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6 Minutes Ago

Creation creeps along slowly, but steadily in the wake of destruction -please keep Hawai’i in your thoughts even if it’s no longer in the news.


12 Minutes Ago

表現するって恐いね ・ 自分の中のアイツが アレコレ言ってくる ・ これかな?あれかな?と 直感で判断するようにしても アイツがアレコレと ・ 表現するって決めてるのに 自分を素直に出す練習は まだまだこれからのようです ・ 溢れ出す魅力の #チームラボ #チームラボボーダレス #teamlabborderless #おしゃべりフォト #私の撮りたい写真 #好き集め 042 #フォトコミュ #フォトブートキャンプ #photographer #photograph #ig_japan #igers #igersjp #ig_cameras_united #cools_japan #jp_gallery #photo_shorttrip #art_of_japan_ #canoneos6d #一眼レフ


1 Day 16 Hours Ago

On this day I remember waiting and waiting to go to the other side, but since my impatient ass wanted to go take pictures before it got dark, I decided to just walk the island I was already in, alone. I kept walking and walking further until I was at a point where I turned around and was like “fuck I’m far”, and then ... I kept going even further lmfao 😅😂(& still taking pictures of course durr 🤪 oh and it was hot, like hotter than hot type of shit okay) • Then my mom texted me saying ,“adonde andas babosa” (translation: idiot, where the fuck are you 😂 HAHAHAHAHA oh and I also had a dress on. For all the girls who don’t have thigh gaps y’all know the struggle with inner thigh burns when next rubbed to each other in the heat). My mom was texting me, and texting me that they were leaving and me, for being paranoid and all I ran fast. Like faster than Forest Gump type of fast, you know? • When I got there I was fucking sweaty, my face and my ears were all red, my hair... I don’t even know how to explain that, my makeup... don’t even want to talk about that lol 😂 but then I was sad because I VOLUNTARILY wanted pictures of myself for like the first time but I couldn’t because I looked crappy, right? But then I was like screw this I’m not going to come all the way to this place for the first time in my life and never get a picture of myself, so then I said ,“you know what I’m feeling myself today”, so then I modeled for my mom outside until I came out looking better than #shakira 😂😂 jk • The point of this whole long caption, of this ‘bullshit’, it’s to... never run with a dress in the heat when carrying shit. 😂😂😂 jk lmfao but idk to say not to care so much of appearance, and just accept the fact of how one is & embrace oneself? Lol I sound cheesy. idk I’m just writing this because it’s summer and I’m taking it easy😎😜🤩👌🏼🙏🏼


16 Hours Ago

I was thinking of putting quotes on my captions because I never know wtf to write but I don’t want it to be that deep 😂


19 Minutes Ago

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