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8 Minutes Ago

💖🌬✨🕊🌞🌱 Last night I did a guided meditation, mostly because I have done very little meditation and I know very little about meditating. It was the most enlightening experience, I got to talk to my higher self, who showed me so much. Afterward I felt so calm, and light. I could actually breathe. I finally realized how much there is to me, I’m not small and unimportant. I also had some epiphanies, and so now I know what direction I am going in💕💖✨ #meditation #autumn #autumn🍁 #mountain #mountains #myphoto #witchesofinstagram #witches #witch #witchcraft #spiritual #spirituality #meditationspace #higherself #magic #clarity #photography #fall


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1 Day 16 Hours Ago

| C O N D I T I O N A L C A R E | people don’t realise that their care and value only comes when its them treating you how ever they feel like, and you have no say in the matter. . Unconditional care is being able to let someone know they’ve hurt you or to give them understanding that something they are doing is not ok and requires more of a team effort on their part, and them not getting offended, but loving you all the more for pointing it out to them. . However, people will only listen to how you say it and it really is important to say it well, but we aren’t always perfect depending on how much people like to cause actions that make our heart ache. There are the smart few that will listen through the not best approach and they still hear you- but people like this are few and far between, why? Conditional care. There are so many walking hurt people out there that the only thing they can think of is how much they’ve been hurt...they are not able to see how their conditional care is hurting others. Last post we talked about unconditional love, but this equivalent is the balance to understand the good from the bad or the consequences rather. Conditional love and care is the reason why more than 76% of the world is depressed. This is why it is so important to heal from past hurts, to continue to grow and be at peace and get better. No one in the history of the world ever chocked from swallowing their pride. #heal #live #life #business #success #coach #fun #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #extra #sensory #perception #higherconsciousness #higherself #bestself #balance #soul #light #love #relationships #lifequotes #vision #subconscious #consciousness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #power #rich #abundance


1 Day 19 Hours Ago

| B I R T H D A Y | for me the day of birth means a big celebration, a day of gratitude 🙏 for the fact you were born, what you bring into this life and this world with you, just being you and gratitude for the people around you who treat you consistently well, who grow with you, who unconditionally love you, and you them and they do their best to treat you better and be better everyday and show you they truly value and appreciate you all the time & vice versa- thank you for all the birthday love. ❤️💖💫 It truly makes a person feel amazing to have truly wonderful people around them who value you as a human being. Happy birthday to all the people out there 💖🍑💐


3 Days 24 Hours Ago

| S T R E N G T H | 🛑 READ THIS POST IN FULL 🛑....it takes a lot to get through life- more so it’s accepting the way it is here on Earth and it is a constant battle, another strings attached on this planet. You want your dreams to come true, never stop fighting, growing, getting better, it is the only positive way to do it. Don’t react, even if there are a million people trying to drag you down, just keep being true to yourself and true to your dreams and keep fighting everyday for them until they are fulfilled. If you do find your dreams difficult to come to fruition; say things like “my dreams are easily fulfilled” repeat this positive affirmation everyday and see the changes. A lot of the time when things are going wrong for you the only way to counteract the negative responses in your brain is to say and invite the exact opposite of what is happening. You can use this tool for anything;...”money comes easily to me, I am easily and deeply respected, easily things work out for me, I am easily trained and promotions come easily to me.” You need the theoretical tools as much as you need the practical to get better, because the theoretical invite the practical to come to you for the dream to be real. This is the power of positive affirmation. #lettherebelight


7 Days 3 Hours Ago

| S M A L L W I N S | again I like to look back on the 13th and see how far I’ve come. Today I am thankful that I have my life, that I am able to live it with freedom and that I made the Emergency Response Team (ERT) at work! Small wins are in fact BIG wins, you only need to stick at them for them to grow. :) What are you thankful for? #lettherebelight


