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Kicking back, whitewashed Naxos 🇬🇷 #greekislands #holidays #indiansummer #relax #bikinilife #workrestplay #weightlifting


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Bring me back there .. 💙 🇬🇷


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Santorini looks like it’s posing for postcard photos every way you turn. It’s also Zika-free making it an ideal honeymoon or babymoon spot. (I would know—I went while 4 months pregnant!) It is easy to get around between the islands and each one offers its own flavor. Would love to help you plan a trip to this amazing country!


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Reflecting on the beautiful sunsets of last week #sunset #corfu #greekislands


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Everyone who sees us Knows we're trying to hide it Everyone who knows us Knows we're not good at hiding At all


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Just back from the beautiful Greek Island of Kefalonia where I saw my gorgeous friend Joanne marry the love of her life 💕 . . Cannot put in to words how amazing the whole experience was, from the meet and greet party, the wedding day, the bbq and boat trip. . . Thank you @jogeddesarbonnervp for the best week ever 😘 . . #greekislands #greatfriendships #weddingpartyfun


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Que buena forma de terminar el dia, observando el atardecer de Oia en Santorini y la bandera de Grecia flotando suave. What a wonderful way of ending the day, with the sunset at Oia, Santorini and the Greek flag slowly moving.#oia #santorini #santorinigreece #grecia #greece #viajar #viaje #blogdeviajes #tecuentodelviaje #grecia #descubrir #ciclades #cyclades #relax #sunset #beach #travelphotography #travel #travelgram #greekislands #admire #enjoy #conocer #soydegrecia #dia #fira


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Páros ✅.. last but not least.. Santorini here we come 😎😍 #instaspamming #greekislands #islandlife #paros #onceinalifetime


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I’m dreaming in Greek or dreaming of Greece. ⠀ ⠀ I actually went to Greece without being able to afford it. ⠀ ⠀ I’ll share exactly how:⠀ 1- I became obsessed with Greece ⠀ 2- decorated my bathroom with Greek tiles and red flowers and a print of Santorini⠀ ⠀ A few years later my sister plans a huge family trip to Greece that I couldn’t afford to go and I didn’t have any vacation at work. She felt badly to even talk about it to me because she knew how much I dreamt of going there ⠀ ⠀ She offers to by my ticket and pay for everything. That was awesome but I still didn’t have vacation and I couldn’t lose my job. ⠀ ⠀ So I decided to go do it. I decided I was worth this trip and my job would understand or fire me. ⠀ ⠀ My boss wasn’t happy but he gave me the time off 🤯⠀ ⠀ Then I step into Athens like it’s dream. It was the most amazing trip I’ve been on and more amazing I shared it with my favorite people, my mom, my sister and my brother. ⠀ ⠀ So... yeah manifesting is real. ⠀


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Seeing this vertical wall it's hard to imagine you could climb to the top of Skaros rock pretty easily. The secret is to follow the ascending path on the other side. It's just a steep uphill walk until the last section where it finishes with some rock climbing (the highest climb is only two metres with safe ground below you). At the top of Skaros rock you'll have magnificent 360 views where you see the entire caldera side of Santorini all the way from Akrotiri lighthouse to Oia at the opposite tips of the island.


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New life goals 😍👮‍♀️ #sailing #greekislands #callmecaptain⚓️ #yaghtlife #nightsailing


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Stunning church with the columbo Live volcano hence the orange rusty colour of the sea water. We swam to it and the closer u get the water temperature goes up. #santorinigreece #santorini #greece #greekislands #volcano #livevolcano #church #white #whitechurch #orthodox #rusticwater #sea