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8 Days 13 Hours Ago

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2018-08-14 18:11:58

Day 2 of “do nothing because you are sick”... so I saged the house with dragons blood to rid the air of any bacteria I may be carrying... drove out all negative energies... bedtime is calling and I am feeling better...#dragonsbloodsage #outwithbadenergy #healingallaround #heartstruggles


2018-05-23 09:33:55

These are words I've been clinging to, but I've also been afraid of them. God has been speaking abundance over me. He's been telling me to hope, and honestly, I've been kind of mad at Him about that. The last several years feel like they've been filled with endless cycles of hope and disappointment and God promising new things are coming, but I've yet to see the fruit. I know He could do it. But will He? Or will all of this hoping just lead me to more disappointment? That's why it's been so hard to let go. That's why my knuckles have turned white as I grasp for control. I want to believe Him. I want to trust Him. But it's hard to let go and trust that He is good and He will bring about exactly what He said He would when I feel like He's let me down before. Maybe you know that feeling. Maybe you're standing there too somewhere between hope and doubt, between believing God and wanting to take matters into your own hands or walk away from this thing all together. I get it. I do. The waiting is hard especially when it's been dotted with one too many disappointments. But this is the time we most need to wrestle with and remember who God is. Do we believe He is good? Do we believe He is faithful? And it's okay if we need to wrestle those questions down. If we need to wrestle God down. He can take it. And the wrestling will only make our faith stronger. Like Jacob when He wrestled the Lord all through the night, hold on until you have your answers, until you see the deliverance of the Lord. Until the refrains of your endless hallelujah fly out of your hear as you worship God for doing exactly what He said He would. #truth #crowningjewels #propheticwords #trust #godisgood #heartstruggles #hope #hopeforthejourney #disappointments #inthewaiting


2018-05-06 22:19:38

The not so good feels.💔


2018-04-20 11:08:09

Why is it so hard for me to let go of the baby chapter? Like, I would keep having babies just for the sake of having one in my arms. This big gap that gets momentarily filled and then emptied again... and babies aren’t even EASY! 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s this magical bond that just the two of you share... and then they turn 2 and it’s over. I’ve known since the day I found out that Eli was with me that I would need to come to terms with him being the caboose for our family. I spent that entire pregnancy looking at everything from a new perspective. My growing belly, changing body... the discomfort and pain... his movements... I CHERISHED it all. I didn’t want my pregnancy to end because I knew that everything was going to be the ‘last time’. I’m positive that the emotional and mental strongholds I brought into the delivery room played a huge part in his birth journey. I didn’t want to let him go from that safe place. As much as I was ready to meet him, it meant that I was getting that much closer to an empty space again. I so wanted to believe that the ‘we’re done’ feeling would come after he was born. I waited for the ‘complete’ feeling... and it never came. I prayed daily for the Lord to remove the desire for more children from my heart. If the desire would just go away, I wouldn’t have the need to fill this gaping hole. But I had it all wrong! I’m definitely not the smartest sheep in the herd... but I’m slowing coming to the realization that the gap was never suppose to be filled with children. It wasn’t suppose to be filled with my husband, my job, or my church. It’s meant to be filled with Jesus. I’m sure He’s looking at me with the same frustration I bring to Him and saying ‘It’s ME!!! It’s always been ME! It will always be ME! Can’t you see? All that pain is for ME! It’s mine! That place in your heart was made for ME! Sweet child, only I can fill that place. Completely. Perfectly. WHOLE-Y!’ 😭🙌🏼❤️ It’s a daily process. A daily struggle. But it doesn’t have to be. Find that painful place and hand it over. You weren’t meant to struggle. Only He can complete it. ❤️ #heartstruggles


2018-04-16 04:51:43

‘To treat our day, to treat our night’ ⚖️ • ..This image of bliss invokes an article by Sarah Wilson after she had interviewed Louise Hay, reflecting life lessons that spoke to her (& imagine so many of our) heart struggles. •• What resonated, was the importance of that first hour of our day. So many of us jump out of bed (in alarm, to an alarm), skip breaky & dash for that first coffee (of many) to get us out the door. Our body launches into our protective ‘fight or flight’ response; our nervous system becomes heightened & in turn reactive & depleted; resourceful energy is taken from our capacity to rest, digest & heal. This constant stress response (‘prana taker’) drains us long term, resulting in the next quick fix to get through our day & waking exhausted to begin the cycle again.. •• To uncover a more balanced energy exchange, simply : ‘start slow’ : Gracefully & gradually easing our way from sleep to wake. It may mean getting to bed a little earlier to enable you to rise a little earlier (without all the rush / or before little ones need you). For me it is opening my blinds to let light in & relaxing back into bed to focus on my breath, listening to the nature sounds outside my window & pondering how I’d like my day to be. This is shortly followed by a hydrating balcony cuppa (of a herbal tea / lime in warm water). Yes, of course, there are some moments when I am rushing for that Aeropress with coconut milk & out the door before my eyes have completely opened but gosh what a difference it makes to my day & night, when I start the day slow / #pausetorestore •• As Sarah writes of Louise Hay : (her day) started by thanking her bed for the sleep (!), stretching, having a tea, then going back to bed to read. Just because she liked it. She even made a great bedhead so she could be at the best angle to read. •• Although we can’t all wake to open our blinds to an ocean view like this one, we can certainly welcome in light & a serene perspective. To be well x •• 🙏 Thank you @_sarahwilson_ & @louise_hay_affirmations for your legacy of remedying heart struggles, in your own unique & much appreciated ways. •• See : ‘7 Louise Hay insights for healing your life’ 💛