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Eating seasonally is an important part of a healthy diet! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresher, have more flavor and retain more nutrients than their counterparts. Food that's in season not only tastes better, but may contain ingredients that suit the body's needs for that time of year. For example, that comforting stews with root vegetables go better with winter than strawberries and ice cream! If you eat with the seasons rather than eating the same 15 things all year round, the variety you get will mean you end up with a greater range of nutrients in the body! So what’s your favorite fruit or veggie this season? #iinhealthcoach #iinalumni #integrativenutrition #healthy #holistic #eatclean #organic #cleaneating #iin #dubaihealthyfood #healthylifestyle #dubaihealth #healthcoachlife #rippleeffect #holisticnutrition #eatlocal #eatseasonal #beyondthekale


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Did you know I am a qualified beauty and skin therapist? A qualified holistic health and nutrition coach and personal trainer 💁🏽‍♀️ Safe to say I have learnt + studied a lot of random things but I never thought I would use my beauty knowledge until now • I have quietly been working on a fun project behind the scenes that integrates a few of my loves: Natural. Holistic. Low Tox. Mumma Nature • Stay tuned in the next few weeks to get your hands on my potions that I hand make to make you feel good. I would love your support 💕


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▪️RISOTTO VERDE My second attempt at traditional risotto and completed nailed it. I made a classic risotto and stirred through some pesto and Parmesan then topped with courgette ribbons, charred asparagus and toasted pine nuts, even Ella my oldest daughter asked me to make it again as apparently it’s the best risotto she’s ever had 💫💫 #winning I will be doing a live cooking show in Monaco at the gastronomic show in their Masterchef competition. If you want tickets let me know ❤️


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#abundancia Se siente primero y se manifiesta @Regran_ed from @coach_milagros - Eres una con la fuentes creadora (Dios) y si él está en ti tu eres un ser poderoso por consiguiente abundante en tu esencia divina, vibra y siente en todo tu ser esa abundancia, las manifestaciones vendrán por añadidura. Primer paso para manifestar es saber que ya esta en ti aquello que anhelas (relaciones, trabajo, viajes, salud, amor, amistades, casas, dinero, alimentos) todo cuanto anhelas. Mantén tu vibración en positivo, práctica la gratitud, #sueltoyconfio que en el tiempo perfecto lo manifiestas en el plano material. #yosoyabundante #yosoyunaconlafuente #diosenmi #soypoderosa #positivevibes #coachmilagros #iinhealthcoach #namaste gracias @coach_milagros


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When @livesoulara has got your office lunch covered with this vegan chickpea cabbage bowl 🙌🏻👅 Eating healthy at work is so important to me; not only does it make me more productive and efficient, it also just feels so damn GOOD! I don’t understand how other people get through the day with having a heavy unhealthy lunch that bogs them down and leaves them with a food coma for the rest of the day. I’d become so unproductive (and grumpy)! Naaah I’m having none of that and choose to use every opportunity to nourish my body 🙌🏻 As you can see on the picture, I also have tons of snacks, proteins, elixir shots, teas etc on my office desk at all times to help me through the day. Thaaaaat being said, there are days where nothing else other than “the real deal” will satisfy a sweet tooth craving, like in the case of today, where I had a Reese’s 🤭 #wholesometribe #livesoulara


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There is no “final version” of yourself. We never stop growing or changing, nor should we. Stop beating yourself up for not being ‘there’ yet.


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Just a little ‘focus’ on that #applesalad topped with #glutenfree #friedeggplant from last weekend. Just because...it was so damn good 😋😋😋 ~~~~~~ #ilovesalad ~~~~~~ Here we have #dandeliongreens tossed with diced #apples #radishes & #crushedwalnuts Finished with EVOO, balsamic vinegar & fresh lemon juice 🥗😋💚

Life is not about what you have but who you have And I am fortunate to have an amazing group of girlfriends 👯 who are there for support, love and lots of laughter through the good times and the bad. Making memories in Beirut with friends from around the world 🌍 and appreciating life 🥳, eating amazing Lebanese 🇱🇧 food and de stressing. Just breathe .... * * * * #liveyourbestlife #healthcoaching #lebanon🇱🇧 #travelwithfriends #experiencelife #bossbabe #femaleentrepreneur #iinhealthcoach #beirut #stressmanagement #createcultivate #healthcoachlife #girlboss


