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2018-06-18 04:42:54

I always got stuck in a conversation where i always say inappropriate things at a wrong time or something i shouldnt hv said when i already told myself not to say it and yet i still say it out of nervousness. Or i maybe do something out of curiosity or maybe plainly stupidity (lol). Im just that way. So apologies to those who stuck with me in these awkward moments or those who actually the one im talking to or if i ever wronged you in any way😂 selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin!sorry to have put you in such weird places! 💛 #imstillnicethough #raya2018 #nhbynuritaharith

Shan Maher

2018-02-10 21:49:10

I’ve always been a nice person But nice people don’t get shit done They sit around and wait for water to boil & here I am bubbling out the pot It’s not my job to hold back I’m not obligated in any way, shape or form to say things and take photos that will make anyone other than myself happy Once I realized this I became happy I’ve stepped so far into my own soul It’s exhilarating to be who you really are You can say no You can question everything You can dream bigger dreams You can demand respect You can and should do whatever makes your heart happy (as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else) because at the end of the day it’s you and you You are the only one in your body You are the only one that actually has to live with you Become what you want to be Realize you already have the tools you need Everything is inside of you Truly just waiting for you to tap in and tune out the fucking negative Nancy’s of the world Be you babe Honor your own damn self And if people around you start dropping like flies They were probably meant to fuck off anyways #imstillnicethough #pnwonderland #adventuremore #wanderlust #travelingyogi #womenwhohike #beyourself #saturdaymood #indianashan #womanpoetry

Truth. #oilallthethings And sugarcoating, let's just say if you ask me for my opinion, you're going to get it. Warts and all. #ilackafiltersometimes #wheresmyzipper #formylips #imstillnicethough #passmeanoil


2017-07-07 07:02:53

My favorite part of the day. One of the things I look forward to. Without it I can be an asshole. ☺️#imstillnicethough #coffee #morning #friday

Pushing My Dreams

2017-07-04 13:06:15

Pops,sis,me, bro... I haven't seen my little sis since she was a baby...ummm honestly I'm at a lost for words. I'm glad she likes pokemon, anime and video games like her big bros.(gotta see if she play yugioh lmao) Hope to keep in contact with her day of my life so far. Enjoy y'all 4th...mine good already 🖒🏿 . #charlieskids #weallhavehisforehead #shesmokedmeinsmashbros #imstillnicethough #herandthebrojumpedme #thingsseemalilmoreclearernow

Airel Nicole

2016-07-19 20:13:20

I got told I'm the definition of "Vanity" I guess I'll go with it 😂😂😂 GTFOH better than being insecure and having no self esteem 💁 #selfadmiration #conceited #imstillnicethough #alwaysgonnabeme


2016-07-10 01:06:00

Haters will say its not 10ft #itsnot #imstillnicethough

#cleanupnice Miralo watch out 😳 #latinlover on the loose 😏🌹

Nikki Ramirez

2015-12-28 14:30:57

Heavy on the sarcasm and equally as heavy on the #wine #imstillnicethough

Cynthia Pagel

2015-11-11 21:23:25

Dearest Woman, You are stronger, braver, more capable then you can ever imagine. With the same love, passion, persistence that you love your boyfriend,spouse,children, your crush... Channel some of that love over to yourself. Believe that no one has the power to destroy your self confidence but YOU! I woke up a few days ago and I got out of bed and I told myself that enough is enough!! No one can control my happiness but ME and I brushed off all the petty things and I reached deep inside me and I pulled out that confidence and strength that can only come from ME and God. I'm done waiting for someone to come along and validate me!! People are inconsistent and that's ok because no one is perfect but God is always the same and His Love is Perfect. "I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong, I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles" -Audrey Hepburn #day4 #ofbeingthebaddestchick #imstillnicethough #godismymainstrength


2015-10-29 23:02:01

From Monday-Friday this is my face 😂😇 #imstillnicethough

Rachael Zenk

2015-10-19 23:20:16

💁🏼💜🔥👣👊🏻🌲🗻⛅️💞⛺️✈️🌇🚤🚺 #adventure #happiness #happygirl #mothernature #finebeer #brains #thisismylife #imstillnicethough

I just can't help myself. No self control #imstillnicethough

Jeff Lindor

2015-05-17 17:57:34

Don't sleep on me, I still got skills... lol I should have signed a 10 -day contract with the Knicks this season! Lol #imhavingplayedballin3years #imoutofshape #imstillnicethough #gradyvarsity #classof04 lol

Adrian Benoit

2015-03-07 13:38:31

My first jump i sacked up on, full speed, got 8ft of air, and crASS landed... #cannonball #oowooooooowww #imstillnicethough #gilchristsjankygopro

Jose D.

2015-01-26 12:50:07

Isn't that the truth! #peopleproblems #imstillnicethough

Lisette └A

2015-01-20 13:16:05

gotta keep a good balance. 😉 #mustbethelibrainme #imstillnicethough #hopelessromantic lol


2014-10-20 19:33:04

Just started doing the shmoney... About a week agooooooooooo! 😂😂😂 #shmoneydance #bobbyshmurda #donthate #idoesthis #justapreview #practicingforhalloween #whatyallthink #imstillnicethough

What @spank504 and I do during halftime lol #powercouple #pushups #hegotme #imstillnicethough lol 😜

...she need a little WORK but girlie ain't too bad!!! #imstillnicethough