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“Voi mi odiate e io per dispetto vi amo tutti.” Kurt Cobain #anewjourney


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“I'm just trying to seize the moment.”


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“Cut Me Off” Madeline Kenney


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tea leaves / #nikonphotography / 08.18


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A boat I was very glad not to be on during the stormy weather 😳


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I'll stay awake, 'cause the dark is not taking prisoners tonight. // Title: Lego Houses. Happy World Photography Day. 📸 This is a long exposure that I clicked from the terrace of my house on 17th August 2018. The nightsky was so beautiful, that I had no quarrels ditching my sleep that night. The stars, they kept me awake. Photography kept me awake. The sky stole all the limelight, and the buildings of my colony appeared to be like mere little lego pieces, and so I titled this picture "Lego Houses".


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tea leaves / #nikonphotography / 08.18


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tea leaves / #nikond3400 / 08.18


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Ich bin ein Tor.


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