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How do you use your knowledge? Do you use what you know to move you forward or do you think you don’t know enough so you don’t do anything? So much of how we respond to life is based upon our own mindset. Are you letting the world get you done or or you finding new ways to strive and move beyond what’s in front of you? I want to use what knowledge I have and push on to bigger and better things. I want to use the knowledge I have to help other people move to bigger and better things. What about you? #followyourpassion #nevergiveuponyourdreams #takeaction #embracethejourney #loveyourlife #findyourwhy #loveyourself #cleaneatinglife #wholefoodsdiet #eattherainbow #foodforfuel #beyourself #positivityonly #confidenceiskey #motivateyourself #happyandblessed #livinginthemoment #inspirehealth #fitatforty #fitwithfibro #moderationnotdeprivation #balancelife #workatit #bookwormlife #becauseiam #intentionalliving #iinhealthcoach #knowledgeispowerful


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Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you. ❤️ #celiac #iinhealthcoach #selflove #selfcare


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The sad story of some wasted money💸🥺 In life you’ll fail and sometimes you won’t be able to prevent it; we all have heard “doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get up and get going”, well I just want to add to that with this example that sometimes you also have to follow your intuition. Sometimes we put all of our odds in getting something, try and fail in that same thing over and over again. Maybe there’s something there telling us to try in a different way, look in other places or in my this case try another recipe. I found out that no matter how many times we try to get one thing, if it’s not meant to be it won’t be, and viceversa. Sometimes you just have to fail so that you put your flexibility on practice and look other way. Just trust, have faith and follow your intuition, and remember that maybe because it doesn’t work for you right now, doesn’t mean it won’t work in the future. Be patient, it all comes in a right matter of time when we prove to life that we are truly, deeply ready. For a fact is that “what you don’t have, you don’t need it now”, otherwise you would have it already. So just have faith😊 [In this case I decided I’m going to but my granola for now and will try to make my own in the future when I have a different kitchen (don’t trust my oven🙈)] . . . #iinhealthcoach #iinlife #granola #lifelessons #lifequotes #cooking #cookingfails #keepgoing #blogging . Thanks for reading :)


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Hold your vision, ride it’s rhythms & trust the journey✨ 🙏🏻✨ #foodforthought #alliscoming #iin #healthcoach #journey #rhythm #vision #iinhealthcoach #primaryfood

I Asked God to Tea🍵 For God is right here, God is sipping this tea. God is asking; will you please talk to me? So I prayed and I talked, soon my eyes opened wide. God was here drinking tea; God was right by my side. I’m no longer afraid, not in awe do I stand. But in love, like a friend. God again took my hand. Whenever you need me, remember the tea. Ask me in, sit me down, and then look at me. I AM your friend, God said. Don’t hold me in awe. So I looked in God’s eyes and there was love that I saw.#iinhealthcoach #praying #grace #goodvibe #setapart #holyspirit #holytuesday #holytea #organics #tea #teach #greentea #tealeaves #tealeafsalad #meditation #listentogodsvoice #listen🎵 #medicineforthepeople

✨💫Can you imagine... Can you imagine yourself as you were, once upon a time when days were filled with pure bliss, love imagination & fantasy? 🌈☀️ When days were flowing with eternal innocence and youth with not a single care in the world? Not because shit didn’t exist, but rather because you were so captivated by the simplicity of the present moment around you that nothing else mattered. ✨💫 You know that moment as young children just running around wide eyed and smiling overflowing with love. Can you remember? Can you imagine? That little girl, she’s still in you, as you are her, and she is you. So open your eyes, take a moment in full of all the love & beauty in this world, & taking in all there is to be grateful for... Can you imagine??


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One of my goals through researching nutrition, being plant-based, and health coaching is to educate others that there is always a better option when it comes to food choices. . I’m starting off this mission of mine by comparing too common foods in peoples lives: chips. I love @sietefoods grain free chips made with avocado oil compared to the common Tostitos chips. . Siete Foods chips are made with cassava flour, coconut flour, chia seeds, avocado oil, and sea salt. Cassava and coconut flour are both gluten-free and high in fiber (aids in gut health). They also contain nutrients, protein and healthy fats. . Avocado oil Is a healthy oil that is great for high heat. It is made up of mainly monounsaturated fats, specifically oleic acid. This fat protects the oil from oxidation that many other oils are suspect too. Oxidation causes free radicals in the body which is linked to numerous different health problems. . Chia seeds are very nutrient dense and they’re high in fiber, protein, calcium, phosphorous, and zinc. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids which have been linked to prevention of inflammation related conditions. . Sea salt goes through minimal processing and retains trace levels of minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and other nutrients. . Tostitos in the picture above are made with corn which is a highly genetically modified food source in the US. This means that the food has been engineered to not be killed by pesticides (plus all the other chemicals used on plants) so farmers can spray everything only kill what they want too. Vegetable oils is a hidden culprit in today’s society. They are highly processed oils that are highly oxidized. A majority of people obtain a high amount of calories from these oils leading to a laundry list of health conditions. Regular salt used by Tostitos isn’t necessarily much worse health wise but it has been processed and stripped of its minerals.

