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Ive been following this Michigan brand since last year and I can tell they take their craft seriously i respect that and I support them whether they choose me as an ambassador or not but It would be really awesome to team up with the #inkenvyfamily Help me out by liking this post and even better leave a supportive comment! Check out @inkenvyapparel for that proper gear!

3 Day vacation -2 Degrees 1 Awesome trip #detroit #greatlakestate

🧤⛄🧣🏒❄☃️🌀Wintertime In Michigan❄⛄🧤☃️ Its winter time in Michigan And the "gentle" breezes blow 70 miles an hour At 35 below Oh how I love Michigan Where the snows up to my butt You take a breath of fresh air And your nose gets frozen shut Yes the weather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around I could never leave Michigan Because I'm frozen to the ground!!! #michigan #frozen #negativedegrees #winterinmichigan #itscoldoutside #whymichigan #frozencar #frozenlakes #frozen❄️ #itsabitchilly #adventuresinmichigan #babyitscoldoutside #burrr #greatlakestate

There is about a ten-year span between these two pics. 📸 --- Want to know what I notice the most? The half-hearted smile that I used to wear versus the confident smile that shines from within now! 💖 --- So what changed? 🤷 --- MY WHOLE FREAKING LIFE!!! --- It all started with a daily 30-minute commitment to working on myself from home, and it morphed into a job that changed FLIPPING EVERYTHING!! 🙌 My health, my confidence, my vision for my life, and my belief that it could actually happen if I pushed aside those self-limiting beliefs and went all in! --- I turned working on being my best self into my weekly PAYCHECK and left my full-time teaching job 3 years in, and here's the thing.... I LOVE mentoring other women to do the same! 💕 --- I get that you have serious doubts about all of this because I did too. You just have to start with working on you and helping others do that too. And I'll be here mentoring you! 👭 --- Drop your email below (without the .com) OR send it via PM to learn more about how I did it and how you can too... totally free, no pressure or obligations of any kind...just information! I would love to partner with YOU. 📲💻 --- **Mentorship program spots are OPEN to US, CANADA, & UK women NOT currently coaches or working with a coach. **

Losing all control. 🎥 @missydi #embracedetroit 🖤

The view from my bedroom window in the great Mitten state. Here we have a severe winter weather warning; because snow. 🌨❄️🌬❄️🌨 #saturday #winter #winterweather #michigan #greatlakestate #snow #snowday #imcold

Happy Michigan Day! Made from my original “Winter Night” acrylic painting. #coastersforsale #puremichigan #mittenart #michiganart #miart #greatlakestate #madeinmichigan #coasters dm if interested

It’s #slayturday NOT Slackerday! Day 6 was ALL about balance and I loved it.✨. Felt kind of like an active recovery workout and tomorrow is rest day. Missed my workout buddy this am but I know that he’ll get it done in a bit. Sometimes you just need to let yourself 💤 sleep because that is a big part of your results in so many areas of life and I’m glad he let himself do that today! ❤️ ____ I know you’re still thinking of jumping in and doing this 20 minute step workout too and now that week one is done I have a full understanding of how this program works. So reach out if you’re on the fence. It’s time to JUMP IN, girl! You can totally do this! 👏🏻🙌🏻

🍕 It was a Pizza-Making, Nail-Painting, Movie-Watching and snuggling kinda night with this girl! ✨❤️ LOVE how each child has their own unique personality, style, and sense of humor and it’s such a gift to spend one on one time with them!

Rachel Sylwestrzak

2 Days 4 Hours Ago

"Yo sis, what's this white stuff again?" #puremichigan #greatlakestate #dogsofinstagram

Mackinac, Motown and the Motor City … all wrapped up in one marvelous state. And don’t forget Grand Rapids’ own, Grand River. Michigan is as beautiful as it is industrious. Aren’t you glad we live here? #nationalmichiganday #greatlakestate #beautifulmichigan #celebrateus

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Flashback to Mackinac Island because...happy National Michigan Day! Love this beautiful state☀️🌊 — Anyone else have that one pair of shorts they always grab for? Because out of all the ones I own, these are the only ones I wear😂

Cheers to you Friday! What’s in your glass this weekend? I’ll be sipping on some bold reds this weekend in honor of my continued birthday celebrations with all my friends. Stay tuned to see what I’ve got picked out! #lakesandgrapes

