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2 Minutes Ago

| HIBISCUS LEMONADE: A LIVER RESCUE RECIPE | This hibiscus lemonade is just as gorgeous as it is delicious. It’s the perfect show-stopping beverage for your next gathering, and it’s also simple enough to enjoy anytime. Try freezing it into ice cubes and keeping them on hand to make a beautiful hibiscus-infused water on demand. __ In Liver Rescue, I share how hibiscus can support you and your loved ones in healing. Let’s take a look __ Hibiscus: The unique anthocyanin compound that gives hibiscus its red coloring helps rejuvenate the liver, bringing it back to life by cleaning mucus off cell membrane walls and improving the liver’s ability to perform its responsibilities. This herb is also a gallbladder rejuvenator—it cleans off gallbladder walls—and improves the liver’s personalized immune system. __ Hibiscus Lemonade __ Ingredients: 4 cups water, divided 2 teaspoons dried hibiscus (see Tips) ½ cup fresh lemon juice 4 tablespoons raw honey __ Directions: Bring 1 cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Remove the water from the heat and add the dried hibiscus. Allow the resulting hibiscus tea to steep for at least 10 minutes, and then strain the tea into a mug and place it in the fridge to cool. __ In a medium bowl, whisk together the remaining 3 cups of water with the lemon juice and honey until the honey has completely dissolved and a smooth lemonade has formed. When the hibiscus tea has cooled, stir it into the lemonade base and enjoy __ Tips: * Store-bought tea bags can be used as well when loose dried hibiscus is not available. Use 1 hibiscus tea bag in place of 1 teaspoon of dried hibiscus. __ * Alternatively, maple syrup can be used in place of honey. Start by using 3 tablespoons of maple syrup and adjust until the desired sweetness is reached. __ * The recipe above is for a beautiful, light lemonade that anyone can enjoy. If you’re looking for even more medicinal benefits, try using up to 2 more tablespoons of dried hibiscus for a stronger hibiscus lemonade with a powerfully tart flavor. Makes 2 servings #medicalmedium #liverrescue


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Well guys! Yesterday was day number 28 of the @medicalmedium 28 day cleanse program for me, and it’s been a great month. So great that this morning I felt like I didn’t want it to stop. It’s been awesome to have this space for accountability and support, where I could share my journey in a raw and authentic way. Therefor I have just decided to commit to an additional 14 days of the cleanse program. Stay tuned! Much love 💖🍃🥒🍊🍌🍓


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Happy Thursday Indianapolis!! @foundryindy and @goosethemarket are stocked up for your weekend adventures!! Dropped off our Shamans Brew...it's a pu-erh and Palo Santo blend...notes of coconut and cream...delicious #kombucha with no added juice or sugars! 100% real kombucha!! #plantmedicine #infermentationwetrust #healingfoods #healthiswealth #guthealth #love #powerful #raw #livingfood #smallbatch #vegetarian #vegan #paleo #probiotics #shaman #meditate #heal #peaceful #fermentation


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Dagje aan het “preppen”. Verschillende groenten voorgesneden, courgette en kipfilet gegrild en verse bouillon in de maak. Voorraadkast gevuld. Morgen begin ik met een stevig medicijnkuur waar ik nog wel eens niet zo lekker van kan worden. Een goede voorbereiding is dan het halve werk. 🤞🏻 • A day "prepping". Different vegetables pre-cut, zucchini and chicken fillet grilled and fresh broth in the making. Stockcloset filled. Tomorrow I start with a medicine cure that can make me feel sick. A good preparation is half the work. 🤞🏻 • #paleo #paleodiet #aip #aipdiet #autoimmuneprotocol #fodmap #leakygut #healingleakygut #organic #homemade #adrenalfatique #bijnieruitputting #healingfoods #natural #glutenfree #dairyfree #dairyfreediet #foodallergies #recovery #gezondeten #burnout #burnouts


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A great quick chart by @chelseagoldnutrition 🙌🏻 #antiinflammatorydiet #antiinflammatoryfoods #curearthritis #wholefoods #healingfoods #superfoods


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Why do a juice cleanse? 🍏🍐🍉🍇🥒🥕🍋🍍 A juice cleanse is meant to assist in the cleaning or detoxification of organs and cells in your body. • Improving digestion immediately to help dump any waste in the gut • Revitalize cells to improve organ and system functions • Replenish the body with vital minerals and nutrients • Lose fat and water weight • Improve overall well being We make all plans specific to you Find out today 🍹 #lobuenojuices


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No need to complicate things • Adding a bunch of produce together just to get everything you need takes away from the effectiveness Balance and purpose ~ All three (carrot, ginger, apples) combined make an extremely effective digestive aid for those who suffer from: • Constipation • Indigestion • Bowel movement • Antioxidants • Upset stomach • Anxious stomach (those who know) Let Lo Bueno help your body get back on track! #lobuenojuices


