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1 Day 8 Hours Ago

We know you are excited, Dear One. We know you are eager, impatient, and chomping at the bit. You want your life to 'take off' now. You feel so ready for it! You are tired of stalling and being stuck, and what you desire more than anything is an injection of cosmic rocket fuel into your psyche! Yes, you long for a boost, a big break, or a windfall of sorts. But too much fire in your energy field will consume you, Love. A rapid acceleration can launch you into a new stratosphere of consciousness and existence- perhaps- but unless you want to sputter out and falter just as quickly as you rose up, you must be patient. You must trust! You must surrender the ambitions and the shiny temptations of your ego and submit to the true path of your soul. You have been given a spark of inspiration- a seed of motivation deep within you, Dear One. Foster its growth by watering it with love, trust, and patience. Allow it to rise up naturally and in divine timing by taking small, aligned actions consistently. Do not despair if you're not an overnight success, though. Don't throw in the towel or give up all hope if you don't wake up to millions of dollars and thousands of new fans right away. Your fire is meant to be ignition for you- a catalyst- but don't fall prey to a raging fire of impatience or egoic demands. Motivation is not a permission slip to overextend yourself. Inspiration doesn't give you the all clear to bite off way more than you can comfortably chew. Trust that the right doors will open for you in the right time, and stop bruising your hands in the meantime by trying to pry open doors that won't budge. You'll get there. You will. But FLOW there- don't force it! Let gravity do the grunt work on your behalf. Leverage your energy by letting nature take its course. (Originally written and posted two years ago. Sending so much love to you! xox)


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One of the most important milestones of my life shared with one of the most influential couple in my life . #fbf #flashbackfriday #momanddad #parentals #waiʻanaeseariders #classof2005 #westsidebestside #redandbluecheehoo #lifewassodifferent #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #ifonlyifonly #liveandlearn #iloveyoumomanddad


2 Days 6 Hours Ago

#flashbackfriday Shout out to the 23 year old me who dared to be different and the 33 year old me who dares to be better.....still in black fishnet of course 🖤💯 #betterinmy30s #obsessedwithprogress #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #liveyourbestlife #fishnet #memorylane #coachjamie


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This is me....in Jamaica....in 2012....I thought I was fat back then.😕 Meanwhile, I wish I was that “fat” now. 😞 #fbf #thegoodolddays #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #thatbikiniisnolongerwithus #jesusbeacleanse #orattheveryleastaquickcaseoflockjaw #thatmakesitimpossibleformetoeat #jesusbeagymmembership #jesusbeselfcontrol


2 Days 13 Hours Ago

“You got a nice white dress and a party on your graduation. You got a brand new soul and a cross of gold.” 🎓🎂 #fbf to high school graduation, on this day, fifteen years ago. Oh, the things I’d tell this girl if I were given the opportunity... #flashback #flashbackfriday #onthisday #graduation #highschoolgraduation #graduate #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow


3 Days 2 Hours Ago

Young , fresh and green. Just started dreadlocks which lasted a decade. Chopped in Paris by bestie Garfield Lewis. In shock for two days then said “ fuck it “. Next chapter please. #tbt #freshman #exploring #neverstopped #yolo #blackisbeautiful


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12 years ago I graduated from college, cum laude, with two degrees: middle school education and English. It doesn't feel like it was that long ago, but it also feels like a whole different life! I was a very different person then and had no idea that this is where my life was headed, but I honestly feel like I can say that this person I became is better and stronger than I ever imagined I could be 👩‍🎓 #flashbackfriday


3 Days 1 Hour Ago

A little #tbt to this very weird self portrait from 2006, filled with the teen angst of a 16 year old with a bad habit. 😳 #deardiary #myteenangstbullshithasabodycount #misunderstood #woewasme #skunk #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow


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Here's a progressive Cinco de Mayo throwback to three weeks ago (already!) as I gained altitude on Mount Shasta. As a Harry Potter fan, I would like it greatly if these photos could come to life and blow gale force winds at you the way they did to me. . . . . #teamgryffindor #gryffindor #mountshasta #petzl #ospreypacks #grivel #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #lifelessons #challenges #wintunridge #hikingadventures #neardeathexperience #ifwisheswerehorsesbeggarswouldride #lonesometraveler #sufferingwithoutsuffering #lifeexperience #suncloud #magic #✨ #wizardingworldofharrypotter #imamuggle #9and3quarters #galeforcewinds #mountainclimbing #rookie #survival #surrender ✨🏔️ #attemptnumber1 . . . . . R.I.P. Suncloud Ramblers. April 1st - May 5th 2018. 🕶️


