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When I was analog

//crossing Berlin for a shoot can be a bit of an adventure if the cold weather, a lingering hangover and some pretty unpredictable trains and buses seem to be conspiring against you. things we do for an afternoon of pasta-making, prosecco, and music. for more Sundays like this. . today to the sound of: Better Days - Graham Nash (1971)


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I caught persimmons and the kitchen’s afternoon light having a fling


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Good morning


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⛈ It’s all in your head.


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Esa sensación de cuando lees como y cuando se muere un personaje en una novela. 7, 324.


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tidak bewarna tetapi tetap disukai . #vsco #vscocam


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The sky was solid, immobile. Like Gulliver’s flying island of Laputa, hanging heavily over the city. ・ ・ ・ ・ words from “Dance Dance Dance”


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