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SUCH PRIDE FOR HER COUNTRY #hillaryclinton #pride #unitedstates


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So last night, Charlotte brought this book home. Melissa Lindsey says that the expression on my face was priceless. Although I don’t like #hillaryclinton, and I’m real curious to see the types of books the school library has available that highlight #conservative politicians in the same light, this book is a very well done, and does deliver a good message to young girls. Frustrated, my mind immediately went to “well I’m going to find a good kids book about #trump”. But…..I don’t like Trump (the man), I do like a lot (not all) of his policies. So I don’t want to give him that hero status in my daughters head in the same way they did with Hillary Clinton with this book. Because it’s not about “my team” or “their team”, it’s about teaching ideas. So I need a recommendation. What is a good kids book that teaches #american Conservative and #constitutionalprinciples? Because AFTER she reads “Hillary”, we’re going to talk about the real Hillary Clinton, then we’re going to start learning about the Constitution and Conservative American Principles. #americangirl Read my blog response to this👉🏻 http://bit.ly/2QKBW6z

When it's not their money they just spend like drunken sailors, no offence to drunken sailors. 🍻🤣🍻🤣🍻🤣

How are these lovers still roaming free?

No, I mean, you must all be right. The Manson family had the same beliefs, and they're a bunch of upstanding patriots. #resist #hillaryclinton #democrats #republicans #democraticbias #liberalmedia #manson #charlesmanson #mansonfamily #themansomfamily