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Make it a combo 🍏🥒🍍🍋 One for work and one for the workOUT - Juicing is beneficial because it provides all your needs nutrients in one bottle - Cold Pressed juices are the most nutrient dense beverage you can consume DM us and find out more about our weekly plans and specials #lobuenojuices


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I have always been a creative person; definitely right-brain dominant. I always felt like the analytical side of my brain never really fired like it does for others. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing, it’s just how my mind works, but it led to never really taking calculated steps in most of the things I’ve worked on. I started this instagram back in December of 2016 because I needed a creative outlet for all of my paleo recipes. I always looked at other “influencers” and saw all of the cool new products they would get from companies and parter with their favorite brands and I thought “that would be so cool, but that won’t happen for me.” Now, I walk around Whole Foods and see companies that I have worked with and partnered with. I don’t say this to gloat in anyway, trust me that’s not my style, but instead to tell you that if this is something you want to do, you totally can! Whatever it is you want to do, just do it, just start it. You don’t have to know everything to begin something, you just have to start. Take that first step, I promise it’s not a scary as it seems. I have learned so much from starting Nourished Wellness, things I never would have learned otherwise. I also love what I do because I am generating an income from wherever I am and whenever I want. Having a chronic illness isn’t conducive for holing a 9-5 job and that is why I love what I do. At the beginning of this year I took another leap and decided to add Beautycounter, a safer skincare and make up brand, to my business. Beautycounter was never something I saw myself doing but I am loving it. It fits right into what I am so passionate about; I don’t have to compromise my standards to fit theirs. That’s a big deal to me. I get to be part of a movement that is going to help people understand the dangers of toxins and the roll they play in disease. This was already something I was talking about before I’d even heard of Beautycounter. My whole point in this post is to encourage you to do what you are passionate about, just start it, even if you are scared what other will think. You never know what possibilities you are missing out on. Please reach out to me if you have any question on how I star


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Feels like a good day to make a batch of Organic Elderberry Syrup 🍇 sweetened with Manuka Honey 🍯 . . #elderberrysyrup #elderberries #organicelderberries #organics #manuka #manukahoney #fitlife #fitmom #fitfamily #healingfoods #justeatrealfood #nosupplementsneeded #raisingtinyhealthyhumans


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Did you know unmet basic needs can lock children out of the education system? This is especially true for young girls who have to help their mothers with daily tasks like collecting water. Through meeting basic needs and custom tailored accelerated programs, we help at risk children overcome obstacles and unlock their future.


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What’s your drink of choice? #opendrinklove


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Love for apples ❤️


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When you're thinking that oatmeal is ok but..... how about trying Meusli? You may be surprised that CW Post and Kellogg have a connection to it too. There is a quick little article on the blog today. Click on the bio to get the direct link. . . . . . . . . . #emotionaleating #journeytohealth #healthierlife #fitmomma #workingonmyself #doingitforme #notadietalifestyle #nondietdiet #healthish #nondietapproach #flexibleeating #mindfuleating #thenewhealthy #plantbasedrecipes #planteater #plantbasedifestyle #wholefoodsplantbased #wfpb #wfpbno @healthyguts #loveyourguts #nutrientrich #healingfoods #guthealing #bodypositive #begoodtoyourbody #capsulepantry #ahhcapsulepantry

Who knew celery was a miraculous superfood?! We learned all about the amazing benefits celery juice has through following @medicalmedium and it blew our mind! So, my husband and I decided to try a 10-Day Celery Juice Cleanse and I’m sharing all about it on the Blog. Why we did it, how we felt during/after and things to consider if you want to try it! Link in Bio! #celeryjuice #medicalmedium #healthcleanse #wellness #lifestyleblogger #superfoods #healingfoods

GREEN SMOOTHIE MAKING 🌿🍊🍃🍌 Directly after waking up I'm making 3 liter lemon water 🍋🍋🍋 inspired by @medicalmedium in three 1 liter jars, so I have the overview how much I have drank. At the end of the day 🌜the jars have to be empty. I'm drinking on my empty stomach 1 liter after waking up. The other 2 liter throw out the day. After this I'm making a green smoothie for me, again 1 liter. Sipping on it while thinking about my plans for the day. The most people on this planet 🌍 are chronically dehydrated and eat to little mineral rich leafy greens 🍃🍀🌿. Drinking more and making green smoothies is my advice for people who want to eat healthier but don't have time. Both is not complicated but making a huge difference. After this I'm cleaning my apartment and starting my day. By the way that is not everything I'm drinking. I'm cooking 1 liter tea 🍵 for me: nettle leaf, raspberry leaf and lemon balm in change. I like to drink it cold in summer 🌻. Nettle is an adaptogen and strengthens the body and is rich in iron and other minerals. Nettle leaf is great for women and lemon balm is claiming my over active mind. I'm a high sensitive person and often overexcited and emotional and it's difficult for me to come down. How do you start the day? 📷 @wurstsalateinszwo

