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' Sir, actually...' 'Is everything okay doc? ' ' We've examined your reports and... ' ' And what? ' ' Sorry to say but you're suffering from brain tumor, last stage. Last stage means critical condition, we've to do the surgery as......... ' He was numb then. '... you' re suffering from BRAIN TUMOR...' These words blew him like an explosion. He couldn't even hear anything now. He didn't know how to react, he became insentient. 'SHE' was the first thought which merely came into his mind. 'How could I tell her this? No, no, no..!! What should I do now? Everything is finished... Its over!! ' -He screamed silently. The very thought of her made him all the more reluctant. And he decided to conceal this from her as he knew that she couldn't bear the truth. He loved and cared for her so much. But he knew that he'd be leaving soon. . . . That one day he was lying there, his body covered with a white sheet, rose petals were scattered all over him, his bright eyes were closed, his smile was gone... for forever. His pure soul left the body. A girl was there shouting, screaming and weeping with a letter in her hand~ 'Baby I'm so sorry for what I've done. I know you'll never forgive me. I'm sorry I betrayed you, I hurt you so much though I want you to know that I love you so much. And you love me more than I do, don't cry love, don't cry... I'm writing you this because I know I'll be leaving soon, maybe very soon, but I don't want to. I want to be in your arms forever, I want to kiss you till eternity, I want to gaze upon your beautiful face from dusk till dawn , I want to hold your hand and wander around the world. I want to give you love but don't worry baby I'll always be there by your side. My love for you will never vanish. ' By - Tanya Thakur #artwork #artist #artistsofinstagram #art #love #heart #feelings #creativewriting #writingcommunity #word #wordporn #poemsporn #poetryisnotdead #fall #scribble #thoughts #spilledink #wordgasm #vanish #sad #writersofinstagram #igwriters #writer #poet #poetrycommunity #sayings #caption #reading #lovequotes #catharsis_tt

The soul is a universe in itself .The soul is made of a dream which is vaster than the pseudo-reality created by man.The dream is the inward reality that man has to see and where the truth resides.Man has to open his third eye to visualize the hidden universe that lies inside him and that cries out for understanding , interpreting , and analyzing.Society imposes on us certain conformities and societal values that restrict and obstruct our true vision.The more man goes back to the original source, to the ocean which is his heart, the closer to truth he will be as he loses himself in the beauty of his dream and the inner reality to which he was blinded by following and submitting himself to society.Man is blinded in his eyes but his heart can see as long as he opens his third eye for there is a screaming noise and universe lying inside calling him to fall in love with its illuminating silence. Jenayah Hela Tekali

"The ocean of tears is your sacred language with the divine. As long as their abundant drops fall your heart receives their sign." Jenayah Hela