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20 Hours Ago

When you fall over make sure to always try again, and don't let the fear of failing, put you of chasing your dreams, blood is just red sweat 👌 direction determines destination, you are the problem, and you are the solution, you are the lock, and you are also, the key 👌 start early and the promise of success looms large, decide, commit, succeed, through the bad the struggles and the pain, you will learn the light, and you shall see the light, then ultimately, you will bear the light, upon your inventory of skills, money, is not power fame is not power, nor knowledge, the light is in the right information, taken in correctly, illuminated means the knowledge of the gods, to know of secret knowledge, there are organizations who know of this and, have it locked away and leave us in the dark, that's also a secret saying, because we are without the light, we are behind in the technology of what the Egyptians possessed 👌 at least one time in your life, be prepared to train and do what you dream of, fight for your freedom of speech be you in all form's, and most importantly of all, make a change for yourself, fear is just a choice, the human body is 7× stronger than you no, and think, mother's in a situation were there child, is in life threatening circumstances, have been known to lift cars partially of the ground, so why not be able to tap in to that now 🔑 the answers lie, and always have, within your mind 👌 its not as big of task, as you think, success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanic's, mind over matter, you poses in your mind the power of the gods, your pineal gland is, the ark of the Covenant, the garden of eden, it is also heaven 👌 it is all, and it is known, as nothing 🔑 #gypsysoul #thirdeye #blood #sweat #fears #egyptology #happy #happiness #diamond #motivation #stars #hustle #quote #yoga #wealth #bodybuilding grind #health #quote #gym #life #hiphop #news #bodybuilding #fitness #mma #gains #love #boxing #hotyoga #eatgood #fitness 💯🔑❤🌎👌✌


3 Days 14 Hours Ago

In order to be like a lion you must feast like a lion, we were built to hunt giant beasts and walk hundred's of miles each day, overtraining is the secret to getting big quick 👌muscle memory remembers every move you make, so you have to keep it guessing, so go past numbers in to seeing colours, go deep in your mind, there's more to unlock, intermittent fasting is the secret to getting your body to release more testosterone for muscle growth, then also ketosis will will help you live a healthy and uthfull life, you all keep eating big, wasting money, to get big, you're body can only digest so much protein, 1gram per pound of muscle every three hours 👌 never eat after eight before bed, but eat protein, working out an hour before sleep, and first thing in the morning catches your body of guard, then cryogenic starts when you sleep 👌 you will recover quickly this way, tear repair works twice as hard in cryogenic state when we sleep, only try to drink spring water if you can, that's the cleanest, we are limitless, so from reps to getting the burn on every set, your brain won't no what's hit it, you tell your brain what to do, and not the other way round, don't let you're rational make you fear, pain is growth, always stretch for up to 15 minutes, every morning, and night, a lions definition is from its daily stretches, eat what you believe, and not what your told 👌 my rebuilt transformation starts today, i took three years out, threw mental struggles, now I can't wait, to chase that wolf called fear, my old friend 👌 only people telling you overtraining is bad are the pharmaceutical company's for recovery supplements, before and after training, that's just placebo, what lies within your mind is enough to build bulk of your own, supplement's weren't needed for gladiators 😕 concentrate on the positive vibe, stay away from negative words and people, words of bitter tongues, protect your life. Peace and love 🔑 #gypsysoul #spirit #fearless #knowledge #fight #egyptology #secret #intermittent #gains #happiness #motivation #confidence #peace #quote #yoga #mind #health #gym #life #hiphop #stars #bodybuilding #rap #mma #love #boxing #hotyoga #eatgood #fitness 💯🔑❤🌎👌✌


7 Minutes Ago

-TEACHER SPOTLIGHT TUESDAY- Aubrey T. ✨ “Yoga is my root chakra. It’s my base and my foundation. It grounds me and brings me balance. I began my practice 8 years ago when my friend invited me to a class. She didn’t show up, but I came out exhilarated! I received my RYT 200 (hatha) from HYI in 2012 and in vinyasa the following year. I have since gone on to teach sculpt and barre. The most amazing thing about being an instructor is feeling and seeing the energy around the room. I have taught at all HYI studios and the energy from each student is what drives me to teach with passion and TRUTH. It’s the HYI students that remind me where my roots are and drive me to keep rising up and to remember my breath. As we inhale, we take in what we need more of in life, and as we exhale, we simply let go. That’s your breath in class. That’s your breath in life. That’s your base. That’s yoga.”


