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I am a soap and water kind of girl when it comes to skin care. I don’t like to feel like I have a lot of “stuff” on my face which is why I really don’t wear makeup. I’ve tried several skin care products and didn’t like most of them because I could feel them on my face. I now use Joyōme for several reasons.... 1. I don’t feel it on my face. 2. It’s simple. One cream for in the morning and one for at night after washing with soap and water. 3. My freckles that really come out in the summer and diminished. 4. My skin never feels dry. Improving the microbiome of your skin is simple! Here is what it can do for you: ✅Visibly reduces the appearance of expression lines, like crow’s feet and smile lines ✅Plumps and hydrates leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated ✅Reduces the appearance of visible pores ✅Diminishes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness ✅Improves the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity ✅Enhances brightness and radiance ✅Helps to control oil for a luminous matte finish ✅Quenches and rehydrates thirsty skin ✅Deep lines and wrinkles look visibly reduced ✅Visibly tighter, firmer and more lifted looking skin ✅Gently resurfaces for smoother, more radiant-looking skin ✅Diminishes the appearance of age spots ✅Reduces the appearance of redness for more even tone ✅Helps replenish and protect skin’s moisture barrier Do me a favor....zoom in on the pics. You can tell the difference in my skin tone and the reduction of tone variances. #happyandhealthy #guthealthmatters #joyome #plexusforthewin #smallbusinesslife #healthylifestyle #microbiomehealth

Trust the Process! ❤️ And remember that just when the caterpillar thought it’s life was over, it became a Butterfly 🦋❤️ . . . . #mondaymotivations #happyandhealthy #goodvibestribe #trusttheprocess #transformations #makeachange #spreadyourwings #happyandfree #youdoyou #naturenerd #outdoorsgirl #optoutside #natureismychurch #michigangarden


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Tuna quinoa salad for lunch 🐟🥗 This is one of my "Go To" salads to make if I need to make something super quick and tasty 👌🏼 I mix natural yogurt and mustard with the tuna to make it nice and cream 😍

Debido a que son varios vídeos se los dejé mis stories y también quedarán en mis destacados. Hice una sección específica para ello llamada test d/glicemia. . ¿Por qué es importante conocer el nivel de azúcar en sangre? Porque ayuda a reconocer y evitar niveles bajos de azúcar en la sangre (hipoglucemia) y niveles altos de azúcar en la sangre (hiperglucemia). Especialmente si se sufre de diabetes o si por el contrario no se tiene idea. . LA INSULINA: Es la hormona producida por el páncreas que se encarga de regular y mantener los niveles normales de azúcar en sangre (glicemia). . LA DIABETES: Es una nfermedad crónica e irreversible del metabolismo en la que se produce un exceso de glucosa o azúcar en la sangre y en la orina; es debida a una disminución de la secreción de la insulina• . La voz de alarma debe saltar cuando los niveles de glucosa en sangre estando en ayunas se sitúan entre 100 y 125 mg/dl y después de comer entre los 140 y los 199 mg/dl. ... Se habla de diabetes cuando la glucemia se sitúa por encima de 126 mg/dl en ayunas y de 200 mg/dl dos horas después de las comidas. . Pero también existe la HIPOCLICEMIA: Es la disminución de la cantidad o de los niveles normales de glucosa en la sangre; produce mareos, temblores y cefalea, entre otros síntomas. Y unas de las causas más comunes son: FALTA DE CARBOHIDRATOS EN SU DIETA: cuando consume alimentos con carbohidratos, su sistema digestivo descompone los azucares y almidones convirtiéndolos en glucosa. La glucosa entra en la sangre y aumenta el nivel de glucosa. Si no consume suficientes carbohidratos, su nivel de glucosa en la sangre puede bajar demasiado. AL SALTAR O RETRASAR UNA COMIDA. . ¿CÓMO PREVENIRLA?: Incluyendo carbohidratos en su dieta, especialmente en el día, No saltar las comidas, Haciendo ejercicio, Merendando, Supervisando los niveles con frecuencia. Revisando historial de diabetes en su familia. . [Continúa en los comentarios]


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Amazing food😍❤️ Tag your friends😋 (@buzzfeedtasty) 〰〰 Follow 👉 @TheHungryFriends Follow 👉 @TheHungryFriends 〰〰 📸 Use #thehungryfriends to be featured


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Why do we put things off? Why do we have that, “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality? #earlybirdgetstheworm We fear risk. We hate change. We seek comfort and routine. #humannature It’s time to put #faithoverfear and live as though #tomorrowisnotpromised . Our time to live our #bestlife is now! Don’t wait to feel #happyandhealthy . Find #yourtribe for support! If you don’t have one, I’m here. Just take the #firststep and #believeinyourself today! #lifestartsnow


