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Some days are just better than others. Feeling the sun after the shadows makes for a great day . . . #icelandphotographer #icelandengagement #icelandwedding #icelandelopement #icelandweddingphotographer #weddinginiceland

А есть  у вас число, которое сопровождает вас по жизни? Вот у меня с мужем, такое число 23. Оно везде)) В номере нашей квартиры, машины, дата свадьбы. Всегда его вижу! И если оно рядом оказывается вдруг, точно знаю, что это к чему-то хорошему.

Honey buns 😁 sugar ✨ by @mccoyweddingphotography

Don’t be shy now... this Is completely normal ✨😝

Jessie at @beldingflowerco is a GENIUS. I gave her our color palette, told her the theme, and her magnificent brain put this masterpiece together. I legit cannot wait to show you guys the arch piece she created, either. SO many awesome things to show you guys in the next few days, I can hardly wait! 🖤✨

Sugar ✨ by @mccoyweddingphotography

Happy Good FriYAY!!! Headed out to shoot some more sun kissed SoCal love ✨

Sunset dips forever! I can’t be stopped.

Bridal portraits are some of my favorites. My job is to make you feel beautiful on one of the biggest days of your life & I couldn’t be more honored to be the one you trust to do so. I’m obsessed with my job. So thankful 🙏🏻 Ps I’m on my way to Muir Woods to capture my beautiful friends wedding @emsuryadi Pss check the stories for more from this wedding!

Imagine having the Icelandic nature just outside your door. Imagine waking up in the morning and having the first cup of coffee while breathing that fresh Iceland air. Yep I do dream away sometimes, thinking how it would be living there. Perhaps just for a while. There is no country like it. There is no scenery like it. There is no energy like it. Oh how I miss Iceland🖤 . . . #swedishweddingphotographer #weddingsofsweden #skogsbröllop #fotografhalmstad #fotografisland #icelandelopement #icelandwedding #icelandphotographer #bröllopisland #bröllop2020

Had the dreamiest session with these two ⚡️ we hung out at a waterfall then made it to the beach for last light. The moon lit up the beach as the sun dropped below the horizon 🌕

My favorite part of spring is when all the lilacs start blooming. I didn’t really share very many photos from this shoot last year, so here ya go: Jackie in some smelly blooms.

There was magic in every.single.fraction of a second. Every moment, of Andrea and RJ’s elopement. From the hike up to this location, hanging out on the ledge... all the way to the hike back down. Where are all my adventurous, in love souls at?!

The first time I ever stayed the night at John’s house, he played a few songs on the guitar as I fell asleep. One was so soothing; it instantly became my favorite. Now I always say “play my favorite” when I want to hear it. Somewhere along the way, he convinced me to sing while he played. So we have some pretty funny recordings, to say the least. I’ll play em on my story. SYKEEEE ! 🤪♥️🥰🎶

Sunset preset ✨ by @mccoyweddingphotography

We all love for a reason. What’s yours? ✨

The Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in Iceland is not to be missed! Here, is the cave of Hálsanefshellir under the cliffs called Gardar. The cliffs are made of basalt columns from a volcano/lava! #fujifilm #fuji #fujixt2 #igphoto #igphotography #igphotographers #iceland #iceland🇮🇸 #icelandtravel #icelandnature #vikings #icelandphotography #icelandphotographer #travel #travelphotography #travelphotographer #travelphoto #basalt #basaltcolumns #blacksandbeach #reynisfjara #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography

Happy Friday 🌎 ✈️we live in a beautiful planet♥️ let us never forget how fortunate we all are🙏. . “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” . #ralphwaldoemerson

When my time comes around Lay me gently in the cold dark earth No grave can hold my body down I'll crawl home to her.

We have such a soft spot for reflections. Love how they are framed by the landscape behind them. 😍⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Planned by @pinkiceland / @gudniguide. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hair+makeup by @ninakrist_makeupandhair. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Married by @ingaausa. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #arcticweddings #icelandic #ísland #icelandweddingphotographer #icelandweddingphotography #icelandphotographer #destinationwedding #elopement #engaged #icelandsecret #everydayiceland #absoluteiceland #inspiredbyiceland #igersiceland #ig_iceland #icelandair #bestoficeland #icelandadventure #wedphotoinspiration #wheniniceland #reykjavik #reykjavikphotographer #icelandtravel #visiticeland #iceland #icelandwedding

Its been a hot minute (I actually don’t know what that phrase means but I’m using it) haha HELLO HELLO I am Tessa, a wedding and elopement photographer based out of the rad little community that is South O aka Oceanside, Ca. I knew the second my dad gave me a copy of Robert Mapplethorpe's portfolio book at age 15, that I wanted to be photographing people and real emotion. I have tried every type of photography but fell in love with love and all the powerful emotions that come with it. I always joke and say that I am basically a professional third-wheel. More importantly I am the weirdo that will be crying as you walk down the isle, laughing while your best man embarrass you during toasts and running to get a piece of cake! I am the person by your side from the moment you inquire to the big hug I will give you at the end of your wedding day. If you want a photographer to just be a fly on the wall capturing your day from the outskirts, I am not your girl. I will be there laughing with you, dancing to 90's throwback songs and capturing every moment that means the most to you. 📸@ceehayden