4 Minutes Ago

Your sweat 💦, your mat! Let’s face it, you are taking all the mindful steps towards your good health...choose the right mat for your hottest, sweatiest practice. Choose HOGA™- grippy towel attaches to your mat so no bunching, slipping or fussing. Remove the towel for washing! Completely recyclable, closed pore mat so no harmful bacteria can breed inside. Sweat, grip and breathe with confidence. #allinone #hotyogamat #hotyoga #moksha #oxygenyoga #yogafit #yogamom #yogaposes #yogaflow #yogawear #sweatitout #strongbyzumba #yogajournal #vinyasa #vinyasaflow


2 Days 6 Hours Ago

Even a blind man hasn't got the right to call somebody poor, that itself can only be endured in the eye of the beholder, as the pilot of its own vessel 👌 materialism has made you think you are all different, try telling a naked man he looks over dressed for instance 👌 we can live in a Paradise of are own, any time we like, all we have to do is imagine and the laws of the universe will do the rest, you can only atane riches in spirit, and not in form 👌 don't think I wouldn't rather be upset in a Ferrari that, would be rather stupid of me, this is just my concept on how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, because if all you can do is judge a person by their appearance, because you don't have the spirit to judge someone from within, you're in trouble 👌 i never learned to hate at home, or shame, i had to go to school for that 👌 unlearn bad behaviors and reinvent your life, chase your dreams, you have the mind of a powerful being, create your vision in your mind, don't hold back, don't look back, don't let nobody tell you your this, or that, because you don't play to there tune, make your own decisions, you are limitless, money and fame is not being rich, understand you are worthy of love and abundance already, let go of chasing paper and chase your dreams you have what it takes, the money will come if you let go, a greedy mind will always be poor, being poor is just a state of mind 🔑 #gypsysoul #thirdeye #egyptology #musclemodel #happy #wealth #abs #motivation #hustle #yoga #grind #health #gym #life #hiphop #news #bodybuilding #model #tricep #tatts #tattoos #money #mma #gains #love #boxing #hotyoga #ripped #eatgood #fitness 💯🔑❤🌎👌✌


6 Minutes Ago

Truth Series #21 Parking is not that bad downtown. I here this complaint from people. Parking is so bad, I never go downtown. Say What?? Let’s talk: 1. Walking a half of a block or a full block is not very far....you walk the same distance in a parking lot, but don’t realize it because you are in a parking lot. (Noted on the right, this is not a dog at any other facility. Only truth). 2. Support downtown, it is the SOUL of the city. We need to learn to make it thrive. A half block walk is worth it. 3. Small businesses make our city, support them or watch them disappear. 4. Spots are found easier than thought (noted on the picture on the right). 5. And my favorite: in my case, you are coming to workout, think of the walk as a warmup. Boom! #bodyliftfitness ##downtowndickinson #hotyoga #groupfit #yogaeverydamnday #metabolicheat #beaddictedtobetteringyourself #workingoutmakesmesane


8 Minutes Ago

One week free for new students! Radiant Hot Yoga will not only shape your body but it will shape your life. Yoga is a powerful tool of transformation. Come and enjoy the Radiant experience with us. @radianthotyoga #namaste #hotyoga#newportbeach #irvine #transform #homeawayfromhome #liveyourgreatness


9 Minutes Ago

One week free for new students! Radiant Hot Yoga will not only shape your body but it will shape your life. Yoga is a powerful tool of transformation. Come and enjoy the Radiant experience with us. #namaste #hotyoga#newportbeach #irvine #transform #homeawayfromhome #liveyourgreatness


21 Minutes Ago

#armsdownfeetup day 4 pike/half pike Hosts - @calamityjill21 @lunar11mermaid Sponsors- @umstuff @omgoddess.clothing @highlyawake @mamaszen @shideawords @aquaburns @gitayogaclothing @knockaround Pose list :: - 1. Tuck ✔ 2. Legs straight up✔ 3. Stag ✔ 4. Pike ✔ 5. Eagle 6. Scorpion 7. Hollowback 8. Lady legs 9. Lotus 10. Yogis choice @igyogachallenge @quantumyoga @myyogachallanges #getupsidedown #yogini #yogisofinstagram #instayoga #yogapose #yogafit #instagramyoga #getinverted #yogacommunity #practiceandalliscoming #igyogis #yogamama #practiceyoga #igyoga #yogaeveryday #igyogachallange#yogafun #vegansofig #yogafamily #yogashapes #yogatherapy #yogis #hotyoga #yogaaddict #yogababe -


