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14 Days 11 Hours Ago

Veneer + Crown Heaven 🙌🏼 . This client had chipped a tooth when she was younger, and they “fixed” it by placing a bulky crown that overwhelmed her smile 🤢 . We whitened her teeth to create color uniformity. . This was followed by designing a single new crown and a single porcelain veneer to match. . The new teeth are slender and symmetrical yet natural 👄 . Now she has a picture-perfect smile with minimal dental work 😉


6 Minutes Ago

Old veneers vs. New ones. Our patient smiling with new confidence 😃✨ | Surgery done by @doctormanishshah @smile_concepts #porcelainveneers #advanceddentistry #smiledesigner #devilisinthedetails


14 Days 6 Hours Ago

What a pleasure having @foodnetwork Champion & Executive Chef + Owner of @sugarandscribe amazing @chefmaeve 🎉👩🏼‍🍳


13 Days 10 Hours Ago

Q. Why are my veneers falling off? #flossaskaway


12 Days 8 Hours Ago

This client had braces twice before, and she was tired of her teeth shifting back every few years. . Instead of moving the teeth again, we decided to leave them in their “happy place” and design a new smile around them. . We designed 8 porcelain veneers to create a better version of her existing teeth. . Now her smile is natural and effortless! . No more bleaching and no more retainers! 🙅🏼‍♀️👌🏼


11 Days 8 Hours Ago

we have a sweet tooth, how ‘bout you? 🍩


10 Days 11 Hours Ago

beautiful morning vibes with our gorgeous babe ☺️🧡 . #repost @sydneylich ・・・ This smile brought to you by @flossinlajolla 😄 . Corny.... but smiling is my favorite (Elf) and being confident about my smile is reallyyyyy important to me . They were literally so amazing to me . For anyone in San Diego- go check them out you won’t be disappointed . Literally the best “customer service” of any dentist I’ve been to . (FLOSSSYDNEYL10 for 10% OFF) 👄


9 Days 12 Hours Ago

Amaaaaaazin’ 😍🙌🏼 . This client wanted his smile restored ASAP. . We cleaned his teeth and made his gums healthy. . This was followed by a facially driven smile design and 20 porcelain veneers. . He became pearly white in less than 4 weeks! 😁


8 Days 14 Hours Ago

Q. Which is your favorite electronic toothbrush #flossaskaway


6 Days 8 Hours Ago

From 0 to 100 real quick! 💯 . This young client fractured her 2 front teeth on the edge of a table 😵 . She wanted to look like herself ASAP, with minimal dental work. . We restored her fractured teeth with 2 custom matched porcelain crowns. . In less than 3 weeks, we had her smiling like nothing happened! . Looking happy, effortless, and natural! 💁🏼‍♀️


6 Days 6 Hours Ago

#flossfact ➖veneers➖ When doing veneers, you don’t have to trim the teeth. High quality veneers should always be super thin, and they can be prepless (no shaving). BUT, it’s critical to understand that very few people are actually candidates for prepless veneers; only certain situations of teeth will result in a natural-looking smile after prepless veneers 🙌🏼 . To make it even more complicated, there are about 5 people in California who can make prepless veneers look genuinely natural, and whoever you’re going to right now is likely not one of the 5 🙃 . Most of the time you see happy patients on Instagram but when we look critically, prepless veneers make us 😂 at the dentist and 😭 for the client. . Don’t go getting 20 prepless veneers just because your friend did it. Even if you think you have a stimulant smile, every smile is genuinely unique. . You first have to begin with a facially-driven smile design ✏️📐 and only then can it be determined whether prepless veneers will look good on you 😉


5 Days 9 Hours Ago

He got the moves 🕺🏻🤦🏻‍♂️ @mollylong21 @moisesparra


1 Day 7 Hours Ago

beyond beautiful results! 🙌🏼 This client was self-conscious about her teeth, and she realized it was time to renew her smile. . We cleaned and lifted her gums to create a healthy gum line. . This was followed by 8 porcelain veneers. . Now her smile is harmonious, evenly blended, and youthful again! 😁🧡


10 Hours Ago

Sophia giving us that dreamy smile 🧡 . #repost @misssophiamarie ・・・ People who make me laugh until I am physically in pain are my favorite kind of people | Smile by @FlossInlaJolla 📷 @DavidHickeyPhotography

#repost @draptekar ⚠️Follow @augmentation_and_implants to see and learn a lot in dental implantology!⚠️ "Always amazing to go back into a grafted site and have beautiful vascular bone."