Tymczasem rok temu w Islandii w pierwszy dzień lata (bo to kraj dwóch pór roku) było nam gorąco od nadmiarów... wrażeń, emocji i doznań. Od kilku dni ogarnia mnie nostalgia. To co w naszych głowach jest nasze. #cudawiankiphoto #weddingiscoming #weddingiceland #icelandelopement #icelandweddingphotographer #hippiewedding #liveforthestory #slub2020 #icelandphotographer #icelandlove #intimatewedding #niezleaparaty #mountainwedding #historiemilosne #loveandwildhearts #adventurealways #destinationweddingphotographers . . . @justalittleloveinspo @yourockphotographers @sweetwedding.pl @muchlove_ig @slubnynieporadnik @the_wild_bride @authenticlovemag @junebugweddings @anotherwildstory @weddingphotoinspiration @officialweddingmagazine @loveandwildhearts @firstandlasts @adventurebrides @radlovestories @twohumans.onelove @trendybridemagazine @photobugcommunity @wellwedmagazine @dirtybootsandmessyhair @weddinglegends @sztuka_fotografii_slubnej

Встречи с вами после свадьбы все чаще, поводы- все трогательнее!

I definitely like to work as a photographer in Iceland! Incredible beauty around helps easily find the right angle, and the background, color or texture there are no problems! It was so much pleasure to work with these guys. Agreed for any my experiments, climbed mountains and ice blocks. I believe that full trust to the photographer it’s 100% success and chance to get really great photos! Do you agree? • #icelandwedding #greenweddingshoes #adventurecouple #elopementiniceland #icelandphotographer #icelandweddingphotographer

“you were the one that i wanted to feel the earth rotate with.”

This is your Thursday evening reminder that you matter and you make a difference in this world and you are so so loved. 🖤

Hey to all you sweet followers of mine, I’m so thankful for you - so honored to be chosen to be showing up on your feed. You may have noticed the paradigm shift that’s going on within my business right now - the change within my intention behind the camera - the pivot in my voice. The further in to this adventure I get, the more I’ve come to realize how much I love capturing the nuances of people for who they are and really being given the permission to see a story that no one else can see. My heart is in it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even on my off days. I’m really on a mission here to change the script about the wedding industry. To take back weddings and what it means to be a wedding photographer. Not for influencer culture, not for five minutes of fame on an app, but for the places that these images end up - in long hallways of a worn in childhood home, in wallets, on death beds. I show my face on here only every so often out of a place of trust because this script is really about you. The beginning and the end and everything in between, it’s about you around here and it always will be. - Big thanks to Jess and Austin from @thedrawhorns for this little pic of me. They really are wonderful humans, go check them out. . . . . . . #lookslikefilmweddings #coloradoweddingphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #destinationwedding #destinationweddingplanner #coloradoweddingplanner #weddingplanner #wyomingwedding #bohoweddinginspo #coloradoelopement #momentsovermountains #engagementphotos #engaged #isaidyes #elope #weddinginspo #denver #destination #passport #adventurouswedding #wanderingphotographers #unconventionaltogs #coloradowedding #adventureelopement #heyheyhellomay #justalittleloveinspo #icelandphotographer #icelandwedding #icelandelopement #allyouwitness

Интересно, тут есть те кто снимает на #canoneosr или думает ее приобрести или хотел бы протестировать? // Are you shooting with Canon EOS R, plan to test it or buy it? //#canoneosr #eosr #canon #canonambassador #icelandphotographer #canonrussia #canonambassador #icelandweddingphotographer #weddinginiceland #preweddingiceland // me #purlitas // portfolio #mukhinacom

I’ll start with a positive...THIS SHOOT MADE ME SO HAPPY and I’ll NEVVVERRRR stop posting. Okay okay sooo I’m going to vent because these super smart, creative, kind students DROVE ME INSANE TODAY! From interrupting to breaking up fits of rage, I am taking a moment to eat pot stickers curled up on the couch watching The Bold Type with noooo guilt. Haha but really sometimes these kids know exactly where to punch me but I would change it 💛