10 Minutes Ago

@annacampbellmidenhag är en av de fyra som yogat flest klasser sedan Hot Yoga Karlskrona öppnade i januari i år, vilket jag tycker ska uppmärksammas. 🙏🏼☺️ Anna är som de flesta vet min syster och det är oerhört glädjande att hon funnit samma passion för hotyogan! ❤️ Anna har yogat flest av de utmanande hot classic 90. Hon har en otrolig viljestyrka, ger ALDRIG upp och delar med sig av sin positiva energi! Dessutom torkar hon golvet efter nästan varje klass, och har hjälpt till med massor inför öppnandet och under vinter/våren. Det tackar vi för! Vad betyder hotyogan för dig? - Hotyogan betyder mer än jag någonsin kunnat föreställa mig. Den betyder så mycket att jag till och med har sålt min häst då tiden inte räcker till för båda. Jag kan helt enkelt inte vara utan hotyogan! Vad har du fått ut av att hotyoga kontinuerligt de här månaderna? - Oj, jag har fått ut så mycket! Jag har stabiliserat mitt knä, jag har en korsbandsskada som nu är mycket bättre. Jag har gått ner 15 kilo och känner mig starkare, smidigare och lugnare i sinnet. För att inte tala om vad det varma rummet gör med ens hy! Vilken är din favorityogaställning - och varför? - Mina favoritställningar är nog stående bågen och kamelen. Stående bågen kräver ett enormt fokus när man ska balansera och känslan när man står där och sparkar som en galning och balanserar och det känns som man kan står där hur länge som helst är magiskt. När man sedan förbättrar ställningen gång för gång ger en obeskrivlig kick! Tack för allt, Anna! 💜🕉☮️🙏🏼 Namasté! #hotyogakarlskrona #challengeyourself #utmanadigsjälv #hotyogablekinge #hotyogastudio #hotyogaworks #hotyoga #yinyoga #yinyogakarlskrona #hälsaikarlskrona #hälsaiblekinge #hälsakroppochsjäl #movingmeditation #yogastudiolife #yogastudiokarlskrona #yogini #thebestyogacommunity #bikramyogaworks #yogaikarlskrona #yogaishealth #karlskrona #karlskronayoga #karlskronayogashop


14 Minutes Ago

So much fun pracing Barkan Yoga with Kat and Heidi today @bikramyogaepping #yogaheals #youareonlyasyoungasyourspine #hotyoga #barkan


17 Minutes Ago

That feeling after Leg day🍑💋


17 Minutes Ago

First hot vinyasa class together!! Was amazing @gokelleego I missed you 😭 but Taryn was wondering too 😊 . . #hotyoga #hotvinyasa #yogagoals #yoga #sweatyballs #sweatyvagina


21 Minutes Ago

Who wants to get their sweat on with me tomorrow?! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Ashtanga 6:30-7:30 and Rocket 7:45-8:45 Come play at @gl.hotyoga ♡ #yoga #ashtanga #rocket #ashtangayoga #rocketyoga #hotyoga #gracelounge #salisbury #wiltshire #yogasalisbury #yogawiltshire


22 Minutes Ago

🌅 #summernights #hotyoga 😅 #kuuma


26 Minutes Ago

CALLING ALL CROSSFITTERS // FREE HOTPOD YOGA SESSION Whether you train at Witham, Fosse Way, or Aberdeen, get a FREE session at Hotpod Yoga Lincoln. Send us a message here, let us know what box you’re at, and we’ll ping you a code to get a free hour of sweating, stretching and relaxation. Mobility is better in a big purple pod. 🧘‍♀️💜🏋️‍♂️ @hotpodyogalincoln @fossewaycrossfit @strongertogethercrossfit @crossfitwitham @human_performance_centre #hotpodyoga #crossfit #mobility #hotyoga #yogalincoln #swoleandflexy


26 Minutes Ago

Yogis need to practise their balance too! 😜😂 . . . Taddasana ➡ Chakrasana ➡ Virabhadrasana 3 ➡ Eka Padangustasana


27 Minutes Ago

I had the pleasure of photographing this inspiring business woman last week. Hot Yoga Edinburgh is open just over a year and a half now and it’s success has been amazing to watch grow, from discovering it as a student to teaching in it regularly. Thank you @allisonharrison1 for letting me follow you around for an afternoon to capture your day as a yoga studio owner, yogi, mat mopper, and coffee connoisseur.


31 Minutes Ago

Bird of Paradise, Inhale. . Bow, Exhale. .


