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Got a raise in cholesterol 📈😋🔥


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Tune in live to @yourcarolina this Friday between 10 and 11AM to hear about Frances’ transformation! #thehealthdare #tryit #idareyou #beforeandafter


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Meet Cara the Carrot! 🥕 #kidfitnation #carrot #superveggieheroes


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One of the ingredient in Purtier #stemcell is #growing #beautifully in my #bacolny #aloevera (Highly Concentrated) ([200:1] 10mg) Promotes health and has #beautifying effects, contains numerous kinds of #aminoacids , active #enzymes, #vitamins, more than 76 types of #nutrients and 200 types of #nutrition complexes, which are the necessary #ingredients to maintain a #healthy #metabolicsystem. We only need ONE #powerful #hero #product #hightechnologies #convenient #fastandeffective #affordable for all #stroke #diabetes #singapore #purtier #diabetesawareness #brasilcancer #diabeteskuwait #highcholesterol #cancer #stroke

🍃Why would a #pharmacist take Plexus gut health supplements?!🍃 Pharmacist Brad Perdue says, “HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE , HIGH CHOLESTEROL, HIGH LIPID LEVELS & HIGH LIVER ENZYMES- GONE, GONE, GONE & GONE! 👊🏻💥😲🙌 . I'm pleased to report that Plexus is working wonders for me! Measurable results too! I just had blood work done to switch to a new life insurance policy and the results were so good that I was rated super preferred! . Three years ago I had #highcholesterol, #highbloodpressure, #highlipidlevels and #elevatedliverenzymes all resulting in a higher premium and increased risk of heart disease (and who knows what else). . I've been able to bring these measurements into the normal range through the use of our natural, #plantbased 🌱#guthealthsupplements, without having to resort to a bunch of meds.💊 . Other measurable results include fewer daily calories (I eat A LOT less and make better choices now), smaller grocery bills ($avings)💰, fewer naps (I don't even need an afternoon coffee) ☕, plus I lost 20 lbs. 🙌 All the credit goes to Plexus! I used several products regularly and started making changes to my diet when I started craving better foods 🍅🥦 . I'm so glad I started my Plexus journey." 🙌❤️ . Pretty incredible, right? Brad uses the same gut health supplements I do! #preventionoverprescription #naturalhealth #weightloss #naturalenergy#holistichealth #alldiseasebeginsinthegut#allhealthbeginsinthegut #gethealthy #takebackyourhealth #youreworthit #malehealth #dadbod #dadlife #healthyfromtheinsideout


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#aloevera leaf is a miraculous healing food that is one of the oldest healing remedies and #naturalantibiotics in the world. Taken internally, aloe works wonders for #assimilation, #circulation, and #elimination. It is known to #purifytheblood, #reduceinflammation, ease #arthritis pain, prevent #kidneystones, lower #highcholesterol, prevent #candida, boost physical #endurance, benefit #cardiovascular health, and protect the body from #oxidativestress. It also soothes #ulcers, #hemorrhoids, #gastritis, #diverticulitis, #colitis, #irritablebowelsyndrome, and other #digestive disorders. Aloe provides recovery from #fatigue and aids in #musclefunction as well as optimal utilization of several #vitamins, #minerals, and #enzymes. It’s alkaline nature, helps to soothe #acidosis and alkalinize the whole body. Aloe’s clear gel can be applied externally to soothe and relieve pain from sun burn, rashes, bug bites, scratches, and wounds as well as deeply hydrate the skin to prevent wrinkles and aging. It can also be massaged into the hair and scalp to stimulate hair growth and can be used as a toothpaste or mouthwash to keep the mouth healthy, clean, and free from plaque producing bacteria. Modere's Aloe Vera Made with pure, premium quality, organic Aloe Vera Formulated with natural fruit juices Aloe Vera gel & Aloe Vera polysaccharides support intestinal tract cleaning & gastrointestinal health* Contains naturally-occurring electrolytes to support cellular function* Features natural honey to aid in digestive regularity & provide digestive support* Made with natural pear juice to support energy production & immune function* Delicious, sweet flavor Drink our Aloe Vera supplement to optimize digestion* and live clean. $10 off your first order (cannot be combined with other offers)