Tuesday's looking good with a dinner like this 😉 Honestly though, there are so many different things that come along with pregnancy it's almost impossible to prepare yourself for it physically + emotionally ... let's just say it's challenging, but I have definitely been taking notes so that I can share with you some my experiences....but first + foremost no matter the challenge how easy or difficult it may seem ENJOY the present + be grateful for the blessing 👶🏼❤️ the deats: roasted red potatoes in @chosenfoods avocado oil seasoned with adobo spices + @traderjoes EBTBS, steamed string beans, tossed salad, ✌🏼️ @vitalfarms crispy fried eggs + a tiny bit of salmon 😋💛 Hope you'll have the best Tuesday night with love ❤️😘 #lisalovesorganic #organic #healthypregnancy #fitmom #25weekspregnant #dinnerideas #iinhealthcoach #iingrad #healthcoach #essentialoils #grateful #blessed #savethe🌎


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𝑀𝓊𝓂𝓈 & 𝐵𝓊𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓈𝓈 The launch of our Health Collective Mums & Business coffee catch up today was so lovely!! we got to connect and chat to other beautiful mums, share ideas and share our business stories! Feeling so lucky to be part of such an inspiring community of women! Keep and eye out for details of our next catch up which is going to be even bigger and we have a bunch of surprises planned!! 🌸

VEGAN/GLUTEN FREE/SUGAR FREE/ BROWNIES -Organic banana flour -Egg replacer -Coconut powder -Chia seeds -Pumpkin seeds -Unsweetened coconut milk -Raw cacao powder -Raw cacao protein powder -Raw cacao choc chips -Stevia -Baking powder This is the living proof that a pure treat can also be healthy plus,it took only 20 mns to prepare and 30 mns to bake! #food#foodporn#foodpornography#bake#healthybaking#organic#sugarfree#vegan#veganlife#veganrecipes#veganfit#plant#plantbased#nutrition#nutritive#well#wellness#heal#healing#healingfood#holistic#tips#recommendation#dubai#mydubai#nyc#coach#iinhealthcoach#holistichealthcoach#haveabeautifulandhealthyday❤️

Poor Sammy! 😂 Day two without heat, I’m in full winter gear and under three blankets and poor peanut is miserable in his PJs ❄️


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When we struggle with a circumstance or situation that we are going through, we are showing resistance. And when we show resistance to what is happening to us, we are simply trying to assert control on the situation. . Fear and anxiety are essentially a form of control. . However when we fully and whole heartedly surrender to the process, the the universe and it’s higher plan for us, amazing breakthroughs can happen. . The lesson here is to try less to live less in resistance and more in our natural state of being such as harmony, love, faith, trust and certainty. . Does anyone else feel they need to surrender to the process more fully?


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It only takes the smallest of steps in the right direction to start momentum to healing. The thought of healing from depression can feel just as overwhelming as the depression itself. It can feel like this huge monumental task, which can be scary as f*ck. I get it, I’ve felt that way too. So simplify things. Start small. Start with one step on one day. A phone call. A 10 minute walk. A healthy meal. And let that be what it is instead of holding the weight of all your future choices. Momentum builds with each small step in the right direction. 🙏🏻 Need guidance surrounding these small steps or accountability to follow through? Currently open for 3 one-on-one coaching clients - send me a DM if you’re interested in one of those spots!