37 Minutes Ago

We’re going to be sending positive vibes your way!! Are you ready?? Ever wondered what a Havan is? Interested in learning more about fire rituals and astrology? Are you ready to awaken the mind and swim in true bliss with ancient Sanskrit mantras!! Want to learn & understand the ancient Vedic culture from 5000 years ago?! . . Shri Jaydev Bhatt will be raising your level of consciousness in a way you’ve never imagined 🙏🏽 . . FREE EVENT...🕉 Get yourself signed up for on the Mindbody app or in the studio!! . . Sunday 12th August 2018 12:00-14:00 @ HOT YOGA NOTTINGHAM 70 North Sherwood Street, NG1 4EE


57 Minutes Ago

I’ll be brief. I can’t deny or or ignore it completely , and I don’t want to. At some point Bikram Yoga community start falling apart and that what makes me sad. I also don’t want to protect Bikram for what he did, he himself is responsible for that and yes maybe now he run away from it, he lives in a different country but do we actually know the flip side of that coin. I believe in karma or boomerang effect . Anyways- after listening to 30 for 30 podcast BIKRAM in 5 parts by Julia Lowrie Henderson, which I loved and I do recommend it, I am still proud to call myself a Bikram Yoga Teacher, I love this yoga and I know it’s saved millions people’s life’s all over the world as well as mine. Our training is unique and different from anything I’ve ever done. Yoga and training changed my life completely which I’m always going to be grateful for. 🙏🏼Namaste 📸 @vvk826 #bikramteacher #bikramyoga #bikramhotyoga #hotyoga #bikram #santacruz #caligirl #weekendgetaway #travelwithme #capitolabeach #pleasurepoint #bytt #byttfall2014 #yogapractice #yogafamily #yogacommunity #communityvalues


36 Minutes Ago

Every day feels like a step in the right direction. I feel so fulfilled at my job, I’m taking time in the mornings for myself again (did a HIIT workout this morning) and I’m ecstatic to be joining the fam at @elite_u and begin training with @bewellwith_b! 💪🏼 . . . So excited for the gains I’m about to make and more importantly, the friendships to come. You know when you feel God pulling you in a certain direction? That’s exactly what I felt on day one there. So basically... LIFE IS GOOD! 🙌🏼🤓 Have an amazing Tuesday my little loverbutts! 💕


2015-05-31 10:12:56

Life is better when you stay fluent in silence 🧘🏼‍♀️ • • • • #namaste #hotyoga #justbreathe


42 Minutes Ago

It’s #testimonialtuesday and Amy has such a relatable story to share! You ARE a #badass 🔥💦💪🏼 Don’t let anyone tell you differently! #lovewhatyourbodycando . . I have never been athletic. In high school P.E. class, my nickname was Coordination... Because I had none. When I was younger, I had a super fast metabolism so I could eat anything and still stay relatively thin. In my 30s, my metabolism came to a screeching halt. I also worked in an office where brownie bites were a regular afternoon snack. I gained weight, and I had never learned how to exercise so I didn’t know what to do. I thought exercise was something everyone hated but did because they had to, like going to the dentist. In 2012, I got engaged. We wanted to get married soon, and I wanted to lose weight—fast.  I had taken hot yoga for a short time 10 years earlier when some friends convinced me to go, so I decided to give it another try. And I fell in love. I learned that my body is capable of doing amazing things. (The discipline also made my rule-following heart happy.) Most days, I still wish my stomach was smaller, and I may never be able to touch my forehead to the floor, but when I’m in the hot room, I feel like a badass. Yoga taught me that physical activity can be something I look forward to, not something I dread. Yoga taught me to love what my body can do. . . We would love to hear why YOU practice at Pure Hot Yoga! Contact us to share your story with our incredible hot yoga community. 🔥💦🙏 . #purehotyogastl #hotyogacoolpeople #314 #stlouis #gonnamakeyousweat #yogaforeveryone #yogaforeverybody #stlyoga #yogastl #hotyoga #bikramyoga #stlfitness #stlwellness #sweat #sweatlife #locallyowned #shoplocal #stl #womenownedbusiness #26&2 #originalhotyoga #hiit #hothiit


43 Minutes Ago

Ready for some fun in the sun? While we shut down for a few days to do some maintenance and repairs, we’re taking our yoga outside the studio! Join us for an outdoor class in Rogers Plaza tomorrow (Wednesday) night! We’ll meet on the turf next to @taoorganics for a 6:30 PM start. Everyone is welcome to participate in this all-levels class, and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Bring a mat, a water bottle, a friend or two, and a cash donation for RainCity Housing. Don’t forget your sunscreen! ☀️☀️☀️ . . #hotyoga #outdooryoga #mokshayoga #modoyoga #northvancouver #yvr #lowerlonsdale #mylowerlonsdale #lonsdalequay


46 Minutes Ago

No two bodies are the same, so no two postures will ever be the same. . Adam is stronger in his legs and hips, so his Triangle pose is more aligned and he can get his leg to look like an “L”. . Eva’s spine is more open, so in Separate Leg Head to Knee, there is more rounding in the spine. . Neither posture is “better”, each is getting what their body needs. The postures don’t change, you do.


44 Minutes Ago

The calm before the (Sweat) storm.. 💦 #hotyoga #hydration #hydroplus