taking a moment to reflect on having the best damn day ever ✨

Oh, my dear people! I cannot believe the year of ‘19 is being booked so dannng fast! Still remembering so clear feelings after the high season last year, so we definitely decided to limit the amount of shoots we gonna take. This year it’ll be not more than 40! I know it’s still a lot 🙈 . So far we can take only around 5 more shoots, because we care a lot about the quality of work we deliver & we really want every story we shoot to stay as more personal as it can be so we need some time for preparations for each. . That’s why, don’t hesitate to send an email or DM to us to say hey if you want beautiful pictures for your long & happy memories of your BIG DAY from us ✨ . Here is the list of places we gonna be this year! No travel or any additional fees applied! . 2019 Travels . MAY Italy, Florence Italy, Dolomites Iceland . JUNE Italy Iceland Faroe Islands . JULY Sweden Denmark Bergen, Alesund, Norway . AUGUST Denmark Iceland . SEPTEMBER Iceland Faroe Islands Portugal Spain . OCTOBER California-Oregon, USA Iceland . NOVEMBER Iceland . . . #icelandphotographer #icelandelopement #icelandwedding #icelandweddingphotographer #weddinginiceland #icelandengagement #icelandelopementphotographer

Iceland volcanic flowers 🌸

she has been waiting for you,⠀ just as long as you have been⠀ waiting for her.⠀ ⠀ find her. keep her. live for her.⠀ ⠀ a woman like her comes once in a⠀ life time. she will carry your⠀ pain, and teach you how to love⠀ again.⠀ ⠀ - @rmdrk

When you get the holy-crap-we-just-got-married feels 😭

too cute ta boot 💁🏻‍♀️ these two inspired me to keep making my bed and buy more pillows and eventually become a gardener 🌱

Forever throwing it back to these two 💕 Road tripping to this venue today for another love celebration🌲🙌🏻

Have you ever seen a cool rock or some beautiful wildflowers and wanted to take some home with you?⁣ ⁣ I'll admit that I'm totally guilty of this. When we first visited Iceland I found some dried lava at the side of the road and I kept it as a souvenir. Because I'll be honest, I didn't know any better.⁣ I didn't know about the Leave No Trace principles because it's not really something that is talked about enough in many circles.⁣ ⁣ But the 4th LNT principle recommends you to leave everything as you found it, i.e:⁣ ⁣ - Leave rocks, plants or any other natural objects alone.⁣ - Look but don't touch any historical artifacts⁣ - Don't build structures, furniture or dig tranches⁣ ⁣ Can you imagine if everyone who ever visited Iceland took home a piece of lava? It would have a huge impact on the environment. ⁣ ⁣ #leavenotrace #lnt #ecotourism #sustainabletourism #youdidnotsleepthere #adventurewedding #adventureelopement #adventurephotographer #ethicalphotographer #ethicalphotography #mountainelopement #adventuresession #lovenature #nature #protectourplanet#adventuresession #austrianalps #lovetirol #everyoneoutside #neverstopexploring #elopeineurope #icelandelopement #icelandwedding #icelandphotographer⁣

I know I am about 2.5 months too early before all the snow is gone and I can access this amazing view. But I still call the park number almost daily waiting for the “ok!” that I can go back here. The Olympic Mountains will forever hold my heart. I grew up in them. Hiked on them. Cried with them. And loved them always. Going to be so hard to leave them. . . . . . . . . #rangefindermag #rangefindermagazine @rangefindermag #adventurebrides @anepicelopement #pnwelopement #lookslikefilmweddings #pnwwedding #elopementweddingphotographer @wildelopements @wanderingweddings #icelandphotographer #icelandcouple @junebugweddings #dirtybootsandmessyhair @dirtybootsandmessyhair #firstandlasts @firstandlasts #alaskaelopement #alaskaelopementphotographer #washingtonweddingphotographer #olympicnationalpark #olympicmountains #olympicnationalparkwedding #olympicnationalparkguide #olympicnationalparkweddingphotographer #olympicnationalforest #olympicnationalparkelopementphotographer #olypenphotographer #olypenwedding #olympicnationalparkelopement #mountainphotographer #marriedinthemountains

Take 👏🏼 Me 👏🏼 Back 👏🏼 To the giant hot tub. Amazing face masks. Smooth skin. Fresh Water. Amazing food. ❤️ BRB while I finish day dreaming of Iceland.

What or who inspires you to be better? These two are that inspiration for so many people. They’re amazing humans. I had a mentor as a middle school and high school student who saw potential in me and spoke to it. She invested so much time encouraging me, praying for me, and helping me grow in so many ways. She was one of the few people that encouraged my love for art when I wanted to stop pursuing music, just a short conversation but I still remember it. I know not everyone had someone like her growing up, and I’m so thankful. Thanks @christinadart 😘 I want to be that person for others ❤️

