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Many years ago, when mommy was a young, unruly teen she went to work for an incredible woman who was willing to help give mommy some direction, in her bridal boutique. To say the least, we have since been granted the most wonderful extended family. This weekend I went for my orientation. ;-) #blessed #imgonnarocthis

Mom told me that I can't walk the rail trail, carry frank, & read my book at the same time. What does she know... I did it for a good 1/4 mile before we got to the road & she made me get back in the stroller. #trainingformy5k #gonnahelpkickcancershiney #stjude #imgonnarocthis #runandridewithryandungeyandfriends #imnopokeylittlepuppy #lovemylittleyeti

Yesterday mom & I did another 3 miles on the rail trail after the farmer's market. I got to go play at the park & try out new mommies too. Daddy better watch himself because I found one of them there as well & almost gave him a shot. My plan to make mommy step up her game must be working; she bribed me with a few & far between treat- a soft pretzel stick. Another 5k prep workout in the books! #lovemylittleyeti #stjude #imgonnarocthis #gonnahelpkickcancershiney

Today mommy & I started walking to prepare for our 5k with @ryandungey & friends in July, to raise money for St Jude. It was really windy but we did it, with some company from Nina & baby Nash. I was so tired tonight that I fell asleep before I even made it all the way into my bed. I've got to get my rest so we can do more working out on Friday! You can donate on my page at #lovemylittleyeti #stjude #imgonnarocthis