10 Days 19 Hours Ago

| L I G H T | . Although domestic violence does not have a gender, it occurs with all genders, however this statistic is one we simply can’t ignore. In “Domestic Violence we now hear one woman each week is being killed by her partner or an ex”- on Channel 7 4:30pm news 8/10/18. . I am using many passages of the bible here because many partners stay due to religious reasons without considering that in fact there is not any peace and it does not require you to help the person...you do not have to stay! . There is nothing in the bible that requires us to stay with our partners that abuse. Jesus actually abhors any type of violence where be it; physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional or otherwise, nor does it require a woman to be submissive to her partner and treated in a disrespectful manner. . Or the children. In passages: (Psalm 11, Proverbs 3&10) Time and again violence is considered wicked and “detestable to the lord”. In particular violence against women is condemned. . In Jewish law, rape was viewed as equivalent to murder (Deut 22:26) as was pressuring a woman physically (Deut22:25-27) or psychologically (Deut22:28-29). In Old Testament narratives, rape is viewed as an “outrage” (Nebalah), a term that is only used 13 times in the Old Testament and is reserved for extreme acts of violation and oppression. . (Isaiah 42:3, Matthew 26:52, Mark 10:41-55) This new revolution modelled by Jesus himself - means that ‘the powerful should give up their privilege to the vulnerable, the abuser should stop using violence against those powerless to resist, & the institution should stop ignoring the trauma of the abused survivor’. . In other words divorce is allowed in the bible if there are acts of violence against a person, to stay is allowing acts of violence to yourself and your family, loving justice & acting justly means refusing to tolerate abuse, (Ephesians 5:11-13). If an institution or church ignores your right to freedom and peace, find another church...there are many “safe houses” out there now where you will never be found. To experience light we must continue our path of unconditional love for ourselves and others. #lettherebelight


24 Minutes Ago

👁🎵👁FOLLOW @theonenesssolution 👈👈👈⚡️⚡️⚡️ #jagzmeow ⭕️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🌅🌅🌅 JAGUAR MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL:: Know your truth. Dogma is a set of rules, principles, or beliefs that have been created by HUmans in this physical Dimension with the expectation of being followed by others. From a Soul perspective, dogmatic thinking is a facade, because each Soul has its own truth. And that path is not to be shared by all because that path will not best serve all. ••• With assistance from your Guides, your Higher Self has created a unique blueprint for Soul's Journey that cannot be fulfilled by following the rules set forth by another. The language of the Soul is "Intuition" and you have the ability to be in constant contact with it. You instinctively know if something is right or wrong for you. Many beliefs concerning the mysteries of Spirit will cross your HUman path and you will innately know which ones to hold onto and which ones to discard. If something resonates with you, keep it. ••• If it doesn't make sense to you, then it's not right for you. You are the Creator of the belief system that works best for you. The Mantra of this message is to thine own self be true. ✨ #jamesvanpraagh 🔳🔳🔳 #selfcareissacred #nebelung #nebelungsofinstagram #888 #starseed


27 Minutes Ago

Love me some oracle cards! 🙌🏻💖🌟🧚‍♀️💜 Such beautiful images & divine feminine wisdom. Purchased from @karenreidhealer


26 Minutes Ago

A little family, nature and sunshine, just what we needed. So much amazing healing energy happening right now💜✨ . . . Continue to follow the ✨@toriesmith.inspire . . . #magic #family #together #lightworker #empathicgangster #journey #positivevibes #peace #god #empath #manifestation #lead #spiritualhealing #spiritualgrowth #love #compassion #nature #spiritualboss #believe #abundance #starseed #patience #spirituality #souljourney #higherself #consciousness


28 Minutes Ago

Originally posted by @robinmartinyoga Paschimottanasana ♥️ The seated forward fold. I do so many standing forward folds, I often overlook this seated version. It’s such a wonderful pose with so many benefits, including opening the hamstrings and stretching the spine and is said to calm the mind and reduce stress. A great modification for this forward fold is to place a blanket (or in my case, a rolled up towel) under the seat. This helps tilt the pubic bone forward, creating more space to lengthen the spine. A strap is great if you have tight hamstrings. I like to intensify by placing a block on my feet. The reach and flexed feet deepens the stretch. ♥️ 📸 by @jesannayoga 😘 Wearing @aloyoga - the leggings are the brand new Alosoft goddess. Love them! 😊

Embrace who you are! You are powerful beyond measure! You are your only limitation! #higherself #chakras #thirdeye #solarplexus #wombman #melaningoddess #iammelanin #power #strength #feminine #god #goddess #myfreespiritlifestyle


35 Minutes Ago

So true, sometimes you just need to take a breathe & let things flow especially if you are control freaks like me ❤️ I remember sometimes i was even watching movies in the cinema with some friends & telling to myself “ i shouldn’t be here, i should be working on my business right now”. ▶️ Follow @buddhanow Comment YES & Tag Some Friends!