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September is National Cholesterol Education Month- According to the CDC, more than 102 million Americans have have high cholesterol levels and 35 million of those are at risk for heart disease! Take this time to get your blood cholesterol levels checked and become a healthier you. • • • #cholesterol #highcholesterol #nationalcholesteroleducationmonth #heart #nationalcheeseburgerday #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #arcpointlabs #healthandwellness #heartdisease


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Here is a picture back when I was dumber and had more alcohol than water or whatever in my blood. Word from the old and wise: a bottle of Tanduay for 4-5x a week from your late teens to your early 20s, you will pay for big time in your 30s #highcholesterol #fattyliver But due to a combination of asian genes, decent skin care, regular hydration and MOST IMPORTANTLY i love what i do for a living, i can usually still pass off as a 27 year old lesbian at my age. At this point in my life, i take that as a compliment. Lol. Money is good. Money is GREAT. I buy shit i love because of it. I get to travel and eat amazing food because of it. But I'll always believe how you make it is it is far more imporant than how much you make. Work hard and be kind. We are living in dark times. Be the light. You know we need it now more than ever. The positivity you will spread will be far more valuable than the zeroes you will add to your bank account. If you have been moved my this post, please PM me and i will send you bank my bank deets. Mahal ang dog food. Loko lang. #mysleepingpillsarekickingin


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Amazing fast healing effect of #purtier #livecelltherapy #stemcell "Hello everyone! My name is Thai. Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. Actually it started with just a minor wound, but after about 2-3 days of fever, my mom had to go the hospital with decreasing blood pressure, and her heart stopped beating. When she was discharged, i didn't want to eat anything when i saw her wound. I was very lucky as I was then introduced to Purtier by my friend Kim who just came back from Singapore. I decided to give it to my mother as I heard that this product is very good. After 5 days a miracle happened. Her skin became less red and i could tell that the wound was recovering quickly day by day. With that pace, i firmly believe that it will fully recover within 2-3 months. My mom took 6 pills/day, and used up 1 bottle in 10 days. We are very thankful to Kim. The effectiveness and speed is very good. I have never seen such a product in Vietnam. I hope this product can come into Vietnam soon to save more lives." #diabetes #healing #health #vietnam #riway #riwayvietnam #singaporebrand #globalmarket #hightechnologies #fast #effective #convenient #affordable #supplements #superfoods #notdrug #diabetesvietnam #diabetesusa #diabeteshongkong #diabetessingapore #diabetesawareness #diabetesindonesia #onecapsule #heartproblem #highcholesterol

Mama's gettin' healthy, is one of the reasons I continue to share about Plexus. :) When mama is not feeling well, it effects the whole family! Laura's shares: "Most of you don't know this, and it's pretty personal, but if it helps someone in the same situation as me, it's worth it. I have a hormone imbalance that affects multiple systems: blood sugar, thyroid, #ovariancysts, #infertility, #fatigue, mood. Despite daily blood sugar and thyroid pills for the past 7 years, I'm left exhausted, moody, craving sweets, and we even had to resort to fertility treatments to have our sweet boys. The turning point for me was at my most recent doctors appointment: I was told I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol. I realized that I needed to take action and get to the root cause of my problems. Enter Plexus. I came across Plexus through a friend with the same #hormone condition who has now been able to get off of all her medications. I was interested because instead of just treating my symptoms, Plexus works to treat the root causes: #bloodsugar, #guthealth, and #inflammation. These 3 issues are the cause of so many health issues: skin problems, being #overweight, #infertility, #cravings, #fatigue, bloating, #autoimmuneconditions, #headaches, sleeplessness, #highcholesterol, the list goes on and on. I've been on a Plexus regimen since Christmas and so far, I don't crave sweets, which is huge. HUGE. My moods are more stable. My hormones are balancing. I have energy throughout the day, even with our active Gavin and always-on-the-go Jack. I'm ready to eat organic and join a yoga class again. I can't wait to see my lab work at my next appointment. I'm so excited and am ready to finally feel better! 2016 is the year I take care of me. Maybe Plexus can help you, too.