Glucosinolates are sulfur-containing compounds found in cruciferous vegetables. ... Besides being packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, glucosinolate-containing foods offer benefits that may extend well into the prevention of serious illnesses including cancer. Read more about how cruciferous vegetables prevent cancer here: https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2006/10/report_cruciferous/Page-01 Cauliflower is a gluten free,low carb option for side dishes and can be eaten grilled, oven roasted, raw or steamed. Here is a cauliflower pizza crust recipe for you to try: https://damndelicious.net/2016/07/13/best-cauliflower-pizza-crust/


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Now listen, when you search up #healthcoach you get a bunch of selfies and fit chicks rockin abs drinking green smoothies............. well I’m here to let you know that you WILL NOT get that here! My purpose is to bring your awareness to your entire life and the delicate balance that plays into your health, happiness and wellbeing. Without a holistic view, any diet plan or strict exercise regime is bound to fail and possibly leave you feeling (and weighing) even worse than beforehand. Holistic health, happiness, wellbeing and balance includes so much more than green smoothies and gym visits. It actually starts much deeper than that and YOU are the leader. How’s that sound? Like kinda what you might be thinking you maybe need?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Lets try figure it out together, comment YES below for more info. #circleoflife #balance #noabshere #clientlead #holistichealth #happiness #wellness #holistichealthcoach #listen


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✨SCRUB✨ Shorts weather is once again upon us and we are ready to embrace it. It’s time to bring out the exfoliator again. @frank_bod is one of the best exfoliators in the biz to scrub away the dead and dry skin cells and to make your skin glow like never before. The strong coffee aroma gives you that extra kick start too ☕️💪🏼☕️ • • • • • #exfoliate #skin #health #wellbeing #summer #wellness #holistic #healthcoach #iin #iinhealthcoach #beauty #fitness #nutrition #selfcare #beachready #instafit #fitnessblogger


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Tip #4 of 5: 🧡 Simple Steps To Improve Your Health • Practice feeling and expressing gratitude! • When you shift your focus from what you want to what you have. • Begin by thinking of one thing each night before bed that you’re grateful for. Then, spend a few moments upon waking to think of something you’re grateful for as you begin your day. • This change affects your outlook and your energy. Positive energy affects your body positively! • We’re grateful that we’re reaching more people every day and excited to be loading our website up with great free content! • We wish all our friends here in the US a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. 🧡👊 • • • #melamywellness #thanksgiving #gratitude #gratitudepractice #healthcoaches #personaltrainer #cpt #registereddietitian #rdn #nutritionist #functionalnutrition #healthsupportivecooking #intermittentfasting #cheflife #wholefoods #homecooks #eatplants #geneexpression #epigenetics #holistichealth #holistichealthcoach #holisticnutrition #iinhealthcoach #realfood #integrativenutrition #movement #liveinspired #takeaction 📸:Rodriguez Flores


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In the middle of a hectic week I decided I needed to get a little mud on my boots. Thanks for taking me to the country @ashlysnewjourney ...so much fun 🤠 #countrygirl #cheflife #getyourcountryon #myboots #beyourself #countrytime #dayoff #okanagan #healthandwellness #iinhealthcoach #kelowna #photography

Now that I have told you that I have #leakygut, your are probably wondering what is actually LEAKY GUT? Leaky gut, also known as increased intestinal permeability occurs when toxins and bacteria are able to leak through the intestinal wall. These toxins enter the bloodstream causing inflammation and possibly trigger a reaction from the immune system. - Even though leaky gut syndrome is not yet recognized by medical professionals as a real condition, in Ayurveda it is believed that a unhealthy gut is the root cause of many disease. • 🍁🇮🇹🍁 Cos’è la sindrome dell ‘intestino permeabile ? È legata a un deterioramento Della barriera intestinale che lascia passare tossine e batteri attraverso direttamente nel sangue, cosi da provocare uno stato infiammatorio sistemico e del sistema immunitario. - Anche se non è riconosciuto dai medici come consizione patologica, in Ayurveda si crede che un intestino mal funzionante, è la causa di molte malattie e allergie. • • • • #leakygut #intestinopermeable #dieta #tossine #corpo #curarsicongusto #curarsinaturalmente #naturale #intestino #intestinopermeabile #olistico #dietasana #salute

When I’m not running around naked 😆 or spending time at the beach 🏝...I’m usually doing schoolwork 📚...an additional year long certification in Health Coaching at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition 🥘🧘🏻‍♀️ Interested in working with a health coach? 🤔 Let’s do a ✨FREE✨ consultation! Link in bio!! 🙏💜🙏 #iin #iinhealthcoach #healthcoach #healthcoachlife #liveauthentically #beyou #food #lifestyle #spirituality #joy #career #primaryfood #bioindividuality