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10 Hours Ago

Me. Earlier. Lookin cute. Hustling in the sunsine. Watching my kiddos play in the pool. I am so blessed to be able to work from anywhere. 📲☀️⛱🏡 It is such a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. 🌻💖🙌 #busyblessedbossmama #hustlelikeamother #mylvlife #thisisthelife #sweetsummertime #makingmemories #makingmoves #happylife #healthylife #positivelife #alwaysgettingbetter #alwaysgrowing


20 Hours Ago

So I went to $2 day and stumbled upon this beauty. I loved the print and thought it was just perfect. I grabbed it and thought someone would want it. Or I’d hem it like a foot (I’m a hobbit) and channel my inner Joplin. But then I looked at solds...Follow your gut friends. Like I said before, I blind buy a lot. Sometimes it works out...Sometimes I buy bootleg designer 💩 thinking it’s real 😳. Hope everyone’s sales are climbing 📈. Im currently only down like 98%. I kid it’s like 94% 🤪

I would love to have a discussion about this topic, I find the differences in opinion fascinating and valuable. Are you offended when someone asks you or another mother how they balance work with family? While I understand the idea of “well they don’t ask MEN that question,” would it not be a better option to START asking fathers instead of stopping asking mothers? The entire DB+RB platform is based on the assumption that there are women out there who have dreams of starting a business or a project or creating something from home but if they don’t have real life examples of women doing it, they might not have the courage to think they can do it. The Mother Run Series always asks about work and family balance because the point is to not only showcase awesome mother entrepreneurs but also give those wanting to do the same REAL examples of it being done while mothering and REAL advice on how to do it. In this quote she is acknowledging that the question is “of vital importance” to other mothers and yet refuses to answer, keeping vital and important information, motivation, and belief that they can do it out of the hands of women who are wondering if it’s possible. It just seems like contradictory sentiments. If we don’t encourage other women and give them confidence and belief that they accomplish their dreams and visions while being a mother—how can we feel good about our own success? For clarity, I am a huge feminist but I don’t think the way to make this topic equal is to refuse to talk about it. By not talking about it the only people we are hurting are fellow mothers. I guarantee that the interviewer or men reading it don’t care at all. I REALLY would love to hear everyones thoughts on this!! #motherhustler #hustlelikeamother #momhustle #mompreneur #wahm #workingmom #motherhood #businessmom #likeamother #momboss #momblog #momblogger #momlife #raisingbabies #momrunbusiness #honestlymommy #ohheymama #mombusiness #momtrepreneur #sahm #workathomemom #momownedbusiness #doingbusinessandraisingbabies #businessmama #honestmom #honestparenting #infant #motherhooddiaries #mothersinbusiness #naptimehustler


1 Day 18 Hours Ago

⁉️WHERE ARE MY CLIENTS!?⁉️⠀ ⠀ Short Answer? They’re EVERYWHERE.⠀ ⠀ Long answer…..👇👇⠀ ⠀ They’re right under your nose mama, waiting for you to CONNECT with them. 👃⠀ ⠀ You’re spending so much time participating in networking groups and posting to the world of social media with NO METHOD to your madness! 🙅‍♀️⠀ ⠀ You’re exhausting yourself. 💤⠀ ⠀ You’re wasting precious time you could be spending with your babies. And all for what? Nothing in return…😩⠀ ⠀ You’re haggling with price shoppers who don’t value what you’re bringing to the table and it’s making you feel worthless. 😤⠀ ⠀ Let me tell you, that is NOT who you are. ❌⠀ ⠀ There is a whole tribe of people who desire the AMAZINGNESS that is YOU lady! ✨⠀ ⠀ The gifts and powers you were given by the one who created you are ready to INFUSE themselves into your success story. 💫⠀ ⠀ 💥Profitability IS possible for you. ⠀ ⠀ 💥Success IS in your cards. ⠀ ⠀ 💥This business IS your calling. You’ve just gotta harness YOUR UNIQUENESS and set it ablaze. 🔥⠀ ⠀ I want to help you with this, just like I’ve helped so many others. ⠀ ⠀ If you’re seriously sick and TIRED of feeling like you’re in a wind tunnel...trying to get your bearings and move forward with your success - this offer is for you. 👇⠀ ⠀ ⭐️I have a FREE 60 minutes Mom-Preneur Breakthrough sesh with YOUR name on it. ⭐️⠀ ⠀ But you have to reach out and make the first move. ⠀ ⠀ Run, don’t walk to my calendar to snag your spot. ⠀ ⠀ It’s time to start sprinting in the direction of your dreams and stop sitting around waiting for them to just happen to you. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️⠀ ⠀ 💡THIS is that sign you’ve been asking for. 💡⠀ ⠀ Let’s do this! 💪🖤⠀ ⠀ ⠀