To all my 2019 weddings...you need a donut bar. Donut bars are always on trend, I promise. 🍩 . Now this got my mouth watering thinking about donuts. 🤤 Pretty much every time we go to the grocery story, Nick and I grab a donut. He goes for the glazed Cronut, and I like the chocolate covered with sprinkles. Or just a plain cake donut 🤷🏼‍♀️ depends what mood I’m in. . . #donutsarelife #donutbar #donutwall #theradinlove #loversgettinglost #moonlightdaydreamers #belovedstories #thewandererscommunity #wanderingphotographers #icelandtravel #icelandphotographer #abandonedplaces #honeymooning #engagedlife #mountainwoman #pittsburghbride #pittsburghphotographer #pittsburghwedding #noaheventvenue #cranberryweddingphotographer #pittsburghweddingphotographer #calledtobecreative #weddingcakeideas #adventurouslovestories #muchlove_ig

We always try to find some new wild places because of we understand that at such important big day our guys want to be alone. And it's so intimate... Only we and nature. It's what we love! ___________ Мы всегда стараемся найти для ребят уединенное и не туристическое место, ведь мы понимаем, что в такой большой и важный день хочется быть одним без толп людей. . . . #elopementwedding #elopementweddingphotographer #elopementlove #destinationelopement #destinationweddingphotographer #faroeislandselopement #norwayelopement #icelandelopement #heywildweddings

Быть причастной к вашим улыбкам, слезам, объятиям, к «где чертовы туфли?», искать кольца, находить нитки с иголкой посреди леса, успокаивать, веселить, помогать бронировать билеты в отпуск. Благодаря вам, я проживаю больше, чем одну жизнь.

That one time I yelled “LOOK BACK AT IT” in the middle of a very beautiful & traditional Jewish wedding ceremony 🐒 #jkiwouldnever But I love how these two cuties looked at me at the same time & this shot happened 💕👏🏼

no caption today because a binch is tired

Sugar ✨ by @amandacaitlinphotography

The best is when your couples have you travel to cool places for their sessions 😍

This bride had my in awe all day! From her cute ass back of her dress to her eyes in the early morning glow. Give me all the elopements, baby! NEWS: It’s crazy guys and super weird for me to say but my 2019 wedding slots are almost full 😯 AND I am already booking for 2020! So if you are a 2020 bride and absolutely love my work Inquiry ASAP because you knowwww I’m dying to work with you too! 😘

Found a new favorite spot at @peltzerweddings . . . @1024productions @peltzerwinery

A little sunset action for Grace and DJ. . . . @peltzerweddings @1024productions @peltzerweddings

Yesterday marked one year since the the workshop that changed my life forever. The years before @cabinfeverretreat I was feeling lost, in the world and what path I wanted to take my photography. For those of you that have followed me for some time, I originally started this journey capturing newborns in a studio! I dreamed of being this crazy good posed newborn photographer, it was all I had really followed and weddings scared the heck out of me. But I began to lose the passion I once I had for that style of photography. I jumped around to different full time jobs and really put my love for photography on the back burner. Until, one day I thought to myself, what am I doing, I’m delaying my passion farther and farther. I started photography 7 years ago, back then it was very competitive and honestly kind of lonely. Now there is the most amazing community of photographers out there. I decided I wanted to take a shot at documenting people’s love stories, and that was when I photographed my first adventurous couple session. We explored some waterfalls and hopped some fences, I WAS OBSESSED. I had that rush of excitement back. About a month later a photographer I had been following for some time and really looked up to, @the.mclachlans , had shared about @cabinfeverretreat , a workshop herself, @victoriatakesphotos , and @staciecarrphoto were organizing together that was all about capturing LOVE and learning to do this photography business thing. They sold out FAST. But out of a nowhere, another photographer had to sell her ticket, I thought this had to be fate, so I purchased her ticket! Those few days spent with everyone changed me and my photography game forever. This is me, ONE YEAR LATER. I told myself I wanted to document love everywhere, in new and old places. I scribbled down in my journal some goals I wanted for my future self, I wanted to travel and capture humans love stories! Since the workshop I have booked two international elopements, and travelled to countless new places, without that first workshop I would not be where I am right now. I will love these girls and what they gave me for a lifetime, thank you Stacie, Kaylyn, and Victoria!!

matt saw allie on facebook and told his friend “that’s my soulmate” and then one day allie walked into the store matt was working at and thought who’s this hot guy?!! and now they’re getting married!!!! this story could’ve taken a @younetflix turn but thank god it didn’t 😂

offering couples discounts right now. let’s shoot! 💛

Making the finishing touches to this intimate elopement of J & J, we’ve shot last February at Snaefellsess, Iceland 🇮🇸 . It was a pretty wild & windy day at the very heart of winter, but we’ve managed a lot - even been almost washed away by the most giant waves at the shot we’ve ever seen before 😱 . And here is the super small sneak peak Showing a bit how it was ✨ . . . #icelandphotographer #icelandelopement #icelandwedding #icelandweddingphotographer #weddinginiceland #icelandengagement #icelandelopementphotographer

weekend two feels 💃🏼✨ who’s ready?!