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Amazing food😍❤️ Tag your friends😋 (@buzzfeedtasty) 〰〰 Follow 👉 @TheHungryFriends Follow 👉 @TheHungryFriends 〰〰 📸 Use #thehungryfriends to be featured


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Exactly as you are. Without any exceptions or caveats. You. Are. Enough. We tend to set these standards for ourselves and let them determine our self worth. "I'll be happy when I lose __ pounds." "I'll feel confident when I fit in size __ jeans." "I'd like my body if it weren't for__." Whatever it is, I want you to challenge it. Imagine your sister or best friend said any of those things to you. Maybe your daughter. What would you say to her? Probably not that she is right and needs to change, am I right? Why is it so easy for us to have grace and kindness for others, yet so hard to have it with ourselves? Its okay to have goals, but they don't detract from the value we have now. This you deserves to be happy. This you deserves to be confident. This you in this body is worthy of love. This you is perfectly enough. #happybalanceproject #mondaymantra * * #loveyourself #loveyourbody #selflove #selfcare #confident #happy #worthy #bodypositive #bodypositivity #mantras #mantra personaldevelopment #growth #growthmindset #happywomen #happyandhealthy #womenempowerment #eatingdisorderrecovery #yoga #mentalhealth #mindbodyspirit #mindbodysoul #loveyourlife #positiveliving #positivevibes #takecareofyourself


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MINDFUL BODIES MONDAY TOPIC: Treadmill Workout 💪🏼 remember to mix it up and keep your body guessing! Have fun #mindfulbodies #motivation #mondaymotivation #fitness #treadmill #endurance #strength #positivevibes #personaltrainer #fitmom #train #happyandhealthy #gymlife


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Happy birthday to my beautiful sister, @gm2081 . When she was still in Boston, she was my motivator, photographer, and designer. She would even stay up with me some nights to help with my arrangements! . I love you. Thank you so much for believing in me and pushing me harder to pursue my dreams. . I wish you the happiest and best birthday 🎂 ever and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next. 😊 . . . . . . . . . . #bouquetappetit #watermelon #watermeloncarving #watermeloncake #happybirthday #sisters👭 #fruitart #nomnom #foodstyling #eventstyling #yummy #healthychoices #beautifulcuisines #gloobyfood #happyandhealthy #eatinghealthy #colouryourplate #eattherainbow #tastetherainbow #eatpretty #foods4thought #bostonfoodies #bostonfoodjournal #nomboston #lovewhatido


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There is no such thing as winter, there is no such thing as winter #positivethinking


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Me and my mini me are all smiles! 😁For two reasons! One- we are at the beach again! For an unexpected last trip! We thought we were done for the season last week!! And two- because we can offer some crazy crazy deals on my get healthy,feel better, get your gut in check, sleep better, have more energy, fit into those fav jeans again, have glowing wrinkle free skin again supplements of mine.... seriously reach out!! I never pressure any of my friends to do something they don’t want to! But I’m sure as HECK not going to let these specials slip by in case you’re ready!! These are the best deals$$$ I’ve seen in 4 years !! Reach out if you’re wanting some no pressure details!! Ends tomorrow! #happyandhealthy #happyandfit #beachlife #beachgirls #momanddaughtergoals #youdeservebetter #guthealth #thesedealsarecrazy #iwillhelpyou #dontmissout #taketimeforyou #naturalisbetter #thisisforty #momlife

What’s my why? Why do I eat healthy? Why do I workout? Why did I become a coach? . It’s not to look like a fitness model. It’s not to be “skinny”. It’s not to become a millionaire. . It’s because first and foremost I want to set a good example for my family. I want them to eat healthier and I want to be there for them for a long time. I want to see my kids grow up and get married and have kids of their own. . I want them to see that just because I am just one person that I can make a huge difference in this world! I want to show them that they can do ANYTHING that they put their mind to. To show them that there are so many people who we can help out there and sometimes all it takes is just a little love to change a persons life. . I want to provide them with a comfortable life and show them that it’s not about their passion to make money. It’s about making money by living their passion! . I am providing my family with not only more financial freedom...but with a better wife, mother, and woman overall. I’ve said goodbye to my faults and my insecurities and I am starting over with this new journey! I am not the same Courtney that I was when I started last year. I have come so far!