I sit here, writing this in TEARS. F'real my friends. I'm having a moment. And it's not even my time of the month. 😂 “DON’T BLINK,” and “TIME FLIES” are two expressions I've heard time and time again from older friends, relatives, and even strangers from the time my kids were babes. ___ I mean, as my older two hopped on the bus for the ski-trip tonight, lugging their own heavy equipment bags, barely pausing to say goodbye or posing for a quick pic, I thought, "Wasn't I JUST lifting these chubby little rosy-cheeked babes onto the magic carpet of the bunny hill, making sure their exposed skin was all covered up and their helmets were on tight? WHERE DID TIME GO!!!??? ___ Although I know time truly does "fly" for us all, but I know for me it went a whole lot faster when I went back to work full time. THAT is when the years REALLY sped up. As in, TOTAL BLUR... as in, if I didn't have the pictures to prove it, I wouldn't remember a lot of it. 😳 ___ It's crazy what STRESS, being OVERLY BUSY and OVERLY SCHEDULED can do to a human...especially a mama like you and me. 😰 ___ THAT'S when the anxiety REALLY took hold. THAT'S when the destructive habits began (think BOXED WINE 🍷 because we couldn't afford to keep up my nightly bottled wine habit) THAT'S when I felt a negative shift in my mindset. THAT'S when stress took ahold of me and somehow those years FLEW BY without me remembering a lot of it!! ___ I am OWNING UP to the fact that I made the wrong choice all those years ago. That was my only true regret. And I want YOU to know that IF you feel stuck in your current situation too that there IS another way!! Just PLEASE promise me that you will NOT wait as long as I did to make the CHANGE! 🙌 ____ Tonight, I sit here so extremely GRATEFULfor FINALLY finding another way...for turning it around and finding a way to be where in my heart I BELONG. I hope that you are in a space where your heart longs to be too. 💕

It's National Michigan Day! Today we get to recognize the Great Lake State that we love to live in. Did you know Michigan has more shoreline than any of the contiguous 48 states?? Of the 50 states, only Alaska has more! #nationalmichiganday #greatlakestate #mittenstate

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Honoring National Michigan Day @ RA Temperance! ;) #nationalmichiganday #temperancemi #rolledalloys #greatlakestate

It’s moments like this that remind us why we love the outdoors. + Don’t forget to shop the Winter SALE happening now —> take an additional 20% off sale items with code: WINTER20 📷: @noahsinger_ #lakesandgrapes

Today marks #nationalmichiganday ⁣ ⁣ It makes sense we are America’s high five. Who doesn’t love our salt-free waters, pristine nature, and hidden treasures our state has to offer? Plus it’s totally underrated for premium quality wine.⁣ ⁣ This artwork was created by a customer and given to the Rockford staff. Just look at this craftsmanship!⁣ ⁣ #michiganisawesome #michigan #greatlakestate #highfive #we❤️michigan #mittenlove

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What a unique view 🌉 captured by @michiganskymedia of Mackinac Bridge ❄️

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Happy Michigan Day! • • • Here’s some of our favorite photos taken this winter❄️ • 1. @mopage19 2. @Mark_o_foto 3. @tomjones.foto 4. @blakebrattina 5. @michiganskymedia 6. @jmarentette_5 7. @fornova 8. @nomicaptures • • • Follow @outdoorpixs for more great content

For all you fellow Michiganders today is the day to celebrate the wonderful place we all call home!! In honor of this special day we would like to give a heartfelt shout out to our friends and creators of Michigan Mittens. "Always have a map on hand!" If you live in the mitten state you have definitely used your hand to point out the city where you live or grew up! Show your love for The Great Lake State with these lovely, made in the USA mittens. They also make wonderful gifts! Happy National Michigan Day everyone! #michiganmittens #maponhand #puremichigan #mittenstate #mittens #bestgiftever #nationalmichiganday #greatlakestate

Not even the biggest wave can knock me down • • • • • My biggest rock stack with the challenge of not getting hit by the waves. Heaviest rock is ~ 30 lbs but what a sight to see it standing tall, braving the waves of Lake Michigan.

Day 5 ✅ 💦 and the struggle was real! Incorporated WEIGHTS again into our 20 minute “ripped” step workout today. 💪🏻 Love the choices and modifications... I mean, who DOESN’T love choices right!? _____ Working on our SHOW ME THE ❤️LOVE fitness & nutrition accountability camp for February! You in or no!? 🤷🏻‍♀️📲

The secret to early mornings? This stuff! 🙌🏻 #slaysauce for the win!

