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Up close but not personal


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Midnight Oil


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FEED RESET: posting 10 or so if my favorite images from the last year (cont.)


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test shot 11 | #mamiya645 #portra400


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Yet another thing added to the long list of special skills of @bantar22 📸⭐️


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Taking Cover Under The Bridge


2018-02-08 12:13:19



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🛒Message: getyalove fams TheAmazns - beat catch all my vibes in the BIO 🎥:@thelexlevel


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New York New York big city of dreams, And everything in New York ain't always what it seems.


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When you work a 9-5, but have a game at 5:30 📸 @princehamadi


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That late afternoon glare though..


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• i wanted to clean this room so badly. 🔪


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“ Last semester when I started wearing my Clout goggles, everyone thought I was wearing them to act “Hollywood” or to be cool. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. I always struggled with small talk with people or any conversation period. So to help me avoid having those conversations I would wear my glasses on my way to class and around campus to hopefully discourage people from striking up conversations with me.It worked. Although now, as someone whos on his last semester about to hit the real world I hardly wear them anymore and I welcome these small talk conversations ad I know speaking/ people skills is something i’m going to need when I become a teacher.”