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Happy Monday! It’s a rainy day today, which I honestly don’t mind...except that my walk was cut short earlier this morning ☔️ but I guess that’s what treadmills are for right? || 1/4 cup Quaker Oats steel cut oats 🥣 1/2 banana 🍌 strawberries 🍓 blueberries & cinnamon


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Okayyy... meal plan and prep is complete! My fridge has been completely cleaned out, re-organized and re-stocked! I’ve enjoyed sharing my tips on IG stories.. thank you for watching! . . Amy and I are super pumped to kick off Day 1 of our Nutrition Workshop!! It’s going to be life changing and I am proud of our clients for taking this BIG step in their health journey! . . Have a happy & healthy Monday everyone!! 🤗 @amy_earley #fridgecleanout #happyandhealthy #bestlifenow #veggiesmost


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How many of these issues do you struggle with?!? I'm willing to bet at least one! How different would your life be without this struggle? To not being running to the bathroom for an emergency everyday? To not be fighting you next panic attack coming on? To not have those headaches or backaches? To be rid of nerve pain? Sugar cravings when you're not even hungry? Let's get you there! Through tonight, get an extra $10 savings on your journey to wellness! #feelbetter #happyandhealthy #guthealth #anxiety #pcos #pain #arthritis #digestivehealth #fibromyalgia #detox #diabetes #newyou #freshstart


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Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. - Og Mandino As classes start up, I am determined more than ever to make my own health my #1 priority. Both mentally and physically I need to be well in order to preform well in my classes this semester. So bring it on Fall semester. Let’s do this thing!!


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Well I promised you dessert, and here we are! I usually like baking something on the weekends so that we can eat it during the week. But yday I did nothing. We saw my MIL off at the airport and then basically just lazed around at home. Typical Sunday. In PJs, glasses of cocktails, watched Sharp Objects & ordered in Chinese food. All in all, a perfect day. So this is what I baked today instead. Whiskey and saffron bundt cake studded with fat whiskey soaked dark raisins. As always steered clear of frosting and butter 😛 Recipe inspired by my personal favourite @linda_lomelino! Xo, S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tastingtable #heresmyfood #lifeandthyme #youarewhatyoueat #heresmyfood #happyandhealthy #hautecuisines #love_food #foodstyling #pgminseason #thatauthenticfeeling #mytablesituation #fellowmag #foragebyfolk #storyofmytable #bbcgoodfood #tastespotting #foodwriter #authorsofinstagram #thebakefeed #minicakes #dessertlover #dessertporn #gatheringslikethese #bakingday #foodobsession #weekendbaking #vegandessert #bundtcake #saffroncake #whiskey


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Believe in the person that you want to become. Doubt and self criticism are just voices in your head that are jealous of your abilities and your dreams & will do anything they can to stop you from outshining them. Do not let them win. . You can do anything you want if you believe in yourself hard enough to make that dream a reality. You CAN achieve what those voices in your head say you can't. . I'm saying it. Your future self is saying it. Believe it. Because you can! . #believeinyourself #motivationmonday ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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It may not be our first day of school yet but we had a GREAT 1 year checkup! #timeflies #sobig #myboys #happyandhealthy


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Best healthy seed and dryfruits you can have with smootiee in the morning😋This seeds having the combination taste of salty and sweet. . . . . Different type of seeds includes like: Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, Cashew, Red cherry, Flax Seeds,Watermelon seeds, black cherry. . . . Follow @kanicag29 Follow @kanicag29 Follow @kanicag29 . . #healthyfood#perfectfordietician#healthyeating#keepfit#seedssnacks#veganallaround#travelandfood#foodphotography#lovetotakeclicks#loveforfood#notsofoodie#stilllove#wannahavethisagain#instahealthy#followtrain#followbackalways#followforfollowback#instagram#instafitandfresh#happyandhealthy#backtobackupdates#keepupdatedwithme☺️


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Schuyler greens with pesto chickpeas, yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, pecorino & balsamic vinaigrette #summersalad #eatlocal #eatclean #wholefoods #plantbased #crozet #juicebar #youarewhatyoueat #happyandhealthy


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Five days and counting until #thisis36 !🎈🥂🎉 I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am! Life has been like #finewine ... troubles, struggles are all apart of it, of course, but life really has only gotten better. I’m the happiest and healthiest from the inside out that I’ve ever been. If it’s only gotten better to this point, I cannot even wait to see what 36 brings 🤩💃🏼🤸🏼‍♀️ #happymonday #putapepinyourstep #dothedamnthing #wecelebrating #itsmybirthday #thisis35 #fornkw #happyandhealthy #fitandstrong #ificanyoucan