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Had a great time at AUGS #pfdweek2018 connecting with other fellows, networking, and learning about new research advances in #urogynecology


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Sparkle of Hope photos came today! Thanks again to the friends and supporters who helped us raise money to #endwomenscancer! * * * #uwmadison #uwobgyn #obgyn #obstetrics #gynecology #uwsmph #onwisconsin #womenshealth


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We’re sick of how women have to choose between risks from the side effects of drugs or tolerating menstrual discomfort. That’s why we developed #nannopad as a holistic option. 👌🏼


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Ladies, it’s Wellness Wednesday and today I’m giving you advice and answering questions on one of the most common topics for a visit I see in the office. Vaginal discharge. Yup I said it. And guess what?....vaginal discharge is normal! And doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, especially with the right products from @ubykotex. Share your questions on discharge with me in the comments! #ad #menstrualheath #vaginalhealth #womenshealth #uby #menstrualheath #vaginalhealth #womenshealth #ubykotex #ubykotexfitness #vagina #gynecology #pelvichealth #dallasgynecologist #jessicashepherdmd


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Please be patient with us and excuse any delay on the website and in office for the next two weeks or so — we’re working hard to improve things for you with a new patient portal!

Ob/Gyn: what’s in my pocket?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • Pregnancy Wheel: more useful for the outpatient setting for initial prenatal visits; super helpful, but I honestly didn’t use it much during my rotation • Tape measure: used this all the time in outpatient during prenatal visits to make sure baby was growing appropriately (pro tip: usually the number of weeks of pregnancy correlates to how many centimeters the tummy measures!) • Maxwell: Great for writing obstetric and post-op notes! • Moleskin Pocket Planner: I use this during all my rotations to jot down anything I remember that I have to do during the day to keep my thoughts organized! • Gloves! A MUST to carry around during labor and delivery! You never know when a baby is ready to pop out and if you don’t have time to gown up and glove in a sterile fashion, better to use some gloves than none at all 😬🤷🏻‍♀️ • Stethoscope: I thought I wouldn’t really need this for this rotation, but important to have for mag checks, high risk pregnancy patients, outpatient clinic, and post-op checks! • Pager, colorful pens, and a new favorite - @awakechocolate - always in my pocket!! This caffeinated chocolate came in SO clutch during long L&D nights 😅🙌🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Anything else you guys have found helpful to carry around during OB/Gyn? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏼 Hope you all have a fabulous day 💕

Hablemos de la MENOPAUSIA. Es un proceso biológico natural que se caracteriza por la desaparición de la menstruación, en consecuencia a la disminución en la producción de estrógenos por los ovarios. Es una etapa en la vida de la mujer que suele ocurrir entre los 45 y 55 años y no debe ser percibida como una enfermedad. PERIMENOPAUSIA es el preámbulo de la menopausia, empieza generalmente alrededor de los 40 años (o antes) y puede durar unos meses hasta 10 años. Durante ese proceso puedes sentir síntomas como ➡ Cambios en el Ciclo Menstrual ❇ Oleadas de Calor ❇ Sudoración Nocturna ❇ Cefalea o Migraña Premenstrual. Los trastornos psicológicos que acompañan el proceso pueden ser ➡ Depresión ❇ Ansiedad ❇ Irritabilidad ❇ Cambios Emocionales ❇ Poca Concentración ❇ Alteraciones de Memoria ❇ Inestabilidad Afectiva. La Menopausia genera cambios y/o alteraciones al nivel de varios órganos o tejidos (vagina, útero, cerebro, mamas, piel y cabello) y éstos se manifiestan en la disminución de pensamientos y deseos sexuales, poca lubricación vaginal, pérdida de contenido adiposo, PH alcalino, relajación pélvica, elasticidad de uretra y vejiga, disminución gradual del colágeno, alopecia, osteoporosis, entre otros. NO ESTÁS SÓLA. Nosotros podemos ayudarte en esta etapa de tu vida. CONSULTAS de GINECOLOGÍA 809.795.9999 #menopausia #menopauseweightloss #menopause #themoreyouknow #salud #health #saludybienestar #perimenopause #womanhealth #ginecologista #ginecologia #gynecology #ginecologo #consultasmedicas #medihealthclinicpc #centromedico #medico #doctor #medicina #menstruacion #period #hotflashes #bochornos #diamundialdelamenopausia


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#gynwednesdays with Subbotina. SOME THINGS BETTER NOT LEFT UNSAID 📍or how to make awkward conversation about STIs a bit less awkward. ⠀ How to pretend something doesn't exist? Right, just don't talk about it. So with time more misconceptions would appear out of nowhere. STIs are among the best examples for stigmatized concept here. It's routine to come for the check ups and discuss your concerns with therapist, dentist, etc. But talk about STIs with specialist or partner? «it’s just too awkward! And you know what? I only had sex with "nice partners" so I should be fine», – it is the most common, yet controversial answer to hear. Because as long as everything is indeed fine, any test wouldn't be a problem 🙂 ⠀ So there are a few steps that would let you stay calm and confident anytime anywhere while talking about testing for STIs. ⠀ 🌱 don't wait for the "right time" to bring up the topic. Just have a small talk with your partner when you are not that busy/aren't doing much on a casual non-sexy relaxed moment ⠀ 💢no, not right before/in the middle of the sex or at the dinner table. ⠀ In case of one-night stand, buck up and ask partner for the recent test ASAP because no matter what, you're the only one who has to live with the results then. ⠀ 🌱don't use talk about STIs as a foreplay. You're just about to ask someone directly about their medical history. These are two opposite things 🙈 ⠀ 🌱be an example yourself, mention your most recent STIs test. This way your partner would feel a bit less disarming talking about their past sexual history + it would be more a casual conversation than just a line of questions. ⠀ 🌱 have some information beforehand. Not to hype STIs up like a big, scary thing, but to know it's just as normal and usual to be tested for STIs as to get your blood count analysis results ✅ ⠀ 🌱 remember that talking about STI with your partner doesn't mean any of you are at risk. But it definitely settles priorities for you and your partner to protect both of you at the first place. ⠀ Stay well, stay healthy 🌿 Looking forward to hear your feedback 💛


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We finally made a rainbow uterus ❤🧡💙💛💚 Now available in our shop ☺ We also want to announce a mid-season sale 😁 Check our profile bio for more info 😊 #uterus #obgyn #obstetrics #gynecologist #gynecology #midwife #nurse #pregnancy #women #anatomy #anatomyart #humananatomy #medical #medicine #doctor


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Bu zorlu günler geride kalacak 😬😇 #tez #eşkıdemcandır #kadındoğum #gynecology #istanbul


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Did you know that most physicians work between 40 and 60 hours per week, but nearly one-quarter of physicians work between 61 and 80 hours per week. Let us help take some of the load off while you're on call! Our team of highly qualified RNs can manage your after-hours patient phone calls... we resolve over 99% of all after-hours calls without contacting the on call provider!