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Our hearts are the best part of us because that’s where love comes from. The greatest love story is about a love that never needs to exist because love begins as a simple partnership between friends. It starts by knowing the truth that they will stay with you forever. Children stay where they are when there is love. The greatest love is on earth and knowing that a partnership here is a foundation for love to exist beyond this place. This foundation brings important, caring friends together. Big love from the start, isn’t the greatest love story. Love becomes great when you are with the only person you truly love. True love then isn’t about letting the other half fly but to celebrate yourself for taking off in flight before the other flies. This lets them see you majestically gliding like a bird swooping to the earth in its own harmonious flight pattern before they do the same. That fleeting moment of flight starts as the friendship and makes you feel good, warming and embracing of yourself and the other. Perspective is also important. Great love and being a true lover is to make sure that you are indeed friends first. Qualities in the friendship involves faith, loyalty, integrity, honesty and being true. The greatest love story is fleeting, like life. It is short so make the most of your time with it. Enjoy the friendship for what it is worth, and realise how important it is. Everyone wants to be in the greatest love story as everyone wants to rule the world and be able to say that their story of love is the greatest one ever told – and lived.


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There is a purpose in your season of waiting


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. . pride of madeira


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You must watch 👀 this video 📽 amazing life existes under the 🌊 that we have no idea! Look this amazing transformation! 🐙🦑 . . @bobadilladeanda @lagarzablanca @ocean_advocates @ocean.magazine @_ocean.life__ @oceandrivemag @marine.fantasea @marine . . Do you dive? @mexicofusionworld


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A un día de mi esperado concierto, estoy muy contento con la aceptación que e recibido del público y de los medios de comunicación, el compartir un mensaje de Dios en mi país Venezuela, es de suma importancia los espero el día de mañana viernes a partir de las 3pm en el @teatrodubais_ccs en el sótano 1 de Parque Central, hay estacionamiento privado, cerca del metro parque central, para pasar un momento lleno de fe, paz, presencia de Dios, un mensaje positivo. Te espero Entrada Libre (sin costó) #israel #weekend #minimal #minimalism #minimalist #minimalove #softcolor #softcolour #softcolours #art #openspace #space #negativespace #holiday #somewheremagazine #ourmomentum #visuals #sunrise #minimalcomicplay #agameoftones #im_feeling_a_little_minimal_today #tv_simplicity #unlimitedminimal #vitaminsea #ocean #livelagunabeach #repost #fridaythank #sky #clearwater


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mini jungle


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@loren DEAR LOREN & TWEETY AND YOU LOOK SOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER, PLEASE MARRY EACH OTHER I Really found this pic SO CUTE AND SIMILAR SORRY TWEETY I'LL LET IT SHIP 😍💕💕💕💕😍😍😭 #toren SHOULD BE REAL ILSYMMMM @tweetymusic @loren _ #like4like #follow4follow #rap #music #somewheremagazine #ourmomentum #visuals #sunrise #minimalcomicplay #agameoftones #im_feeling_a_little_minimal_today #tv_simplicity #unlimitedminimal #vitaminsea #ocean #livelagunabeach #repost #fridaythank #lorengray #polish #polishgirl #loren #arianagrande #angelsarebeautiful


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I'm walking the streets discovering my city and the art of the city, always carrying you in my mind. #cdmx #iwantyoubymyside #stolendance #sings #keep_walking #talented #photograpylovers #streetart #extremeart #music #im_feeling_a_little_minimal_today #im_losing_sleep #dj #bearsound #mexicoenunafoto


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. . buoys . ©️David Sichler


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ma chi sei tu?, e tu? tu chi sei?, non lo so chi sei, capelli, capelli da tutte le parti, finalmente fuori dalla testa e addosso, adesso che non è prima di niente e dopo niente, è solo adesso, dopo il dolore, prima del dolore, finalmente è adesso, un momento in cui rimanere mentre c’è, senza fuggire, perché è una fuga in sé, senza sperare, perché é in sé speranza, io? tu, no no, sì sì, non sono pronta, nessuno lo è, in verità? in verità ho paura, tanto ormai è successo, e quando?, adesso.