When you find seeded grapes: Now choosing between eating them raw/solid or using the whole bag to make one glass of raw juice has become a major life decision! 🤦🏽🤣 #rawfruit #rawjuice #seededgrapes #benefitofgrapes #grapeseedoil #naturalhaircare #fruitforskincare #fruitislife #electricfruit #holistic #healingfoods #organic #highfrequency #alkaline #balance #plantbased

To keep inflammations down you need to eat alot of antioxidants and greenfood aswell as healthy fat from avocados, nuts and fish. If you suffer from hashimotos you should be careful about nightshade plants ( tomatoes, aubergine, chili, potatoes, yams, bellpeppers etc), cruzifero plants, grains, dairy and legumes. Sometimes you can even see an antibodie-rise from eggs so caution is recommended here. But for other inflammatory diseases it doesn’t matter. Al veggies are good guys. #healthydiet #antiinflammatorydiet #antiinflammatoriskkost #hashimotosweightloss #healinghashimotos #hashimotoswarrior #superfood #superfoods #plantbasedfood #detoxfood #foodasmedicine #foodstagram #healthychoices #healthyeating #kitchenwitchery #greenwitchcraft #plantmagic #healingfoods #rawfood #rawvegan #hashimotoshealing #foodismedicine #hashimotosfighter #epilepsywarrior #eatyourveggies #veganpower #healingautoimmune #healyourbody #guthealth

Autumn is for me the season of slow food... Today a nice stew of farro, porcini and pumpkin with rosemary and some warming spices. Mmmm. - @healingfoods_margaretha #farro #porcini #pumpkin #slowfood #slowcooking #healingfoods #healingfood #autumnfoods #natureheals #nutrioncoaching #nutritioncoach #5elementsfood #voedingisjemedicijn #helendevoeding #gezondevoeding

Oats improve your fertility especially when you as a woman suffer from an irregular menstruation cycle or less endometrial development in your uterus lining. And for you as a man when you suffer from pre ejaculation. You can eat the oat grain cooked as in a porridge/soup or in dry form like flakes whatever your body and appetite prefers... - #oats #fertilityfoods #healingfoods #fertilityfood #fertilityproblems #fertilitycoach #fertilitydiet #fertilitynutrition


2 Hours Ago

🌟APPLE CHALLENGE WINNER - DAY 12🌟repost from @rochvd A Apple a day keeps the Doctor away, this Old Statement cant be more true. I had bad Pancreatitis, was obese, bad skin and overall just very unhealthy. Since the Medical Medium Protocol, my pancreatitis has improved so much, my skin is glowing and ive lost 50 kg/110 Ibs of weight. My liver is so much more happy and healthy. I absolutely adore apples, they are a great meal, snack and just pick you up fruit. Living in South-Africa it gives me the opportunity to enjoy diffrent kinds of apples. We have apple farms in Cape Town over 80 years old. We are truly Blessed with the Medical Medium sharing all this information with us. #medicalmedium @medicalmedium


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First breakfast bowl of the jungle and we couldn’t stop from there! 😍 if you’re tired of just having smoothies and miss your cereal in the morning, these were one of our favorite ways to take care of that. 😍 . . . Making any smoothie (raw vegan ingredients of course!) and adding fresh fruit, granola, and super foods on top are a great way to get all of your nutrients in one, while enjoying the textures and flavors you know and love! This one is a Matcha-Infused Bowl by our favorite @healingbutterfly using their Traditional Matcha! 🍵 We LOVE Superfood infused foods! They give us all the antioxidant and nutrient potency we need while traveling. ❤️🤗😋🎉🤩 #superfood #superfoodsmoothie #superfoodbowl #rawbowl #rawfood #rawfooddiet #rawfoodie #foodie #detoxdiet #detoxlife #detoxyogacouple #vegan #veganism #veganlife #veganchef #rawchef #rawliving #healthyfood #foodie #breakfastbowl #rawfoodhealing #rawfoodheals #healingfoods #healingfood #healthyliving #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthy #healthyeating


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Didn't have much at home, so I made this easy chia pudding for lunch! All you need is chia seeds and plantbased milk. I used almond milk. If you prefer some sweetness, you can add some agave syrup as well. 🌿 2,5 tbsp chia seeds 1 cup of plantbased milk Optional: 1 tsp agave syrup Mix it all together with a spoon or simply add everything together in a jar, put the lid on and stir it. Let it sit in the fridge for 1 hour or more (Yeah, so it's not that you can eat it right away. Sorry. But if you make it the night before, you can have it for breakfast!) I made it look fancy by placing banana slices against the jar and also added some raspberries on top. Freakin good! 🍌