#tbt and it also happens to be #breastreconstructionawarenessday This was from Oct 2016, a day after my reconstruction. Many women who go through breast cancer will choose radiation therapy as part of their treatment. Unfortunately, for women who chose reconstruction, this means that the options for reconstruction can be limited. I was not a candidate for #implants so chose to do a DIEP flap reconstruction. It was a long 14 month recovery (just started Physiotherapy today to repair my abdomen) and I can honestly say I regret the decision. Many women who have had complications will say that despite the complications, they don’t regret it. However my experience, as I will discuss later, tested my body and mind-it nearly broke me. It still angers me to revisit the past couple of year. I believe women need to be aware of their options, but also that the “1%” chance of complications happen and what they involve when they do. Make sure to ask your surgeon questions, even if you’ve asked them 100 times, ask again. Understanding what the results could be in the event of complications and how your surgeon would respond to it are crucial to ensure a successful reconstruction, and your health. #diepflap #diepflapreconstruction #breastreconstruction #notafreeboobjob #breastcancersurvivor #stage2 #idc


28 Minutes Ago

Look after your teeth over Halloween! 😊🍫🍬 Remember to rinse your mouth with water, after consuming sugary foods.👍🏽


41 Minutes Ago

Tooth replacement today is simple. Take the bad tooth out and replace it with a dental implant. Instagram - @drsawisch OralSurgeryVIP.com DrSawisch.com #oralsurgery #miami #fortlauderdale #boca #westpalm #wisdomteeth #extraction #ctscan #icat #miami #braces #orthodontist #surgery #dental #drsawisch #ivsedation #implants #periodontist #southflorida #facialsurgery #dentalimplants #stemcell #bonegrafting #straumann #guidedsurgery #smile #nutrition


1 Hour Ago

Restoring Existing Defects & Avoiding Future Ones‼️🚫🛑. . Note the bone/soft tissue defect that has resulted due to loss of the maxillary first premolar. Also, look at the existing high buccal frenal (muscle) pull😱. . How can we simultaneously: 🎯Place an implant✔️. 🎯Regenerate the existing bone and soft tissue defect to improve future implant longevity and aesthetics✔️. 🎯Eliminate the frenal (muscular) pull that may result in future problems such as peri-implant soft tissue recession✔️. 🎯In one procedure✔️. 🎯With one surgical site✔️. 🎯Without any vertical incisions✔️. . 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️😶🤦🏽‍♂️😱🙍🏽‍♂️. . I approached this case with an S-Flap, (introduced by the GREAT MAESTRO @ricardo.kern 🙌🏽), as well as a split buccal pouch with a deep tunnel until the submucosal frenulum muscle fibres were dissected and detached, eliminating their pull on the overlying soft tissue. . Follow @dr.davidattia for more cases and tips😉. . #dentistry #dentist #dentista #cosmeticdentist #cosmeticdentistry #odontologia #odontologiaestetica #estheticdentistry #smile #dental #periodontics #peridoncia #prosthodontics #implantdentistry #implants #dentalimplants #implantology #implantologia #surgery #oralsurgery #dentalphotography #photooftheday #lovemyjob #instagood #instadaily #l4l #f4f #taaad

#repost @dr.pariente with @get_repost ・・・ Already one week after our presentation of the #straumannblx at EAO with @dr__kd. This case of immediate canine replacement is not usual. Patient lost canine because of a traumatic extraction of extranumerous premolar by an unfortunate oralsurgeon. Use of the new implant from Straumann to get sufficient primary stability for immediate provisional. Follow @dr__kd @drlouisolszewski @drlouistoussaint @dr_marwandaas @dr.mydib for more quality content. #dentistry #dentalimplants #dentalphotography #straumann #straumannimplants #implants #tooth #perio


1 Hour Ago

Morning duty... step by step immediate implant placement on first incisor.. 1) before extraction 2) after extraction 3) implant placement 4) implant radiograph 5) healing cap insertion and bone grafting around implant 6) implant radiograph after bone grafting. #dentalimplants #implants #straumann #geistlich #biooss #immediateimplant #toothimplant #dentist #dentistjakarta #periodontist #doktergigijakarta #doktergigijakartabarat

Merci à toute l’equipe de Saguenay Chirurgie Plastique pour cette magnifique soirée ⁣ Merci à Patricia, Pierre, Caroline et Marie-Claude chez Allergan pour leur aide et soutien⁣ ⁣ Et surtout merci à nos merveilleux patients d’etre venus en grand nombre à notre première soirée événement Saguenay Chirurgie Plastique !⁣ ⁣ ⁣#allergan #saguenay #coolsculpting #rejuvenation #chicoutimi #juvederm #botoxforehead #botox #skinmedica #inspira #implants #cosmeticsurgery #chirurgieesthetique #quebec #chirurgieplastique #surgeon


2 Hours Ago

Happy patient, happy dentist, happy assistant doesn’t get much better than this !! @amanda_pineau @dsd_cadsmiles 😁 #langleydentist #cerec #cereveneers #invisalign #impant #langleydentist #samedaysmile #locadentist #implants