1 Day 20 Hours Ago

Makin' a livin' outta lovin' YOU! 👩‍👧‍👧☀️💖 I will NEVER stop trying to be my best because they are watching every move that I make. 👑 #goodmorning #everymorning #happythursday #castilloadventure #busyblessedbossmama #hustlelikeamother #raisingqueens #wantbetter #dobetter #bebetter #workhard #takecareofyourself #loveyourself #idoitforthem


2 Days 12 Hours Ago

How people think you feel when you’re done • How you really feel when you’re done • 20 unbroken squats at 100# • 800 m run for time - 3:37 • tabata air squats - 13 reps each round #legsmightdietomorrow #thatwasfun #seeyoutomorrow #crossfit #getoutside #streetparking #hustlelikeamother #evinco


2 Days 14 Hours Ago

When your kid says exactly what you wish he’d always say...except it’s 45mins past nap time 😆. Anything to not nap!!!


2 Days 16 Hours Ago

Lunch today for me is an iced coffee and a chocolate ice cream cone for Dylan #vacationvibes 🍦☕️


2 Days 20 Hours Ago

“Mommy, can we go back to our bed and cuddle for a little bit?” 😍 #mommymoments


3 Days 17 Hours Ago

Yesterday @jacksonvillezoo my little sweaty mess asked me to take his picture, 3 times, on 3 different rocks! #momwin #thisneverhappens


4 Days 10 Hours Ago

Its hot in San Antonio - this week it’s going to be in the 100s - but your baby can stay cool in the car while you’re visiting in the new @chicco.usa Nexfit Zip Air! #strollerrental #cribrental #carseatrental #babygearrental #visitsanantonio #traveltosanantonio #travelwithkids #familytravel #babierge #babiergesanantonio #sidehustle #hustlelikeamother #sanantoniobabygearrental


4 Days 18 Hours Ago

Rise and grind, my fellow mompreneurs! I've reheated my tea at least three times this morning without even taking a sip. Sounds like a typical start to the week.


5 Days 5 Hours Ago

There is power when women come together to show love and build each other up. When woman who are in different seasons in their life, different Political views, different up brings, different ect... band together to be one is a display of empowerment,beauty and strength. #momofboys#tribe #uphill #bootyburner #postardum #seasonoflife #hippiestyle #birthfit #morganhill #intention #breath #hustlelikeamother #womenempowerment #love @aimeenb @djeanette7 @daniellebrownca @dfisher95037


5 Days 10 Hours Ago

One of the most helpful tips I've received since starting my business has absolutely nothing to do with the company....MEAL PREPPING! I like to plan out my week on Sundays and recently started planning meals along with my work. Cutting up veggies, marinating meat, preparing ready-to-go snacks makes all the difference. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are less of a hassle and I have more time to spend on the things that matter. Have you practiced meal prepping? Do you have any other top secret time-optimizing tips you'd like to share?


5 Days 18 Hours Ago

I woke up and realized it's still the weekend! My daughter spent the night with her grandparents last night, so this pregnant mama treated herself to a few more hours of much needed rest. And guess what? I'm giving you permission to do the same. Treat yourself! You work so hard every day of the week, reward yourself by going on a solo coffee date, diving into that romance novel you never seem to have time for, or indulging in the sugar craving you've been fiercely avoiding. You're a mom, you deserve it!


5 Days 20 Hours Ago

Last year when we went to the Bahamas for my birthday we saw so many starfish! We love walking around the island to find a spot where no one else is, because the sea life is always so much better! - - - - - #coffeekidsandcocktails #momblogger #linkinbio #vacay #ocean #momlife #bloglife #bahamas #royalcaribbean #vacation #vacayvibes #lifestyle #vitaminsea #girlboss #boymom #livecreatively #starfish #hustlelikeamother #orlandomom #gopro #acolorstory #beaches #livethelittlethings


6 Days 7 Hours Ago

Did you know San Diego was ranked among the top 15 most entrepreneurial cities in the US? (according to fitsmallbusiness.com) What an incredible opportunity to live and grow and raise our families in such a beautiful city! Nine to Five is here to encourage a new brand of business owners - those with tiny bosses and huge passions. Let us moms do our part in San Diego business and keep our city thriving.