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4 Days 23 Hours Ago

I’m going to talk to that girl on the Left... . I want to give her something to look forward to...a little glimpse 🎦 in to her future. .What I wouldn't give to be able to tell her, the OLD me, what I know now... . Hey you. Yeah you. Old Me...Listen up.👂🏼 . ▪️I know you're exhausted & lack energy all the time. . ▪️I know you're uncomfortable in your own skin. . ▪️I know you've sat in a dressing room and cried because you just can't find clothes that you FEEL good in. . ▪️I know you've suffered from depression, Anxiety & binge eating. . ▪️I know you feel like your health is spiraling out of control. . ▪️I know you are on the borderline of being diabetic, you have hypertension, high cholesterol, and are now classified as Obese. . ▪️I know you've tried everything, and can't figure out How to make it work for your everyday life. . ▪️I know that you KNOW you will have to invest in making a change, but are not sure where that money will come from... . ▪️I know you want to be an influence in the lives of your family & friends...encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle too. . ▪️I know you are afraid that you'll always be this way. . ▪️I know that you have every DESIRE to change...but you're afraid you will fail. . Believe me, I know ALL of it. But, let me tell you something. . One night you'll be sitting in front of the TV and stumble across an infomercial. You'll watch it. You'll get this CRAZY idea - to try it. . For the first time in a long time, you'll take a chance on YOURSELF. . From there, you'll find a support system - someone to work with one on one, & then join a group of people that are willing to keep you accountable.🏃🏻‍♀️💃🏼 . You'll find that it's working. And in 3 weeks you'll lose 1️⃣4️⃣ pounds. In 4 months - you'll defeat ALL of your health issues. ALL OF THEM. . You’ll overhaul your entire Lifestyle. A little over 2 years later, you'll STILL be KILLING IT. . If you allowed ALL of those things that I KNOW about you continue to HOLD you back I wouldn't be able to say this: . "Old me. I'd like you to Meet...NEW ME. Thank you for finally taking a chance on yourself."


5 Days 1 Hour Ago

Roll It Out Son #lax #ball #best #massage 💆‍♂️ #ball #knot #killers 💀#ifiknewthenwhatiknownow


5 Days 3 Hours Ago

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self? I would tell this little girl that Life is good. Not always, but mostly. And when it is not so good, be assured it will get better #throwbackpic #circa1987 #innocence #michelinbaby #thoserollsthough #positivequotes #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow


5 Days 6 Hours Ago

Ummmm....just FYI this pretty little diffuser and the best starter kit of oils EVER is on sale right now. . Yeah. On sale. More than it already usually is. Which means you’re getting over $300 worth of oily goodness for LESS THAN half the regular price ($144) 🎉🙌🏻 . Desert Mist Diffuser: so pretty, can flicker like a candle (without the toxic cancer-causing emissions 😉), can diffuse up to TEN HOURS! . THE most used and most versatile oils...11 of em! We use these seriously every day. For the last 2 1/2 years. If that’s not a sign of a good product then I don’t know what is. People who think oils are just a “fad” or are just a “placebo effect” are soooooo wrong and if that’s you I’d LOVE to chat with you because there is so much valid research out there showing why we neeeeed these oils in our lives! I would never ever ever ever ever talk about something I didn’t actually love...like ever. And I’m a true skeptic at heart so I get where you’re coming from! . Aaand Thieves Cleaner. And Ningxia Red packets. And resources galore. And the best little oily community you never knew you needed. Seriously. These people are some of the greatest human I’ve ever known. ❤️ . If you’re a human, who wants to use GOOD products and avoid ones that are harmful to us...trust me, you can use these. If you can think of even one way you wish you could better support your body, you NEED these. If you have little ones in your home or if you do not, you want these. I literally cannot think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from using oils. And I have resources and handbooks I’m happy to share with you so you can get the MOST out of your oils as possible! Because the worst thing that could happen is that you get oils and it sits unused because you’re overwhelmed by where to start 🙅🏻‍♀️ That’s why WHO and WHERE you get oils from is so important...and makes all the difference!! . The kit is on sale until May 25th!!! So seriously friends, take advantage while you can! I would grab one of these kits a million times over...and if I knew how much I’d love them I would have gotten one WAY sooner! ❤️ . #stayhealthy #staywell #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #supportyourbody #savemoney #thebestever


