨ the change of a season (especially in fall) allows me to contemplate & re-evaluate my goals. do they still align? am I doing what I need to do to make it happen? & most importantly, am I enjoying the journey? ✨ the journey is the best part—don’t you think? if our lives aren’t good right now, on our way to reach our goals, that’s something to think about & work through. because we shouldn’t be only thinking about the future goals; we should be living now too. ✨ 📷: @laurie_bullock


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SHINE your light...💫 Not everyone will understand.. Not everyone wants to be around happiness, contentment, success. That’s ok.. you are meant for greatness, should you choose to step onto the path. #shine #shineyourlight #playbig #mlm #lovemylife #liveyourbestlife #gratitudeattitude


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Took a break from the gram this weekend for some much needed R&R and lots of snuggles from this sweet girl. #metox


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Sometimes I have to remind myself to pause because my speeds are go and go harder. Waking up to some of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen stops me in my 7:15 min/mile tracks. Every time. #gratitudeattitude #yoga4growth #mondaymotivation


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‪Gratitude Challenge ‬ ‪-‬ ‪-‬ ‪-‬ ‪.‬ ‪A #gratitude filled life changes minds and hearts. Gratitude improves psychological health and builds mental strength. Research shows people who practice gratitude are happier as they focus less on the negative and more on the good in their lives. Join the #drccj #gratitudechallenge all November long. It's the first non-food #challenge, making it easy for everyone to participate in 😊. Details will be posted soon. ‬ ‪-‬ ‪-‬ ‪-‬ ‪.‬ ‪Who's in? #joinus

After teaching my class this morning I was surprised by a sweet little gift and note left by a student at the front desk by the kind and lovely, @katiepozzuoli . . . @trewrussellbrand recently spoke on random acts of kindness and said “you will not have self-esteem unless you do estimable things” . . This random act of kindness Was so unexpected it literally made me cry- couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m always deeply moved by random acts of kindness. Thank you Katie for the reminder to stop and breathe- I needed it. Thank you for teaching me too, we are all showing up and teaching each other. 🤗❤️ I am so thankful for the kindness that lives inside of others and totally in awe when it shows up in my life. #thankyou #gratitudeattitude


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In a matrix where we co-create our reality 🗣, our words and thoughts are the key 🗝 to our destination. It is a constant effort when awakening out of the 3D to keep a positive outlook while deleting old 🚫 programs/beliefs that do not serve you. I encourage you while in the process of deleting and ridding yourself of these old programs to then upload/listen/absorb daily ✨ positive affirmations, Daydream/envision 👁 about the life you desire DETAIL for DETAIL, make a vision board and watch it fruition with your own eyes 👀, always set intentions, keep a daily gratitude journal 📓 and say “THANK YOU” in advance for what’s already yours 🙏 !! - Happy Monday!! 💚✨ - “I am open to accepting all forms of abundance the universe has to offer me.” 🔮🌟💫 #youniverse #speakintoexistence #thelifeyoudesire #thirdeyevision #sovereignty #positivevibesalways #quantumphysics #multidimensionalbeings #godiswithin #gratitudeattitude #staylifted #onelove

No matter how much we have we still looking something more... - But all we need to look around and see what we have. - - - - #gratitudeattitude #grateful🙏 #positivequote #smma #onelifetolive #mindsetquotes #mindsetiseverything


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I change my wall art often! . Today's title: "Chilling with the Windmills". . . #gr8fool #vanart #camperstyle #freedomofchoice #freedomcoach #ontheroad #traveladdict #zen #windmills #appreciate #gratitudeattitude #grateful #bestlife #livingthedream


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GratiTuesday PAUSE & reflect on what you are thankful for today!! . . . I am grateful for my patio, and my landlord’s well-kept, beautiful backyard that brightens my mornings with the soothing sounds of waterfall in her pond, with the birds chirping and all the green life. I am so lucky to live where I do, and love sipping coffee or eating a meal with my partner on the patio. . . . Here is an invitation for you to pause, reflect, savour something YOU are grateful for. Call to mind someone you are thankful for. Tag them below if you wish! #choosegratitude #grateful


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Why be negative? 🤔That really won’t serve you. If something is going on, allow yourself to feel that negative emotion for a time but come back from it. 😁Something extraordinary could be right around the corner. 👌🏼


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Daily to-do list: fill my cup, surround myself with a supportive community, help + empower others, lead from the heart. This is my job. And I'm obsessed. #teamrecipetolife #mondaymotivation

I hear it is Fall, yet here in Texas we could swim. I am reminiscing about Fall in Maine. Crisp cool air, crunchy leaves, vibrant red and orange tees and lobster. #maine I love the changing seasons, especially fall. Have you noticed when things don't change, it is easy for blessings to go unnoticed? We don't appreciate our health until we get sick, we don't appreciate the cool until we have heat, we don't appreciate laughter until we have tears. Today I am mindful of Fall. Of the changing leaves and cooler weather. Celebrating the beautiful colors right before nature hibernates. Choosing to be grounded in this season of change. To enhance your grounded gratitude, pair an essential oil like doTERRA Balance or Anchor with your mindfulness. One drop in your hand, rub hands together, cup and inhale and rub on your neck or over your heart. How will you appreciate Fall today? #fallen #fallleaves #fallleaves🍁🍂 #leavesfalling #ilovefall #ilovefall🍁 #hiking👣 #maineleaves #doterralove #balanceisthekey #mindfullness #mindfulnessmeditation #gratitude🙏 #gratitudeattitude #presentmind #thankfulandblessed #thankful🙏 #thankfulness


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“It is easy to stay present as the observer of your mind when you are deeply rooted within your body.” ⁣ -Eckhart Tolle⁣ ⁣ ⁣ PC @haydenashimself