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Kick your #toasttuesday up a notch with our fig & ricotta recipe! If you like sweet & creamy, you’ll love this 😍⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ 1. Toast bread of choice. ⠀ 2. Top with ricotta cheese, sliced figs, and crushed walnuts. Drizzle with honey or maple syrup & enjoy! #rdapproved


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Let’s stop the trend of dieting for summer and eating whatever we want going into fall and winter. Instead, this year, let’s fall into health (see what we did there 😉) and keep the healthy lifestyle going all year round for all the years to come! Double tap if your in! #kitchryhealth


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Dinner last night was based on a recipe from @ozlems_turkish_table new, fabulous recipe book. You can find it on page 151. It is called Aubergines, lentils and peppers cooked in olive oil. I don’t like lentils so left them out. Topped it up with a lovely piece of salmon. It was delicious. Thanks Ozlem.

🤣 Likely true! Yesterday hubs and I had to have some routine bloodwork done for our annual health assessments. We’re waiting for our good results and wouldn’t be surprised to find Frankincense in our results. 💉 Just sayin’...🤷🏼‍♀️😁 . 🍋I’ve been taking Lemongrass essential oil daily in a veggie capsule to help with random elevated cholesterol. I also add to my veggie cap: 👉🏻DDR Prime to support my entire body from my brain to immune system to my muscles 👉🏻Cilantro to detox my body and release unnecessary toxins 👉🏻Grapefruit for detoxifying and cleansing my organs 👉🏻Copaiba to keep my mind and body calm and relaxed💆🏼‍♀️ . When you’re ready to start your own daily routines of health and wellness, I’m here to help. 👭 If it sounds overwhelming - I get it - and I will help you find a routine that is easy and works for you. 🤗 If you already have oils in your home and want to start a daily regimen and need help getting started, I’m happy to chat! . Be well, loves. 💞💫


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Another food that is just as versatile as potatoes in the healthy eating club is Plantain. @dietmunchers we make it Grilled, swallow Peppersoup, steamed with sauce. Our favourite type to go to because of it wide health benefits would always be unripe plantain. Suitable for diabetes, weightwatching, high blood pressure & high cholesterol. Serving hot on our menu today. #food #nigeriafood #healthyeating #highbloodpressure #diabetes #weightloss #dietmuncherstuesdaymenu #highcholesterol #lagos #nigeria #dietaryrequirement

High blood pressure (hypertension) increases your chance of heart disease and is dangerous because it often has no symptoms. Hence, it is recommended to have a blood pressure test at least once every two years. . (Source: The Heart Truth) . . . #thkd #thomsonhospitalkd #thomsonhospital #thomsonmedical #thomson #centreofexcellence #malaysia #malaysiahealthcare #healthcare #doctor #cardiology #heart #heartdisease #healthyheart #heartdiseaseawareness #heartattack #hearthealth #healthfirst #bloodpressure #hypertension #cholesterol #highcholesterol #highbloodpressure #symptoms #goodhealth


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This is your body on STRESS! But don’t forget-there are 3 types of stress. 1. Physical 2. Chemical 3. Emotional . . The body responds the same way no matter the stressor. This stress response is absolutely necessary for survival in a stressful environment. If your body wasn’t able to adapt to stress and fight/flight, you would die right away. HOWEVER, it is now being stimulated chronically and our body is not designed to withstand this LONG TERM chronic stress. . . People are walking around in the same state they would be if they were running from a tiger (fight or flight)-doesn’t it feel that way? Irritated, short-tempered, anxious, short, distracted, unable to concentrate and connect, not only that but chronically staying in fight or flight keeps you from activating your parasympathetic nervous system which is the part of you that aids in digestion, healing and sleeping. Just look at what’s ailing people these days and you will see they are all conditions of chronic stress. . . . This is the key to understanding all disease. Eliminate the stressors, heal the body. . . . The #chiropractic adjustment is designed to eliminate one of the most chronic and devastating physical stressors the body has to endure. Misalignments in the spine send noxious stressful chemicals to the brain all day long. A joint that is never corrected will then degenerate and affect the nerves that branch from the spine and innervate the organs. The reason why chiropractors have helped with nearly every condition you can think of is because the adjustments help to reduce the stress response, calming the sympathetic fight or flight response and increasing the parasympathetic (healing) part of the nervous system. . . . Chiropractic is NOT a treatment. It is designed to remove interference (stress) so that the body can heal and function as designed. Your body does the healing, once the stressor is removed. . . . Do you get adjusted?