6 Days 11 Hours Ago

And so it begins. This is the prep for the ornaments to send to my Handmade at Amazon shop! 170 of those little guys in there. Whew! . . . #hustlelikeamother #handmadeatamazon #amazonhandmade #ornamentprep #letsdothis #positivethinking #illneedabottleofibuprofenandnewscissors #hustle #makersgonnamake #momboss #feltanimals #wip #animalkingdom #christmasdecorations


6 Days 18 Hours Ago

Because on the weekend it’s called brunch 🥂 $18 shipped! DM for orders. #coffeekidsandcocktails


6 Days 21 Hours Ago

Ya'll, I clearly loved the tetons. So much so that I took multiple photos there. If that doesn't seem like a big deal ask most photographers if they like having their photos taken...😂⠀ 📷 ⠀ I learn more about myself and my business everyday. I've loved "natural light" photography since the beginning. But now I know that sagebrush, mountains, and wildflowers all hold my heart close. ⠀ 💐 I've never been "adventurous" or "outdoorsy" but I have trudged through waist deep snow, been eaten alive by bugs, and scratched like crazy by weeds and thorns to get photos I will be proud of. All while wearing the BIGGEST smile and laughing at how rediculous the person I used to be would find myself.⠀ 😁 But thats exactly what I have done. I have found myself! (and I don't care how 🧀 that sounds!) Cheers to knowing who you are, and embracing that change can bring happiness too!


6 Days 22 Hours Ago

💥YOU CAN’T WIN WITHOUT BEING ALL-IN.💥 So STOP giving yourself excuses. I hear all the time that momma’s want SO badly to have a business from home. That they NEED to bring in a consistent income to help out their family. But, when it comes to putting in the hard work to up-level...all I hear is crickets. 🦗🦗🦗 Or worse, EXCUSES. 😷 You all know how I feel about excuses. Mainly because, I was a victim to my own for so long. TOO long. ❌I told myself I couldn’t afford to put any money into my business. ❌I was convinced that free information would have to do and that I was limited to only the things I could see. ❌I was told that my lack of proper education would put a quick cap on the amount of money I could bring in and hinder the abundance my family was able to experience. ❌I lied to myself saying that since I had two babies and a husband who worked 12 hours a day, that I could not spare the time needed to invest in growing my business. ❌I measured my self worth and value based on the neighborhood I lived in and the endless debt that kept filling up my mailbox. Who would follow me? Who would see the value in what I have to offer? Why should I go “all-in” on THIS? ⚡️BECAUSE YOU WERE MADE FOR IT, MAMA.⚡️ As soon as I abandoned those belief systems and took a chance...a REAL, and super terrifying leap of faith; my business took off. 🚀 I found my place and was immediately validated by it. I was able to afford more and more investments in my business, my home, my kids, and even myself.😜 I let go of the obsession of control over my business and let others in to help me. I became SO enlightened not only in my skill, but in myself as an individual and what unique traits I had to offer that others can’t even compete with. 💪 I let my excuses fuel my fire to do better and work harder and you know what? It’s literally paying off. 🔥 🚫NO MORE limiting beliefs. 🚫 🚫NO MORE doubting myself. 🚫 🚫NO MORE wasted potential. 🚫 Aren’t you ready for that too? Listen, the excuses have to STOP for you to fully embrace your potential as a business owner. *FIND OUT HOW IN THE COMMENTS*


7 Days 7 Hours Ago

Today & every day! ☕️🙏🏽 #coffeekidsandcocktails


7 Days 11 Hours Ago

I don’t have a “9-5”, I have a “when I open my eyes, until I close my eyes” 💪🏽


7 Days 16 Hours Ago

My 2-year-old has been in transition. Between potty training, sleeping in a “big girl” bed and preparing for her little brother, she’s got a lot of new things going on. It has affected her nap routine and consequently, my work-from-home schedule. So this morning, I took her out to the park and she had a blast: running, splashing, meeting new friends. And right now she is curled up in her Minnie Mouse bed completely knocked out. #momwin I’m excited to say I can’t chat long, I’ve got a good 2 hours of work to catch up on. How do you tire your little ones out before nap time?


7 Days 16 Hours Ago

My favorite local coffee shop @vanessascoffeeshop ☕️


8 Days 16 Hours Ago

Seriously!?? Is it nap time yet? I can’t get anything done today. So I gave up...let them sit on my lap, shared my Posh closet and just let it be. My house looks like little kids have been squatting in it for months without supervision, my kids don’t even have clothes on, I’m in my pjs but it’s ok because nap times = my hustle time. And if all else fails...a glass of Rose while the kids play in the sprinklers sounds just as awesome as listing 🙋🏼‍♀️🤭🤫 The last picture is how I really feel that I can’t even move my leg without one of them crying 🤪