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If a door closes on you, then open a window. climb out. move on a new path. #iceland

hungry like the wolf

Muchas veces intentamos buscarnos en lugares, circunstancias e incluso en otras personas.Pero realmente nos preguntamos ¿Quien estoy siendo? ¿Que quiero? ¿Que elijo? Aunque estas preguntas nos enreden la cabeza será la respuesta el punto de partida para conocer nuestras metas y hacernos consciente de nuestras decisiones. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Igual recuerda que es de humanos errar y solo tú sabes que deseas hacer. Busca tu propia respuesta, resignifica positivamente tu pasado y bríndale a tu presente motivos para vivir la vida al máximo 🎀💓 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Es hora de celebrar la vida elegida! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷 @luisprincefoto

Hidup tak harus butuh hidup orang lain untuk hidup . #kumcutimages


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#theone YES ! YES ! YES !!!!! After the final no there comes a yes. And on that yes the future world depends. No was the night. Yes is this present sun. Wallace Stevens #theone Follow ⏩⏩ @the_o.n.e_ for more updates #motivationalspeaker #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivationalvideos

Cleo which is short for Foxxy Cleopatra because she’s a whole lotta woman.


☝🏼 Did you know that Silfra is the only place in the world where you can dive or snorkel between two tectonic plates?! Silfra is a fissure in Þingvellir National Park on the Golden Circle. It’s filled with freezing cold water from the nearby glacier (am I tempting you to take a tour yet 😏) that has visibility of up to 100m!!!! This is such a crazy unique tour and I want YOU to be able to experience during your trip to Iceland! (Seriously, swipe to check out how clear that water is 🙆🏼‍♀️) . I know a lot of you are interested in adding this tour to your itinerary, so I’ve teamed up with to show you exactly what to expect from a snorkeling tour in Silfra. . 🎥 In my latest video, I talk allll about the experience, what can you can expect from a tour, and why you might NOT what to do it. Head to the link in my bio or stories to check it out! #icelandwithaview

“We love camp we love camp” Prt. 2


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#bookinzsta Book - The secret of Leadership. Author - Prakash Iyer. #bookworm #book #bookinstagram #bookstagram #bookish #books

I had to run out towards the Peter Iredale as the waves retreated, shoot this photo and then spring back to dry land as the next set rushed in. Totally worth it.

Trees that grow up around good views grow taller

Asad Iqbal

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One of those places that isn’t flooded with people, just endless views... #highlandcollective

Insert a motivational sentence here.

4 reasons why you should NEVER waste your time visiting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: #1 It will only take your breath away #2 Iceland's deepest lake with glacier chunks floating around is ALSO very cold #3 You can easily make thousands of great photos of it, but that will eat through your camera's memory #4 In the winter, under snow, it doesn't even look real Link in bio!

Gorgeous drone footage of the Kettle River from @smokerroad plateau ... 🏔⠀ ⠀ This sight never gets old! Thanks @al.mundy for the great shot ⠀ Come visit us this summer! 💥


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Too beautiful to be true ❄️

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//Add inspirational quote about footprints//

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🇨🇭 COUNT DOWN! 🇨🇭 ✈️ Win a trip to 🇯🇵JAPAN 🇯🇵 ----------------- Join us @Davos Klosters for the perfect ski day & win a TRIP TO JAPAN! ➡️ Register for FREE ➡️ LINK in bio! ➡️ You have until the 25th, Jan. ➡️ The event takes place on the 26th/27th Jan - 9:00-15:30 ----------------- See you there! 🤘❤️ ° ° ° ° ° ----------------------------- #adventure #earth #greatnorthcollective #outbackcollective #bestmountainartist #loves_mountains #mountainworld #ic_adventure #mountains #landscape_captures #backpacker_#theworldshotz #amazing_pictures #shot #nature #ski #globe_travel #worldunion #skiing #winter #winterwonderland #cold #snow #skitouring #ic_landscapes #landscape_specialist #freeski #landscapestylesgf #instasyon #freeski #discoverglobe

Når månen er fuld, bliver nat til dag! Les Arcs du gør det godt 🙏🏼 #lovethewild #staywild

Aquí un ejemplo de como no debéis enfocar una foto. 👌

Winter is here

Life ADV

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December roadtrip to Montana: We thought about this before going in. Getting stuck and wet in sub-freezing weather would not have been enjoyable but we went for it and was glad that we did.

@alessiamontefusco90_ @arueyewear

Hiking essential #standardlifewear #miir

😂😭👿 — we’re just full of surprises, ain’t that fun fellas??? 😜

Semporna Markets - Part 3

| A bit frosty ❄️|• @jaredsanderson_photography

kcountry victory! Today tag us with your summit victory pose today and we will add them to our stories use the @my.kananaskis tag! thanks, @brandonruns for tagging us!

Aurinkoista talvipäivää! ☀️

Blue hour at Rainier photo by @russelltrupiano🌲 #folkgreen . #climateaction Switch off the engine if you think you will be stationary for more than two minutes. Idling for this long burns more fuel than it takes to restart the engine. 💚 #pnwcollective #pnwphotographer #staypnw #pnwonderland

We’re traveling between the last pages of #tilnordurs ’s book... Meanwhile, don’t miss our #journey online now on! 🎈 And thank you very much @phroom_magazine 💙

Foggy morning.

"Simplicity is the key to everything. Above the Arctic Circle, life can be extreme, beautiful and simple at the same time" said and pictured By:@joonaslinkola

A blizzard whites out the forest. It can be crazy to watch a winter storm rolling in, tree after tree just sinking into the whiteness

A short black and white series of the Sydney Opera House ◽️◾️


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Who s that boy?) 🙋🏻‍♀️ #pixiecut #shorthair

Knights Tackle.

Enes Tekin

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Free ⛵️ Dünya ! Yaşadığımız yer bastığımız toprak nefes aldığımız alan ve hayatımızı devam ettirmek üzere mücadele verdiğimiz karanlığın içinde saklanan milyonlarca olası yaşam gezegenlerinden birtanesi burda olmamızın bir amacı olduğuna inanıyorum. #natureonly #folkgreen #folkscenery #exploretocreate #ig_shotz_trees #theoutbound #landscape_lovers #folkmagazine #in2nature #walkinthewoods #hiking #folkcreative #visualsofearth #greatnorthcollective #mountainstones #campingcollective #divine_forest #keepitwild #nomadstories #folkscenery #tentree #adventurethatislife #tree_capturefolkscenerys #folksouls #lensbible #modernwild #mthrworld #ourmoodydays


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Se uma guerra rebentar entre os homens e as bestas selvagens, estarei do lado dos ursos.