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Point Betsie •📸 @drewmason • • • • Follow @outdoorpixs for more great photos

The New Year is here! What are some of your goals for the coming year? Having just launched our brand last fall, this year is full of goals and projects for us! We're looking forward to the return of spring and summer and all that the rain brings. <3 - - - #apothecary #organic #skincare #herbalist #aromatherapy #natural #essentialoils #naturalskin #herbs #organicskincare #alchemy #greenbeauty #organicbeauty #smallbusiness #michigan #northernmichigan #puremichigan #mittenpride #michiganlove #michigander #mittenmade #michiganmade #lakehuron #greatlakes #greatlakestate #lowerpeninsula #michiganbusiness #buymichiganmade #michigangirl #michiganskincare

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How epic is this ❄️shot by @outofthewoods 👈

Our thoughts become our reality, so be careful about HOW you think!!! I used to think that saying was so hokey until I actually put it into practice and saw how it helped me transform my life. How you think about yourself, your potential, your money mindset, how you perform in the roles that you play, matters!! Intentionally focus on changing your thoughts and you will naturally take steps to change your whole life!! 🙌🏻❤️

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Golden hour☀️• •’ •📸 @snaphappymichigan • • • Follow @outdoorpixs for more great photos

One last shot of the @generalmotors Renaissance Center! I may or may not have had to lay on the floor with my tripod for this. I got yelled at right after.😉 📸 @barrowmanphotography #embracedetroit 🖤

What are you doing to get your heart pumping today? ❤️💦 ___ We knocked out Day 4✌️ and whoa baby! that was a tough one but we did it!! JUST 20 minutes of our day and now it’s off the mind until tomorrow’s wake-up!! 👏🏻Thank you Zach Fricke for putting up with my photo requests. 📷 😂. Such a good sport! 😘

What are some of your favorite athletic wear brands and why? ___ I recently found a brand that I am in love with so naturally I HAVE to share!! The clothing is super high quality and feels like butter on my skin, is super flattering, and washes well!! 🙌🏻 I was so excited when this bright new combo arrived yesterday at my 🚪! ___ The best part is that I have my own personal shopper to help me out! Thanks (btw I am in no way affiliated with this company I just LOVE this brand and Em!) ___ So tell me, what activewear brands do YOU love?

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What an incredible shot of a freighter pushing through frozen Lake Superior. Captured by @tuckolson 👈

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White out❄️ • 📸 @forkedfilms • • • • Follow @outdoorpixs for more great photos

Do you know what I think is pretty amazing? What we can accomplish when we STOP wishing and START doing. ✌️#beintentional #takeaction

Feeling like I’m in the clouds on these cold medz ☁️☁️ #lakeoftheclouds

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I have some really cool things in store for this week, classic ideas I get to put my spin on. Each tattoo we get has its own story and can be a very powerful statement. In this day in age tattoos are also a status symbol.. You can tell when someone invests in themselves. Its kinda like with jewelry, there are a lot of fake gold chains out there that will turn rusty brown on you over time but real gold lasts forever and always shines bright I want to talk to you about your tattoo ideas! Lets do this! I have 2-3 consultation spots open this week and more next week now booking tattoos for February/March To get started text me or leave a voicemail at 2093009334

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Bundle up with our Peninsula Beanie. Now back in stock 👉 link in bio

Learning to live a balanced life

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Our kind of pancakes❄️🥞 • 📸 @michiganskymedia • • • • Follow @outdoorpixs for more great photos

Dear Potential Life-Changer, Hope-Dealer, & Inspirer, I know the idea of what I do has been rolling around in your head. I know you are concerned about what others will think, you are scared of failing, and you don't think you are qualified. I know this because I had the same thoughts rolling around in my head too. ___ Here are some things I want you to know. I started sharing my story just one day and just one photo at a time with the hopes that I would inspire just ONE person to be healthier. I had no flipping idea what I was doing. I let my passion lead me. ___ I was told to be careful, that it was a scam, that it was impossible to actually make it a career. I was laughed at when I shared that my goal was to build my business to eventually leave teaching to do this full time one day. (Who is laughing now?) I was told I would push my "friends" away with my posts. Hmm..true friends? ___ If I had a dollar for every naysayer, backhanded compliment, eye roll and sideways glance I've received for going out and trying something different from the traditional job, or God forbid share a selfie as an adult I would be a millionaire 3 times over! ___ My point? It would have been so damn easy to QUIT!! ___ Despite the naysayers, the haters, the doubters, and the annoyed, I showed up for myself and I showed up for the people I could potentially help. I showed up to take part in a movement of SELF LOVE (yes those loud and proud beautiful as you are selfies make a difference!) and ACCEPTANCE and HEALTH and HAPPINESS instead of letting judgment and those who misunderstood our movement stop me. And I will continue to show up time and time again for all of the above. ___ Over the past few years I have helped literally OVER A THOUSAND women and even a few men on their health and fitness journey. Some were those I knew, but most are those I grew to know over sociaI. Funny because at the beggining I had NO instagram account and a very small private facebook following. ___ Cont’d in comments!!

Looking back at our summer shoot has us all excited for what’s to come this year! Who’s ready for summer 2019?! #lakesandgrapes

Ice sculptures designed by Mother Nature