5 Days 21 Hours Ago

Another sleepless night. Overwhelmingly consumed by unwanted stress, that’s wrapped around thoughts of an over active mind and lies of others. #wishiddonethingsdifferently #instamoods #letdown #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #lost #insta


6 Days 2 Hours Ago

Before the studies came out, I was all provaccine. If I could turn back time, my kids wouldn't have been infiltrated by this vicious system. #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow


7 Days 9 Hours Ago

#sunshine #readyforsummer #loveyellow 💛 #tryingtoacceptthisageingthinggracefully #lovefreckles when I was a kid I had freckles..... when I was around 12, I hated them. Then I found make-up and was excited to cover them up. What was I thinking!? 🤔 #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #freckles #frecklesonfleek #frecklesarebeautiful


9 Days 1 Hour Ago

I have so much I would say to her ....#californiadreamin #livininthe80s #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #wholelifeinfrontofme


9 Days 3 Hours Ago

Dear younger me..... #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow


9 Days 7 Hours Ago

🤣🤣🤣 Let's play a game of dear younger me... What was they most foolish thing you've done with your money? Look for mine in the comments.


9 Days 12 Hours Ago

Was not happy seeing this photo. It was a while ago. Skinny arms, fat belly... I couldn't have thought less about what I ate, drank or what my blood sugar was doing. That was before kids. Things are different now. I might actually be getting better with age. Anyway, this is where I'm choosing to document all the stuff in between (eventually, at my own pace). #t1dlookslikeme #t1d #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #dadbod #beerbelly


9 Days 22 Hours Ago

Hilarious article from when I was 18 and knew everything?! #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow


10 Days 1 Hour Ago

Lawd I wish I could be this "fat" again😫 #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #tbt #throwbackthursday


10 Days 7 Hours Ago

When I was little I used to run to my mom crying 😭, completely heartbroken 💔 that I had be given hazel (aka kak 💩) eyes instead of blue eyes like my sisters. I mean why did I have to be different??? 🤣 The small crisis of a little mind. • • #smallminds #minime #tbt #memory #hazeleyes #thatlipbitetho #oldschool #wheniwasyoung #storytime #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #checkme #cute #iwantedblueeyes #littlebitaboutme #potd #funny #silly #truestory #original #badgeneselectionmomanddad #different #unique


10 Days 11 Hours Ago

Me Mam’s reaction to my latest post. She’s a rascal! Link in bio!


10 Days 12 Hours Ago

If I could speak to my 15 year old self i would tell her, breathe hard | love deep |smile wide |laugh loud |dream big | fear less |jump high |pray long | live free| Be grateful! Be the most in everything you do be just as bright as you feel Be just as great as you believe you should the world may call it ''emotional'' They will tell you that pretending you dont feel anything , acting indifferent , hiding your shine, And acting like you dont love enough or dont smile as hard is what is normal Dont believe it. Dont you dare take a step in that box Dont you dare play your genius small Dont be lost in the noise . The image in the mirrow is beautiful she is a force to be reckoned with you will meet a lot of broken people Who will hide their pain by laughing at you dont allow anyone to hand you that card Just because they do doesn’t mean you have to be small too Dont stay broken. Every pain can heal Don’t hide your scars Wear them like badges They are the only evidence that you survived what should have left you defeated. Realize that every action does have a reaction enjoy the people you meet. Most of them are just passing through Good friends are like a sigh of relief. Family like a breath of fresh air Appreciate both And please believe that it does get better !! every experience is worth your growth. Stop worrying and take action it never really gets easier but you will get stronger . mondays aren't so scary fridays deserve a pat in the back But everyday is a gift Enyoy this present . bask in the newness it carries . put the weights of life down sleeping early is not hard when the lights are off and remember that the God you serve .He is perfect ! #dearyoungself #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #advicetoyoungerself #writings #thoughts #writersconvict #storyteller #selfportrait #wheniputthecameeaonmyself #owusuaphotography


11 Days 2 Hours Ago

Went to dinner tonight with you on my mind at our little spot from back when! #happyearlybirthday #big50th #may18th #thispicisfrom03@wasabi #missyoueveryday #ifiknewthenwhatiknownow #oldman #pops #masterroll 🐡👘🐚🐟🥑🍱🍶🥢❤️